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Chris blinked his eyes a couple of times as he tried to figure out where he was. There seemed to be tall buildings around him but they weren’t like any buildings he’d ever seen before in his life. ‘Where am I?’ He wondered as he looked around him at the strange sights and sounds.

The last thing that he remembered was going to sleep in his room in the boarding house, and now waking up here in this strange place with people giving him funny looks as they passed him. He looked down at himself realizing that he was fully dressed he even had his duster on and when he opened it up he had his gun on. Why were people looking at him so strange then?

Then he realized that the people who were passing him were dressed in strange clothes, and most of the women were wearing pants!! Chris started walking as he tried to orient himself with his surroundings. Where was he? Better yet how had he gotten here? Chris nearly jumped out of his skin when a thing that looked like a carriage without the horses’ whirred by on the street. What was that thing?

He decided to ask somebody where he was so he picked some random person, “Excuse me but where are we?”

The man turned and gave him a strange look but answered, “We’re in Denver, Colorado. And before you ask me the day and year it’s April 20, 2007.”

Chris was shocked and he stumbled back away from the man, the man that looked like a mirror image to himself.

“Hey mister, are you okay?” The man asked concern in his voice, he hadn’t done anything but tell the man where he was, okay so he was a little sarcastic with the second part but he’d seen the look on the man’s face that said that was going to be his next question, not to mention it had been a hard day and the boy's had not helped any.

The last thing Chris saw before he blacked out was a man dressed in black and he was asking what his name was.

Chris woke up sweating and looked around the room it was all as it should be, but he was suddenly scared that if he went to sleep again he’d wind up wherever it was he just visited. So he decided to get up and go outside. Just as the sun rose over the horizon there was a pop and suddenly before him stood the man he’d asked about where he was in his dream.

“Where am I?” The dazed man asked and Chris sighed.
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