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Author's Chapter Notes:
Chris is taken hostage with no one the wiser
Chris found himself tied to a chair and wondered how he had managed to get himself in this situation. The last thing he recalled was having drinks at his house with the members of his team. He had ushered all but one of them out before midnight and was settling down with Vin, before he kicked him out to his place next door.

The night was a welcome break and even Ezra had managed to keep his deck of cards in his pocket. Instead it was a chance to have the camaraderie of the stories they shared as a team and laugh when the intensity got to be too much. This was their way to let off steam and he knew it. This was also one of the few places where they could do it and not be afraid of letting the wrong word slip. No one here but a few horses and the sound of nature to hear their complaints.

Chris sat on the deck and let the whiskey ease slowly down his throat as he looked at his best friend leaning against the post. They need not say anything for their friendship was that deep. They could feel each other and that had saved their lives on more than one occasion. He was grateful for that and could sense the calm come over him. He was caught unaware when he was hit from behind and as the darkness fell, his last thoughts were not of Sarah or Adam but of the smile that was forming on Vin's lips.


As he became more aware of his surroundings, he realized he was blindfolded. He had no clue as to where he was and was confused by the last conscious thing he saw. What did Vin have to do with this? Why? What had he done to make his best friend angry? He knew he would have no answers anytime soon and his head felt like lead. He needed water and felt the oppressive heat of the room.

The air was stifling and stagnant. There was no circulation. He tried to concentrate on freeing his wrists. No good. If Vin had done it, there would be a snowball's chance in hell of getting free. One of the disadvantages of working with the best people he could find was that they knew all the tricks he knew, if not more so. Each man had his own way of subduing a potential prisoner.

That left him with one option. Waiting. Patience was never his strong suit and he had been told time and time again that it would be his demise. Why? What had he done? He felt the anger rage within him as he tested the ropes once more. They were bound across his chest as well as his legs, feet and hands. He was bound to the chair. Fortunately he wasn't gagged, but he wondered for how long. He tried to block out the pain he was starting to feel.

He concentrated on Sarah. He remembered meeting her and the way she looked. He loved her for her unconscious beauty. Her smile always lit up his face and her laughter was better than any music he had ever heard. There was something about her that he knew was just for him and him alone. She was better than any drug and even still as he slowly felt the darkness come, he no longer felt the pain.

[][][][][][][][][][][]][][]][][][]][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][ ]][]][][][][][][[][][][][]][][]][][][][]][][][]

Chris woke with a thirst and aches in nearly every part of his body. His muscles screamed for release and he longed for something as simple as a stretch of his legs. He fought the constraints to do just that.

He felt a cup of water being pressed against his lips and he greedily took it in. It was taken away just as quickly.

“Thank you Vin” he said as he sensed the man's presence.

“Who are they? What do they want? How did they recruit you? Do they have some sort of hold on you the prevents you from helping me?”

“You should be more careful with what you say. We still need you alive, but that doesn't necessarily mean totally healthy.” Vin said as he checked the binding.

“I can't tell you and the less you know the better. I'm sorry Chris but this is for your own good.” Vin said as Chris heard the sound of a syringe being tweaked and then the prick of a needle as it was being injected into his arm. Aww hell not this again, he thought as he felt himself drowning into the sea of darkness that was becoming his life. Vin what did they do to you? What did I do?, he thought as darkness fell.

[][][][][][][][][][][]][][]][][][]][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][ ]][]][][][][][][[][][]

Chris felt himself floating in a sea of nightmares. The first one brought him back to Sarah and her warm embrace. But it got too warm too fast. Once again like in all the times before he was being held back by Buck who prevented him from saving her. The flames were too high and he heard Adam scream. It was a scream to match his own. He couldn't pull himself away from Buck and saw their faces melting in front of him. As he heard his own scream the nightmare changed.

This time it was Mary and her son. They were getting into a car that he knew was rigged to explode. The bomb was meant for him and he ran toward them but felt the blast erupt and push them and him into the wall behind them. Dazed he looked into what were now her lifeless blue eyes and tried to face Billy knowing he could have done something to prevent it. It changed once more.

This time it was Vin and the woman he loved, Annie. They were walking down the street and not having a care in the world, when two shots rang out. She lay dying on the pavement. Vin looked at Chris with blood on his hands and one word on his lips “Why?'

Chris regained consciousness, but with an uncertainty brought on by the blindfold. He wasn't sure if he was alone, but what did it matter? The drugs in his system had their desired effect and he moaned in agony as sleep finally took hold. He hoped for a dreamless sleep, but knew that the memories no matter real or unreal would remain.

to be continued
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