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Story Notes:
Part 2 in 'Dead Like Vin' series.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Ezra brings Chris home.
Title: A Dark Rider Upon A Pale Horse
Author: Lopaka Tanu
Disclaimer: I do not own The Magnificent Seven or Dead Like Me.
AU: Dead Like Vin.
Prompt: Huntersglenn suggested a 'Ghost Town' like fic.
Fandom: The Magnificent Seven/Dead Like Me

Dust choked up the trail even as they wandered slowly in to town. His arms wrapped around Ezra's waist, Chris kept his cheek to the man's shoulder. For the past day they had been locked together in this hold. Even as sights had grown familiar it had not loosened.

Now, they were back among their own.

Glancing down, Ezra released a long suffering sigh. This had been one of the roughest for him. Fifty years of doing the same thing, one would have thought this nothing new. Yet, far as he could recall, no one had actively clung to him as would a child, not even the children.

Heading up the main dirt street, he nodded to the appropriate people. There were few unknown faces. Mostly because new people rarely hung around for long. Just a fact of being a frontier town.

Ezra guided his horse up to the livery. Even through the saddle he could feel the anxious twitch of the animal's body to shed his weight. Well, he smirked, their weight. That was a new development and a welcome one at that.

THE END.......................