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Decision on Flat Rock Trail

Using the conference room of the new town hall,the

Seven plus, Eileen Larabee,Todd Withrow and

Mary Travis tried to talk unemotionally about

Ella Gaines.

Chris Larabee found he could not add anything

to the conversation and remained silent and withdrawn.

Todd Withrow, cousin and ex husband of Ella Gaines

had come to pled for a tranfer of Ella, as a prisioner

to Vista City.

Most of the seven were astounded at the nerve. They felt

Ella was getting better than she rightfully deserved.

But Todd felt his cousin mental health had slipped to

the place wherein a prison was not the place for her. She

still ranted on about having a Canadian husband and a child.

None of this could be proven.

Josiah spoke,"You do realize that Vista City will not

put up with with whims and temper tantrums?"

Vin said,"I think she should stay right where she is."

"I find myself in agreement with Mr. Tanner,"Ezra said.

Buck and JD both nodded their heads in agreement.

Mary Travis spoke"I think a consultation with the nuns

in Vista City is in order."

Everyone agreed. The meeting broke up with a deision

for Josiah to speak to the nuns when she visited his sister

in a few days.

People went in different directions. Once home Chris and

Eileen followed Flat Rock Trail and perched on the huge

boulder behind their house.

Chris lit a cigar and leaned against the rock."So, what do

you think,"he questioned his sister? She hadn't said

much during the meeting and she blocked him from reading

her mind.

"I am thinking that Vista City would be good for Ella,"

Chris stared in surprise."She's a flight risk how will the

nuns handle that?"

Eileen smiled sweetly,"they won't have to, she will have

no desire to go beyond the boundaries of the convent."

"More work for you,"Chris said.

"My pleasure."

Chapter End Notes:

Eileen and Chris agree to have Ella moved.

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