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"Where's Newt?" Hicks asked.

"She's safe. I put her in the back of the ship," Ripley answered, looking right at Hicks.


"Only enough left for one pulse rifle." Bishop answered Hicks' next question.

"Shit." Hicks breathed softly. "We have to go back out there to the other dropship. Find more ammo or something that can by us some time until Bishop figures out what's wrong with the dropship's engine."

"That's not such a good idea, Hicks," Ripley said.

"Well, we'll just find out once we're out there, right?" He grabbed the last pulse rifle and ordered Bishop to come along while Ripley stay back with Newt.

"We're all going." Ripley stepped up and put her foot down, hating to take his orders.

"No. I don't want that girl out there again, okay? Just stay here, Ripley," Hicks argued.

Everything was destroyed. The first dropship was gone, scattered in million pieces across the colony airways. Hicks, Bishop, and Ripley jumped over glass and oversized particles left by the ship.

"Newt will be fine. I hid her in the bunks. I don't want her out here either. I told her we would be gone for only ten minutes," Ripley said to Hicks' back.

"You told her that?" Hicks growled. "What if we don't come back, Ripley? Then what? She'll be alone again just like before. Fuck-" He stopped walking, feeling he was on the brink of losing his temper. "I'm not a fucking leader. None of this would have happened if we knew what we were up against."

"Only if your team would have listened to me instead of jerking around," Ripley replied with much as the same anger Hicks had.

Hicks snapped, twisted his body around, and met Ripley's eyes. "Don't talk about my dead comrades! You have no business! Let's just get to the ship."

"Back to the same procedure?" Ripley asked Hicks as they entered a long, narrow corridor somewhat out in the open, surrounded by high barricades.

"What the hell is that?" Hicks asked Bishop, standing beside him.

"On the other side of those barricades lies lava, waiting to be set off and if the plant hasn't been treated for so many days-"

"Means adios to the rest of the survivors," Hicks finished for Bishop.


"That leaves us not much time. Let's hurry," Ripley added, walking ahead of Bishop and Hicks.

"No, Ripley, it's not safe," Bishop said and ran ahead of her. "I'll go first. I know where we're going."

"Yeah, but after me, Bishop. You may be the only one left of my team, but I'm still in command. Stay fast." Hicks walked ahead of Bishop and turned on the flashlight on his shoulder armor. He looked back at Bishop and Ripley, then turned his head forward again. "Bishop, when you see any sign of the barricades giving, you let me know right away, all right?"

No answer. That's strange.

Hicks turned around, saw Ripley, and then she turned and Bishop was bent down, examining slimy goop at his feet.

"Bishop?" Hicks raised his voice.

"The aliens have been through here. If we're going to continue this, we have to hurry and check all directions," Bishop warned.

"How much time before the barricades break?" Ripley asked.

"Not much, Ripley. Possibly thirty minutes."

"Right," Hicks whispered. "All right, let's keep moving. No matter what happens, we don't leave anyone behind. Someone has to get back to that little girl. Come on." Hicks turned back around and went on with the hike to the damaged dropship. They quickened their walk to a hurried run until they came face to face with the cemetery of the first dropship.

Bishop started walking away from the group but Hicks caught him. "Bishop! Keep together. We're leaving here in ten minutes. No later."

Hicks neared the cockpit of the dropship. Ripley and Bishop followed as ordered. Surprisingly, the ship was still on fire and heated from the week ago crash. Hicks broke open the emergency hatch, having to crawl in the tiny doggy hole to do so.

"Looks tight," Bishop commented.

Once Hicks was inside, he found the corpse of PFC Ferro. To anyone else in his position, they would scream or get sick in some way, but not Hicks. He had seen more dead bodies in his life than he wanted.

With respect, he left the body of his friend and pilot, Ferro, alone and in peace. He, instead, searched for any weapons she may have had seeing the way she was killed by the alien before the initial crash. He bent over the pilot seat and found her pistol covered in cold blood.

"Hicks, did you find anything?" Ripley asked through the hole.

"Yeah, I found one gun with-" Hicks stopped and instead screamed when an alien showed its ugly face on the other side of the glass above him.

"Hicks!" Ripley screamed and tried to open the emergency door further. "Bishop! Help me!"

Bishop was by her side in less than a second, helping her pry open the door.

Within the cockpit, now multiple aliens were hovering over the glass, biting and clawing to get in.

Hicks turned on his stomach and began to crawl out of the cockpit. When Ripley and Bishop were done with the door, Ripley was about to crawl in and help Hicks but white blood dripped on her shoulder and a drop of green blood fell by her knee and ate through the metal scraps below her.

"Bishop?" Ripley turned around and witnessed a shockingly, horrifying scream coming from Bishop. He grabbed her shoulder, ripping her jacket as an alien tail pierced through his chest. It was quick as a knife stab and the alien was gone, seeing it wasn't a human. Bishop fell into Ripley's arms and she tried to keep him conscious.

"Hicks? Are you all right?" she asked through tears. "Bishop is hurt bad!" she yelled this time with anger.

"Hold on a sec." Hicks spoke from inside, seeing he couldn't get out because his boot was stuck between the dropship's control wheel. He looked up and saw more aliens coming. "There's aliens everywhere out there. It's not safe in here or out there."

"What do you suggest we do?" Ripley questioned, but after a few moments of silence, she heard nothing more. "Hicks?"

Hicks didn't answer because he was too busy checking what the aliens next moves were but his gaze quickly drifted behind the aliens in the distance. Fire explodes everywhere. Many explosions on end. The colony buildings began to crack and demolish, and a few close to the dropship's nose broke off and in the terror of Hicks' eyes, the rubble of one building came crashing down on the nose of the dropship, on Hicks' legs, crushing them.

Ripley held Bishop tight as the entire cockpit shook from the impact. Smoke and rubble everywhere added to the rest of the ship crash.

Through coughs, Ripley shouted, "Hicks!" she laid Bishop down and crawled through the hole to seek Hicks. She found him, but she couldn't tell if he was dead or alive. His body was laying flat on the ground. Smoke and soot everywhere. Ripley held her breath and then coughed several times, feeling around in the smoke for some sign of life in the corporal. She closed her eyes because the smoke was too much. She opened her eyes quickly when she heard aliens squawking above her.

The glass didn't break. How could the glass not break? She was GLAD the glass didn't break.

She rubbed her eyes and after she did, she heard Hicks cough.

"Hicks." She saw him. He didn't say anything as he tried to move his legs, then he screamed in agony.

"Ripley!" he cried.

"I'm gonna get you out of here," Ripley promised.

"Ripley? Hicks? What happened?" they heard Bishop call out through a pained voice. Ripley looked at Hicks' legs, only there was nothing but crushed metal- not even blood.

"Ripley?" Hicks groaned. Slipping in and out of consciousness, he knew what happened to him. "Go."

Ripley just stared at him in disbelief. "No."

The aliens above them started stabbing each other so acid could rain down on the glass.

"Ripley! You have to go now!"

"No! We don't leave anyone behind, remember? No matter what!"

"What are you gonna do, take half of me?" He had to laugh at that.

"This is no time for laughing, Hicks! You're gonna die." Ripley was on the verge of crying.

"And it will be the biggest mission of my life. I already knew I was."


"Never leave your people behind, right? Well, my people are still on this colony. I will not leave them behind." Blood splurged out of his mouth. He grabbed his dog chains around his neck and ripped them off. He reached for Ripley's hand, "Take these. Take Bishop and go back to the dropship and go home. Ripley, just go home."

The aliens began to break the glass even more.

"Now! Ripley! Go!" Hicks' voice changed dramatically from his last tone to now. He lifted himself on his elbows, feeling the ripe in his legs. "Damnit! Go!" he yelled. He looked back and the barricades started to crack and lava oozed out.

Bishop tugged on Ripley's ankle.

"Please, Ripley." Hicks now begged of her. "There isn't much time. The walls are breaking and once they do, none of us will live."

The aliens broke through the glass finally and caused Hicks to lay flat on his back again. Ripley crawled backwards through the hole but not before she grabbed Hicks' hand, squeezing it. Hicks leaned his head back to stare at her.

"I'll be okay - just go," he tried to smile through smoke and tears. They shared a tragic, death stare. Then an alien opened its mouth and pierced Hicks' chest, breaking through his armor.

"No! No! No!" Ripley screamed until she was out of the clear of Hicks, their hands breaking apart.

Bishop pulled Ripley on her feet with little strength he had. "Come on! We have to go! Now!"

Within the cockpit, Hicks threw off his chest armor and put his hands on the broken glass, cutting his palms. Through clenched teeth and burning pain, Hicks curled his lips into a smile toward the aliens at his face. He knew the lava was near that he could smell his own flesh cooking.

"Come on, you fuckers!" he screamed all the way to his death when the aliens crowded the cockpit and the lava spilled in, leaving nothing alive inside.


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