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This wasn't what I had in mind when I started planning way back in the beginning of December. I had it all set up. A couple friends would come in while we were debriefing and put up the tree and other decorations I'd picked up. They'd arrange the presents under the tree and make sure the fridge was stocked with the items I'd requested. Then, when we got back, it would be a surprise for Curran. It would be a few days late, but it would still be Christmas with all the trimmings. But you know what they say about best laid plans.....

So, instead of being at home, eating an obscene amount of food, listening to Christmas carols, and relaxing in my lover's arms, I'm stuck half way around the world. Hiding in a rat infested, half torn down building, waiting for a terrorist who may or may not even be here. And what makes it worse, Curran isn't with me.

I always hate it when we split up, it makes me nervous. But even more so now. Because, I don't know where he is. The team got seperated in a firefight and I ended up here with Leary and Ramos. Curran, we're assuming, is nearby with Wrexler. At least, I hope he is.

Damn! I hate this. I hate not knowing where my lover is. I hate being in this Godforsaken hell during Christmas. This was not what I had in mind for our first Christmas together. I had so many plans and now they're all ruined. Who knows when the hell we'll get out of here? As I listen to the gunfire around me, a part of me wonders *if* we'll get out of here.


I tense as I hear Curran's voice come through the radio. We'd been trying to reach him since we seperated with no response. "Boss?"

"It's me."

"Where the hell are you!?"

I choose to ignore the knowing smirks of my teammates. The two of them, along with Wrexler, are the only ones who know about Curran and I. We figured, we trusted them with our lives, we could trust them with this. And we haven't regretted that decision.

"About three buildings from you. We had company earlier so I couldn't acknowledge."

I sigh in relief. "You both okay?"

"A few new bruises but that's about it. Wrexler took a hard hit to his shoulder, but he's okay. What about on your end?"

"All good. So, what's the plan, boss?"

"I figured we catch us a terrorist then go home. I for one don't plan on giving up my Christmas for this."

I can't help but smile. That was one thing that surprised me about Curran. His almost child-like joy about Christmas. It was also very cute to watch, not that he'd ever tell his lover that. "Only one small problem there, boss."

"And that would be?"

"The terrorist, we haven't seen him." A soft chuckle came through the radio and I knew what it meant. "You've got him."

"Yep. You could say he fell right into my lap."

I roll my eyes. "So, we move out?"

I listen as Curran outlines his plan for extracting the terrorist and getting to the evac zone. "We're on our way, boss. Don't do anything stupid."

"Not planning on it. I intend to be around to see what you've been plotting for the last month."

I smile. Damn, but he's observent. "You'll see when we get home. Hawkins out."

I turn to Leary and Ramos. "We move."

"Looks like you'll have your special Christmas after all." Leary said, smiling.

"We all will, man. You'll be with your families, I'll be with Curran, and we can forget this life for a while."

"Sounds good. Let's get out of here." Ramos ageed.

We head out into the night, following Curran's instructions. I still breathe in a sigh of relief when I see him emerge from his hiding place. He's alive and he's here. There's no time for talking as we fight our way out. We won't have time to relax until we're back on the ship.

I lean back in the bunk and try to let go of the excess adrenaline. I'm too pumped up to sleep. "We'll be home by mid-morning."

I turn my head to see Curran standing in the doorway. "Can't be soon enough for me. I've got plans for a very special Christmas when I get home."

Curran smiles. "Got someone special waiting, do you?"

I return the smile. "Very special."

We exchange knowing glances. "Get some rest, Hawkins. Sounds like you're going to need all the energy you can get."

"You know it, boss."

"Merry Christmas, Hawkins."

"Merry Christmas, boss."

He backs out and closes the door. In just a few more hours, we'll be at his place, alone and enjoying what's left of the holiday. And we'll be together which is the best part of the whole thing.

I smirk as I think about his reaction to seeing the gifts waiting for him. And how much I'll enjoy tormenting him by making him wait to open them. Wonder if he'll pout? I'm still smiling as I turn over and finally start to drift to sleep. Not with visions of sugar plums or anything like that, but of kissing the pout off my lover's face.

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