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I'm walking in park and wonder what's to find on gift for Kyle's birthday he has today, when my eye catch a handsome man close to my age. He is hapily playing with his little boy. Our eyes meet and we are both of smile.

- Beautiful day, huh? - asks man .

- Yes, very nice. - I answer and say to the little boy - Having fun with daddy?

- Fun with my daddy. It's my birthday. - answer boy.

- Wow! Really ? Best wishes! And how old are you today? - I ask with smile.

- I'm free years old – he said and admiring his new red tricycle.
Man look at me and says helpfully and hushed -Three..

- What a lucky little boy. You know, I have a son too and he...

Boy cuts me and correcting - I am a big boy!

I turn to the man for clarification.

Man looking at his son with a father's pride and said to my ear - No more diapers...

Our eyes meet for a second time and the smile lasts longer this time. We are smiling like teenagers.

I decide to sit back and admire the beautiful duo as they carelessly waste their time living the good life.
The boy on bike racing around me - The popsicle man, the popsicle man.

Man close to me and give me ace cream - Want one? My treat.

I take ace cream. - Thank you. You are very nice to me.

Man say with a smirk - Maybe it's because I'm running for office, and with the governor we've got in here now, I'm gonna need every vote I can get.
The man walks away, toward the ice cream truck. When he opens his wallet to pay for the treats, a police badge in the wallet catche my eyes. He's a cap – I though. - Well I should say goodbye and back home. I remember that case of shooting on police station wasn't closed yet. I don't want to risc... I decide to simply walk away.

- Thank you one more time, but I must go now... I must bring my son from school... Happy birthday boy ! - I say and go away.

Man look at me and say with smile – OK, goodbye ! - and say to his son – Very nice lady, don't you think ?
Boy nod in assent holding big ace cream in his little hand. I was already far, so I don't hear what they're talking about farther ...

- Allright son, one phone call and then we're done.

Boy look at his father -Are we calling mommy?

- We are calling.. - he's scanning for the number - ... to office. Two minutes, and that's the end of it. - He smiles to boy. - Want to meet my friends, Kyle? - and say on phone official police voice -Hello, this is patrolman Reese from the XXX police station...
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