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Pacific Blvd

The black Mercedes raced through the traffic as it tries to out run the pursing Mustang.

"Can't you go any faster?" Yelled Chris looking at Danny.

"I'm going as fast as I can. If you think that you can drive any faster, I'll pull over and you can drive," replied Danny trying to keep up with the black Mercedes.

"All right, we just can't afford to lose this one," Chris yelled back.

"Don't you think I don't know that," yelled Danny turning the corner.

"This is Gains. We are in pursuit of a 2004 black Mercedes, it just turned left on Kalana Ave, license plate number H243079," said Chris letting up the key of the radio.

"This is Officer Chang, we have a roadblock set up," replied the officer.

The two cars raced down Kahana Ave headed for the road block. The officers could see the Mercedes as it weaved in and out of traffic. Danny drove as fast as he could trying not to lose the Mercedes. Only minutes before the owner of the car had been sitting at a traffic light, when he was ordered at gunpoint to get out of the Mercedes.

"Danny, the Mercedes is trying to avoid the roadblock. He's going across the medium into oncoming traffic," yelled Chris.

"I see him," replied Danny going across the medium.

The black Mercedes dodged the oncoming traffic, then it turned on to a side street. Danny saw the Mercedes turn the corner, but after they turned the corner, the Mercedes was no where to be seen.

"Chris, do you still have visual on the Mercedes?" Asked Danny slowing down to look.

"It was just ahead of us, not more than half a mile. Where did it go?" Danny asked looking down the side streets, while driving.

"I don't know, it just vanished into thin air," replied Chris with a puzzle look on his face.

"This makes the sixth car this week that's been either carjacked or stolen. The captain's not going to be to happy about this," Danny said looking at Chris.

Sean's house on Maui Rd.

John starts to knock on the door but notices that the door is already opened. He pulls his gun from its holster, he slowly walked through the opened door. John stops; he can hear the sound of footsteps coming toward the bedroom door. He backs up against the wall, waiting for the intruder to come out of the room. The steps were getting closer to the door, he could see the intruder walk threw the door, by looking through the crack in the door.

"HPD, put your hands up," yelled John standing in the doorway.

"whoa, it's me," replied Sean putting his hands up.

"I though you were an intruder. I found your front door open when I got here," said John putting his gun in the holster.

"I thought I had closed the door. I guess not. Oh well. What are you doing here?" Sean asked walking around the living room.

"I overheard you tell the captain that you needed this morning off," said John.

"Jake called me. He came to get some clothes for Nick and found this mess. When I left yesterday, it didn't look like this. This is what she did after I left," replied Sean setting the lamp back on the table.

"You want some help cleaning it up?" John asked.

"I just came to get some of my clothes. Jake has made arrangements for someone to come in and clean the house," replied Sean looking through a pile of clothes on the sofa.

"Where are you going to stay, if your not going to stay in the house?" Asked John.

"I own a beach house on the other side of the island," replied Sean putting some clothes in a bag.

"How can you afford a place like that on a cops pay?" John asked looking at Sean.

"It was given to me by a friend," said Sean.

"That wouldn't be Max would it?" John asking Sean.

"No, her husband David gave it to me just before he died. He said that a person needed a place to hide when he wanted to be alone," Sean said walking to the door.

"I just thought that," said John following Sean out the door.

"You thought that Max gave it to me. How many times do I have to tell you that there is nothing between Max and me," replied Sean with a frown on his face.

"When Max calls, why do you jump and run to her?" John asked closing the door behind him.

Sean stopped and with a slight turn of his head to the left, he glanced back at John. Then he turned and walked to his car.

"You go right on saying that but we both know that there is something between you two. You just don't know how to tell her," said John with a smile on his face.

"Sean, this is dispatch. How far are you from The Hawaiian Hotel?" The dispatcher asked.

"What do you need?" Sean asked talking into the radio.

"Eric from hotel security called the station, they need someone to come to the hotel. He said it was important," replied the dispatcher.

"Did he say why they needed the police?" Sean asked.

"No, but they asked for you, Sean," replied the dispatcher.

"All right, I'm on my way to the hotel. Hey John, dispatched just called," Sean yelled.

"What do they want?" John asked leaning over Sean's car door.

"They need us at the hotel. The head of security called," said Sean.

"I can get my car later," replied John getting into Sean's car.

The Hawaiian Hotel

Sean turned into the hotel driveway, he and John walked through the sliding doors and across the lobby to the office of hotel security. The door opened and Eric came out of the office. He closed the door behind him and crossed the lobby to where Sean was.

"Eric, has something happened here?" Sean asked as Eric stood there in the lobby.

"I have been since 4:oo clock this morning trying to find a reason for what happened," replied an angry Eric.

"Maybe we should at the beginning. What happened here?" John asked.

"Let's go into my office and I'll try to explain," said Eric walking to his office.

"Just tell us what happened," Sean replied.

"A few days ago a Mr. and Mrs. Stone checked into the hotel with their son. He couldn't have been more than a couple months old. They never went anywhere without him. They had gone out for a while, they were at the desk getting their key for their room, and that's when Jay overheard them talking about going out later that night, but they didn't know anyone that could watch the baby. Jay told them that the hotel had in-house baby sitters. He told them that they just had to call the service and set up a time for the sitter to come to their room," said Eric.

"So they had a sitter come to their room. Did something happened?" John asked.

"The Stones came back about midnight. Mrs. Stone says that she checked on the baby before going to bed. She woke up at three to feed him and he was gone," replied Eric looking at Sean.

"Has there been anyone in the room since this was reported to you?" Sean asked.

"No, we moved them to another room. I went in and moved their personal items to the new room. Sean, while I was in the room, I noticed that there was none of the baby's things left in the room," Eric said.

"John, call the station, have them send over a team of investigators. Eric can you show us the room?" Sean asked.

"Follow me," said Eric walking our to the lobby.

Sean and John followed Eric to the elevator, and then they rode the elevator to the fifth floor. They stepped out of the elevator and followed Eric to the room. He pulled a card out of his pocket and slid it in the the slot on the door. Sean looked At Eric with a puzzled look on his face.

"Eric, you opened the door with that card? Does it have a code, just for that door?" Sean asked looking at Eric.

"Yes it does, Each door has a small scanner inside. When a new guest checks in, they are given a card with a code programmed in it, just like this one. When the guest leaves, the code is changed in the door," said Eric opening the door.

"Could they have stolen a card and programmed the same code into the card?" John asked.

"There's no way that they could. If you come with me I'll show you why it's not possible," replied Eric.

"I'll stay here and see what I can find," replied John.

Sean walked with Eric back to the front desk.

"Just follow me Sean, I'll show why it's not possible," replied Eric walking behind the front desk. Sean followed him until he stopped in front of a computer.

"What does a computer have to do with the cards?" Sean asked looking at it.

"It's not just a computer, it keeps track of all the rooms and the different codes for the cards. I'll show you how it works. Let's say that you checked in today. Your room number is 413. I type in 413 and your name, then I take one of the cards and put it in the slot on the computer. The card has now been given a code for that room," replied Eric giving the card to Sean.

"So this card is good for the time that I'm in the room?" Sean asked.

"Yes it is. A card is given to each adult that is in the room," replied Eric.

"What happens to the card when I check out of 413?" Asked Sean.

"Sometimes the guest forgets and takes the card home with them or they leave it in the room. Even when the card is returned to the desk, there is a certain procedure done. I type in room number 413 and then enter guest checked out at certain time. The computer takes over and loads a new code into room 413," said Eric as Sean watched what he did.

"What if I decided to check back in and want the same room, but I still have my old card?" Sean asked.

Eric takes the card from Sean and slides it into a door lock that is attached to the computer. An alarm goes off from the door lock.

"So I would have to get a new card with a new code, in order to get into the room. What about housekeeping? Do they have these same cards to get into a room to clean?" Sean asked.

"We have two managers for housekeeping;, they come in at six. They pick up a print out of all the empty rooms that are dirty and then security goes with them and using a master card unlocks all of those rooms. At ten, one of the managers will start calling the occupied rooms in regards to service," replied Eric.

"Thanks Eric, I need to go back up and talk to the parents," said Sean starting across the lobby.

"Sean, before you leave, Max wants to talk to you," Eric replied.

"Tell her as soon as I'm done talking to the parents, I'll come up," replied Sean walking back to the elevator.

Honolulu Police Dept.

"Well Chris, how do we explain to the captain losing that Mercedes?" Danny asking his partner.

"I don't know what we are going to tell him," exclaimed a frustrated Chris.

"I want to know how you two lost that Mercedes? You had better have good reason why?" Asked Harada standing at their desk.

"We aren't really sure how we lost it," said Danny looking at the captain.

"We were following it and then the driver turned right on a side street, by the time we turned the car was gone."

"Cars just don't vanish into thin air. That car is out there some where. I suggest that you start looking for it and the others that are missing," yelled Harada watching Danny and Chris walk out of the room.

"Now what do we do?" Asked Danny walking to his car.

"I guess we start with the local chop shops and see what we can find," replied Chris getting into the car.

"Do you happen to know the whereabouts of any chop shops?" Asked Danny.

"No, but I'm sure we might be able to find one with a little help," said Chris looking at Danny's mustang.

"I know what you're thinking, Chris...not my car. There's no way," yelled Danny with an angry look on his face.

"Do you want to find those cars and get the captain off our backs?" Chris asked.

"That means going undercover. We use my car as the bait. All right, but I don't like it. What if something happens to my car?" Danny asked with a frustrated look on his face.

"I thought you would see it my way," replied Chris with a smirk on his face.

"What do we do now?" Danny asked.

"We spread the word that we have a stolen mustang for sale. Then we wait and see what happens," replied Chris.

The Hawaiian Hotel

"Have you found anything?" Sean asked walking into the room.

"So far, we have found a lot of fingerprints, but that's about it," replied John.

"We need to get fingerprints from everyone that has been in this room. Kaleo, find out which housekeeper has been cleaning this room. We also need the name of the house sitter," replied Sean looking around the room.

"Sean, can you come here a minute, I think we found something." Joe said looking at the edge of the door.

"What did you find?" Sean asked.

"When I was dusting the door knob, there was a flash. I didn't think any thing of it, till I went to lift the print and this came with it," said Joe.

"What is it? It looks like a piece of tape," said Sean, looking at the print.

"It is a piece of tape. Some of the adhesives is still on the door. When I ran the duster across the door, some of the adhesives picked up the dust," replied Joe.

"So our suspect put tape across the face plate after opening the door," said Sean.

"So, when did the suspect do it?" John asked.

"It was probably done when Mr. and Mrs. Stone came back after being out. More than likely it was done when the sitter was leaving the room," replied Sean.

"Wouldn't one of them checked to make sure that the door was locked?" Asked John.

"She probably told them that she would lock the door on her way out," said Sean.

"Sean, I just came from talking with the Stones. They were both sure that the baby was there. They checked on him at midnight and he was in the crib but when she went to feed him at three he wasn't there. I also asked for a picture of him. The lab is going to enlarge it and then I'll send it out on the wire to everyone," replied Officer Tamiya.

"Kaleo, call Eric and get the name of the babysitter for the Stones. Have her come in, we need to be able to talk to her," said Sean.

"I'm on it," said Kaleo picking up the phone.

Sean's cell phone rings, he answers it. "No, I haven't forgotten, I'll be there in a few minutes, okay," replied Sean hanging up the phone.

"That was Max wasn't it?" Asked John with a smile on his face.

"She wants to know what we are doing to find the baby," replied Sean walking out the door.

"You need to admit it to yourself that there is something between you two, more than just being friends," John said as Sean closed the door behind him.

"Hey Sean, are you in there?" Yelled John pushing on the opened door.

Sean stood there in the elevator as it went to the penthouse. He was remembering what John had said to him as he was leaving the room. He tried to tell himself that he and Max were only friends, but he knew that there was more to it than he wanted to admit to himself. He stood there and shook his head, he was falling in love with her and there had been that look on her face when ever he saw her.

The elevator stopped and Sean stepped out into the hallway. It was only a few steps to the penthouse door, he opened the door and walked in.

"Max, where are you?" Yelled Sean walking into the living room.

Sean heard a door open, he turned to see where it was coming from.

"I'll be right out Sean," yelled Max from the opened door.

"All right," replied Sean who was walking around the room looking at the photos on the tables. He stopped and picked up the photo sitting on the table. He smiled as he looked at the photo, He could remember when it was taken. David had made arrangements for the photo to be taken of the three of them. David had told him that he wanted it as reminder of the good times that they had together.

"I remember those times, but no one knew that they would end, only days after this photo was taken, when your plane crashed just after taking off," said Sean to himself, putting the photo back on the table.

"Remembering that day?" Max asked walking toward Sean.

"I didn't hear you come in. I guess I was remembering that day," replied Sean turning to look at Max.

"The picture brings back memories doesn't it?" Max asked Sean.

"It does bring back memories," answered Sean.

"I used to be able to look at it, but it just brought back the memories of David's plane crashing, so I put it away in a drawer. I just put it back on the table a few days ago," replied Max.

"Max, you ask me to come here?" Sean asked Max.

"I'm sorry, I was thinking about that photo. Eric told me about the baby being taken from Mr. and Mrs. Stone. I'm putting up a reward for the return of the baby. Do you think it would help?" Max asked.

"Yes I do, there may be someone out there that knows who took the baby. It would give them a reason to talk," replied Sean.

"I'll leave it up to you, whatever amount of reward is fine with me. I'll pay any amount, Sean," said Max looking at Sean.

"I can get some of the stations to make the anouncement of the reward. I have to go, I still need to talk to the Stones about the sitter," said Sean walking toward the door.

"Thanks Sean," replied Max as she stood there watching Sean as he closed the door behind him.

Max heard the door opened and the sound of footsteps on the floor.

"How long have you been there?" Max asked.

"Long enough to see that look on your face whenever Sean's in the room," said the man from the shadows.

"What look is that?" Max asked.

"It's the same look that Sean's has when he sees you. You love him and he loves you. I heard you talking about that photo of the three of you together. It reminds you that you were suppose to marry Sean, not David," replied the man.

"I couldn't marry Sean and you know why," said Max.

"Yes I do, because Carly loved Sean too. I know that's why you married David, so that Sean would marry Carly. Max, I want you to tell Sean about your feelings for him," said Jake walking out of the shadows and into the room.

"I can't Jake, because of Carly," replied Max walking away from Jake.

"The Doctors have already told me that Carly is never going to be able to leave the hospital. Sean is staying at the beachouse for now. Tell him Max," said Jake going through the opened door.

Sean stood there listening to the sounds of the elevator as it went to the third floor. He was still thinking about the photo when the door opened. He stepped out into the hallway, turning to walk to the room where the Stones had been moved to. He needed them to identify the babysitter. He walked through the opened door where Kaleo and Linh were already talking to them.

"Mr. and Mrs. Stone, I'm Detective Harrison. I have some pictures of the babysitters. I need for you to look at them and tell me which one came to your room last night," said Sean laying the pictures on the table.

"This is the lady who came to our room. She said her name was Mrs. Kelly," answered Mrs. Stone.

"So you're telling me that this is the woman?" Sean asked the Stones.

"Yes, she's the one that came to the room," replied Mrs. Stone.

"Mr. Stone, is there something wrong? You look like you're not sure?" Asked Sean

"She is the one that came to the room, but she wasn't the one in the room when we came back. It was a much younger woman when my wife went to check on the baby. I turned around to find her gone. The door was still open," replied Mr. Stone.

"Kaleo, you and Linh go over to Mrs. Kelly's home and find out if she has a daughter. Mr. Stone did you close the door?" Asked Sean.

"Yes I did," replied Mr. Stone looking at Sean.

"We'll be in touch, and when we find anything, we'll let you know," said Sean walking out the door.

"Hey Sean, did you find out anything from the Stones?" John asked.

"They identified Mrs. Kelly as the sitter, but while they were gone Mrs. Kelly left and a younger woman took her place. I have a feeling the younger woman took the baby," replied Sean getting in his car.

"What did Max want?" Asked John closing the door behind him.

"She's putting up a reward for the recovery of the baby," replied Sean turning onto Pacific Blvd.

"When are you going to tell her. Whenever you say her name there's this look on your face. You know that you love her," replied John looking at Sean.

"You don't know what you're talking about. There is nothing between us. How many times do I have to tell you," yelled Sean at John.

"You just keep telling yourself that there's nothing between you two," said John with a smile on his face.

A stake out on Wakiki Rd.

"I don't like this one bit," replied Danny looking at Chris.

"If I had a car like yours, it would be sitting there as the bait, but I don't have one like it. So that means your car is the bait," Chris said with a smile on his face.

"How long have we been sitting here?" Asked Danny.

"About two hours," said Chris watching the Mustang.

"Nothing is happening; I'm going to take my car home," replied Danny starting to get out of the truck.

"Not yet, someone's looking the car over. Danny get back in the truck. He just pulled something out of his pants. It's a jimmie. He's going for the car," said Chris starting the truck.

"He just took my car," yelled Danny.

"Now to follow him. All units in the area this is 1050 Bravo. We are following a 2004 black Mustang, that was just stolen. Do not pursue vehicle," said Chris into the radio.

"Can you just drive. I don't want to lose my car please. He's several cars ahead of us, Chris don't lose him." Danny pleading with Chris.

"Just cool it, I'm not going to lose him, unless he finds that tracking device I put in your car," said Chris driving as fast as he could.

"What tracking device did you put in my car?" Asked Danny.

"Do you hear that ticking sound?" Chris asked Danny with a smirk on his face.

"You mean that ticking sound is coming from my car," exclaimed Danny.

"Yep, it's coming from your car," replied Chris smiling.

"He's turning up ahead on to a side street," said Danny.

"I see him turning," replied Chris speeding up to follow the turning car.

"Chris, where did my car go? We couldn't been more than a few minutes behind it," replied an angry Danny.

"I still have the tracking device and its still going," said Chris getting out of the car.

"It doesn't mean anything if we don't know where my car is," yelled Danny getting out of Chris's truck.

"I just realized something, this is the same street where we lost that Mercedes," said Chris looking around.

"Chris, come here I think I may of found a clue. I was looking at the tire tracks and then I started following them and then they just stopped," replied Danny.

"I found some more tracks, but they are from a truck. The day we were chasing that Mercedes, there was a large truck parked on the street," said Chris looking at Danny.

"That explains how we lost the Mercedes and my car. They drove them up on a set of ramps and onto the truck. Then they drove away right under our noses," replied Danny.

"We still have the tracking device and it's still sending out a signal. All we have to do is following it on the map," replied Chris looking at Danny.

"What are we waiting on, we need to follow that signal," replied Danny looking at Chris.

Honolulu Police Dept.

"Sean, we just came back from talking with Mrs. Kelly. She told us that she became ill while sitting with the baby. She called her daughter and she took her mother's place with the baby," said Kaleo.

"She also told us that her daughter didn't come home last night. She hasn't heard from her either," replied Linh with a puzzled look on her face.

"What's wrong, Linh?" Sean asked.

"It was something that Mrs. Kelly said. Her daughter called a few months ago and said that she was pregnant. She didn't hear from her again until a few days ago, when she called and said that she was coming to visit her. She said that her daughter kept asking her if she still worked as a sitter at the hotel. She told her that she was still a sitter," replied Linh.

"Who has the pictures of the sitters?" Sean asked.

"I have them," replied John handing them to Sean.

"What are you thinking Sean?" Kaleo asked looking at Sean.

"She calls her mother and tells her she is going to have a baby. Her husband is very happy about, but what if something happened and she loses her baby. She doesn't want to lose her husband, so she fakes the rest of the pregnancy till it's time for her to have it. She tells her husband that she wants her mother with her when she has it. So she comes to Hawaii where her mother works as a sitter at a hotel," replied Sean.

"She came here to find a baby, using her mother's position as a sitter. She just had to wait until her mother was sitting with the right baby. She needed the baby to be caucasian like her," said John.

"There was a picture of her daughter with her husband on the table. He's caucasian too," replied Kaleo.

"Mrs. Kelly told us that her daughter has been here for a couple months. The Stone's baby is two months old," said Linh.

"We know how she got back into the room. She waited until the Stones went to bed and then she took the baby. Kaleo, call the airport, tell them to have security stop every woman leaving that has a small baby. Linh send some units to the airport," said Sean running out the door.

Danny and Chris are driving down Kona Ave. The signal from the tracking device is getting stronger, and when they turn the corner, they see the moving van sitting in the street.

"My car is in that moving van, that's how we lost the cars once they turned the corner," replied Danny getting out of the truck.

"It's parked in front of a used car lot, that may explain how they are getting the cars off the island. Someone comes in, buys a car and then it's put on a ship or plane and sent to the States," said Chris looking at the car lot.

"Chris, so far I have run ten plates and seven of them have come back as stolen vehicles," replied Danny looking at the car lot.

"Take a look at the back of the lot; it's our black Mercedes," Chris stated with a smirk on his face.

"We are going to need back up," replied Danny.

"We definitely need back up. This is ten fifty bravo, I need police units to respond to the corner of Kona Rd. and Kahuna Dr," said Chris laying the radio on the seat.

"Attention all units in the area of Kona Rd and Kahuna Dr. Detectives Gains and Edwards need backup," replied the dispatcher.

Chris and Danny walked to the corner, where police units were waiting for them.

"Okay, here is what we have. Down the street is a used car lot with several stolen vehicles on the property. There is a moving van sitting in front of the lot. We know there is one stolen vehicle in the van. It belongs to Detective Edwards and was used as bait. You all know what to do, so let's move in," exclaimed Detective Gains.

Danny and Chris walked back to the car lot followed by police officers, who were slowly moving onto the car lot. Chris motioned for the men to spread out and watch the men who were coming out of the building.

"This is HPD," yelled Chris as the men came running out of the front door of the building.

"Detectives Gains, this is Officer Kim, we have several men in custody. What do you want us to do with them?" Asked the officer.

"Bring them around to the front of the building," said Chris putting handcuffs on a suspect.

"Who's the boss?" Danny asking the the two men in front of him.

"Come on now, one of you has to be the boss here. If you tell us them we might be able to cut a deal," said Chris looking at the men.

"Since none of you want to talk, you both are under arrest for grand theft auto. You have the right to remain silent, You have the right to a lawyer," said Danny reading the rights of the two men as they were put into a police car.

"Dispatch, this is Detective Gains, I need to have some stolen cars picked up and put in the impound lot," stated Chris talking into the radio.

Danny opened the moving van doors to find his Mustang sitting there.

"You know you can't take it. It has to go to the impound until the case goes to court," replied Chris standing beside Danny.

"I know, I just wanted to make sure it was still in once piece," replied Danny looking at his car.

Honolulu Police Dept.

Captain Harada stands in the middle of the room as Chris and Danny walk in the door.

"I have just one thing to say to you two, nice job. I knew that you could do it. Danny, I'll get them to process your car, so you can have it back," replied the captain walking to his office.

"Hey captain, have you heard anything from Sean or John about the missing baby?" Chris asked.

"There's no word yet from either of them," replied Harada looking at Chris and Danny.

Honolulu Airport

"This is Harrison, as soon as you know more. Call me on my cellphone," said Sean getting out of the car.

"Who was that?" John asked closing the car door.

"That was one of the investigators, they have a set of prints of the crib. They don't belong to Mrs. Stone or Mrs. Kelly, who put the baby to bed," said Sean.

"So she had an accomplice helping her," replied John walking toward Linh.

"Looks like it," replied Sean.

"Officer Tamiya, where are the mothers that were taken off the planes?" John asked.

"Security has them in a room next to their office," replied Linh walking to the security office.

"Mrs Kelly gave us a picture of her daughter. We have been looking at all of them and she's not here," replied John leaving the room.

"She has to be here, this is the only way of the island right now," replied Sean looking around the terminal.

"Shouldn't there be more people waiting to get on the plane?" John asked looking at Sean.

"There should be a lot of people waiting to get on the planes. That means people have already boarded the planes," said Sean running to the ticket counter.

"Have you seen this woman?" John asked showing the picture to the lady behind the counter.

"I don't know for sure, we had so many people checking in and we were short a person. I couldn't tell you for sure," said the woman behind the counter.

"How many planes were schedule to take off?" Sean asked.

"There are three flights scheduled to leave," replied Linh.

"Kaleo, take some officers and start going through the first plane. We have to find her," said Sean.

"Excuse me, I couldn't help overhearing you say that you were looking for someone," said the young woman.

"Yes, we are. Do you think that you may of seen her?" Asked Sean taking out the picture and showing it to her.

"I saw her, she was in line at the ticket desk. I wasn't that far behind her," replied the woman.

"Did she seem to be acting strange or was she carrying anything that might of looked out of place?" Sean asked.

"She was carrying this large duffel bag. I sat down in a chair not to far from her. I noticed that she held the bag on her lap or she would put it on a chair next to her. There was something odd about her, she would open the bag and look in it. It's like there was something in the bag and she was checking it," replied the woman opening the bag she carried.

"Do you think she might of had the baby in the duffel bag?" Linh asked.

"The only way to know is to find her and that duffel bag," said Sean looking at the woman.

"Sean, this Kaleo, so far we have checked two of the flights and she's not either one of them," said Kaleo on the radio.

"That leaves flight 509," said John turning to look at Sean.

"That means she must be on that flight," said Sean as he and John ran across the terminal and down the ramp that led to the opened door of the plane.

"I'm Detective Declan and this Detective Harrison, we are looking for this woman," said John showing the picture to the stewardess.

"She's just boarded the plane a few minutes ago," replied the woman.

"Which row is she in?" Asked Sean starting to slowly walk down the aisle of the plane.

"She's in seat 203B," replied the woman looking at a clipboard.

"Do you see her?" Yelled John walking down the aisle.

"I'm looking. Lisa Kelly your under arrest for the kidnapping of Ryan Stone," said Sean pulling the woman out of the seat.

"Sean, does she have the duffel bag?" John asked.

"Where's the duffel bag?" Sean asked.

"I don't know what bag you're talking about and I didn't kidnap any baby," exclaimed the woman.

"Where's the baby?" Sean asked the woman.

"I have no idea what your talking about, I didn't take any baby," replied the woman.

"Excuse me, but I may be able to help you. I was on the door when she came aboard and if she had any carry on bag, she would have had to put it here," replied the stewardess showing John the storage compartment.

"Sean, he's in the compartment, I can hear a baby crying," yelled John going through the bags.

"Did you find him?" Asked Sean standing next to the compartment.

"No, I found the bag, but the crying is coming from a recorder in the bag," replied John bringing out the bag.

"I'm going to ask you one more time. Where is he?" Asked Sean.

"I don't know what your talking about," replied the woman.

As Sean and John walked the woman off the plane. Sean's phone started to ring.

"John go ahead and take her to Kaleo. This is Sean, what did you find out?" Asked Sean.

"The prints matched those of a Ann Harris. The local FBI office says that she wanted for questioning in an attempted kidnapping of a baby boy in San Deigo," replied the voice on the phone.

"Did they have a description of her? Thanks," replied Sean running to the terminal.

"Who was the call from?" John asked.

"It was Joe, she had a friend helping her. Linh, where is the first plane schedule to go to?" Sean asked.

"It's going to LA, why?" Asked Linh looking at Sean.

"Where did the woman go to, the one we were talking to?" Sean asked.

"She boarded her plane, why did you ask?" Linh asking.

"She has the baby," yelled Sean running to the loading ramp.

"Are you sure that she has him?" John asked as he ran to the ramp.

"Joe gave me a description of the woman and she was the one that we were talking to," replied Sean running down the ramp.

"Don't close that door," yelled John as they came closer to the plane.

"Excuse me, but we were told that we could take off," said the woman.

"You can, just as soon as we find who we are looking for," said Sean walking down the aisle.

"Have you found yet?" Asked John following Sean.

"I don't see her anywhere," replied Sean still looking.

"Sean, come back about three rows and take a look," said John.

"She has dark hair, but I remember that face. Where's the baby?" Sean asked pulling off the wig.

"Sean, I can hear a baby crying, but it's real faint," said John.

"Excuse me, I saw her put a bag under her seat," replied another woman.

Sean walked back to the seat where the woman had been sitting. The crying was getting louder as he came closer. Sean looked down and saw the bag under the seat. He gently pulled it out and sat it in the seat. He unzipped the bag, opening it to find a crying baby. He took the baby out and held it in his arms. John started down the ramp with the woman in cuffs.

"You can take off now," said Sean walking down the ramp.

"Here, Kaleo, read her rights to her and take both of them to the station," said John.

"Linh, call the Stones and have them meet us at the hospital," replied Sean carrying the baby to his car.

"Is he all right?" John asked Sean as he turned into the driveway of the hospital.

"He looks all right, but he needs to be check out just in case," replied Sean handing the baby to a nurse.

Sean and John are waiting at the nurses station, when the ER doors open.

"Detective Harrison, Officer Tamiya says you found Ryan?" Mr. Stone asked walking to the desk.

"Yes we did, the Doctors are checking him out right now," replied John smiling.

"Thank you for finding our son," said Mrs. Stone trying not to cry.

"It's all right," replied John.

"John, do you think that you can take care of everything here? I have something I need to do," said Sean looking at John.

"Are you going to finally tell her how you feel?" John asking Sean.

Sean just stopped and turning his head to glance back at John, then he continued out the door.

Sean let out a sigh of relief as he turned into the driveway of the beachouse. He needed this time to think about what he was going to do. He got out of the car and closed the door behind him, he started up the sidewalk to the front door. He opened the door and walked into the living room, he sat the bag down in a chair. He walked to the sliding doors, sliding the door opened, he walked out onto the balcony. He could hear the sound of footsteps on the floor behind him.

"How did you know I was going to be here?" Sean asked looking out at the ocean.

"Jake, he told me that you were going to be staying here, till you can get your house back together," replied Max walking out of the shadows.

"John keeps telling me, that there is something between us. Maybe he's right," said Sean looking back at Max.

"Is he right, Sean? Is there something between us?" Max asked Sean.

"Yes he's right, I've had these feelings for you for a long time. I just didn't know how to tell you," said Sean looking at Max.

"I've had the same feelings, we just need to tell each other how we feel," said Max walking over to Sean.

"We need to talk about those feelings," replied Sean walking over to Max Where he put his arms around her and kissed her on the lips.

"I just wasn't sure how to tell you. I told myself that you loved Carly," said Max kissing Sean back.

"I should have told you how I felt a long time ago. I should never have married her. I have loved you for a long time," said Sean holding Max in his arms as they watched the sun going down.

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