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Honolulu Police Dept.

"Good morning everyone, I have a few cases that we need to be working on. I know that everyone is tired after the last few days, but we still have people out there that need our help," said Harada looking around the room.

"You mean, we don't get a day off to rest," complained Danny laying his head on his desk.

"Then this report is just for you two. Mr. Lane and his family are staying at the Ocean View Hotel. When they came back to their room, they found things missing from the room," said Harada handing the file to Chris.

"We need to check and see if anyone else has reported any thing missing, while staying there," stated Chris looking at Danny.

"Anyone seen Sean?" Harada asked looking at John.

"What do I look like, his babysitter?" I called his house and no one answered the phone," said John looking at Harada.

"John start working on this file. The owner of a car lot on Kahuna Rd, says that three times this week, he has come in to find his cars vandalized," replied Harada handing the file to John.

"John, you have any idea where Sean could be?" You think that something might of happened to him?" Kaleo asked with a smile on his face.

"I have an idea, but I don't want to say anything, just yet," replied John grinning.

The Hawaiian Hotel

"Max, what are you doing in my kitchen?" Oh lord look at the mess," Miranda said looking around.

"Did you go to the beachouse?" Max asked.

"I went there, but he needs someone to clean house for him. I found some clothes for him. I hope they're clean. They were laying in a basket," replied Miranda, handing Max the clothes.

"Sorry about the mess, I was trying to fix something for Sean to eat," stated Max picking up the clothes.

"I'll fix him something, you take the clothes to him," Miranda replied smiling as Max walked out of the room.

Max walked across the room to the bathroom, where she could hear the water running in the shower. She stood there in front of the door, she was thinking about last night. Sean had told her, that he loved her and she had told Sean that she loved him.

"Max,did you give Sean those clothes?" Miranda asked sitting the tray on the table.

"No, I was thinking about last night," replied Max looking at Miranda.

"I can only imagine what happened here last night. Your bed looks like someone had been wrestling in that bed. Sheets and blankets are every where," remarked Miranda walking back to the kitchen.

"Sean, I have some clothes for you. Miranda went to the beach house and brought back some things for you," replied Max starting to open the door.

"Thanks, just lay them down and I'll find them," Sean replied from the shower.

Max laid the clothes on a chair, but she found herself watching Sean standing there in the shower. She started to smile as she watched Sean.

"I see you standing over there," said Sean grabbing a towel and wrapping it around him, before he opened the door.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare at you," said Max leaving the bathroom.

"Max, it's okay," said Sean buttoning his jeans up. Just as Miranda walked into the room.

"Oh lord, you need to put your clothes on before you give this old woman a heart attack," said Miranda looking at Sean.

"I'll put my shirt on just for you, Miranda. I need to get going to the station. I'll call you later," said Sean giving Max a kiss, before going out the door.

Miranda turns and walks to the desk, where a phone is ringing. She picks it up and answers it. While Max closes the door behind Sean.

"I'll tell her, does she need to call before leaving?" Thanks for calling to let her know," said Miranda hanging up the phone.

"Who was that on the phone Miranda?" Max asked.

"Do you know a Harry Banes?" Asked Miranda.

"He's my sister Carol's husband. Is something wrong?" Max asked with a worried look on her face.

"Your sister has been in a bad accident and he needs you to come there," replied Miranda.

"Did he say how bad she was hurt?" Asked Max.

"No, he said for to hurry," replied Miranda going to Max's bedroom.

"Eric, this is Max. I need to have my car brought up and call Jim tell him I need to use the plane. Thanks Eric. Miranda, while I'm gone, take some time off and go see your family okay," Max replied.

"I put some things in a bag. I didn't know what you would want," replied Miranda carrying the bag out of the room.

"If I need something, I can pick it up," replied Max opening the door.

"Your car is waiting and Jim says that he will be ready when you get to the hanger," stated Eric picking up the bags.

"Eric, I don't know how long I'll be gone," said Max walking to the elevator.

"Don't worry about the place, we'll be okay," said Eric as the elevator door closed behind them.

Honolulu Police Dept.

"Hey it's Sean," yelled Kaleo as Sean walked through the door.

"Forget to set the alarm?" Danny asked with a smile on his face.

"Something like that," replied Sean walking over to his desk.

"Well what happened?" John asked Sean smiling.

"What do you mean what happened?" Asked Sean walking out of the room.

"You went to take the money back to Max. So what happened after that?" John asked following Sean to his car.

"So you think something happened last night?" Sean asked Pu;;lling out of the parking lot.

"You can't tell me that nothing happened," said John looking at Sean.

"All right I'll tell you. When I got to the penthouse, Miranda was leaving. She told me to let myself into the penthouse," said Sean.

"Okay, so something did happened after that?" John asked.

"All right, I'll tell you, but you can't tell anyone okay," replied Sean looking at John.

"I promise not to tell anyone," said John.

"When I got to the hotel Miranda was coming out of the elevator. She told me to let myself in and she gave me a key to the penthouse. So I did, but I didn't know where Max was. Then I heard this music coming from one of the rooms and then I heard Max's voice telling me that she was in one of the rooms. I opened this door and there was Max sitting in the middle of a bed, with only a sheet wrapped around her. I walked into the room and closed the door behind me," said Sean smiling.

"Oh man, I want to know if you told her that you loved her?" Asked John looking at Sean.

"What do you think?" Asked Sean with a grin on his face.

"You told her?" John asking Sean.

"Yes, I did. Now is that our case for the day?" Sean asked.

"A car lot on Kahuna, the owners says that vandals have been damaging his cars," said John.

"Another weirdo day," said Sean turning the corner.

The Ocean View Hotel

According to this report, Mr. Sims says that his family came back to their room after being gone. His wife said that it looked like their luggage had been gone through. Since this report was made, the Sim's have found several items missing," replied Danny.

"Before we left, I went back and looked at reports that had been made in the last year pertaining to the Ocean View Hotel. I found twelve reports of people missing items from their rooms," replied Chris turning into the hotel driveway.

"Was anything ever recovered?" Danny asked getting out of the truck.

"According to the reports, nothing was recovered. It's like whoever took the items, kept them," replied Chris shutting the door.

"That's odd, usually when someone steals something their quick to sell it for money," said Danny walking into the hotel.

"Something feels funny here," Chris said following Danny through the door.

"Can I help you?" Asked the man behind the desk.

"I'm Detective Gaines and this is Detective Edwards. We need to talk to Mr. Sims," said Danny looking at the man.

"He's in room 203. Take the elevator and then turn left," replied the man.

"Could you tell the manager that we need to talk to him as soon as we are done talking to the Sims'?" Said Chris walking to the elevator.

Danny and Chris took the elevator to the second floor. When the door opened they turned to the left and walked down the hallway to room 203. Chris knocked on the door and a man opened it.

"Are you Mr. Sims?" Chris asked the man.

"Yes I am," replied the man.

"I'm Detective Gaines and this is Detetive Edwards. We need to ask you some questions about your missing items," said Chris standing at the door.

"Come in please," said Sims as Danny and Chris walked into the room.

"Do you know what is missing?" Danny asked.

"A camcorder, digital camera, my son's video games, my laptop and my wife is missing some of her jewelry. A diamond watch, a ruby and diamond ring.A gold necklace with a cross on it, her wedding rings. The rings are encrusted with a carot worth of diamonds and a genuine pearl necklace," said Mr. Sims handing a list to Danny.

"Could I ask you questions, when we came up to the door, I noticed that there was do not disturb on the door knob. Thats means you didn't want housekeeping to do your room that day right?" Chris asked.

"Right, we didn't want any service that day," said Mr. Sims.

"Beside us and your family has there been anyone else in the room?" Danny asked.

"No, we just checked in yesterday," replied the man.

"We need you folks to leave. My partner is calling the lab and have some people come down and go-over you room for fingerprints and to look for anything else that might help. Then we will have to take your fingerprints," said Chris.

"Hey Chris, come here," said Danny looking down the hallway.

"What do you want?" Chris asked.

"Maid service...she has a master key that lets her into every room. This one just when into to room 206 and when we went by that room, there was do not disturb sign on the door knob. We need some help from Linh and Kaleo on this one," stated Danny.

Danny and Chris went down to the front desk to talk to the manager. He was waiting for them at the desk.

"Are you the manager?" Asked Chris.

"Yes, my name is Mr. Scott. How can I help you?" Asked the manager.

"How long have your maids been working for you?" Chris asked.

"Some of them have been here for at least five years. We had to hire some new ones last year," said the manager.

"Have you had any problems with any of them?" Chris asked.

"No we have never had any problems with any of them. There are rules that they have to go by and if they can't then they are fired," replied the manager.

"Thank you for your help," said Chris as he and Danny walked out to Chris's truck.

The Four winds car lot on Kahuna Dr.

"Here's the car lot. Look at the damage to those cars," said John getting out of the car.

"How many do you think are damaged?" Sean asked.

"I can tell you," said the angry man coming across the lot.

"You must be the owner, Henry Adams," said Sean.

"Yes I am and in the last week, I have had thirty cars damaged by vandals," replied Adams.

"Have you made anyone mad in the last week or so?" John asked.

"No, I have been here in the place for over twenty years and I have never had any problems till now," replied the man.

"Looks like someone is mad at you. Someone from the lab will come down and dust for fingerprints. Maybe we can find some," replied Sean.

"What's the matter with you?" John asked walking back to the car.

"I tried to call Max and Miranda said that she got a call from her brother-in-law Henry. Something about her sister Carol being hurt in an accident. She told Miranda to tell me that she would be back in a few days," said Sean driving down Kahuna Dr.

Los Angeles International

"The plane should be landing in about three hours. Do you know what to do?" Asked the man talking to the woman staring out the window.

"I know what to do. Just remember what your suppose to be doing," replied the woman.

A Lear jet approaches the runway, preparing to land. The pilot lowers the wheels as he starts to land the plane. The sound of the planes brakes can be heard as the plane lands at LAX. The pilot walks back to where the passenger is sitting.

"Max, the plane has landed. I called ahead and a car is waiting to take you to the hospital," said Jim lowering the steps.

"Jim, I don't know how long I'm going to be here. It all depends on my sister's condition. I'll call you on your phone, when I'm ready to leave," said Max.

"I'm staying with the plane Max, so I'll be here when you're ready," replied Jim putting the bag in the car.

"Thanks Jim." Said Max closing the car door.

"Good evening Mrs. Maxwell, did you want to go to the hospital or to the hotel?" Asked the driver.

"I would like to go to the hospital, but you're not Matthew," exclaimed Max.

"I'm Steven, Matthew was hurt in the accident. He called me and asked if I could pick you up from the airport," said Steven.

"That's fine, could you take me to the hospital please?" Max asked the driver.

Max sat back in the seat and let herself relax. She started to smile as she thought about Sean and what happened last night. It had been the right decision for her and she was glad that she had made it.

"We have arrived at the hospital, Mrs Maxwell," said Steven interrupting Max's thinking.

"Can you wait for me. I shouldn't be to long," said Max getting out of the car.

"No problem, I'll be right here waiting," said Steven closing the door.

Steven had started to open his door on the car, when the phone in the car started ringing. He sat down in the drivers seat and then picked up the ringing phone.

"Everything going okay?" Asked the voice on the phone.

"Yes, everything is all right," replied Steven.

"Do you know what to do after you take Mrs. Maxwell where she wants to go?" Asked the voice.

"Yes, I know what to do," said Steven hanging up the phone.

Max walked to the nurse's station to which room her sister was in.

"Excuse me, can you tell what room Carol Banes is in? I'm her sister," said Max looking at the nurses.

"Mrs. Banes is in room 176," said the nurse.

"Thank you," said Max walking down the hallway to room 176.

"Max, what are you doing here?" Carol asking Max as she walked into the room.

"Harry called and said that you were hurt in an accident, but he didn't tell me how badly you were hurt," replied Max standing by the bed.

"You know Harry, break a finger and it's a major accident. I have a broken leg and my arm is broke. I have to stay in the hospital for six weeks and then I can go home. I know that if I asked you would stay, but there's no reason for you to," said Carol looking at Max.

"How bad was Matthew hurt?" Max asked.

"He had a concussion and a broken arm, but he's okay," replied Carol.

"Since you're okay and don't need me. I'm going to go home. I have a business to run," said Max giving her sister a kiss and walking out the door.

Max walked down the hallway and out the door to the waiting limo. Steven opened the door and Max sat down in the seat. She took the phone out of her purse and called Jim, who was waiting on the plane. Steven sat down in the driver's seat and then reached down and turned the switch to on and then he took the small receiver out of his pocket.

"Jim, this Max I'm coming back to the airport, If you don't mind I'm going to fly back to Hawaii tonight. My sister is okay and I have a business to worry about," said Max.

"I'll have the plane ready," said Jim hanging up the phone.

"Steven, I need you take me back to the airport," said Max laying her head back on the seat.

Steven started the limo and then drove from the driveway to the street. He turned out into the traffic and started to drive to the airport.

"She's going back to the airport," whispered Steven into the receiver.

"I hear you," said the voice.

"She's going back tonight?" Asked the man walking to the window and looking out.

Los Angeles International

The limo drives up to the airplane. Max opens the door and steps out of the limo. Max walks up the stairs of the plane and sits down in one of the seats. Jim follows her carrying her luggage on the plane. He opens a door of the compartment and sets the luggage down and then closes the door.

"We'll be ready to take off in a few minutes Max. Did you want anything to drink?" Jim asked before going to the cockpit.

"No thanks, if I change my mind, I'll get it," replied Max as the plane taxi down the runway an then the plane started to take off from the runway.

Surveillance of the car lot on Kahuna Dr.

"How long have we been here?" John asking Sean.

"Couple of hours. Why are you tired?" Sean asked looking at John.

"Just a little, we worked all day and now we are sitting here, watching for whoever it is that's vandalizing these cars." John complained.

"Have some more coffee," said Sean.

"I can't drink any more of that coffee," said John.

"I got it from Manny's and it's his best for the day," replied Sean.

"What time is it anyway?" Asked John.

It's about midnight, why did you ask?" Sean asked.

"I was just wondering what time it was," replied John.

"Sean, this Fraser, there's a car parked on the south side of the car lot. It wasn't there a few minutes ago," said Fraser.

"Listen up everyone, it looks like the vandals are at work. Everyone start checking the car lot," said Sean getting out the car.

Sean and John started to carefully approach the car lot. They had their guns drawn as they walked in to the car lot. They could hear the sound of glass breaking and the sounds of something hitting the metal. Sean slowly walking down a row of cars, when he heard someone in front of him. Then he saw the shadows of people in front of him. Then he heard John yell police, just as someone ran in front of him.

"I wouldn't move," said Sean pointing his gun at the person.

"Sean, we have a couple over here," yelled John bringing them to the streetlight.

"I got one here. You might as well come out where I can see you," yelled Sean with a surprised look on his face as the woman walked out from behind the car.

"May I ask what your doing here at this time of the night?" Sean asking the woman.

"I'm getting even with that no good--" said the woman with an angry voice.

"You mean the owner of the car lot?" Sean asked.

"He's a no good rat," replied the woman.

"Do you have a problem with the man?" Sean asking the woman.

"Yes I do, he owes me a lot of money and he wouldn't pay me," said the woman.

"Why does he owe you money?" Asked Sean.

"Because I'm his ex-wife and he was ordered by the court to pay me child support and he told me that he wasn't going to. So I decided to hurt him where he would feel it," replied the woman.

"So you decided to destroy the cars. I get it now," said Sean handing the woman off to an officer.

"You're not going to believe what I just found," said John snickering.

"Let see, you found three boys back there and I found their mother. It seems that her ex-husband owns the car lot and he was ordered to pay child support, but he refused to. So her and the kids are taking it out on his cars till he does," said Sean laughing.

Honolulu Airport

It's early morning as the Lear jet lands on the runway. The plane slowly taxis to the waiting limo. The pilot slowly lowers the stairs and then helps Max down the steps.The driver of the limo walks up to the plane and taking the luggage from the pilot and puts them in the trunk of the limo. He closes the car door behind Max and starts to drive off to the hotel.Max sits in the back seat relaxing from the long trip. She can see the sun rise as the limo pulls into the driveway of the her hotel. She opens the door of the limo and steps out. She walks through the doors and starts across the lobby to the last elevator. She waits as the door opens and she steeps in. The door close behind her as the elevator starts to go up. She patiently waits till the door opens in front of the penthouse She steps out into the hallway and walks to the door. She looks through her purse for a key, but realizes that she doesn't have one with her. She takes the cell phone out of her purse and calls the front desk.

"This Max, I must have left key inside of the penthouse. Can you have security bring up the extra key," asked Max standing in front of the door waiting for the man to bring the key.

Then she hear the sound of the elevator as its stops and the door opens.

"Max, here the extra key. Just send it down in the morning with Miranda," said the man from security.

Max puts the key in the door and starts to open it, when the alarm goes off.

"I really must be tired, I forgot to turn the alarm off first," replied Max.

"Here let me get that Max," said the man keying the code to shut the alarm off.

"Thanks," said Max closing the door behind her.

"Did everything go okay?" Asked the man coming in the door.

"Everything went as planned," replied Max looking at the man.

Honolulu Police Dept.

"Kaleo, how's the tourist act going?" Asked Danny looking at Kaleo.

"I have been flashing around a lot of expensive things in the last couple of days, but so far nothing," replied Kaleo.

"That might change after today, it seems three of the girls have been off for a couple days. One of the other maids told me that it was their days off from the hotel," said Linh.

"You didn't have any problems getting hired as a maid, did you?" Chris asked.

"No problems, the woman that hired me said that they can always use more help," replied Linh.

"Are you still wearing that wire?" Danny asked.

"I'm still wearing it," said Linh.

"This is going to be a long day," replied John as he and Sean walked into the station.

"Hey Sean, I hear you caught the vandals last night?" Asked Harada grinning.

"I guess that you heard who the vandals were?" Asked Sean yawning.

"I heard who they were, in this case I'm on her side," said Harada walking back into the office.

"Who were the vandals?" Chris asked.

"The man's ex-wife and his three sons. It seems that he owed a lot of money for child support and he refused to pay, so they took out on the cars," said Sean laughing.

"Kaleo, you and Linh ready to go to work? We'll be outside listening to what happens," replied Chris as they walked out the door.

The Ocean View Hotel

"Good morning Linh, I have you working on the lower two hundred hallway to day. If you have any questions, the girls can answer them for you," said the manager.

"I'm working on the lower two hundred hall, that's where Kaleo is staying," said Linh walking into the elevator.

Linh was walking down the hallway, when two girls came up to her.

"You must be Linh the new girl," said one of the girls.

"Yes I am," replied Linh walking down the hall.

"We kinda have a routine up here on this floor. We start at the end of the hall and go from room to room taking the sheets off the beds and then send them to Laundry. By the time we're done cleaning the rooms, the sheets are done and we just come back and make the beds," said the other girl.

"What about the rooms that have do not disturb on the door knob?" Linh asked.

"Usually the guest will call down and just want towels changed and the trash taken out. That's all we do in those rooms," replied the girl.

"I guess I'll get started," said Linh going to the end of the hallway.

Linh watched as the girls went into the rooms with the signs on the door. She saw them coming out of Kaleo's room carrying the trash bag, but instead of putting it in the larger trash bag, she carried it outside.

"Danny, this is Linh, they just went into Kaleo's room. One of them took a bag of trash out to the dumpster in the bag," said Linh still watching.

"I'm headed for the dumpster," said Danny getting out of the van and running to the back of the hotel.

"Did you get the bag?" Linh asked.

"I got the bag, I also have someone that was there to get the bag," replied Danny putting the handcuffs on the man.

"Linh, Kaleo is coming in to go to his room, so be prepared," said Chris.

"Okay," replied Linh, who watched as Kaleo went to his room.

"Someone's been in my room," yelled Kaleo coming out into the hallway.

"No one has been in your room," exclaimed one of the girls.

"Someone has been, because I'm missing some jewelry and a portable dvd player on the dresser and it's gone," yelled Kaleo again.

"Are you sure that you didn't put them in your luggage?" Linh asked.

"I left them on the dresser," yelled Kaleo.

"Chris, two of the girls are going down the stairs right now," said Linh.

"We have them in custody," replied Danny talking to Linh.

"Did they say why they did it?" Asked Linh.

"They told us, that they have been doing it for the last two or three years for fun. They started taking small things and then they moved on to bigger items," said Chris handing the girls over to the officers.

A house on Maui

"I see that you had no problems. Does she even know where she's at?" Asked the man standing in the room.

"No problems, she wanted something to drink before we took off. The pilot gave her a drink and a few minutes later was she was out. She hasn't come too yet," replied the other man.

"Don't give her anything else, if she should wake up. I don't want anything happening to her, till after I get what belongs to me. Then after that I don't care what happens to her," said the angry man.

The Hawaiian Hotel/ The penthouse

"Max, I made some tea for you. It's on the table with your eggs, the way you like them," said Miranda knocking on Max's door.

"I'll be out in just minute," replied Max opening the door.

"I didn't know you were back, till I stopped at the front desk. How's your sister?" Asked Miranda.

"She's going to be okay. She only broke her arm and leg. She has to stay in the hospital for six weeks. So I decided to come home," said Max coming out of the bedroom.

"So what are you gong to do today?" Miranda asking Max.

"I thought about taking the boat out for a while. I just need to be able to relax. Miranda can you call down and tell them to have the boat ready?" Max asked as Miranda picked up the phone.

"Tom says that he'll have everything ready for you. He says just to come to the pier where it's tied up," said Miranda hanging up the phone.

"Miranda, call the front desk and have someone bring my car around front," stated Max walking to the bedroom.

"Max, They want to know if your driving yourself or if you want a driver?" Yelled Miranda.

"Tell them I'll drive myself," yelled Max walking out of the bedroom.

""How long are you going to be gone? Do you want me to leave you something in the refrigerator?" Asked Miranda.

"I should be back before you leave but I'll have something sent up from the restaurant," replied Max walking out of the door.

Honolulu Police Dept.

"Nice job people. I just read the reports that were turned in. Sean, are you serious? It was the ex-wife who was vandalizing the cars?" Asked Harada.

"I couldn't believe it either, but it was his ex-wife," said Sean laughing.

"We talked to him and he has agreed to pay the child support and he's says that he's not going t o file charges against her," said John smiling.

"Danny, did those items you used get returned to the property room?" Asked the captain.

"Everything was returned and we were able to finds the items that the Sims' were missing," replied Danny.

"The two girls told us that they took everything to a pawn shop, so we paid a visit to the pawn shop and found everything," said Chris.

"Danny and Chris your assignment for today is to keep your eyes on the beaches. Some of the tourist at Waikiki and a couple other beaches are complaining about some of the teenagers harassing them. So watch for these teenagers," said Harada handing the file to Chris

"John, I got a call from the coast guard. They found a yacht drifting out to sea. They towed it back to the harbor. Harper went down to look it over and to dust for fingerprints. The coast guard said that they didn't find anyone on board and they searched for five miles around the yacht, but they didn't find anything," said Harada handing the file to John.

"So we have to watch the beaches today. That should be a lot of fun," replied Danny walking to his car.

"At least you can watch the girls lying on the beach," said Chris smiling as he closed the car door behind him.

"We need to talk to the commander, he didn't say who the yacht belonged to. They brought it back to the harbor, so we need to start there," said John looking over the file.

"Does it say how long the yacht had been drifting before they found it?" Sean asked.

"No it doesn't. Why did you ask that?" John asking Sean.

"Most of the yachts are docked at the harbor at Waikiki. It's the only harbor big enough for them to dock," said Sean turning into the harbor.

Sean and John pulled up to where the yacht was tied to the dock. They got out of the car and walked up to the deck of the yacht. They found Harper all ready working to collect evidence.

"What do you have found so far?" John asked.

"So far I have found four sets of fingerprints. I wouldn't know who they belong to till I can go back to the lab. I didn't find any signs of a struggle. I wondered how they left the yacht in the middle of the ocean. That's when I saw the two sets of ropes on the side. Most yachts have a dinghy tied to the end of the yacht and it's pulled several feet away from the yacht. Whoever was on the yacht used the dinghy to get back to shore," replied Harper.

"Do we know who owns the yacht?" John asked.

"Not yet, I didn't find any registration of ownership," stated Harper.

"Sean, where are you?" Asked John.

"I'm down in the main cabin area. I found something," said Sean looking at the picture.

"What did you find?" John asked.

"I found a picture of the owners. It's David and Max," said Sean handing the picture to John.

"How did it get out here?" John asked.

"Before David died, they use to take the yacht out all the time. She stopped using it after David died. She was letting the hotel rent it out to guest," replied Sean.

"Maybe someone from the hotel was using it and something happened to the engine and they used the dinghy to get back to shore," stated John.

"We need to go to the hotel and see who might of rented the yacht," replied Sean walking to the car.

Waikiki Beach

"This is boring." Complained Danny staring at the beach.

"We could be during something worse than this," said Chris smiling

"What was that?" Asked Danny.

"It sounded like someone screaming," replied Chris looking to his left.

"Chris something has happened. There's a group of people," said Danny as he and Chris started to run toward the group of people.

"Everyone get back, I'm a cop," said Chris showing his badge.

"It's the body of a woman," said Danny turning the body over.

"Oh my god, It's Kate Maxwell. She's dead," cried Chris.

"This is 1050 bravo, I need the coroner and some back up to the south end of Waikiki Beach, A body has washed up on to the beach," replied Danny with a sad tone in his voice.

"John, did you hear that call from Danny and Chris. They need backup and we go right by Waikiki on the way to the hotel. This 1114 Zulu responding to 1050 bravo call for help," said Sean turning into the Waikiki's parking lot.

"Chris, I just heard Sean on the radio, he and John are responding to the call from us," said Danny looking at Chris.

"You have to keep him away. He can't see Max like this. He'll go ballistic, when he finds out she's dead," replied Chris seeing Sean walked down the Beach.

"Hey Sean, I need you to help me with this people. I need them to move back so the coroner can get in," replied Danny.

"I'll go down and help Chris. Chris, what's wrong?" John asked looking at Chris.

"It's Kate Maxwell, she's dead. Her body washed a shore a few minutes ago. You have to keep Sean from seeing her," cried Chris.

"Everybody needs to get back. The coroner is here. John, why are you looking at me like you didn't want me to see something. You have that same look, Chris. There's something wrong and you don't want me to see the body do you?" Sean asked.

"Sean, you need to go with Danny right now," replied John looking at Sean.

"You have a reason for me not seeing the body, don't you?" Asked Sean.

"Yes, Sean I do. I'm trying to protect you as a friend would do, but I can't stop you if you want to look," said John moving away from the body.

Sean slowly walked to where Chris was kneeling in the sand. He had used his shirt to cover her face.

"I'm sorry Sean," said Chris as Sean knelt down beside the body. He slowly moved the shirt from her face.

"'s can't be Max. She can't be dead," screamed Sean over and over as he held her lifeless body in his arms. He leaned over and gave her kiss as the tears fell on her face.

Sean the coroner is here, he needs to do his jobs" explained John.

"I know," replied Sean picking up Max's body and carrying her to the gurney.

"Sean as soon as we know what happened, we'll call you," replied Harper.

"All right. I need to go to the hotel. John can you drive me there?" Asked Sean slowly walking to the car.

"I'll take you there," answered John walking beside Sean.

The Hawaiian Hotel/ The penthouse

Sean stood in the elevator, he could hear the sounds as it slowly went to the penthouse. He waited for the door to open and then he walked to the door of the penthouse. He just stood , he could the emptiness inside of him as he opened the door and walked into the room. Everywhere he looked , he could see reminders of Max. He walked to her desk and picked up the picture.

"I guess we were never meant to be together," said Sean looking at the picture of him with David and Max. He sat the picture down and opened the desk drawer and pulled out a small book.

"Sean, do you want me to do it?" John asked.

"No I can do it," stated Sean picking up the phone and dialing the number. He could hear the phone ringing and then the voice of the man .

"Hello, This is Brian Maxwell, can I help you," replied the man.

"This is Sean Harrison from HPD. I was told to call you if anything happened to Max. She has drowned in an accident," said a shaken Sean.

"Are you sure it was Max?" Asked the man.

"Yes," stated Sean.

"I'll be there, this afternoon. Thank you, Sean," said the man hanging up the phone.

"Sean, I overheard say something about Max. Has something happened?" Asked Miranda looking at Sean who was staring out the window.

"Miranda sit down and I'll tell you. Max's body washed has washed a shore at Waikiki. Max is dead," said John holding Miranda's hand.

"I knew that there was something wrong this morning when she had me call and tell Tom that she wanted to take the yacht out," stated Miranda.

"Why would she go out on the yacht alone?" John asked.

"She wouldn't go out on it, even alone. She told me that she never wanted to be on the yacht again, because it remaindered her of David too much," said Sean.

"Who is this Brian Maxwell that you called?" John asked.

"He's David's brother. I met him at David's funeral. Max told me that if anything happened to her, I was to call Brian," said Sean.

"Does this Brian inherit everything that belonged to Max?" John asked.

"Yes he does, but why did you ask that question?" Sean asked.

"Something doesn't make sense here. Why would Max go out on a yacht that she hates...and she was alone. Someone had to take the yacht out for Max and why would they leave her alone?" Asked John.

"Do you think that Brian had something to do with Max's death?" Sean asked.

"He could of been mad, because his brother left everything to Max when he died," stated John.

"That's not possible," replied Sean.

"Why did you say that?" John asked.

"When David's father died, his estate was divided between the two brothers. David's father owned several hotels and he was worth over fifty million dollars. David inherited this hotel and twenty five million. His brother inherited a hotel in Vegas and twenty five million. He had no reason to be mad at David," said Sean.

Las Vegas

"Brian I overheard you say that you're leaving for Hawaii. Has something happened to Max?" Asked the woman.

"Yes, that was David's friend Sean. Max has downed in an accident. I need to make arrangements for her and to make sure that everything is all right at the hotel. I'll have to find someone that can run it when I'm not there," replied Brian picking up the bag and walking out the door.

"Brian has just left for Hawaii, you need to pick him up at the airport," said the woman.

The house on Maui

"She just called, Brian has left for the airport, you need to pick him up at the airport. Now to put the second part of the plan in to action," said the man at the window.

"How is are guest doing?" Asked the woman walking into the room.

"I just checked and our guest is doing okay," replied the man.

"Make sure are guest gets something to eat and drink," stated the woman walking out of the room.

"I'll make sure our guest eats," said the man turning his head to watch the woman.

The Penthouse

"Sean, are you all right?" Asked John touching Sean on the shoulder.

"I don't know, I just feel numb all over. It's like you wait most of your life to be with someone, then without any reason that someone is taken away," replied Sean looking out the window. He could hear John's cell phone ringing and then he heard him talking to someone.

"Sean we have to go that was Harper, she found something and your not going to believe what she found," said John grabbing Sean by the arm.

"what did Harper want?" Sean asked.

"She said that she found something and we needed to know," replied John stepping into the elevator.

"Did she tell you?" Sean asked as the door closed behind him.

"No, she didn't tell me. She said to come to the lab." replied John.

"I wonder what she found," said Sean driving out of the parking lot.

Honolulu Police Dept.

There's a sadness on the face of the officers as they try to do their jobs. Max had been a friend to all of them. Terry sat in his office staring at the wall. He had known Max for a long time. Danny and Chris had a somber look on their faces. They tried to work, but they kept seeing Max laying there on the beach. Linh was staring out of the window, when she saw Sean and John turn into the parking lot.

"Maybe she found out what happened to Max," said Sean running down the steps.

"I don't know," said John following Sean through the door that led to the lab.

"I was starting to think that you weren't coming," stated Harper as Sean and John walked through the door.

"John said that you found something so what is it?" Sean asked.

"Actually I found several things. I found four sets of prints on the yacht. I have a match on all of them," said Harper.

"So there was three other people on the yacht?" John asked.

"I'm not sure if there was three on the yacht? You said that Max rented out the yacht, so two of them could belong to whoever rented the yacht last. I did find blood and skin under her fingernails. She was able to scratch her attacker. I sent the samples for DNA testing," said Harper.

"Anything else that we should know?" Sean asked.

"She was hit with a blunt instrument to the back of the head. She was dead before she fell into the water. When I was looking at the back of the head, I noticed something strange. So I took a magnifying glass and looked Little harder. I'll show you what I'm talking about. I found a lot of scar tissue and what looked liked small scars from a lot of stitches. I asked for Max's dental records and her records from her medical Doctor."

"So what did you find out?" John asked.

"After taking her fingerprints, I compared them to one of the sets that I found on the yacht. They belong to a Lisa Holden. This is not Max, but she has had plastic surgery to look like Max. Someone went to a lot of work and expense to fake Max's death. Now you just have to find out who," said Harper.

"Sean did you hear Harper, this is not Max. Whoever is behind this must have Max, but where?" Asked John.

"We need to go back to the hotel. Brian should be there by now," said Sean running back up the stairs.

"Something's not right here," John mumbled to himself as he followed Sean up the stairs.

"Did you say something?" Sean asked.

"No, I was just thinking out loud that's all," stated John.

"I have to meet Brian, you going with me?" Sean asking John.

"You go ahead. I have something to do," replied John. Like checking out someone, John told himself walking into the squad room.

"Hey John, we heard Harper found something, what is it?" Danny asked.

"That woman down there is not Max," stated John.

"Is Harper sure about that?" Chris asking John.

"She's sure, that woman has had plastic surgery to look like Max," said John.

"Who would go that far to do something like that?" Chris asked.

"I have an idea, but I'm going to need some help on this," said John looking at Danny and Chris.

"What can we do to help?" Chris asked.

"We need to do a background check on a Brian Maxwell. He's David younger brother. According to Sean each brother received a hotel and twenty five million when their dad died. He owned a hotel in Vegas called The Golden Palace. See what you can find out about him," said John.

The Hawaiian Hotel

Sean walked into the lobby of the hotel, he could see the confusion every where. He went to the front desk, where he could see Eric and Jason trying to talk to people.

"Eric, what's going on here?" Sean asked looking around.

"David's brother just got here a half hour ago. He told us to tell the staff that he's closing the hotel complex. He told Jason that he's having he money from the vaults moved to his bank in Vegas," replied Eric.

"Eric, is the money still in the vaults?" Asked Sean.

"Yes," stated Eric.

"I want you to put guards on the vaults. That money is not going anywhere. Now to see Jason," said Sean walking to the front desk.

"Sean, maybe you can help us. He sent people to all of the guest rooms and told them that they had twenty four hours to leave the hotel. He keeps saying that he's closing us down," replied Jason.

"I'll go talk to him," said Sean going up to the penthouse.

Honolulu Police Dept.

"John, you might want to look at this," said Chris looking at the computer.

"What did you find on Brian Maxwell?" Asked John.

"It's from the Las Vegas Sun. According to this story, The Golden Palace was confiscated by the federal government for back taxes. They also seized his bank account and some other things that he owned. Which means he's broke," said Chris.

"So, if you needed money and you have a sister-in-law that's worth at least twenty five million what would you do?" Asked John.

"I would find a way to get it. Like replacing the real Max with an impostor and then get rid of the impostor," said Danny.

"Hey guys, I have something here. I put the name Joseph Maxwell into the computer to see if he ever owned any other property beside the hotel. According to this he owned a house on the island of Maui. He stopped living in the house after his wife died in 1989. He moved back to the States. The house is still in the family," said Linh.

"Eric, called Sean and told him that Brian was at the hotel. but if Sean called him at nine and he was in Vegas. How did he get here so fast?" John asked.

"He could be using the house on Maui," stated Linh.

"That's where he took Max to. Everyone would think that he was still living in Vegas," remarked John.

"John take as many men that you need. I'll call the coast guard and see if they can have a cutter pick you up," said Harada picking up the phone.

The Hawaiian Hotel/ The penthouse

Sean opened the door and walked in to the room. He could hear footsteps coming from a room. Then he heard the sound of his cell phone ringing. He answered the phone.

"Sean, this is John. Whatever you do don't let Brian Maxwell leave the hotel. I'll explain when I see you okay," said John on the phone.

"All right, but I don't understand what's going on," Said Sean.

The island of Maui

The coast guard cutter has just docked. John and the other's slowly make there way to the Maxwell house. There are no guards visible to them as they get closer. John gives hand signals to Danny and Chris on what to do. Men from the cutter slowly make there way around to the back of the house. Linh and Kaleo follow John to the front door of the house. With one signal Kaleo goes through the door. People start running every where.

"HPD, you might as well stop where your at. You're not going anywhere. The coast guard has the house surrounded," yelled Danny.

"Where's Kate Maxwell? We know she's here. You might as well tell us," said John as Linh looked through the rooms. Linh opened a door to one of the bedrooms. She could see that someone was in the bed. She walked closer, she could see the woman's face.

"John, this is Linh, I found Max in the last bedroom, but she's unconscious. We need a stretcher," said Linh.

"Commander, this is Declan, I need a stretcher in here," said John looking at Max.

The Hawaiian hotel/ The penthouse

Sean's phone starts to ring. He answers it.

"Sean, this is John we found Max. She was in a house being used by Brian. Everyone is talking here. They said it was Brian's idea," replied John.

"Thanks John," said Sean hanging up the phone.

"Sean, I didn't hear you come in. I guess that you've heard that I'm closing the hotel complex down. I can't run two of them being this far apart," said Maxwell.

"Why did you do it, Brian?" Sean asked.

"What are you talking about?" Asked Brian.

"Why did you kidnap Max and then make it look like she drowned?" Asked Sean.

"You want to know why, because for the last year, I have been living in that house on Maui. I lost all of my money and the hotel. I just became so angry that she had all of that and I had nothing. I was also mad that David left everything to Max. He should of given it to me, I was his brother," replied Brian.

"But Max was his wife, there's a difference there," said Sean putting the handcuffs on Brian Maxwell. He handed him to an officer who was reading him his rights.

The Honolulu Hospital

Sean runs up the stairs of the hospital. He opens the door and starts running down the hallway. He stops at the nurses' station, but no one is there. Then he looks to see John and Linh coming out of a room.

"She's in here Sean," said Linh smiling.

"Is she going to be all right?" Sean asked.

"She is now, if they had given her any more of those pills, they would have killed her. The doctors have her on a medication to counteract those pills. I think she's waiting for you," said John smiling.

Sean walked into the room. Max was sitting up in the bed, smiling at Sean as he walked closer. Sean sat down on the edge of the bed and slowly picked up Max's hand holding it in his .He leaned over and kissed Max on the lips.

"I'm not letting you out of my sight again," said Sean kissing Max again.

"I know," said Max smiling at Sean as he laid beside her in the bed.

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