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Honolulu Metro Police/ roll call

"Hope all of you got a good nights' sleep, because the next few days will take their toll on everyone. It's that time of the year when people seem to see ghost everywhere, especially those who live at the base of Punchbowl. In a couple of days it will be Halloween and we always seem to get more calls than usual. When you respond to one of these calls, just remember to be nice and take a report. Danny and Chris, I don't want a repeat of last year or you'll be walking the beaches in a uniform, do you understand me?" Asked Harada looking at Danny and Chris.

"Yes captain, we understand," replied Chris smiling.

"Hey captain, who do I work with today?" John asked looking at Linh.

"Your partner will be back today. The doctors' released Sean yesterday," replied Harada walking to his office.

"Captain, what do we do today? You didn't give us anything to work on," said John following Harada into the office.

"That's because by the end of the day, you will have so many reports to write up...and that will keep you busy for a while. Hey Linh, can you explain to John what happens over the next few days," said Harada.

"I'll try to explain it to him," replied Linh going back to her desk.

"So what's so different about the next couple days?" John asking Linh.

"Every year about this time people start seeing ghosts all over the island. Last year we had people say that they saw ghosts at the old temples. Some have even said that they saw the ghost of the last king at the royal palace. The one that really spooks everyone is the people who live at the bottom of Punchbowl. They have told us about hearing the ground rumble and that they have seen the ghosts of two sisters fighting on the rim of Punchbowl," said Linh.

"I can understand the people seeing ghosts because it's close to Halloween but you talked about Punchbowl, so what is it?" John asked looking at Linh.

"According to legends, it was the last home of Pele the goddess of fire. Many of the older ones say that the ghosts that are seen are actually doing a dance on the rim. There are other ones that say that it's Pele and her sister, Namaka o Kahai, fighting over the handsome young chief that was on the island," said Linh looking at John.

"Hey John, remember when you had all that bad luck?" Kaleo asking.

"I remember, so what," said John.

"Pele was the goddess you made mad because you took her children, the lava rocks," said Kaleo smiling.

"I returned those lava rocks, so I shouldn't have any problems with her," replied John.

"John, Max just called and said that Sean would be here shortly. He's moving a little slow," said Kaleo.

"It's only been a month since he was shot and he's ready to come back to work," replied John.

"The doctors' told him that he has to take it easy. So that means light duty for a while," said Linh.

"I just can hear Sean yelling about being on light duty," said John smiling.

"There's nothing he can do, it's department policy," said Kaleo going to his desk.

The Hawaiian Hotel/ The Penthouse

"Max, I can't find my clothes anywhere," yelled Sean from the door of the bedroom.

"That's because Jake just brought some over from your place," said Max taking the bag to the bedroom.

"Thanks Max, don't look at me like that please," pleaded Sean setting the bag on the bed.

"I don't see why you are in such a hurry to go to work?" Max asked Sean.

"I would love to lay here all day and let you take care of me, but I need to go back to work okay. The captain and I talked, if I start to feel bad, I'm to go home," said Sean pulling up his jeans.

"Just remember what you said," replied Max looking at Sean.

"I won't forget," said Sean pulling the t-shirt over his head.

"Would you like something to eat, before you go?" Max asked getting a funny look from Sean.

"Just some coffee is okay," replied Sean tying his shoes.

"Here's the coffee that you asked for. Are you sure that you don't want anything else?" Max asked sitting down at the table.

"I'm sure," said Sean taking the cup from Max.

"Jerry called and asked me if I wanted something sent up from the restaurant. I told him yes, so he sent breakfast up," said Max looking at Sean.

"This is from the restaurant?" Sean asked looking at the table.

"You thought I cooked breakfast, didn't you ?" Max asked Sean

"Yeah I did," Sean said drinking the coffee.

"You know I can't cook like this," replied Max smiling at Sean.

"I just realized that I don't know where my keys are or where my ID is. The last time I saw it was on the driveway," said Sean putting food on a plate.

"Danny and Chris found them when they were trying to collect evidence that day. They brought your car over here. It's in the garage where my car is kept," replied Max handing the keys to Sean.

"I need to report into the station. I ah...ah...ah," said Sean trying to say something.

"You don't have to go back to the beach house just yet okay. I know you have a bad feeling about it. You can stay here for a while," replied Max smiling at Sean.

"Thanks Max," said Sean kissing Max on the lips.

"You had better go, before you forget that you're going to the station," said Max opening the door.

"Your right," replied Sean kissing Max again.

Max stood there watching Sean as the door of the elevator closed behind him. She had started back into the living room, when she heard the phone ringing. She walked to the desk and picked up the receiver.

"Max's, it's Jason can you come down to the front desk?" Asked Jason.

"I'll be there in a few minutes. Is there something wrong?" Max asked.

"I'm not sure, but I need for you to come down," replied Jason.

"I'll be right there," said Max hanging up the phone.

Pearl Harbor Dr.

Danny and Chris are responding to a call from a woman who saw something strange at the harbor.

"This is going to be a repeat of last year. I can just see it now," Danny growled as he drove to the harbor.

"We can't go through that again, not this year. How many reports did we have before it was over?" Chris asked.

"I know that we were writing reports for at least three days," replied Danny frowning at Chris.

"Maybe it wouldn't be as bad as last year," said Chris smiling.

"Just keep thinking that way. We'll be doing more report than last year," replied Danny turning into the harbor's parking lot.

"That's must be the woman who called the station," said Chris pointing to the woman who was talking to the officer.

"I tell you, I know what I saw," said the frightened woman still talking to the officer.

"I believe you," replied the officer.

"What have you got?" Chris asking the officer.

"The couple are Mr. and Mrs. Williams. He was stationed here at one time and they came back to visit. She says that they were walking toward the memorials when she saw these sailors coming toward them," replied the officer.

"We'll take over now," said Danny looking at Chris.

"Good luck Detectives, this is your first one of the day, so far I have had to respond to five of these sightings already," replied the officer getting into his car.

"I'm Det. Edwards and this is Det. Gains, the officers told us that you saw sailors coming toward you?" Danny asked the woman.

"They were walking on the sidewalk and then I saw them turn. I went to say something to my husband and when I looked beck, they were gone," said the woman.

"Detective, there was something about them that made them look out of place. I was in the Navy from 1960 till 1983 and during that time the white uniform was changed. The pants were no longer flared out as much. They reduced the flare of the pants. These guys were wearing uniforms from the 1940's. When I was stationed here, I used to hear all sorts of stories about some of the guys seeing the ghosts of those sailors who died that day, but till now I never believed them," replied Williams.

"Hey Danny, come here," yelled Chris looking down at the edge of the dock.

"What did you find?" Asked Danny walking over to the dock.

"I found this sailor's hat," said Chris picking it up.

"That's funny I wonder how it got here?" Danny asked .

"There's a tag inside with a name on it. It says Petty Officer Matthew Jacobs," said Chris looking the hat over.

"The Williams are still insisting that they saw those sailor's," replied Danny.

"I believe they did too, but we both know that what they saw wasn't real. This hat just laying there doesn't make sense," said Chris with a puzzled look on her face.

"So what's the big deal about that hat?" Danny asked.

"If this hat had been in the water, it would show signs of it but it doesn't," replied Chris looking at the hat.

"You think maybe a sailor might of lost it?" Danny asked.

"I don't know, maybe Harper can find something. I'll call Linh and give her the name," replied Chris looking at Danny.

"I hate to say this, but it looks like its has started," replied Danny shaking his head.

"It's started all right but when will it end, we don't know," replied Chris.

Honolulu Metro Police Dept.

Sean turned into the police parking lot. He parked his car and just sat there. This feeling had come over him once before and that was when he had been in special ops. This time the feeling had him scared. He had been shot at before but this time he had come close to dying. Maybe Max was right, maybe it was too soon for me to come back, he thought. Sean reached under the seat and pulled out the metal box. He took his keys from the ignition and opened the box, it contained his detective's shield and his gun. He took the shield out and put it around his neck. He took out his gun and looked at it. He remembered putting it in the box, it had been the last thing that he had done before being shot. He put the gun in the holster and put the box back under the seat. He opened the door and got out of the car. He started up the walk to the station.

He could hear Kaleo talking about the next couple days and what would happen. Then he heard John saying something out how they were real.

"You had better believe what he tells you. Kaleo has lived on the island all of his life. He has seen enough of them to make you believe," said Sean walking into the room.

"Oh man, am I glad to see you back," said John giving Sean a hug.

"Hey Sean, how do you feel?" Asked Kaleo.

"I still hurt a little, but that will go away after a while," replied Sean walking over to his desk..

"Sean, Kaleo was talking about the ghosts that start to appear every year at this time. Do you believe what he says?" John asked.

"I didn't use to till I had one appear right in front of me. After that I started to believe," replied Sean smiling at John.

The Hawaiian Hotel/ Four Aces Casino

"I'm here Jason, is there something wrong?" Max asked walking to the front desk.

"Hi Max, I'm sorry to bother you, but Bud, one of the pit bosses, thinks there may be a problem in the casino," replied Jason picking up the phone.

"Did you just call, Bud?" Max asked.

"Yes I did," replied Jason hanging up the phone.

"Jason, call Eric and have him come to the desk," Max asked.

"I'm right here, Max. Jason told me of the problem when I came in at six. I pulled the security tape for the ten to six shift and replaced it with new one. I looked at that tape and found nothing. My men started walking the casino at six," said Eric looking at Max.

"Eric pull that tape at ten and look at it," said Max.

"Good morning Max, I don't know what to tell you, except that since six this morning we have had several people hit it big on the slot machines. They have been winning on the $1 and the $5 machines," replied Bud.

"How much have we lost so far?" Max asked Bud.

"Since six we have lost over half a million dollars. That's why I told Jason to call you. It's not normal for us to lose that much in three hours," said Bud.

"How much did we lose last year to winners?" Max asked Jason.

"We paid out two million dollars last year to winners," said Jason looking at the computer.

"Bud those slots take tokens and bills don't they?" Asked Max.

"The cashier has dollar and five dollar tokens. They will also except bills," stated Bud.

"Bud, you were on the floor, did these people look like they knew each other?" Max asked.

"No, they didn't even talk to anyone else," replied Bud.

"Jason, are any of these winners staying at the hotel?" Asked Max.

"Bud gave me a list of the winners and no one is staying here," replied Jason.

"I want to know when these people come back. Eric, I want more security around those slots. If they think that they are being watched, they may not try anything," said Max.

Honolulu Metro Police Dept.

"Linh, what are you working on?" Asked Kaleo.

"Chris asked me to look up a name that he found on a sailor's hat," replied Linh looking at the screen of the computer.

"Why is this name so important?" Kaleo asked.

"It was inside the hat. Chris found it on the dock while they were taking a statement," said Linh turning to see Danny and Chris arguing as they walked into the room.

"I keep telling you that hat came from one of those three sailors," said Chris in a loud voice.

"How do you know for sure that hat came from one of them. The Williams' said that they only saw them for a few minutes and then they were gone," replied Danny sitting down at his desk.

"It's just a feeling that I have, okay. That hat was not there earlier," said Chris.

"If I didn't know better, I would swear that you had the heebie jeebie's," replied Danny smiling.

"Chris, I put the name into the computer and this is what came up," said Linh.

"So what do you have?" Chris asked.

"Petty Officer Matthew Jacobs was assigned to the USS Missouri and was on board when the ship was hit and sunk, but when I put his name to search naval records, his name came up again. According to the Navy, Petty Officer Jacobs retired in 1965 from the Navy as a Lieutenant Commander.

"If he was on the Missouri when it sank? This doesn't make sense, there's no way he could have retired," said Chris frowning.

"There's an address for him. He lives here in Honolulu on King Drive," said Linh handing the address to Chris.

"Let's go check this out," replied Chris picking up the hat.

"Sean, do you feel like driving up to Punchbowl? Some of the people living there think there may be something wrong," Asked Harada.

"You mean the people are seeing the two sisters fight over the chief. They see that every year, so why are they so concerned now about it?" Sean asked.

"The man on the phone says that it's more than the two sisters fighting. He says the rumbling sound is louder than before. Go check it and see what you can find," said Harada going back into his office.

"Can I ask you a question?" Asked John.

"What do you want to know?" Sean asked.

"What is the big deal in seeing ghosts this time of the year. Halloween will be here the day after tomorrow and ghosts usually go with that day," said John.

"That's true, but we have a lot of people seeing ghosts days before then and they're not your typical ghosts. Every year the people claim to see their ancestors, no matter where they go on the island. I don't know why it happens every year, it just happens," said Sean turning onto the side road.

Four Aces Casino

"I called Max, Eric, she's on her way down. Did you find anything on the tape? Jason asked.

"I didn't really see anything, but Max's is right. There has to be something that we can't see," replied Eric.

"There's Max now," said Jason as Max walked across from the elevator.

"You didn't see anything suspicious did you, Eric?" Max asking.

"I didn't see anything," replied Eric.

"I was afraid of that. Eric, those slots are still blocked off?" Asked Max.

"Bud's not letting anyone play them," replied Eric.

"Eric, have Bud move one of them to a back room for me. I may know how they are doing," said Max.

"Okay, I'll tell her, thanks," said Eric into the radio.

"You guys come with me and maybe I can show you how they are doing it," said Max walking through the casino.

"Max, I have the machine in this room," replied Bud walking to a side room.

"Bud, how long have you been with the casino?" Max asked looking at Bud.

"Since the day David opened it. Why did you ask me that for?" Bud asking Max.

"When we first opened, we had a problem didn't we, Bud?" Max asking.

"I remember that. We were losing at least a hundred thousand a day, till David discovered that something was going with slots," said Bud.

"When I went back to the penthouse, I started to think about what David had said they were using. I took his briefcase out of the closet. I found what I was looking for. David had taken it away from this couple who were using it on the slot machines," said Max.

"What is that you're holding, Max?" Asked Jason.

"Let me show you how this works. This looks like a regular dollar, but it's not. You put it in the slot for the bills. When you hear the click, that means the bill has passed the scanner and you can pull the arm down, but there's one more thing. It also means that you can pull the dollar back out using this line," said Max pulling on the wire and bringing the dollar back out," said Max holding the bill.

"So you believe that's how they are doing?" Asked Eric.

"I'm pretty sure of it. Bud, put the machines back in play and lets see what happens," replied Max.

"All right Max," replied Bud moving the machine out of the room.

"Eric, I want extra men on those slots okay?" Max asked.

"No problem Max," said Eric.

"Jason, let the cashier know that there is to be no pay out over five thousand till I okay it," said Max.

"I hear you," responded Jason as they watched Max walk to the elevator.

The Valley Below Punchbowl

"There's definitely something wrong here," said Sean getting out of the car.

"Sean why is the ground hot?" John asked as they walked toward the grass.

"I noticed that too, plus the grass is turning brown," replied Sean kneeling down to touch the grass.

"Sean there are some people coming closer," replied John looking at Sean.

"My grandmother wants to know if your here about the rumbling noises?" Asked the boy.

"Yes we are," replied John looking at the boy.

"Can you ask your grandmother how long has the rumbling been going on?" Sean asking the boy.

"She says for at least a week and now the ground is getting hot," said the boy listening to his grandmother.
She wants to know if you can make it stop," said the boy to Sean.

"I don't know what we can do, but tell her we will try, okay," said Sean looking at the grandmother.

"I don't know about you, but I have a feeling that this volcano may be trying to erupt," replied John looking at the ground.

"I have a feeling that you may be right. The ground being hot is not a good sign. The boy said the rumbling is getting louder. This faces the ocean, we need to get a look at that side," replied Sean.

"I just called the station and told them to send the police chopper out here," replied John.

"I need to get a hold of Dr. Holden at the university. He's an expert in volcanos," said Sean picking up his phone.

"Whoa, that was a strong one. Did you feel that?" Asked John.

"Yeah, I did," replied Sean talking on the phone.

"If they get any stronger, we could have a problem," stated John.

"Dr. Holden is leaving his office right now. The police chopper is here. We need to take a look," said Sean climbing into the chopper.

"Where do you guy's want to go to?" The pilot asked.

"We need to take a look at the ocean side," replied Sean.

"What are you looking for?" The pilot asked.

"I'm not sure, but there has to be a reason for what's happening," replied Sean.

"Whoa, what's that," replied the pilot as the ground rumbled under them.

"The people that live here say that it's been happening for the last week," said Sean as the pilot took off.

"I noticed that the ground was hot, that's not a good sign," replied the pilot.

The pilot took off with Sean and John aboard. He started to fly around the ocean side of the dormant volcano.

"So what are we looking for?" John asking Sean.

"Any signs of steam," yelled Sean over the noise from the chopper.

"Why are we looking for steam," yelled John.

"Because when you see steam, it means there's a possibility of a lava flow," replied Sean looking at the base of the volcano.

"Sean, you need to look to your right. There's steam rising by those rocks," said the pilot.

"Do you see a trail leading back to the volcano?" Sean asked.

"I see what your talking about. There's more steam just to the left of us and it leads back to the volcano," replied John looking out of the window.

"Sean, you had better look at this. It's what you're looking for," yelled the pilot flying closer to the volcano.

"It's a lava flow from a crack in the wall of the volcano. At least this flow is going into the water, so there's no danger from it. The rumblings could mean more cracks in the wall. We need to get more help out here, so we can evacuate these people away from any possible danger. Take us back to the car. I need for you to stay and start flying over the area warning the people that they need to leave," said Sean.

King Drive

"I see that look on your face," said Danny driving down the street.

"What look is that? I'm just thinking," said Chris.

"I know what you're thinking. Did someone steal Jacobs' identify after Dec 7th and they went on to retire from the Navy," stated Danny .

"I was thinking that, it would have been easy to do. There was so much confusion that day. It could have been someone that knew he had already reported to the Missouri that day," said Chris.

"This is the address that Linh gave us," replied Danny turning into the driveway.

"Now to go see this man that's supposed to be Matthew Jacobs," said Chris walking up the sidewalk.

Chris and Danny stood in front of the door. Chris wondered what kind of person he was going to meet. Danny rang the door bell. They could hear someone walking to the door and then it slowly opened. Chris looked at the man standing in the doorway.

"I'm Det. Gaines and this is Det. Edwards. Could we come in please, we need to ask you some questions," said Chris.

"Come in please, is there something wrong?" Asked the man as Chris and Danny walked into the room.

"Dad, who was that the door?" Asked the man walking into the room.

"Allen, these men are with police deptartment. They have some questions to ask me," said the older man.

"What kind of questions do you want to ask my dad?" The man asked.

"This morning this sailor's hat was found on one of the docks down at the harbor. It was laying where the Missouri sank. A couple had reported seeing three sailors walking to the site and then they vanished. When we went to look, I found this hat laying there. The name on the inside says Matthew Jacobs. When we checked the list of those that had died. Matthew Jacobs name is on the list. When we checked with the Navy records, it says that Lt. Commander Matthew Jacobs retired in 1963. It also gave us this address." Chris looked at the man.

"Please sit down and maybe I can explain it to you," said the older man.

"Dad, you don't have to explain anything to them," replied the man.

"I'm afraid he does, according to naval records Matthew Jacobs died that day. So how is possible for him to retire from the Navy 22 years later?" Chris asked.

"I'll try to explain it to you," said the older man taking a picture off the shelf.

"Dad, you didn't do anything wrong," replied the man.

"I know, but I need to explain it to them. You think that I took Matthew's identity, don't you?" Asked the older man looking at Chris.

"Yes I do," replied Chris.

"I didn't take Matthew's identity, because I'm Matthew Jacobs," said the older man.

"You were on that ship when it sank. And you were rescued?" Asked Chris.

"I was never on the ship that day. I can explain how my hat got there. This is a picture of me and my three buddies. We were assigned to the Missouri. The night before, we had all gone out with our wives before reporting the next day. It was getting late and we decided to go back to our place. We had to report by seven the next day. Lenny and the others had already left for Pearl. So I got dressed and my wife was just leaving when I noticed that the hat I had picked up, wasn't mine. The name on the inside Petty Officer Lenny Mason. I went by Lenny's place but he was already gone. We hurried to the harbor, I could hear the planes overhead, when I looked I knew they weren't ours. I made my wife get out of the car and run to shelter.

"I continued onto the base. There were explosions everywhere. I drove to where the ship was docked but it wasn't there. I noticed that other ships were moving out to sea. I stood there hoping that it had been one of those that escaped the bombs and torpedos. I felt someone grabbing me and pulling me to cover. I woke up the next day in the hospital, a bomb had been dropped not too far from where I was, and I was hurt in the blast. I found out that day about my buddies. The guy in the bed next to me, told me that seventy five percent of the fleet was lying on the bottom of the harbor or damaged. He told me that Arizona and the Missouri were laying on the ocean floor. He said that there were survivors found from the Missouri, but they were flown back to the mainland. They put out a list of those that had died that day, my name was on the list. I went to my commander and told him that I wasn't dead, but that my friend Lenny had the wrong hat on. I showed him Lenny's hat. He told me that
records would be changed showing Lenny's name and not mine. When they were able to rescue the bodies, they found my hat in his back pocket. Lenny wasn't wearing any dog tags when they found him, just the hat," said the older man.

"So that's why they thought it was you, but didn't they return yours to you?" Asked Chris.

"My hat was never returned to me," said the older man.

"This is your hat. It was found on the dock by the Missouri. A couple told us that they saw three sailors a few minutes before and then they vanished," replied Chris handing the hat to the older man.

"Did they look like these guys?" Asked the older man handing the picture to Chris.

"Danny, these are our three sailors ," said Chris looking at the picture and smiling.

The Hawaiian Hotel/ Four Aces Casino

Miranda was starting to come through the kitchen door, when she heard the phone ringing in the living room. This is going to be one of those days, thought Miranda as she reached for the phone.

"Good morning to you too, Jason, I heard what you said. You need Max to come to the front desk. I'll tell her," said Miranda hanging up the phone.

"Miranda, who was that on the phone?" Asked Max standing in the door of the bedroom.

"It was Jason, he needs for to come to the front desk," said Miranda looking at Max.

"I know that look, so what's wrong?" Max asking.

"Which one of you was in my kitchen while I was gone?" Asked a mad Miranda.

"Don't look at me, I only know how to make tea and coffee. Sean probably used the kitchen. He does know how to cook," replied Max.

"If it was Sean, I guess it's okay then," said Miranda starting for the kitchen.

"I see who the favorite one is around here," replied Max walking to the door.

"I like you too, but Sean is a little different. He's a man and they are hard to find these days," replied Miranda laughing on her way to the kitchen.

"You wouldn't have a crush on him, would you?" Max asked smiling as she opened the door.

"Maybe a little one," said Miranda walking into the kitchen.

"You're not the only one," Thought Max aloud as she closed the door behind her.

Max stood there waiting as the elevator came to a stop and the door opened. Max stepped out and started across the lobby to the front desk. She saw that Jason was talking to Eric. As she came closer she could hear what they were saying.

"Has something happened?" Asked Max walking up to the desk.

"The minute Bud put the machines back into play, these two couples started playing them," replied Eric.

"Is there something wrong with that?" Max asked.

"That's the two couples that have been winning the money, Max," replied Eric.

"How long have they been playing?" Asked Max looking at Bud.

"For almost an hour now. I did some things to the machines like we talked about. I tightened up the wheels so they're not as loose as before. I also emptied any money that was there," said Bud looking at everyone.

"If they should win anything over five thousand, I want the machine put out of service. Also explain to them that they have to wait twenty four hours before they can be paid and it will be by check. Have they received any of the money yet from when they won before?" Max asked.

"No, they haven't, we told them that the owner would have to sign the check and they said that was fine," stated Jason.

"I can't believe that someone is trying to pull a con on the casino. This is the second time since we have been opened," replied Max.

"Do we chang some things after this?" Jason asked.

"Some things are going to change after this," stated Max shaking her head.

The valley at the basin of Punchbowl

"How long is it going to take for this Dr. Holden to get here?" John asked.

"It shouldn't be too much longer, he said that he was bringing some other people with him," replied Sean

"I was just wondering. It's starting to get hotter here," said John.

"I think he's here, that sounds like a helicopter coming from the ocean side of the volcano," said Sean looking up.

"I hope so," said John.

Sean and John watched as the helicopter flew toward them and then landed a few feet from them. Dr. Holden and his associates climbed out of the door. The doctor started walking toward them.

"Dr. Holden?" Sean asked.

"Yes, that's me," replied the doctor coming closer to Sean.

"I'm Det. Harrison and this is Det. Declan. Some of the people that live here, called the station. They said the rumbling was getting louder and they felt that there was more than normal," said Sean.

"When you called me, you said that there was steam rising from the ocean and then you saw the lava flow. I had the pilot fly us in from that side, so I could get a look. I saw two more cracks and they have lava flowing from them. I felt the heat coming from the ground when we got of the helicopter. I was looking up this side of the volcano and I could see the path that the heat is taking, just from the dead grass," said the Dr.

"We have officers going from house to house, letting people know that they need to leave the area," replied Sean.

"That's good, I would rather be safe in knowing that they had already gone. This has been a year that people aren't going to forget. It's like things are happening that shouldn't be happening. Like the hurricanes that slammed into Florida. Four of them in less than a month and we just came back a last week from the States where a volcano that has been dormant for hundreds of years is threatening to erupt," said the doctor.

"Do they know why all of this is happening?" John asked.

"No one has a clue. That's why when you called and said this one had a lava flow, I wasn't too surprises. Scientist are studding the one in Yellowstone to see if it's going to erupt. I received a call from a friend of mine and he was on his way to the state of Washington. Park rangers noticed smoke coming from the volcano that is there," replied Dr. Holden.

"The people that live here believe that Pele, the goddess of fire is doing this," said Sean.

"I have read all about those gods and goddess's and the strong hold that they have on these people," replied Holden.

"If you don't need us, then we are going back to the station," said Sean.

"You have already done the most important thing and that was to warn the people living here," replied Holden.

"Here is my number if you need us," said Sean handing a card to the doctor.

"I'm going to need a cold shower after this," said John wiping the sweat off his face.

"I know what you mean," replied Sean using his shirt to wipe the sweat off.

Honolulu Metro Police Dept.

"I see that you guys are back. Did you solve the mystery of the hat?" Linh asked.

"Yeah we did. The man calling himself Matthew Jacobs was really Jacobs. He showed us a picture of him and his three friends. The day before the seventh, he and his friends had gone out. He told us the whole story behind how his hat was on the dock. His friend Lenny grabbed his hat by accident. He told us that he got hurt before he could report to his ship," said Chris.

"I just sat there listening to him talk about how close he and his friends were," replied Danny.

The Hawaiian Hotel/ Four Aces Casino

"Max, I'm fixing lunch, what do you want?" Asked Miranda standing in the door of the kitchen.

"I don't know, Jason just called and I have to go back down stairs to the desk," replied Max walking out of the door.

"Max is on her way down. Did both couples hit or was it just one of them?" Jason asked.

"From the looks of it, the two women hit," replied Eric.

"Where's Bud?" Asked Jason.

"He's locking down the two machines, like Max wanted done," replied Eric turning his head to see Max coming toward the casino.

"What happened here?" Asked Max looking at Jason.

"Those two couples we were watching, the women just hit it big on the slots. Bud has already locked them down," said Jason.

"You guy's need to get over there, before something happens. Both women got mad at me because I locked the machines down. Then they demanded the money that they have won this week. I tried to explain but they wouldn't listen to me," said Bud looking at Max.

"Jason, you and Eric are going with me. Maybe I can explain the policy of the casino to them. Bud, empty those two machines and let me know how much you take out," said Max going into the casino.

"There they are, standing right in front of the machines. How much have they won?" Max asking Jason.

"They were playing the five dollar slots. I would have to say at least one hundred thousand a piece," replied Jason.

As Max walked closer she could see that the two couples were arguing with Bud about why he was removing the machines. Max could hear Bud trying to explain that it was casino policy.

"If you would listen to me, I can explain. When someone hits on a machine, we have to lock it down to prevent anyone else playing it till we can pay you. That means, I remove it from the floor. The owner is coming to talk to you," said Bud moving the machine.

"We want to know when we get our money? We have hit on them twice this week and still no one has paid us," replied the angry man.

"The owner should be here in a few minutes. They called her and let her know," replied Bud.

"We know how much we have won and we want to be paid right now," said the other man.

"We have to validate the machines first before we can pay you and then the owner will pay you by check," replied Bud moving the machines.

"I don't want to be paid by check. I want to be paid in cash," yelled the man following Bud.

"You need to leave me alone, so I can take care of these machines because until I do, you can't get your money," replied Bud closing the door behind him.

"Excuse me, maybe I can help you," replied Max walking up to the men.

"Who are you?" Asked he angry man.

"My name is Max and I'm the owner of the casino. I heard what you told Bud about how you wanted to be paid in cash. We only pay cash when it's under five thousand. When Bud is done with the machine, I'll will write you check for the amount you won," said Max looking at the couples.

"What about the money we won earlier in the week?" Asked the woman.

"Bud has already checked it for me and if everything is okay, I'll write one check for the whole amount," said Max.

"We don't want a check, my husband has already tried to explain that to the man," replied the woman.

"I'm sorry, but I don't pay cash for that kind of amount," replied Max.

"Is there a reason for you wanting cash?" Eric asked the woman.

"We have no way of cashing a check here and we still have one more week left of our vacation," replied the man.

"Max can give you five thousand in cash and the rest in a check," stated Eric.

"Max, Bud needs to talk to you," Jason replied looking at Max.

"What's wrong, Bud?" Max asked walking into the room.

"I remembered that trick you showed us, so I reset the counter in all four machines. I had the other ones pulled and brought in here. You need to look at what I found when I opened them," said Bud.

"So let me guess, you found the machines empty?" Asked Max.

"Right, all four of them are empty. They were playing these for at least four and a half hours. Depending on how fast they put that five back into the slot, I would have to say that there should be at least twenty five hundred or more, but there was nothing when I opened it. The counter on this one, that I just opened says there should be thirty five hundred, but it's empty," stated Bud looking at Max.

"So I was right about what they were doing," said Max taking out her cell phone.

"Are you calling the police?" Asked Bud.

"I'm calling Sean and have him come to the casino," replied Max listening to the phone ring.

"This is Harrison," replied Sean answering the phone.

"Sean, this is Max. I need for you to come to the casino," said Max.

"I'll be right there," replied Sean turning on his lights.

"What's wrong with Max?" John asked as Sean turned around in the street.

"She needs us to come to the casino. From the sound of her voice there's something wrong," said Sean.

The valley below Punchbowl

"Dr. Holden, here are the results of the last test we took," replied Mitch handing the results to the doctor.

"This is not good, the temperature is still rising. Do we still have lava flowing in to the ocean?" Asked Holden.

"There's still lava flowing into the ocean. We may have a second lava flow on that side. Jesse has been flying around looking for any signs of another one," replied Mitch looking at the doctor.

"Are there any signs of smoke coming from the opening of the volcano?" Holden asked Mitch.

"Bill and Dave went up with Jesse, and there were no signs of smoke," replied Mitch.

"No smoke is a good sign, the rumbling has slowed down too. The lava flow may be all that happens," said Holden.

"Dr. Holden, this is Jesse. I just flew around the top and the front of the volcano. There's something going on up here," replied Jesse.

"Jesse, I need for you to come down and get me," said Holden as the ground started to rumble even louder under them.

"That was louder then the other ones," stated Mitch holding onto a chair.

"That's Jesse landing now," replied Holden walking out of the tent.

"Dr. Holden, I'm not sure what I saw, but I saw something on the edge of the rim and then I heard this rumbling sound. When I looked at the rim, I saw there was a new crack on the front side of the volcano," replied Jesse looking at the doctor.

"Take me up and I'll take a look. Do you have an idea of what you may have seen?" Asked Holden.

"You might think I'm crazy, but it looked like two women fighting on the rim," replied Jesse with a concerned tone in his voice.

"Jesse, I don't think you're crazy. It's possible that you did see what you did. You probably saw two sisters fighting over a young man. Over the years it has become known as the ghost dance of Punchbowl," said Dr. Holden.

"Dr. Holden, we are coming around the island side of the volcano, you had better take a look. Wwe may have a serious problem," stated Mitch looking through the binoculars.

"What am I looking at?" Asked Holden.

"There's a new crack, starting at the rim and it's getting larger as it goes down this side," replied Mitch.

"It must have happened during the last earthquake. Mitch, do you see any lava yet?" Holden asked.

"I can see lava starting to flow from the rim," stated Mitch looking at the crack.

"It wouldn't be long before it starts to flow faster. Mitch, call the highway department and see if they have any concrete barriers that can be used to divert the lava away. I need to call Det. Harrison and have him come here," replied Dr. Holden.

Four Aces Casino

"Max, Sean is coming across the lobby," replied Jason.

"All right Max, I'm here," said Sean coming up behind Max.

"I want these four people arrested for fraud," said Max.

"What have they done?" Sean asked.

"For the last week they have been playing the same four slots machines and so far they have won over six hundred thousands dollars. Except there is one thing wrong with their winning the money. Bud was the first one to noticed that there was a problem. Tuesday one of the machines they were playing hit the jackpot for half a million. Bud moved the machine off the floor and replaced it with another one. He went to reset the machine and take the money out. There was no money inside the machine. We don't know how they had been playing it. So we put the other ones out of order and Bud found the same thing... no money in them either."

"Bud pit them back on the floor this morning and Eric and Jason have been watching them. One of them just hit for a hundred thousand. Bud removed it and opened it. There should of been at least thirteen hundred dollars, but it was empty," said Max looking art Sean.

"We haven't done anything wrong. We just want to get our money that we won," replied the man.

"Are you trying to tell me that you think Max is lying about what they have found?" Sean asking the man.

"She is accusing us of committing fraud," replied the man.

"When Max is right about something, she usually is right," said Sean.

"I believe this is what they were using," said Max handing the item to Sean.

"What is that your holding, Sean?" John asked.

"It's called a slider and most con artist use it on slot machines. They put it in the slot where the money goes and then they pull it out after they hear a clicking noise," replied Sean.

"That means they can use it over and over till they win. I see now how it works," said John.

"Excuse me, I have to take this call. This is Harrison. Give me twenty minutes, and I can be back there Dr. Holden," said Sean hanging up the phone.

"What's going on with Dr. Holden?" Asked John.

"There have been several quakes in the last hour and they have caused two cracks to on the island side of the volcano. Lava has started to run down the side of the volcano. The doctor has already called the highway department to see if they have concrete barricades they can set up. They do, but they can't get them there fast enough," said Sean.

"So what are we doing here?" John asked.

"You four people are under arrest. Linh, you and Kaleo and the other officers take them down to the station. Handcuff them and make sure they don't have anything on them," replied Sean.

"Sean, I overheard you talking about cracks and lava flowing. Does this have to do with Punchbowl?" Max asking.

"Yes it does, the cracks are on the island side. As soon as we are done here, I need to get back there to help
Dr. Holden. He has an idea but the state doesn't know if they can get there barricades there fast enough," replied Sean.

"I can help you there," said Max dialing a number.

"How can you help?" Asked Sean.

"Jim, this is Max, bring the helicopter down to the ground level and then be prepared to fly Sean and John to the basin of Punchbowl," said Max on the phone.

"Sean, we found something," said Kaleo handing the item to Sean.

"It's a slider all right. That means the others have one too. Take them to the station and book them on fraud charges," said Sean.

"Sean, Jim is waiting for the two of you. He's going to fly you back to the volcano," replied Max.

"When this is all over how about a nice quiet dinner for two in the penthouse?" Asked Sean kissing Max on the cheek.

"Okay," said Max smiling at Sean who run out the door to the waiting helicopter.

As Jim flew over Punchbowl, Sean could see the cracks and the lava flowing down the island side. The highway department had already brought the barricades to the location but they had no way to set them in place. Sean picked up his phone and dialed a number.

"Admiral Moore, this is Sean Harrison. Do you have any equipment that could pick up a concrete barricade and then lower it into place?" Sean asked.

"Yes, Sean, we do, it's called a troop carrier. It's a much larger helicopter and it can carry the barricades. Where do I send them?" Asked Moore.

"They need to come to Punchbowl," replied Sean.

"I'll send some extra men along to help. They are part of the Navy's Seabees unit okay," replied the Admiral.

"Do they know what's happened?" Sean asked.

"Yes they do, Lt. Hanson and I were discussing what they need to do. He has an idea on how to divert the lava flow," replied the admiral.

"I hear them now; they are coming around the volcano," said Sean.

"Lt. Hanson, will fill you in on what they are going to do, Sean," said Admiral Moore.

"All right. Thanks Admiral," replied hanging up the phone.

"Are you Det. Harrison?" The Lieutenant asked getting out of the troop carrier.

"Yes I am," stated Sean.

"I'm Lt. Hanson, we flew around to get an idea on what we have. Admiral Moore says that Dr. Holden is here too. If you come with me, I'll be glad to show you what we are going to do," replied the Lieutenant.

Sean walked with Lt. Hanson to where Dr. Holden was talking to his people.

"Dr. Holden this is Lt. Hanson he is here to help us. He has worked out a plan," said Sean.

"You need to start explaining; we don't have long before that lava reaches where we are standing," stated Dr. Holden.

"After Sean talked to Admiral Moore, he had me come to his office. He told me that Sean had already requested the concrete barricades to stop the lava flow but they wouldn't completely stop the lava. We came up with this idea. We are going to dig a trench along the basin. It has to be deep enough so that the lava will flow out to the sea," said the Lt.

"That sounds like a good plan, but will it work, Dr. Holden?" Sean asked.

"His plan will work, but you need a backhoe to dig the trench," said the Senior.

"That should be the backhoe now. The Admiral called and found one that was close to the area. Before you say anything, the Admiral can find anything when he wants it," said the Lieutenant.

Lt. Hanson gives orders to his men to start getting the barricades ready to be transported to the basin of the volcano. The backhoe is unloaded by the construction crew. The Lieutenant gives orders to the driver, who starts the engine and moves toward the basin. Sean watches as the Lieutenant shows the driver how deep he wants the trench. Sean and John watch as the Lieutenant's men put out the fires that have been burning along the lava flow.

"Are they going to be done in time to stop the lava from flowing into the valley?" Asked John.

"I think the Lieutenant has everything under control," said Sean watching them work.

"Sean, what are they spraying on the grass?" Asked John.

"I can probably explain it. It's a chemical that the Navy uses on grass fires. It will keep the lava from spreading out," replied the Lieutenant.

"Excuse me, Lieutenant, the trench is ready. All we have to do now is to put the barricades in place," said the petty officer.

"Has the lava started flowing into the trench?" Asked the Lieutenant looking at the petty officer.

"Yes sir, we just barely made it. The trench is wide enough and enough to contain the lava all the way to the ocean," replied the petty officer.

"Lt. Adams, this is Hanson, you and your men can start moving the barricades into position now," said Hanson over the radio.

"Jesse, this Dr. Holden can you see the lava flowing into the ocean?" Asked Holden into a radio.

"It's going into the ocean and it's cooling off," replied Jesse.

"Sean, if you want to leave, go ahead. We are going to be here for at least a few more days, just to make sure that there are no more problems," replied Holden.

"Thanks, Lt. Hanson, for the help," said Sean.

"No problem," replied Hanson.

"Sean, you can drop me off at the station," said John getting into the car.

"That's fine, I have to go back to Max's place anyway," replied Sean turning on to the highway.

Sean drove to the police station and let John out at his car. He yelled bye to him and then drove to the hotel. He pulled up to the driveway and threw his keys at the valet as he walked up to the door. He stood there in the elevator as the door closed behind him. He watched the numbers till he came to the penthouse. He stood there with his head leaning against the door, before he opened the door and walked into the living room.

"Sean, is that you," yelled Max from another room.

"It's me, Max," yelled Sean laying down on the sofa.

"Jerry said to call when I wanted dinner sent up," said Max walking into the room. She could see Sean till she came closer to the sofa, where she saw him sleeping. She the blanket of the chair and covered him with it. She kissed him on the forehead and then stood there smiling as Sean slept.


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