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Honolulu Metro Police Dept.

Sean sat in his car waiting for John to get out of his truck. After a few minutes Sean opened the door of his car and got out. He saw John resting his head on the steering wheel. He knocked on the window and waited for John to lift his head and look up at him.

"Are we having a bad day already?" Sean asked.

"Yes I am. My mom called this morning and she started talking about the weather there. She said it was snowing and then she asked me what it was like here," replied John as he got out of his truck and they started to walk into the police station.

"Are you telling me that you miss the snow and all of that cold?"

"Yes I do, mom thinks I'm crazy. She told me that she would trade places with me any day of the week."

"Ah, you miss snow because it reminds you of Christmas, doesn't it?"

"Yeah man, it does and Christmas is only three weeks away," replied John as he sat down at his desk.

"You just wait and we'll show you what Christmas is all about, but Hawaiian style," said Kaleo as he stood beside John's desk.

"We still have all the lights and Christmas trees decorated, but we do more when it comes to that time of the season," agreed Linh.

"Are you going to show me all of this?" John asked her.

"When it all starts, I'll show you everything okay," she said turning to walk past Chris and Danny who were having heavy discussion.

"What's with the suitcases in the backseat of your car?" Chris questioned Danny.

"I came home last night to find water coming through my ceiling from the apartment above me. There was water everywhere. My landlord told me that he found the water running when he went to do some maintenance on the apartment above me." Danny grumbled under his breath.

"So does that mean you have to stay in a hotel for a while?" Chris asked smiling at Danny.

"Yeah it does, but that's okay," Danny replied as he read the papers on his desk.

"I would ask you to stay at my place, but I know that wouldn't work."

"You're right, it wouldn't work."

"Hey guys, we've just received a 911 call, there's been a shark attack at Kalani beach. Ambulance's are on the way," stated Kaleo.

"Sean, you and John respond to that call. Danny and Chris go with them, they may need backup," said Captain Harada pointing at each of the officer's in turn.

"Sean, some officers are already on the scene," Kaleo pointed out.

"Thanks," Sean replied as he walked out of the room.

As Sean and John got into Sean's car and drove out onto Kalua Drive, Sean could not help thinking about the last shark attack. It had happened a year ago and the victim had lost their leg. But what had brought about this latest attack?

"I didn't think you had shark attacks here?" John asked as they approached Kalani Beach.

"We had an attack last year but nothing since then. Most of the reports of shark attacks come from the other side of the island. The water is warmer on that side of the island," said Sean turning into the parking lot Kalani Beach.

"Sean, you're not going to believe this," said Chris coming over to the car. Danny and he had already arrived due to the speed of their driving.

"How bad is it?" Sean asked getting out of the car.

"The surfer has several teeth marks in his leg. The paramedics are treating him now. They thought you might want to see the marks before they transport him to the hospital," replied Danny as he followed Sean to where the victim was being treated.

"Has Harper arrived yet?" John asked.

"Yeah she's here," replied Chris.

"Have Harper take some pictures of the victim's leg," ordered John walking toward the ambulance.

"Could I see his leg please?" Sean asked the paramedic.

"I have seen a lot of shark bites before but nothing like this," said the man lifting the sheet for Sean to see.

"Are you sure that these are shark's teeth? They look awfully big to be shark," said Sean looking at the bites.

"They are and it made me wonder if they might be from a Great White?" Replied the man.

"That's what I was wondering. Harper has pictures, so go ahead and take him to the hospital," said Sean starting to walk towards John and the others.

"What do we have here?" Sean asked.

"This is what's left of the kids surf board," replied John picking up the board.

"These are not the teeth marks of a gray or of a great white shark. It's definitely a shark, but what kind of a shark?" Sean queried.

"Sean, you need to listen to what these kids are saying. They saw what attacked the surfer," said Danny coming toward Sean.

"They're describing something that I have never seen before. They said that it had a fin and it looked like a shark's face, but its body was really long and it had stripes on it," replied Chris.

"I called the station, Sean, and had them send out a sketch artist. He's been trying to sketch what they saw. He has several descriptions now. I saw some of them and what he is drawing doesn't look like a shark to me," John replied looking at Sean.

"Get a hold of the coast guard and let them know what's going on here and we need to close the beach till we know exactly what is out there. Chris, when you and Danny get through here, go to the harbor and talk to some of the fisherman, see if they have seen anything unusual."

"Do you think that maybe one of them might have seen something?"

"I'm hoping that they saw something like those kids are describing," replied Sean as he got back into his car.

"I hope you're right," replied John as he got into the car. As he did a phone started to ring and Sean pulled his mobile out of his jacket pocket.


"Sean, this is Linh, Father Pete called from the Catholic church on Pacific Road. He needs for you to come to the church. Something has happened and he's not sure what to do."

"Thanks Linh, I'll call him and find out what's going on," replied Sean as he started the car.

"Sean, why do you call a catholic priest Pete?" John asked.

"It's really Peter, but all the kids call him Pete. Father Pete, this is Sean, Linh said that something has happened at the church?"

"Thanks for calling me, Sean. Usually I know what to do but this one I'm not too sure about. We just found it about a half hour ago," replied Father Pete.

"I'm about three blocks from you, I'll be there shortly," said Sean hanging up the phone as he finished the call.

"So what's wrong? John asked.

"He didn't say, the church is on this block," said Sean pulling over to the curb and getting out of his car.

"Sean, I'm really glad to see you," said Father Pete.

"Your nativity scene wasn't destroyed again was it?" Sean asked.

"No it wasn't, but someone has added to it. Come with me and I'll show you what I mean."

Sean and John followed him to the front of the church, where the nativity scene was located just to the right of the main doors.

"You know this is a live scene, so when the people came this morning, they started getting dressed for their parts. I went to the closet to get the baby Jesus out for the manger. As I went to put him in the manger we found it was already occupied with a live baby. Two of my lady parishioners took her into the rectory."

"How long do you think she was out here?" Sean asked looking over the manger.

"I was out here at eight checking things and the manger was empty then. I came back out at ten to put the baby Jesus in the manger and that's when we found her."

"So we are looking at between eight and ten when the baby was left. Do you know if any one else who might of seen who left her?"

"Everyone was inside, so I don't think any one saw who left her," replied the father.

"Sean, Harper is here. Where do you want her to start?" John asked.

"We need the manger checked for fingerprints and have her check for any footprints. We don't know if she was left by her mother or by someone else. Make sure she gets the fingerprints of everyone that is here," replied Sean turning to walk to the rectory with Father Pete.

"I know that you have to take her with you, so one of the ladies fed her and then made sure she was ready for you. They gave her a bath and put her in new clothes. I know that look Sean. The other clothes have been kept in a bag for you. They have put together a bag of things you're going to need for her and they have her in a carrier," replied Father Pete walking into the room where the baby had been taken by the ladies.

"She's not very old, what, maybe four or five days?" asked Sean looking at the priest.

"I have to agree, she's at least four or five days old."

"What kind of person would leave you out there?" Sean asked picking up the baby from the bed.

"Excuse me, I was one of the ladies who brought her in. When we gave her a bath, we noticed that she was very clean and her diaper wasn't even wet. So she could not have been out there very long," said the woman.

"I need to take her back to the station and call family services and have them come get her. I'll be honest with you, I don't want to do that. She will go into the system and that will be it. I was in that system, I know what it's like," said Sean with a sad tone in his voice as he laid the baby in the Carrier.

"I know Sean, I was in that system till I was eighteen. I can see that look on your face, you're not going to call family services are you?" asked Father Pete smiling.

"How did you know that I wasn't going to call them?"

"Because I wasn't going to call them either, that's why I called you," replied the priest smiling.

"I do have to go back to the station with her. If any one enquires about the baby, call me on my mobile," said Sean picking up the carrier and the two bags and walking back outside to his car.

"Hey Sean, are we going back to the station?" John asked

"Yeah we are. John, I need you to give this bag to Harper, it has the clothes that the baby was wearing," replied Sean putting the carrier in the back seat and putting on the seat belt.

"Harper says she's almost done here. She'll meet us back at the station," said John getting into the back seat of the car.

"What do you think you're doing?" Sean asked looking at John.

"I thought that I would ride back here with the baby, so if she wakes up, I can give her a bottle."

"John, do you know anything about a baby?"

"Back in Chicago, I have lots of nieces and nephews," replied John pulling the hood up on the carrier.

"All right, just don't let the wind hit her okay," said Sean pulling out of the parking lot.

"Sean, just drive, I know what to do."

Honolulu Metro Police Dept.

"Did you see the look that one fisherman gave when you showed him those sketches?" Said Danny as Chris and he walked in the door.

"His partner looked at the sketch like he had seen it before," replied Chris sitting down at his desk.

"What are you two doing with theses boxes?" Danny asked Kaleo and Linh.

"These are the station's Christmas decorations. We thought we would get started," replied Linh opening the box.

Linh and Kaleo had been going through the boxes, when they heard what sounded like two people arguing. They looked up to see Sean and John talking.

"What are you two talking about?" Linh asked.

"How to take care of a baby. Sean thinks that he knows more because he has Nick, but I also have a lot of kids in my family," replied John.

"What baby are you talking about?" Linh asked.

"This one," said Sean sitting the carrier on the desk.

"Oh look at her, she is so cute and she has blonde hair. Her eyes are blue aren't they?" Linh asked picking her up.

"Just don't wake her up?" Sean asked.

"Sean, we showed some of the sketches to the local fisherman. Some of them said that they have been seeing what looked like something strange in the water. They said that whatever it is, it's eating the fish," said Chris.

"You and Danny take those sketches to the history museum. There's a Professor Stone there he might be able to help with this," ordered Sean.

"Sean, is that the baby that Father Pete called about?" Harada asked.

"Yes it is, I know I have to take her to family services."

"Sean, just remember that those are the rules. She has to go there."

"You're not going to are you?" John asked.

"No, I'm not and he knows that. I'll see you tomorrow," said Sean picking up the carrier and walking out the door.

Sean walked to his car and sat the carrier in the front and fastened the belt around the carrier. He sat down in the driver's seat and started to pull out of the parking lot. He knew of only one person who could take care of her till he found her mother. After driving for a while, he turned into the driveway of the Hawaiian Hotel. He stepped out of the car and threw the keys to the valet and then took the carrier out of the car. He walked through the door and across the lobby to the elevator. He waited for the door to open and then walked in and stood there as it went to the top floor. In a few minutes the door opened and he walked out into the hallway and to the front door of the penthouse. He opened the door and walked into the living room. He sat the carrier down on the sofa.

"Sean, is that you?" Yelled Max from the bedroom.

"It's me, Max," replied Sean as the baby started to wake up and cry.

"Sean, aren't you off a little early? I hear a baby crying. Are you watching TV?" asked Max coming out of the room.

"I'm not watching TV, but there is a baby out here crying."

"What baby?"

"This baby," said Sean turning around with her in his arms.

"Where did you find her?" Max asked taking her from Sean.

"Father Pete found her in the manger scene and called me. I was supposed to take her to family services but I thought that maybe you would want to take care of her till we find her mom," said Sean smiling at Max.

"I'll take care of her, but I'll need some things for her. Call Jason at the desk and tell him to call a baby store and send everything over for a girl, plus a crib and a swing. He has kids so he'll know what to order," said Max smiling down at the baby.

"I knew bringing her here was the right thing to do."

"I hear you, are you hungry?" Said Max looking around the room.

"What are you looking for, Max?"

"She's awake and she's hungry and probably wet. You make the bottle and I'll change her," replied Max finding the diaper bag.

"What makes you think I know how to fix a bottle?"

"Didn't you ever make one for Nick?" Max asked.

"Yes I did, if I remember it was two ounces formula and two ounces of water," said Sean walking off to the kitchen.

"Now that you're dry and as soon as Sean comes back with the bottle, I'll feed you," replied Max looking to see Sean coming from the kitchen.

"You know I haven't made a bottle in a long time. So I hope this is okay," said Sean handing the bottle to Max.

"She'll let us know if it's not right. I guess you pass her test," said Max smiling at Sean.

"She really is making you happy, isn't she?"

"Yes she does," said Max smiling at Sean who had wrapped his arm around Max's shoulder.

The Penthouse

Miranda put her key into the door that led to the kitchen. She was almost afraid to look at her kitchen, but she was surprised to find it clean. Then she heard the door bell and walked into the living room to answer the front door. The first thing that she saw was the pillow and blanket on the sofa. Now why is she mad at him? thought Miranda going to answer the door.

"I have a delivery here for Kate Maxwell from Babyland," said the man.

"You must have the wrong address, we don't have a baby here."

"There's no mistake, we got a call from Jason Hall to have this stuff delivered here."

"All right, just put everything over by that wall," said Miranda as she signed the paperwork.

Miranda stood there looking at the baby things and began to wonder. If Max was having a baby she would know about it. Miranda told herself walking to Max's bedroom. She opened the door to see Max still asleep but then she looked to see Sean was holding a baby in his arms as he lay there sleeping. So that's why we have the baby stuff.

"I see you there, looking around. I'll bet you're hungry," said Miranda as she picked the baby up and walked back into the living room.

A few minutes later, Sean started to wake up. He remembered falling asleep with the baby but now she was gone.

"Max, did you just take the baby?" Sean asked.

"No I didn't. She was sleeping next to you," said Max looking in the bed.

"Miranda! I thought I heard her voice, but I wasn't sure," replied Sean putting on his jeans and going to the living room. Where he saw that Miranda had the baby and was feeding her.

"I see you found her," said Sean sitting down next to Miranda.

Honolulu Metro Police Dept.

"What did you two find out at the museum?" asked Harada when he saw Danny and Chris walking into the room.

"We saw a Professor Clark at the museum. We showed him the sketches and then he showed us this book with different species of sharks. One of them looked like the one that was seen yesterday," said Chris.

"Professor Clark, says that those earthquakes we had around Punchbowl could have released it from the deep ocean. In the last few months they have seen sightings of several varieties of unusual fish and they're not sure what may still be out there," replied Danny.

"Are they going to do anything to help with this?" Harada asked.

"Clark says that they are going to get some aerial shots and see what they can find. They are also going to take a boat out and check that area of the water," said Chris.

"Just to be on the safe side, I'm going to post some officers out there," said Harada looking at Chris and Danny.

"Captain, you have a phone call on line 2. She says she is from family services," stated Kaleo as Harada turned and walked back to his office.

"This is Captain Harada."

"Captain, I'm Mrs. Thomas from family services. When you called me you said that Detective Harrison would be bringing a baby here that was found at Father Pete's."

"Yes, Detective Harrison was supposed to. Are you telling me that you haven't seen him?" Harada wanted to know.

"That right, Captain."

"I'll take care of it," said the angry captain as he hung up the phone.

Harada walked out of his office and went straight to Declan's desk, where he was reading a report.

"Declan have you seen Harrison?"

"He hasn't come in yet," answered John.

"Call his mobile and tell him to get in here," Harada said in angry tone of voice.

"Okay Sean, what did you do that would make Harada mad?" John asked himself as he waited for Sean to answer.

The Penthouse

Sat on the sofa, Sean could hear Max with the baby in the bedroom. He started toward the bedroom, but the ringing of the phone stopped him, as he answered it.

"Harrison," answered Sean.

"Sean, it's John. Harada is looking for you."

"I think I know why. I didn't take the baby to family services".

"Sean! Harada is really mad."

"I'm on my way now," Sean hung up the phone and said, "Max I have to go to the station," as he walked through the front door.

As Sean pulled of the parking lot he thought about what he would say to the captain. He could just see the captain's face as he drove to the station. As he neared the station he could see John waiting for him. He parked in the police lot and got out of his car.

"John, just how mad is Harada?" asked Sean as he walked toward the doors.

"I have never seen him this mad before."

"Time to face the captain, maybe he will understand why I had to do it."

As he walked in the squad room, he could feel the silence in the room. He could see Harada pacing in his office. Harada looked up to see Sean standing just outside his door. He beckoned Sean in with one finger. Sean opened the door and walked in, he knew what he was going to say but he just stood there waiting for the captain to start.

"Captain, I know what I did was wrong but I just couldn't take that baby to family services. I knew that once that baby was in the system, she would be one of the forgotten. I was one of those kids. I just wanted her to have a chance, so I took her to Max's," said Sean looking for a reaction from Harada.

"Sean, you have been a cop long enough to know that we have to follow the regulations. What you did was wrong and I know you have your reasons. I'm letting you go with a warning this time. Next time I'll have to suspend you," Harada stated.

"I understand, but we still haven't found out why she was abandoned. I want to run a picture of the baby and see if someone will come forward," replied Sean who turned his head to see where the phone was ringing.

Linh picked up the ringing phone.

"Sean, it's Max she needs to talk to you. She sounds like she's upset."

"Max's, what's wrong?" Sean asked.

"It's the baby, I was dressing her when she started having a seizure. I had Miranda call an ambulance. The paramedic said that she was having withdrawals. The doctor at the hospital checked her and agreed. Sean, the blood test shows that she has heroin in her blood stream. He admitted her and was going to start treatment immediately. He said that this is the third baby that he has seen this week. The other two were abandoned at the hospital."

"Max, are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure. Sean, you need to talk to Doctor Hamel. He asked me if the baby was mine. I said no, that baby had been left in my custody."

"I'll be right there," said Sean hanging up the phone.

"Sean, do you think this Doctor knows something?" Harada asked.

"I don't know, but he told Max that this is the third baby this week suffering from heroin withdrawal."

"Sean, go to the hospital and find out what this doctor knows."

Sean walked out the doors of the station followed by Declan. He was thinking about what Max had said to him. She had told him last night that if there was anything wrong with the baby then nobody would want it. John looked at Sean with a question on his face.

"What are you thinking?" asked John.

"If you had a baby and something was wrong with it, and you wanted to put it up for adoption, but no one wanted it. What would do?" asked Sean.

"I would try to get rid of it. I would try to abandon it, but I would leave it where someone could find it."

"I think we are dealing with an illegal adoption ring," said Sean pulling out of the police lot.

The site of the shark attack

A man with a strange look on his face is walking along the beach, looking for any traces of the shark like animal. He's looking down at the sand and doesn't see the two officers coming toward him. He sees what he is looking for; it's an imprint in the sand. Using his camera,he takes a picture of it.

"Excuse me, you can't be here, sir. This section of the beach is closed," the officer explained.

"I didn't know the beach was closed. I'm Dr. Hall, I was asked to come here by the Honolulu museum director, Professor Clark," replied the man.

"You need to talk to Detectives Gaines and Edwards at Headquarters. They are the ones investigating this."

"Where would I find these men?"

"Right now they are at police headquarters. I can call the station and have them come here."

"If you don't mind, I need to go back and see if I can find any more traces of this animal."

The officer went to the police cruiser and called on the radio to dispatch. "Dispatch, I need you to notify Detectives Gaines and Edwards that they need to come to the beach. A Dr. Hall would like to talk with them."

Honolulu Metro Police Dept.

Harada is in his office and hears the call from dispatch come across the radio. He walks to the door and stops to look for his detectives in the squad room. He spots them and walks over to Chris and Danny who are going over some information that Professor Clark had faxed to them.

"Gaines and Edwards you need to go to the beach. One of the officers called and reported that a Dr. Hall is there. He told the officers that Professor Clark sent him. You might want to see what he knows."

"We're going. He must be the person that Professor Clark was talking about," said Chris to Danny as they walked out the door.

"Captain, we just got a call from the officers at the docks. The fishermen there have said that they've spotted something. It went after their nets," reported Kaleo.

"Kaleo, you and Officer Tamiya get down there and find out what's happened. I don't want them out hunting for whatever it might be."

"It's possible that the shark saw the fish in the nets and attacked," Linh theorized.

"You two need to get out there before they decide to take matters into their own hands," ordered Harada.

Kaleo and Linh walked out of the doors and into the parking lot, they knew that there would be no way to stop the fishermen from going after it, but they would try talking to them, for their own safety.

Honolulu Children Hospital

It was a long ride to the fifth floor nurses' station where Max was waiting for him. Sean was patiently waiting for the elevator to stop and the doors to open. He had just started to say something when the doors opened and they walked out into the hallway. After a few minutes Sean saw Max standing at the nurses station, so John and he joined her.

"Max, does the Doctor know anything more? What's going on with her?" he asked.

"He's in the room with her now. He had a cat scan done and ordered lab work," said Max looking at Sean.

"Max, you said that we needed to talk to this Doctor. Does he know something?" John asked.

"I think he does. When I brought her in to the emergency room, they paged him to come to the ER. You need to talk to him."

Sean and John were standing with Max when the doctor came out of the room and walked towards Max.

"Excuse me, some of the tests have come back, but we don't know for sure how much damage there is. We have to try and get the convulsions under control. We have started the treatment, but we can only give her small doses at a time. All we can do now is wait and see how she responds."

"I'm Detective Harrison and the is Detective Declan. We found her abandoned. Max says that you may know something about that?"

"That's true. There are two other babies that have been left at the hospital. All of them are addicted to drugs. Baby A I saw in the ER, his parents brought him in. He was having convulsions and they didn't know what was wrong. I asked them how long he had been having them. She told me that day was the first time and that they had only had him two days as they had adopted him."

"Do you have any way of contacting them? We'll need to talk to them," Asked John.

"Check at the nurses station, they would have that information in his records. Can I ask you something? Do you think that maybe he was adopted illegally?" asked Dr. Hamel.

"We can't say for sure, but we suspect that it's possible that it was an illegal adoption," replied Sean.

"Sean, I have the address of the couple," John replied as he left the nurses station.

"Excuse me, I have to go and check on three babies," said Dr. Hamel, who turned and went back into the room.

"Max, call me if there is any change in her. We need to go and talk to that couple," Sean replied as he hugged Max.

The site of the shark attack

Chris and Danny had just parked in the beach parking when they saw Professor Clark's car. He was standing there talking to another man. As they walked closer they overheard Professor Clark call the man Dr. Hall.

"Professor Clark, nice to see you again. We need to know if you have found out anything on this creature?" asked Chris.

"I was just discussing it with Doctor Hall. I called him to come to Hawaii, because he knows more about this than I do," replied Professor Clark introducing Dr Hall to Chris and Danny.

"We need to know as much as we can. It has been sighted by the fishermen. It's eating their catch, making them have to go back out. If it continues there won't be any fish left in the ocean," replied Danny.

"Professor Clark called me, I agreed to fly here and help him. He described to me what had attacked the surfer."

"I felt that he would know more than me in this case. He has been studying the different species of sea animals," said Professor Clark.

"You mean there's more out there than we already know about?" asked Danny.

"Yes there is, some we are just learning about. I have spent the last three years in the Arctic and the waters around Alaska. A number of underwater quakes have been recorded in the last few years in those areas. We have learnt that these earthquakes make the icebergs break off from the continental shelf. Many of them have floated toward the waters around Alaska," replied Doctor Hall

"Aren't the waters around Alaska freezing cold?" Chris asked.

"They aren't as cold as they should be because of the underwater quakes. The quakes have released some magma into the water. This has helped to melt the icebergs and released whatever was trapped," the doctor replied.

"What do you mean by whatever was trapped?" asked Chris.

"We have discovered that during the ice age some of the animals common to that area were trapped in the icebergs. Earlier I was looking at the beach, hoping to find some clues. I saw something that was very interesting in the sand. I was just going down there when you drove up," replied Doctor Hall.

Danny and Chris started to walk down to the beach with Doctor Hall and Professor Clark when a call came over the radio from Officer Tamiya asking for help.

"We have to go we need to respond to another call," said Chris as Danny and he ran to their car.

When Chris and Danny arrived at the docks they could see Linh and Kaleo arguing with the fishermen.

"We have to stop you," said Linh.

"You don't know what you're up against. If you go out there some of you could get hurt or even killed," replied Kaleo.

"We don't care. If we don't do something, there won't be any fish left. Then how do we make a living?" yelled an angry fisherman.

"We don't know how large this creature is. Someone could get hurt," replied Danny.

"If you go searching for it, we can't stop you," said Chris.

"The captain doesn't want them out there looking for the creature," explained Linh.

"We can't stand watch over them. We might as well let them look. If you find anything, we have to be notified immediately," replied Chris.

"Do you know what you're doing, Chris? You just told those men to go look for this creature. The captain's not going to be happy," Kaleo said looking at Chris.

"We couldn't stop them from going out there. Maybe we'll get lucky and catch it in their nets," said Danny.

Chris and Danny stood there watching as the fishermen headed back out to sea wondering how much the captain would yell at them. Oh well, it wouldn't be the first time.

Honolulu Children's Hospital

As Sean and John were walking out the of the Hospital's entrance doors, they stopped and looked at each other. John could see the look on Sean's face. He knew that he was angry just by looking at him.

"Sean, are you alright? You haven't said a word since I saw you standing in front of the nursery. You're worried about them, aren't you?" John asked as they got into Sean's car.

Sean sat down in the seat and just stared at the steering wheel. He reached down to turn the ignition on.

"It's not fair. They're too small to even know what's wrong with them. Standing at the nursery, one of the nurses came over to take care of baby B who was having a seizure. I saw how she was holding her. Then I saw Max in there and how she was holding the baby. I saw the look on her face as she sang to her. It made me angry because it didn't have to happen."

"We can start by talking to the Colmans. They must know whom they contacted," said John as Sean pulled out of the parking lot.

The site of the shark attack

"Okay, why the long look on your face?" Asked Danny.

"I was thinking about what we did. Linh and Kaleo were sent down to the docks to try and stop the fishermen from going after it and we just gave them the okay to search for it," replied Chris.

"Do you think Harada is going to yell at us?"

"Yeah. I think he going to yell at us," said Chris as they turned into the parking lot of the beach.

"We had better hope that Professor Clark and Doctor Hall have an idea on what this creature is."

"Well here they come. They're discussing something now. We had better hope they have something."

"Detectives, we were just talking about what kind of creature this is. It may be a mutation from the bottom of the ocean. We don't know what exactly is down at the deepest levels of the ocean. There is a possibility that it came to the surface looking for food. We found what looks like some tracks. They were only a foot from the water," Professor Clark explained.

"What are you telling us, that this thing is a baby and that it can come out of the water onto land?" Danny asked.

"Yes we are. You need to post more men here at the beach and we need to set up some kind of lighting to see at night. The most important thing is to keep the people away from this area," said Doctor Hall looking at Danny and Chris.

"How do we explain this to the captain?" Danny asked looking at Chris.

"I don't know. I'm wondering if he will believe us," said Chris walking back to the car.

1100 Kalani Drive - home of the Colmans

Sean turned into the driveway that lead to the house. He pulled up in front of the house and parked. They got out of the car and walked to front and knocked. The door was slowly opened by a woman.

"Can I help you?" She asked.

"I'm Detective Harrison and this is Detective Declan. We're with Honolulu police department and we need to see Mr. and Mrs. Colman," said Sean showing his badge to the woman.

"Come in please. I'm Mrs. Colman. How can I help you?" She asked walking into the living room.

"We need to talk to your husband and you about an adoption," replied John following the woman.

"I'm sorry, but I don't know what you're talking about," said Mrs Colman.

"Mrs Colman, is your husband here?" Asked Sean.

"Yes, he is, I'll get him," she replied as she left the room.

Sean and John were looking around the room, when John picked up a picture of a baby and showed it to Sean.

"That's a picture of the baby boy," Sean confirmed looking at the picture.

"They may have adopted him not knowing that anything was wrong."

"Can I help you gentlemen?" Asked Mr. Colman coming into the living room.

"We're here about the baby you left at the hospital," said John.

"I'm sorry, but I have no idea what you're talking about," Mr. Colman stated.

"Mr. Colman, we have a surveillance camera footage that shows your wife and you bringing him to the ER. You left after the doctor came out and told you what was wrong with him."

"Mr. Colman, if we have to, we can arrest your wife and you and take you to the police station," Sean replied with an angry look on his face.

"On what charges?" Asked Mr. Colman looking back at Sean.

"The charge is abandonment of a baby, and you know what baby I'm talking about. Otherwise why would you have a picture of him?" Said Sean turning the picture around.

"Please stop," cried Mrs. Colman.

"Did you adopt this baby?" Asked Sean.

"Yes we did," Mrs. Colman confirmed.

"When did you realize that there was something wrong with him?"

"He was in the bassinet when I heard him crying. I went to check him and he was shaking all over. I picked him up and held him but they wouldn't stop," she answered as sobs began to escape.

"My wife called me at my office and asked me to meet her at ER. She said that she was taking the baby. When I got there the doctor was talking to my wife. I heard him say that the baby was addicted to a drug and that he was going through withdrawals. I convinced my wife that we should leave him at the hospital," replied Mr. Colman putting his head in his hands.

"We need to know how you were contacted," replied Sean.

"Some friends of ours knew that we were trying to adopt a baby. They gave us this number for a lawyer which they said could help us," replied Mrs. Colman looking at Sean.

"A few days later this man called us and said that he was a lawyer and that he could help us with a private adoption. I asked him how he could do it. Then he told me how much it would cost me," said Mr. Colman.

"How much did he tell you?" Asked John looking at the Colmans.

"He told us the cost would be at least ten thousand dollars. He would need five thoudsand to start with, the balance when the baby was brought to us," said Mr. Colman.

"Didn't you wonder how he could do it?" Asked John.

"Yes I did because we had been trying to adopt for three years and they told us it would take at least four years and there was no guarantee that we would get a baby. But he told us that it would only take a few days," replied Mr. Colman

"Do you have this man name?" Sean asked.

"Yes I do," replied Mr. Colman taking the card out his wallet.

"Mr. and Mrs. Colman, do you want this little boy?" Asked Sean.

"Yes we do. Whatever is wrong, we can handle it," said Mrs. Colman still crying.

"Then go to the hospital. He's in the nursery. Dr. Hamel is treating him. Right now he is going through withdrawals for drugs in his system. He could use his mother to hold him and rock him to sleep," Sean replied as he and John walked to the door.

"From that look you already have a plan for catching this man?" Questioned John as they drove down the driveway.

"I do but only if you agree to it?" Answered Sean.

"What do I have to do?"

"Linh and you will have to go undercover for this. You will pretend to be a couple trying to adopt and you can't wait on family services," replied Sean as they pulled into the police parking lot.

Honolulu Metro Police Dept.

"Now all we have to do is to convince Linh to do it," said John following Sean in the door.

"If I ask her, she will do it," replied Sean going over to his desk.

Danny and Chris came through the doors talking to each other. They were still trying to work out how they were going to explain to the captain about what the professors had told them. They still weren't sure if they believed it. Just as they started to sit down Captain Harada came out of his office. He saw Sean and John and walked over to their desks.

"Do you know any more about why that baby was left at the church?" Asked Harada.

"We found out something at the hospital. There were two more babies. One of them a boy had been left there by a couple that had adopted him. The doctor was able to give us their name. We went and talked to them. They were able to tell us who contacted them. A lawyer called them and told them that he could help them to adopt a baby for a certain amount," Sean replied.

"Have you worked out a plan to catch this guy?"

"We have a plan. John and Linh are going undercover as a couple trying to adopt a baby."

"Talk it over with Linh and make sure you have everything worked out Sean," said the captain.

"All right, captain. We may need some money to pull this off," replied John.

"I know," replied Harada turning around and walking toward where Danny and Chris were. "Captain, we think that Professor Clark and Doctor Hall know what the creature is. They have asked that we post more men and some lights so that they can see at night," replied Chris.

"Do whatever you have to as long you catch this thing before it hurts anyone else."

"Are you serious?" Asked Chris with a surprise look on his face.

"Do you know how many times I've had to answer the phone in my office and hear the governor's voice on it? More than I can count. He wants to know if we have caught it. I had to tell him not yet and he yells at me on the phone. So just use whatever you need and we'll worry about the cost later," replied Harada as he walked back to his office.

"Hey Sean, I've just talked to Linh and she said she would do it. Just let her know when," John confirmed.

"Give me a few minutes I need to call Max at the hospital and check on the three babies," said Sean picking up the phone.

"Hello," said Max answering her ringing phone.

"Max, I just called to see if everything is all right?" Asked Sean.

"I'm glad you called. I was just going to call you. A strange man showed up and tried to take the babies."

"They didn't let him?"

"Doctor Hamel wouldn't let him and then he called security to stand guard at the nursery."

"He probably was the lawyer. Has a couple come up there by the name of Colman? I told them to go there and be with the baby boy. They adopted him."

"The doctor says that they will be all right once they've had to go through withdrawal. Sean, I'm going to ask my lawyer to petition the court for me. I wanted to let you know that I'm going to adopt the girls so that they will have a home."

"Are you sure about this?"

"Yes I am. Maybe I can give them what I couldn't give Michelle."

"If that's what you want, then okay. You know that I'll be there to help," said Sean as he finished the call.

"Did I hear you say that Max is going to adopt both girls? She hasn't got over the death of her daughter yet?" John asked.

"No, she hasn't."

"Then we had better go to work and catch this guy."

"Here's the business card that the Colmans gave us. Go ahead and call him," said Sean handing the card to John.

"This is the law office of Henry Landon. Can I help you?" Replied a voice.

"My name is John Evans. I was given this number to call. They said that Mr Landon could help my wife and I. We have been trying to adopt a baby, but we have been told that it would take three years and that there was no guarantee that we would get a baby," replied John.

"Yes we can help you. Can you come to the office at two a clock and Mr Landon will see you then," said the voice.

"We'll be there," said John hanging up the phone.

"Let Linh know that it's going to happen this afternoon," said Sean.

Kaleo takes a 911 call from the docks about a crowd of people.

"Chris and Danny you need to go down to the docks. The caller says that there is a large crowd of people. The caller also says that the fishermen have come back in and they have caught something."

"They couldn't have caught it already?" Asked Danny getting up from his desk and going out the door with Chris following him.

Danny drove to the docks as they turned into the parking lot they were met by Professor Clark and Doctor Hall.

"Detective Gaines, we just got here. Some of the officers told us that some of the fishermen caught something in their nets," said Doctor Hall as they walked towards the docks.

As Danny and Chris came closer they could see that the fishermen had something hanging from a hook. Several of the fishermen came toward them and tried to explain to them what they had.

Danny and Chris walked to the edge of the dock and just stood there looking.

"What is it?" Chris asked.

"From what I can see it looks like a shark, but a very big shark," said Danny.

"It's not a shark. It's a mutation of a land walker," said Doctor Hall.

"How do you know that?" Said Chris.

"Over the years, the legs got shorter and it eventually took to water. Many animals did that. They evolved into other species," replied Doctor Hall

"Where did he come from?" Asked Chris.

"There are parts of the ocean that are so deep that we don't know what is down there. With the recent earthquake in the ocean, it's possible that it could have brought him to the surface," replied Doctor Hall.

"Is that possible?" Said Danny.

"Yes, we found prehistoric animals in the Arctic. Before the Ice Age the Arctic was green and had trees. When the Ice Age happened it trapped many of them in the ice."

"We need to find out what the fishermen are going to do with it," said Danny going over to talk to the fisherman.

"Excuse me, now that you have caught it, what are you going to do with it?" Asked Chris.

"We have decided to give it to the museum so that they can put it on display," replied one of the fishermen.

Honolulu Police Station

"John, are you and Linh ready?" Asked Sean.

"Can you hear me through the wire?" John asked.

"I can hear you clearly."

"We need to go it's almost time, and we have to be there at 2:00. Linh, are you ready?" Asked John as she came out of the locker room.

"I'm ready," she replied.

"Once he asks you for the money, we will move in," said Sean as they walked out the door.

Sean followed John out of the parking lot. John drove to the lawyer's office and parked. Sean pulled in and parked several spaces away. He sat there listening as John and Linh went into the lawyer's office.

"Excuse me, I'm John Evans, I called earlier and made an appointment," said John.

"Have a seat Mr. Evans. Mr. Landon will be with you shortly," said the receptionist as she picked up a phone.

"Mr. Landon, your 2:00 is here."

The office door opened and a man entered from the inner sanctum.

"Mr. Evans, please come with me. Are you Mrs. Evans?" Asked the man.

"Yes I am," replied Linh following John.

"Hello I'm Mr. Landon. My secretary tells me that your wife and you are trying to adopt a baby. Is that correct?"

"Yes we are, my wife was told that she couldn't have children. We went to family services but they told it would take three years and that there was no guarantee that we would get a baby."

"I can help you. I have a client that lost his wife and he wants to give up the baby for adoption. I have to have a small fee for handling the adoption."

"How much are we talking about?"

"The usual fee is ten thousand dollars. I need half now and the other half when the baby is brought to you."

At this moment Sean walked in the door followed by other officers.

"Detective Harrison. Everyone in this office is under arrest for illegal adoption," said Sean as he opened the door to where John and Linh were sitting.

"Excuse me but I'm with a client," said the lawyer.

"This won't take long, I just wanted to tell you that you are under arrest for illegal adoptions."

"Sean, we can take them to the station if you want to go and be with Max."

"Thanks John."

Children's Hospital

Max was standing in front of the nursery when Sean got off the elevator. He walked to where she was standing.

"Max, is everything okay?"

"Yes, everything is fine. I wasn't expecting to see you."

"We've arrested a suspect so John told me to come and be with you."

"Are you ready to help with two little girls? The judge told my lawyer that he would give me temporary custody for now. I still have to go through all of the requirements."

"It shouldn't be to hard to take of girls," said Sean as they walked into the nursery.

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