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Honolulu Metro Police Dept.

"John, have you seen or talked to Sean in the last few days?" Chris asked.

"I tried to call him, but he's not answering his phone," replied John.

"At least he has Max to talk to," said Danny.

"I wonder, Max called me to see if I knew where Sean was. She told me that she hasn't seen him, since he left the penthouse," replied John.

"Doesn't anyone know where he went to?" asked Danny.

"I called the hospital and Jake has been released. I'm going out to the his beachouse and see if he's there," replied John.

"After what's happened, I thought that he would turn to Max for help," said Chris.

"I don't know what happen after I left the penthouse. Sean was taling to Max, but I don't know what he said," John replied getting up from his desk.

"Edwards and Gaines, we just got a call in from the site of the new hotel being built. Two of the workers found what looks like human remains. Harpers on her way," said Harada handing the police report to Chris.

"Captain, I'm gong to talk to Max and then I'll look for Sean," said John opening the door.

"Declan, call me as soon as you find out anything," yelled Harada going to his office.

Need to talk to Max and find out what happen, John thought to himself.

The Penthouse

John picked up his cell phone and called Max.

"John, I'm sorry I thought you were Sean calling," replied Max with a sad voice.

"Max, I need to talk to you. Can I come up to the penthouse?" John asked.

"Yes, maybe you can help me find him," said Max.

"I'll be right there," replied John getting into the elevator.

Site of the hotel being built.

"There's Harper. I wonder wha she has found?" asked Chris getting out of the car.

"Edwards, you and Gaines assigned to this one?" asked Harper coming toward them.

"Do you have anything for us?" Danny asked.

"I haven't found too much of anything. I can't even tell you if it's a man or woman. I can tell you this, it's no longer a body, it's beyond recognition," replied Harper.

"So you're saying that his person has been here for a while?" asked Chris walking toward the site.

"That's what I'm saying. I'll know more when I get to the lab and run some tests," replied Harper.

"Do you an idea about how old this person was?" Chris asked kneeling down beside the remains.

"I can only give you an estimate. I would have to say between 18 or 30," said Harper as Chris walked over to the men standing.

"Who found the remains?" Chris asked the men.

"We did," replied the men coming forward.

"Was there anything with the remains?" asked Danny.

"We didn't see anything," replied the men.

"We need you to give the officer a number so that we can contact you, if we need to ask more questions," said Chris.

"As soon as I know something, I'll let you know," said Harper going back to work.

"We need to check the missing persons file and see what we can find," said Danny walking toward the car.

"Danny, something's not right here. I don't know what it is but who would bury a body in the middle of nowhere?" Chris asked getting in the car.

The Penthouse

John knocked on the door of the penthouse. He could only imagine what Max was going through, but where was Sean, he had to be hurting. He could still his face, the reaction on his face said it all.

Max made her way to the door.

"Come in John," replied Max, opening the door.

"Max are you all right? You look like you've had a rough time?" asked John coming into the living room.

"I'll be all right, it's Sean that I'm worried about," replied Max.

"When I left here, Sean said he was all right. What happened?" asked John.

"We were talking, when I heard one of the girls crying. I went to get her and when I came back to the living room, Sean was no where," Max replied.

"Do you think he might of went to the beachouse?" John asked Max.

"I don't know. I tried calling there, but no one is answering the phone," said Max.

"We know that Jake was released from the hospital, but we don't know who picked him up or where he went to," replied John.

"I picked up Jake from the hospital. He called me and told me that he was being released. So, I went to the hospital and picked him up. He asked me where Sean was. He told me that he needed to talk to him. I told him that I didn't know where was and he asked to be dropped off at the beachouse," replied Max, laying Bryanna down on the sofa.

"Max, I'm going to the beachouse and check to see if he's there. I'll call you when I find him," said John going to the door. John opened the door, just as a man rang the doorbell.

"Is Mrs. Maxwell home?" asked the man.

"I'm Mrs. Maxwell. Can I help you?" asked Max walking to the door.

"I'm here to serve you with a subpoena to appear in family court and you are requested to bring with you the baby known as Bryanna Maxwell," said the man, handing the papers to Max.

"I don't believe this, after months of going through all of this with Bry, the withdrawals and suffering, her mother wants her back," Max replied with a sad tone in her voice.

"Max, when do you have to appear in court?" asked John.

"I don't even have a week. I need to call my lawyer. You need to find Sean. I can't lose Bryanna, I can't lose her now," cried Max.

"I'll find him," replied John closing the door behind him.

Honolulu Metro Police Dept.

"How long have we been looking at pictures of missing poeple?" asked Danny.

"It seems like forever now," replied Chris.

"Has Harper come up with anything?" Linh asked.

"Who were you on the phone with, Kaleo?" asked Danny.

"It's Harper, she needs for you to come down to her office. She has found something you need to know," said Kaleo.

"I wonder what Harper found?" asked Chris going down to Harper's office.

"Okay we're here," said Danny.

"What did you find?" asked Chris looking At Harper.

"I was right about the age being between 18 and 30. The victim is between 21 and 25. The victim is female. Now you want to know what else I found? The victim has been dead for at least 20 years or more," said Harper.

"Are you serious?" asked Danny.

"I found some pieces of fibers with her. I found them stuck to the body. If you want to look at them, they are under the microscope. That's how small they are," replied Harper.

"Do you have any idea how she was killed?" asked Danny.

"There are no signs of wounds, or head injury. What I found was a small amount of dirt in her mouth. The victim was buried alive. That would explain the dirt, she was screaming for her life when it happened. I know someone that does facial reconstruction. I called him to come and do it," replied Harper.

"Let's us know when he's done," replied Chris.

Sean's Beachouse

John drove up the driveway, he saw the red convertible sitting there in the driveway. He got out of the car and slowly walked to the door. He rang the door bell. He could hear the sounds if someone coming to the door. Then Jake opened the door.

"Jake, I'm sorry about Carly. If only I had gotten there a few minutes faster, I could of stopped her," said John walking in the door.

"Thank you, but no one could of stopped her. I'm just glad that she doesn't have to go through what her mom did," said Jake turning and going out on the balcony.

"How is he doing?" John asked following Jake.

"I don't know, he wouldn't talk to anyone," replied Jake.

"Maybe, I can talk to him," said John going down the stairs to the beachouse.

John could see Sean in the distance. He started walking toward him. He could see the look in his face as he came closer.

"Sean, Max is worried about you. You need to call her and let her know your all right," said John.

"You go back and tell her I need time," replied Sean.

"You're blaming yourself for what happen, and Max too. It was no one's fault," replied John.

"Maybe if I had been there for Carly, but I wasn't. I went to Max the moment Carly was out of my life," yelled Sean.

"You're blaming Max for what happened," replied John.

"No, I'm not blaming Max. Maybe I'm blaming myself. Tell Max, I'm all right and that I'll call her," said Sean walking away from John.

"By the time you call her, it may be too late, Sean," yelled John.

"What are you talking about, that it may be too late?" asked Sean, yelling at John.

"While you're sitting here feeling sorry for yourself, some woman that nobody even knows is trying to take Bryanna away from Max, "replied an angry John.

"They can't take her away," replied Sean.

"You tell that to Max She was served with a subpoena this morning. She has to appear in family court and bring Bryanna with her," replied John.

"We never found her mother so how can this woman claim to be her mother?" Sean asked.

"I don't know. What are you going to do?" asked John.

"I have to do something. I can't let her lose Bryanna," replied Sean.

"So what are we going to do?" John asked.

"What do you mean by we?" asked Sean.

"Do you think that I'm going to let you do this alone," replied John.

"I need for you to get everything that we had on this case and more. We need to find out if this woman really is the mother or a fake. Bring everything to the penthouse," said Sean walking back to the beachouse.

Sean ran up the stairs to the beachouse. He opened the sliding glass doors and walked in the living room. He looked around the room for the car keys but he couldn't see them.

"Looking for these?" asked Jake holding up the keys in his hand.

"Yes, how did you know?" Sean asked.

"John told me, you need to go to her," replied Jake.

"Thanks for understanding," said Sean going out the door.

The Penthouse

"Miranda, did you forget the alarm code all ready?" yelled Max, as she went to answer the door.

"Are you Kate Maxwell?" asked the officer.

"Yes I am," replied Max.

"I'm Mrs. Franklin from family services. I have a court order to pick up the babies known as Aryanna and Bryanna," said the woman.

"The subpoena only said to bring Bryanna... there was nothing about Aryanna," replied Max.

"The judge has changed the court order. The girls are going to be in the custody of family services till this is decided. If you'll show the officers where they are," replied the woman.

"Follow me. Do you have to do this? Call Captain Harada, he can tell you that I'll bring the girls to court," pleaded Max.

"We don't like doing this but we have our orders and they came from the captain," said the officer as they picked up the girls and walked out of the room.

Max followed them to the living room and stood there as they opened the front door and walked out. Tears rolled down her face as they closed the door. She could hear the girls crying as they left.

Sean walked through the front doors as they offciers came across the lobby.

"What are you doing?" asked Sean.

"What we were told to do. The judge changed the court order. We had no choice. The court gave temporary custody to family services till this resolved," replied the officer, walking ut the door.

Sean ran to the elevator. He walked in the door and pushed the number to the penthouse. He paced back and forth in the small space till the doors opened. He ran to the penthouse door. He could hear Max crying and glass breaking as it hit the door. He stood there with his hand on the door knob and then slowly turned it to open the door.

"Whoever you are, get out," screamed Max through the tears as she threw another glass at the door.

"Max," yelled Sean as the glass narrowly missed him as he came in the door.

"Get out! I don't need you either. When I needed you weren't here. They took both of my girls. Now I have to fight to get them back," cried Max.

"I know, I saw them in the lobby. Max, I should of never left. John and I are going to work to get them back for you," said Sean reaching for Max.

"Sean, I just want my girls back and the way we were," cried Max, laying her head on Sean's Chest.

"We'll get them back, I promise Max," said Sean wrapping his arms around her.

Honolulu Metro Police Dept.

"If I have to look at one more photo of a missing woman, I'll scream," complained Danny.

"How many does that make?" asked Chris going to the coffee machine.

"We started in 1984 and now were are up to 1990. We still don't have any idea who she is," replied Danny.

"Harper said something about who owned the property before the land developer bought it for a hotel. So we need to talk to this land developer," said Chris.

"So where do we find this guy?" asked Danny.

"You might check with city hall. He would of had to get a special permit to build another hotel," Kaleo said, going back to his desk.

"So we need to go to city hall and find this land developer," said Chris putting on his sunglasses as he moved Danny out the door.

John passed Chris and Danny on his way into the station. He had only a short time to get the files that they would need and meet Sean at the penthouse. He sat down at Sean's desk and started going through the files that were in his desk.

"John, can I help you?" asked Linh standing in front of John going through files.

"I'm looking for the files on the abandon babies. Sean said they were in his bottom drawer of his desk," replied John looking at files.

"Here let me look. Why do you need these files now?" asked Linh.

"Max has been subpoena to appear in family court and bring Bryanna. Apparently the mother has come forward and wants to claim Bryanna," said John.

"That doesn't sound right, you never found the mother during the investigation. Why would she come forward now?" asked Linh putting the files on the desk.

"By coming forward now, does she know that we can charge with criminal neglect of the baby. I need to get these files to Sean, there has to be something that we can use," said John picking up the files.

"John, let me go with you. I can help both of you and I want to see Max get her girls back," replied Linh following John.

The Penthouse

Sean sat there in a front of the computer, staring at the screen. He was looking at birth records, hoping that they would help. There were four that day, born to teenagers. He would have to go looking for the right one. He turned his head at the sound of a door being opened.

"Max, are you all right?" asked Sean getting up from the chair .

"I don't know. I feel like someone broke my heart," said Max.

"I promised you that we would get them back and I mean it," replied Sean holding Max.

"Where do we start?" asked Max.

"John is bringing the files from the investigation over here. I've been going through the records of births and so far, we have four teenagers who gave birth to a girl on the same day," replied Sean.

"How do we know which one had Bryanna?" asked Max as the doorbell rang.

"That has to be John," said Sean going to the door.

"I have all of the files and a helper, who wanted to come along," replied John laying the files on the desk.

"Sean, I thought that I could help with finding things you might need," said Linh.

"All right, Linh, we need a copy of a birth certificate for Bryanna and there were four girls born that day. The mother is under eightenn," said Sean.

"Max, did you call your lawyer?" asked John.

"Yes I did as soon as they left," said Max.

"Max, when you were in court for the custody hearing. Family services had to notify the mother of the hearing," replied John.

"The judge ruled that because she wasn't there, that she would lose her parental rights. He told family services that they would be responsible for notifing her," said Max.

"Something is not right. All records inolving juveniles are sealed by the courts. So when the judge gave you custody of the girls, the records were sealed," replied John.

"The judge also ruled that no one was to know who had custody of the girls. We used my maiden name for the court records. He ordered those records sealed too. The subpoena...what's the name on it?" asked Max.

"I have it, the name is Kathrine Maxwell," said Linh.

"Your maiden name is Katherine Howard. Katherine Howard doesn't have the money that Kate Maxwell does. Max, can you call your lawyer and have him come here?" asked Sean.

"Do you think that he can help us? I'll call him if you think that he can help," said Max going to the phone.

"Sean, I think I found the mother," replied Linh.

"How did you find her?" asked Sean.

"From the video camera that Father Pete used during christmas. Someone was stealing the baby from the mananger, so he put a camera out there to find the thief. Kaleo checked the film and there is a young girl on the tape, she's putting a baby in the mananger," replied Linh.

Honolulu Metro Police Dept.

"Gaines, did you or Edwards find anything at city hall?" asked Harada watching them come into the door.

"We found out who owned the property. A Paul Martin owned it, till he sold to the land developer," replied Chris.

"Did you say Paul Martin?" asked Harada.

"Yeah, I did. Do you know him?" asked Danny.

"Twenty years ago his wife was kidnapped. He paid the ranson but when they found her, she didn't know where she had been," said Harada.

"What are you trying to say?" asked Danny.

"There was something that didn't seem right back then and finding the remains of a woman now, makes me think that we were right back then in 1985." Harada replied.

"I started to pull files on that case," said Kaleo

"Captain, why did you say there was something wrong?" Chris asked.

"It was Martin's attitude about the whole thing. He was to quick to pay the ransom. Karen Martin's father wanted us to try and find his daugther. I had only been with the department for ten years. One thing that didn't make sense was Martin didn't have the kind of money to pay the ransom. Her father came up with the money," replied Harada.

"Hey guys, I been reading about that case. This you're going to want to see for yourself. It seems that Karen Martin had a twin named Sharon. No one has seen or heard from her since the day since the day Karen was kidnapped," said Kaleo.

"Is there something that you're not telling us, captain?" Danny asked looking at Harada.

"My partner and I had a theory that Paul Martin married the wrong twin. It was something he said during the investigation. He seemed to be nervous about something but before we could find out anything more, he paid the ransom and Karen showed up in the middle of nowhere. The case was closed," replied Harada.

"We need to check out the twins for broken bones. So let's talk to Harper and see what she has found," said Chris getting up from his desk.

The Penthouse

"Miranda, whose was that at the door?" Max asked.

"It's Mr. Taylor, your lawyer," replied Miranda.

"Max, I just came from the judge's office. I informed him of what's happened. He says that he didn't sign the court order for family services to pick up Bryanna and he doesn't know any reason for Aryanna to be picked up. Max, I need to see that court order," replied Jack coming into the living room.

"This is what they gave me, Jack," said Max handing the paper over to Jack.

"That paper looks more like a subpoena and not a court order," replied John.

"It is a subpoena, it's letting you know to appear in court. What did they say to you?" asked Jack.

"They told me they were here to get Bryanna and Aryanna," said Max.

"From what I have heard they took the girls illegally. I need to go back and see the judge and explain to him what has happen here. I also need to let him kow that the ruling he ordered has been broken. I'll let you know what happens. Sean, keep finding evidence for me," said Jack as he went out the door.

Sean could help but look at Max as she stared out the window. He knew her heart was broken. For the first time since she found out that Michelle was her daughter and then losing her again, Max had been happy with the girls. He had to get them back for her. He walked over to the window, putting his arm around her shoulder. Max laid her head down on hjis chest as she stared out the window.

Honolulu Metro Police Dept.

"Hey Chris, Harper just called, she needs you and Danny to come downstairs. She has something for you," replied Kaleo.

"We had better go see what she wants," replied Danny getting up from his desk.

"Okay Harper, we're here," yelled Chris.

"I found somethings that may help you. I had to pull the bones so they would lay flat. I talked to Captain Harada and he told me his theory. I started first to find everything I could about the twins idea. I had to find any records I could."

"Here's what I found, you're going to be as surprised as I was. The victim was buried alive in that tube you found her in. Her jaw was opened so she was screaming, that explained the particles of dirt I found. I found a few strands of hair on the back of her head. Once I could get the body to lay flat, I found some broken bones. Her lower forearm had a fractured and her right leg had been broken. I checked hospital records. Sharon broke her arm and leg in an accident when she was fifteen. The body is that of Sharon," replied Harper.

"Danny, you remember the captain said that Martin said that he married the wrong twin. What if he staged the kidnapping of his wife, Karen. She found out and turned the tables on him. She hired someone to kidnap Sharon. He calls Martin, he says that he has Karen, he tells him how much he wants for the ransom. After it's paid, Karen shows up and can't remember where she's been," said Chris.

"Her life goes on and her husband believes he's married to Sharon, whose pretending to be Karen, but she really is Karen," replied Danny.

"We need to talk to the parents of Karen Martin," said Chris going out the door.

The Office of Judge Henry

"Excuse me, I'm Jack Taylor, I have an appointment with Judge Henry," replied Jack.

"He's expecting you, go on in," said the woman.

"Good morning, Judge Henry," said Jack entering the Judge's office.

"Mr Taylor, you told me on the phone that your clients rights to privacy have been violated," replied the Judge.

"My client was served with a subpoena this week, to appear in court and to bring Bryanna with her. In less than six hours, two caseworkers from family services were there to take into custody Bryanna and the baby known as Aryanna," replied Jack.

"I believe that your client's rights were violated. I gave no order for the girls to be picked up. When I sealed the records from the custody hearing, it was to protect your client. I believed that if anyone knew that Kate Maxwell was given custody of the girls, that they would try to get money from her. Mr Taylor, I'm signing the order for the girls to be returned to Mrs. Maxwell. If you have any problems, just have them call my office," replied Judge Henry.

Jack walked out of the Judge's office. He would need an officer for the court order. He picked up the cell phone and dialed the number.

"This is Harrison, you want me to come to where and do what? I'll be there in ten minutes," said Sean. "I have to go, I'll be back," said Sean running out the door.

Sean drove to the address that Jack had given him. Jack was standing in front of the house when Sean drove up.

"Why do you need me to come here?" asked Sean getting out of the car.

"I need an officer to serve this court order and I thought that you were one," said Jack handing it to Sean.

"Does this say what I think it does?" asked Sean.

"Yes it does," said Jack.

"Is this where the girls are?" asked Sean.

"Yes," replied Jack

"Then let's go get them. I'm Det. Sean Harrison and I have a court order from Judge Henry," replied Sean going into the house.

"You can't take them away from us. They told us no one could take them from us," cried the woman.

"I'm sorry but that not true. They were taken away from the mother and me. I'm here to return them to her," said Sean going into a room.

Sean looked in the two cribs. The girls were sound a sleep, but the minute he said their names, Bryanna stood up the crib.

"That's my girl, you ready to go home to mommy? I hear you Aryanna. Let's go home," said Sean carrying the girls to the car.

"Don't go anywhere. You'll be called to testify at the hearing," replied Jack, following Sean to the car.

Sean put the girls into the seats and drove back to the hotel. As he stood there in the elevator holding the girls in each arm, The door bell rang, John opened the door and smiled.

"Max, someone is at the door for you," yelled John.

Max came out of the room and stopped when she saw Sean standing in the door holding the little girls. She smiled as she went over to them, taking both girls in her arms.

We still have to go to a hearing yet," replied Jack.

Kalanee Drive

"So what do we have here, one set of twins both in love with the same man. One husband in love with his wife's twin," replied Danny.

"He makes plans to have his wife kidnapped but she finds out about his plans and has Sharon set up to be in her place," replied Chris.

"Karen goes ahead with her plan to get rid of her sister without any one knowing it. The man helping her puts Sharon in the hole and then covers her with dirt. They both walk away. Karen makes a call to her husband. She tells him what the kidnappers want. He doesn't have enough money, so her father agrees to pay the ransom," said Chris.

"The kidnapper calls, tell him where to go to make the drop. Then Karen shows up a few hours later. When she's questioned, she has no idea where she has been. She finds herself walking down a highway after the kidnapper lets her go," replied Danny.

"The kidnappers just let her go, seems too odd. If you had been kidnapped, wouldn't you have tried to notice anything that you saw," said Chris.

"How do we tell this set of parents that we have found their daughter after being missing for twenty years," replied Danny.

"How do we explain that their other daughter is responsible for her disapperance," replied Chris as he drove in the driveway.

Danny and Chris got out of the car and walked to the front door. Chris hesitated before ringing the door bell. They just stood there wondering what to say, when the door opened.

"I'm Det. Gaines and this is Det. Edwards. We need to speak to the Stevens please," replied Chris.

"Come in please. I'll get them for you," said the man turning and walking away.

Chris and Danny could hear footsteps coming from the other room. They turned to see a man coming toward them.

"I'm Mr. Stevens did you want to see me?" The man asked.

"I'm Det. Gaines and this is Det. Edwards. We're here about your daughter Sharon. You reported her missing in 1985," said Chris.

"Yes we did and officers investigated back then but our daughter was found a few days later. We thought that she had been kidnapped just like Karen," replied Stevens walking into the living room.

"What do you mean just like Karen?" Danny asked.

"A few days before that, we had recieved word that Karen had been kidnapped from her house. Karen is married to Paul Martin, which makes her a target for kidnappers," replied Mr. Stevens.

"We read the files on it. It says that you paid the ransom and that the next day Karen was found wandering on a road," replied Chris.

"Mr. Stevens, didn't you ever wonder who had kidnapped her? You said that her sister came up missing during that time, but she was found," said Danny.

"That's right. Sharon was going to school in California. Her roommate called us and said that she hadn't come home for several days. After several days she called us and said that she was alright. We were glad she was safe and that was the end of it. You told Charles that you were here about my daughter. I don't understand," said the man.

"Two days ago workers on the new hotel being built, uncovered the remains of a woman. Forensic said that the body had been there for twenty years.
We went through missing persons in 1985. You reported your daughter missing, but not from California, you reported her missing in Hawaii. We pulled the dental records for those women who were missing. The report came back that the remains were Sharon Stevens," said Chris.

"Mr. Stevens, we need the truth. Sharon didn't call you. She's still missing and for twenty years you have wondered what happen to her," said Chris.

"A woman did call us. She said that she was Sharon and that she was safe, but she was in Califormia and that for her own reasons she was going to stay there. My wife was already upset about Karen being kidnapped. I didn't want her to know about Sharon. When the kidnappers called Paul about the ransom something was mentioned about Karen being a twin. I realized that they were hinting about having Sharon too," replied Mr. Stevens.

"Why did you pay the ransom?" asked Danny.

"Paul called me and said that he didn't have enough for the ransom. So I agreed to pay the ransom," said Mr. Stevens.

"According to the file, Karen was found wandering on a road. When did you hear from Sharon?" Chris asked.

"Maybe the next day. I asked her where she was. She told me she was in the hospital. I went there, but she had already been released and was gone," said the man.

"Didn't you think something was wromg?" asked Chris.

"Not really, Sharon has always been different. She did things her way," said her father.

"Mr Stevens, I'm sorry but like I said at first, the remains of your daughter Sharon were found on property that had belonged to your son-in-law before he sold it. Dental records confirm the idenity of the remains," replied Danny.

"Excuse me, Mr. Stevens you have a phone call," said Charles.

"We'll leave now, but if you can remember anything else please call us," said Chris handing him a card.

Danny and Chris walked out the door. Both had a puzzled look on their faces as they walked to Danny's car.

"He knows something that he doesn't want us to know," said Danny starting the car.

"He knows more then he's telling us about what happened," replied Chris.

"Danny, this is Kaleo, what's your location?" asked Kaleo.

"We're on the way back to the station," said Danny.

"There is someone here that needs to talk to you about Sharon Stevens," replied Kaleo.

The Penthouse

Sean opened the bedroom door and walked in. Max was standing beside of the beds. She was watching them as they slept. She smiled as she watched them, she was remembering that first night, they both were asleep in the same crib.

"I saw that smile," said Sean standing beside Max.

"I was remembering that first night. They were so small that they both slept in the same crib. Sean they can't take the girls away from me?" asked Max looking at Sean.

"I wouldn't let them," replied Sean holding Max.

Miranda was picking up the coffee cups and plates from the tables when she heard the doorbell. She walked to the door and opened it.

"Miranda, is Sean still here?" asked Jack coming in.

"Yes, I'll get him for you," said Miranda going toward the door.

"Who was that at the door, Miranda?" Max asked.

"It's Jack he's looking for Sean," said Miranda.

"I'm coming maybe he's heard from the judge," said Sean going out into the living room.

"I'm glad your here Sean. The judge's clerk called. They are moving the hearing up to Thursday. Max, Judge Henry has asked family services to come here and escourt you that day. Before you say anything, it's for your protection," said Jack

"What's going on, Sean?" asked Max looking at Sean.

"The caseworker that came here and took the girls had already placed them in another home. We questioned the couple. They told us that a woman had called them about taking two little girls for a while and no questions asked. She also told them they would receive so much money for keeping them," replied Sean.

"Sean have they found out any more about the mother?" asked Jack.

"John and Linh are looking at the film now," replied Sean.

"Not anymore. We think that we found her," said John coming into front door.

"Here's what we found on the film. There are several shots of her going to the manager and laying the baby in it. We have a full shot when she turneds around. Linh and some officers are looking for her now," said John.

Honolulu Metro Police Dept.

"Chris, there's a woman to see you. She says that she knows something about the case your working on," replied Kaleo walking toward the desk.

"Is that the woman?" asked Danny.

"Yes that's her," replied Kaleo.

"Let's talk to her and see what she knows," said Danny walking over to the desk.

"Excuse me, I'm Det. Gaines, they told me that you know something about the case," said Chris.

"My name is Ann Stevens, Sharon's mom. For twenty years, I have waited for someone to find her. I heard you at the house tell my husband that you had found her?" asked the woman.

"Yes we did but she wasn't alive. We found what was her remains," said Danny.

"I know what happen. My daughters both were in love with Paul but he was in love with Sharon. He asked Sharon to marry him, I could see the look on Karen's face, she was mad. They were married a year later, and that's when I saw the change in Karen. She was slowly becoming Sharon. I started to worry because they had switched places before and I was afraid that's what Karen was planning," said Mrs. Stevens.

"Was Sharon ever in California?" asked Chris.

"Yes she was there, she was trying to finish the year before transfering to Hawaii U. It was during this time that Karen was kidnapped," Mrs. Stevens replied.

"Whoever took Karen thought that they had Sharon," replied Chris.

"Yes, but we couldn't say anything because we were afraid that they would kill Karen if they knew," said Mrs. Stevens.

"Who called Sharon and asked her to come home?" asked Danny.

"I don't know," said the woman.

"Your husband said that you did?" asked Chris.

"All I know is that one day after Sharon came home, she turned up missing," replied the mother.

"You know something that you're not telling us. You think that Karen had something to do with Sharon's being missing?" Chris asked.

"Yes I do. I think that Karen became Sharon and took over her life and she's responsible for Sharon's disappearance. Which means Karen killed her own sister over a man," said the woman crying.

"Something still isn't right here. If Karen did do this then she had to get Sharon home. She disquised her voice and called Sharon, she tells her that Karen has been kidnapped. Karen has a friend helping her. He picks up Sharon from the airport and takes her to where Karen is. She has made plans to put Sharon in the hole and bury her alive. Karen hated her sister so much that she wanted her to die a slowly horrible death," said Chris.

"She calls Paul and says that she's safe, but she tell him that she's not coming back. Karen now has laid the foundation for taking over Sharon's life. She doesn't become Sharon, she just steps into Sharon's life, starting with Paul," said Danny.

"So let's go and bring Karen and Paul in for question," said Chris getting up from his desk.

"We have searched everywhere for this girl. We have her picture on the TV and the newspapers," said John walking into the squad room.

"Officers have been calling, they haven't foud her," said Harada.

"John, there's someone at the front desk that you may want to talk to," said Kaleo.

"You mean that woman?" asked John.

"Yes," said Kaleo.

"Can I help you?" asked John talking to the woman.

"This is my daughter and why are you looking for her?" asked the woman holding the paper.

"Did your daughter give birth eight months ago to a baby girl?" John asked.

"Yes she did but she gave her up for adoption," replied the woman.

"Is that what she told you," replied Linh.

"Your daughter lied to you. She abandon the baby in a nativity scene at Father Pete's church. My partner found the baby. Has your daughter said anything about wanting the baby back?" asked John.

"She has not changed her mind," said the woman.

"We need to talk to her," replied Linh.

The Penthouse

"John just called. They have the mother of Bryanna. She told them that she's not asking family services help to get the baby back. She has agreed to come to court with us," said John talking to Sean on the phone.

"I need to talk to her before the hearing," said Jack

"John's bringing her here."

"Thanks John," replied Sean hanging up the phone.

Kahuna Drive

"Danny and Chris walked to the front door. A man opened the door.

"Can I help you?" asked the man.

"We're Det. Gaines and Edwards. We need to talk to Mr. Martin?" asked Chris.

"I'm Mr. Martin, how can I help you?" asked the man.

"We need to talk to you about Sharon Stevens," replied Danny.

"Sharon is my wife, but she's not here right now," said the man.

"Mr. Martin, we hate to tell you, but the remains of Sharon were found buried on the property you sold," said Chris.

"She did it. I didn't think she would. Now I know why she has always been different," replied the man.

"What do you mean by that?" asked Danny.

"Shortly after we married, Sharon told me that she wanted to finish her junior year at school and then she would come home. She planned to transfer to Hawaii U. It was a week later that Karen was kidnapped. They told me that they would kill Sharon. That's when I realized that they thought they had Sharon," said Martin.

"What do you mean she did it?" asked Danny.

"I called Sharon to tell her that Karen had been kidnapped and that they thought it was her. She said that she would come home. I never dreamed that she would disappear. I didn't have the money for the ransom, her father agreed to pay it," Martin replied.

"When did you realize it was Karen and not Sharon?" asked Chris.

"The way she acted, it was differant from the way Sharon would have acted. Sharon once told me that her sister was jealous of her, because I had asked her to marry me," replied Mr. Martin.

"Where's Karen now?" asked Danny.

"She should be arriving home about now. There's the front door now," said Martin as Danny and Chris walked to the door.

"Karen Stevens, you're under arrest for the kidnapping and murder of Sharon Martin," said Chris.

"I'm not Karen, I'm Sharon," she replied.

"We found the remains of Sharon where you buried her alive twenty years ago," said Danny as he put handcuffs on Karen.

The Penthouse

"Sean, John is here with officer Linh," said Miranda going to the kitchen.

"We brought the girl with us. You said that Max's lawyer wanted to talk to her," replied John.

"Yes, I need to ask her some questions. Did you leave the baby at the church?" asked Jack.

"Yes, I did," replied the girl.

"Why?" asked Jack.

"Because the woman told me that they wouldn't want her, because she had something wrong with her," said the girl.

"Why wouldn't they want her?" Jack asked.

"Because of the drugs I took. The doctors told me that they would affect her," the girl replied.

"So that's when you decided to leave her at the church?" asked Jack.

"Yes, but a few days later a woman came to the house and asked me about the baby. She told me that she had a couple who wanted to take the baby. I told that I didn't have the baby anymore. She got really mad and left," replied the girl.

"Is this the woman?" asked Sean holding a picture.

"Yes it is," said the girl.

"It's the woman that I saw walking out of the hotel with Bryanna. She works for familiy services," said Sean.

"Do you think that she was part of the baby ring that we busted over ten months ago?" asked John.

"Yes, she just continued where her lawyer friend left off," replied Sean.

"Do you think that couple that had the girls know something?" asked John.

"Go question them and see what they know," replied Sean.

"Linh, I need someone to sit with the girl. Take her to a safehouse and make sure she's in court tomorrow," said Sean.

"I need to call the DA and add her to the list of witnessess," said Jack.

"If we have the mother then who do they have as the mother?" asked Sean.

"I was wondering that too," replied Jack as he walked out the door.

Sean walked back into the living room. It was late and he knew that Max would be waking up soon. One of the girls was sure to wake up and want a bottle. He started for the bedroom when he heard noises from the bedroom. He opened the door to find Bryanna standing up in her crib.

"So you're awake, and I'll bet you're wet too. I know your hungry, you have to lay still. That's a good girl. Now that you're dry, let's go get your bottle," said Sean.

He sat down in the rocking chair and slowly rocked her back to sleep. He just sat there holding her finding he couldn't let go of her. As Bryanna fell asleep so did Sean. The soft touch of a hand on his shoulder woke him up.

"Sean, have you been here all night?" asked Max.

"Yes, what time is it?" asked Sean.

"It's almost time to go and I need to get Bryanna ready," replied Max.

"I need some coffee, I'm going to the kitchen," said Sean as he left the room.

Sean started for the kitchen, when he heard the door bell rang. He opened the door.

"I'm Mrs. Lee from family services. I'm here to take the baby to court," replied the woman.

"I'm Det. Harrison and I'll be taking the baby to court. You're welcome to follow us in your car," said Sean.

"That's fine. I'll wait for you in the lobby," said Mrs. Lee.

"Max, are you ready? We have to go," replied Sean.

"We're ready to go. Does Bryanna look okay?" asked Max.

"Yes," said Sean.

Honolulu Court House

John and Linh walked into the courthouse.

"Mia, you'll be in a room until Jack calls you, Linh will be with you," replied John.

"Linh, will the baby be here?" asked Mia.

"Do you remember what we talked about. She will be there but she'll be in the Judge's chambers. You wouldn't have to see her," replied Linh.

Max and Sean drove up to the front of the courthouse. Max got out of the car with Bryanna. Mrs. Lee came over to take the baby.

"Max, she'll be all right," said Sean walking into the courthouse.

Max sat down at the table with Jack, when the Judge entered the room.

"We are here today in the matter of baby B. Her natural mother has petitioned the court to get the baby back. Some odd things have happen since I gave custody to Mrs Maxwell. I will listen to both sides and then I will make my decision," said the Judge.

"Your Honor, ten months ago my client gave birth to a baby girl. She had made arrangements with family services to give the baby up for adoption. The couple taking the baby backed out when they found out that the baby had some medical problems. My client chose to abandon the baby," said Mr. Jackson.

"Call your first witness," said the Judge.

"I call the baby's mother to the stand," said the lawyer, who proceeded to ask his client questions. Then it was Jack's turn.

"Miss Hill, what kind of medical problens?" Jack asked

"She had seizures and would need a lot of medical attention," said the girl.

"Is it true that the doctors reported to family services that the seizures were a result of drugs being used while you were pregnant. I have a statement from Dr. Hamil that says the baby was going thorough withdrawals due to drugs in her system. Miss. Hill, the baby you gave up has a birthmark. Can you tell us what it is, and where?" asked Jack.

"I don't remember," said the girl.

"You don't know, because you have never seen it on the baby, because you never gave birth to this little girl. You were hired by someone to pretend to be the mother. How much did they say they would pay you?" asked Jack.

"I don't know what they paid me," said the girl.

"Your honor, this witness is not the real mother of baby B. She was asked by someone to play the role because they thought that they could ask for the baby back, and that they could ask for money in order for Kate Maxwell to keep the baby," replied Jack.

"Do you have imformation that this is possible. If so please present your evidence now," said the Judge.

"Your honor, I call Mia Lane, Baby B's real mother. Mia, are you the baby's mother?" asked Jack.

"Yes," said Mia.

"Do you want the baby back?" asked Jack.

"No. Her new mother has been taking very good care of her. I couldn't afford to take care of her," said the girl.

"Your honor, this whole case has been a scam to get a baby back so that they can sell it. All they want is money. If that's the case then my client will pay them any amount that they want," said Jack.

"Mr Taylor, can you have your client come to my chambers. Court is dismissed," said the Judge.

"What do you think is going to happen?" asked Max.

"I don't know, Max," said Jack.

"Sean?" asked Max.

"I'll be right there, Max," replied Sean.

"Do you want us to arrest Mrs. Francis?" asked John.

"Yes, she's the one that Mia said offered her money for the baby," said Sean.

Judge's Chambers

"Mrs. Maxwell, I'm going to sign the paperwork granting for you to adopt the baby known as Bryanna and for the adoption of Aryanna. That means they are now your daughters and no one can take them away from you," said the Judge.

"Sean, did you hear?" asked Max.

"I heard, so did someone else," said Sean, holding Bryanna who was smiling.

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