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Honolulu Metro Police Dept.

Harada sat in his office, behind the desk that had been his assignment for the last 10 years. There had been several cases, that had affected him over the years, but not as much as the one that lay before him. He opened the file and started to go through the file. He picked up the picture and looked at it. He knew every line of the little face that looked back at him. He tried to imagine what she would like now. It had been 10 years since she disappeared. Now another file lay there almost identical to the other one. The Duvall's daughter had been missing 10 years, now the Cabot's baby had been reported missing. It had caught Harada's attention, because of the similarities.

Sean and John were just report for duty. Harada picked up the two files and walked out to where they stood. He laid the files on Sean desk.

"Is this our assignment for the day?" Asked Sean picking up the folder.

"Yes," said Harada.

"This case is 10 years old. I remember it. This one just happened , but why did you give the Duvall's case? Sean asked.

"The similarities in the two case, can't be ignored. You and John need to read them and you'll see what I mean," replied Harada.

"What's the captain talked about being similar? John asked.

"Remember, when we went to the Cabot's home to investigate the disappearance of their daughter. They told us that the nanny had left with baby, to take her for a walk. The Duvall's daughter disappeared in the same way, 10 years ago. He right there are similarities in the two cases. I just saw one of them. Either that's the same nanny or her twin sister. John look at these two pictures and tell me what you see? Sean asked.

"If you add 10 years, I would have to say that it looks like the same woman," said John.

"I thought the same thing, we need to talk to the Cabot's," replied Sean walking out the door to his car.

"Tell me why a ten year old case would bother Harada? John asked getting in the car.

"It was ten years ago, just before Harada was promoted to captain. He was a detective and he was assigned to the Duvall's case. I remember it, because I had just made detective. I found my self assigned to help Harada with the investigation. After weeks of searching and asking every question that we could, the investigation came to a standstill. The nanny was found a few days later, but the baby was never found," replied Sean.

"Couldn't the nanny tell you anything about who had kidnapped her?" Asked John.

"She couldn't remember anything that happened. That's what bothered the captain the most. He spent the next few days going over all the evidence that we had.It was like he was looking for something that wasn't there. We went and talked to the Duvall's again. An agent with the FBI brought it to our attention. There had been know ransom demands. made," replied Sean.

"Did anyone ask questions about the lack of ransom demands?" Asked John.

"We went back every day for two weeks. We asked every questions that we could think of. We even talked to them separately, hoping that maybe they would say something different, but they told the same story. We even questioned the nanny every day, but if she knew anything she wasn't talking about it. Now ten years later, it's still an unsolved case and the captain hasn't been able to stop thinking about her," replied Sean.

Honolulu Metro Police Dept.

"Chris, Danny I have something for you to do," said Harada.

"What is it captain? Chris asked.

"It has to do with the Duvall case. I want you to take this picture of their baby and have the face aged to what she might look now ten years later. You'll find a picture of the parents in the file. Then I want you to go to every school and look at every ten year old girl," replied Harada going back to his office.

"I've never seen the captain so upset about a case. It's like he's blaming his self for not finding her," said Danny picking up the file.

"He is blaming himself. He has for the last ten years, because he was the lead detective in the case and know matter what he did, he couldn't find her," said Chris following Fanny out the door.

"If we have to go to every school to look for this one girl, it's going to take some time," replied Danny starting the car.

"Yeah, I know, that's why we need to get started," replied Chris putting on his sunglasses.

The Cabot's Home

"Do we know anything about the Cabot's? John asked getting out of the car.

"Cabot owns one of the biggest pineapple factory on the island. His wife Amy inherited sugar cane friends when her dad died a few years ago. So they have money and that would make them a perfect target for kidnappers," said Sean going up to the door.

"Has anyone called them asking for a ransom?" Asked John.

"I'm not sure she was kidnapped at least not by strangers," replied Sean.

"You still think that the nanny is behind this?" Asked John.

"Yes," replied Sean ringing the doorbell.

Sean could hear as someone came near the door. Then the door opened.

"could I help you? The man asked.

"I'm detective Harrison and this is Detective Declan. We're here to see Mr and Mrs. Cabot," replied Sean..

"Come in please. I'm Mr. Cabot," said the man.

"We need to ask you some questions about what happened to your daughter," replied Sean.

"Follow me into the living room and I'll try an tell you what happened," replied Mr. Cabots walking into the room.

"Mr. Cabot is this your nanny?" Asked John handing the picture to him.

"Yes, it is." He replied giving the picture back to Sean.

"Mr. Cabot, why did you wait till this morning to call the police and report your daughter missing? John asked.

"My wife hasn't been well for several days and Maria was going to visit her mother. She said that she could take the baby with her. So I agreed to it, but when I called Maria to check on the baby. The police answered the phone, they told me that the woman who lived there had reported her baby had been taken. I told the police that I was the baby father and asked to talk to Maria. She said that someone had take the baby and that they told her not to call the police," replied Mr. Cabot.

"Why did you let her take the baby?" Asked John/

"Because I thought I could trust her." He replied.

"Why did you wait to call the police?" Asked Sean.

"Because she told me they would kill her if I called the police, but I had to take the chance." Cabot replied.

"Calling us is the right thing you should of done," replied John.

"We have two officers who are going to be setting up a telephone in case the kidnappers call," replied Sean.

"They will tell you what to do when the kidnappers call," replied John.

Sean and John got up from the sofa leaving the man sitting there.

"This sounds like the Duvall kidnapping all over again. This time we have to find the baby," said Sean getting into the car.

"Did he seem a little to calm for you?" Asked John.

"Yeah he did to me too. That's why we're going back to the station. He acted to calm or he has already been contacted by the kidnappers," said Sean.

Honolulu Elementary School

"We have looked at every ten year old girl in this school and not one of them looks like the composite of the Duvall's baby." Complained Danny.

"This makes the fourth school that we have went to and we haven't found anyone that looks like her," replied Chris leaning up against the wall.

"Well, what do we do now?" Asked Danny.

"Let's go back to the office, there has to be something that we're missing," said Chris as they started to walk of the school.

"Detectives," yelled the woman running out of the office.

"What's the matter?" Asked Danny looking at the woman.

"Mrs. long is the school secretary and she just told me that three little girls from Mrs. Kim's class were sick today and didn't come to school. I'll call you if they are here," replied Mrs. Kane.

"We'll be waiting to hear from you," said Chris.

Chris and Danny drove back to the office. They had spent most of the day looking at ten years old. Chris and Danny walked into the squad room and quickly went to their desks. Chris opened the file to take another look the information. He wanted to make sure that he hadn't over looked anything.

"How many times are you going to look at that folder?" Asked Danny.

"Till I find something that wasn't there before," replied Chris as Sean and John came into the room.

"Hey did you guy's find anything at the schools?" Asked John.

"Do you mean did we get lucky and find her? The answer is no," replied Danny.

"Sean, can I ask you something. When that guy took Nick, I saw you looking everywhere for him. You didn't stop till you found him. We went to talk to the Duvall's this morning, it was a little stranger there. I noticed that there were pictures of a little girl sitting around the room. At first I didn't think anything about it, because they have had two more daughters, so I just thought that they were pictures of those girls. When I showed the picture that we had aged progression of her daughter. She wasn't even surprised when we showed her that picture. If my daughter had been missing ten years and I was shown a picture of what she looked like now, I would of shown some kind of emotion at seeing the picture, but she didn't show any. Her husband told me that the picture sitting around the room were aged progression of what there daughter Amy would like at a certain age He showed me a picture of what the thought she would look like at ten. Sean, it looked nothing like the picture we
had," said Chris.

"It doesn't make any sense, why would they have pictures of a missing child. Something isn't right there," replied Sean.

Honolulu Metro Police Dept.

"Sean, you have been sitting there for over an hour, just staring out of the window," replied John.

"I was just remembering something from the Duvall case. I need to talk to the captain," replied Sean getting up from his desk.

As he walked across the room, he kept asking himself, how the two cases were very much alike. He knocked on the captain's door.

"Come in," replied Harada closing the door.

"I see that your looking at the Duvall file. Do you ever wonder if we could of done something different?" Asked Sean.

"I did for the first few years. Then I wondered if we had done something wrong during the investigation, but there is one thing that has always bothered me all these years. That was the way that the Duvall's acted during our investigation," replied Harada.

"I remembered that. They just didn't act like people who had just had their daughter kidnapped," said Sean.

"Does the Duvall case have anything to do with the Cabot's?" Asked Harada.

"That's why I came into talk to you. Mr. Cabot acted very strange when we talked to him. We found out that he waited for eighteen hours before calling the police. There is something else, just before coming in here, I was talking to Chris and he said something that was a little strange," said Sean

"Ask Chris and Danny to come in here?" Asked Harada.

"Chris and Danny, the captain wants to talk to you?" Asked Sean from the doorway.

"You wanted to see us? Chris asked.

"When were at the last school, one of the teacher said something about the picture that she had seen before. She had a class picture and one of the little girls in the front looked just like that of Amy Duvall. She told us to check into the off ice and the secretary could tell us her name. In the office we found out that her name is Amanda Duvall and she has a sister named Emily. So we went to the Duvall's to ask them some questions. They said that they didn't want to answer any questions that we asked. They agreed to look at the picture of Amy. They seemed to be surprised by the picture. That's when I noticed the pictures sitting around the room. Mr. Duvall said that they were picture of what they thought Amy would of looked like at a certain age, but the picture we had of her at ten didn't even look like her at ten. Before we left I asked him about Amanda and Emily. He told me that they were eight and six and were born a couple of years after Amy disappeared. I thought that it was
strange to see pictures of their daughter Amy sitting around," replied Chris.

"It does sound strange. When a child is kidnapped and never recovered, the parents just want to move on with their lives. They don't want to have a reminder of that child. Now I can see why you thought it was so strange. Chris, I want a surveillance set up on the Duvall's," replied Harada.

"Danny, I want you to go back and checked the Duvall's account for the last ten years. There may be something there that we don't know about," said Harada.

"What are we looking for?" Asked Danny walking back to his desk.

"Any large amounts of money that may have been withdrawal over a period of a time in the last ten years," said Sean.

"So you think that the Duvall's may have paid a ransom at sometime. If they did why not tell us?" Asked Danny.

"That's why Harada wants you to check their bank account for any large amounts of withdrawal," replied Sean.

"We'll get started on it right away," replied Danny.

"I have the surveillance set up for the Duvall's. Linh and Kaleo will take the first watch and then we take over the next eight hours," replied Chris as he started back to his desk. He could hear John talking on the phone.

"How long ago was this? Has anyone called about a ransom? Okay thanks and make sure that they don't leave, before we get there," replied John getting up from the desk.

"Who was that on the phone? Sean asked.

"Officer Tamiya, he called to tell me that the nanny called from the hospital. " Replied John.

"What are we waiting for, that's means she's back at the house. We need to talk to her," replied Sean as they walked out of the door.

The Cabot's home

The woman stood at the window looking out. She could feel the sadness that grew inside of her with each passing hour. She moved around the room slowly looking at the crib and the carousel that was her daughters. She picked up the soft cuddly bear that lay in the crib. She held it in her arms as she sat down in the rocking chair. She slowly rocked the bear as if it was her daughter. Sitting there she heard the front door opened and the sound of voices in the foyer. She laid the bear in the crib and started down the stairs. She could see her husband from where she stood, maybe he had news about the baby. She walked into the living room, where her husband sat in a chair.

"Robert, have you heard anything about the baby?" Asked his wife as she came to the chair.

"No Laura. You should be resting. I'll let you know if I hear anything alright," replied her husband as he stood in the foyer watching as his wife walked up the stairs.

Mr Cabot turned to see who had opened the front door.

"Did you pick up Maria from the hospital? He asked the man.

"Yes. I took her to the kitchen entrance," replied the man.

"Could you please tell her , that I would like to talk to her? He asked.

"Yes, Mr Cabot." He replied as he turned to answer the door.

"We were informed that the nanny was here? We need to talk to her?" Asked John.

"She's here, but she's not in to good of shape to be able talk to you right now." Explained Cabot.

"I don't think you understand the situation here Mr. Cabot. Time is very important here, it can mean in finding the baby or not finding her," stated Sean walking into the foyer.

"James, could you please tell Maria to come to the living room," replied Mr Cabot walking into the room.

"Did you want to see me Mr Cabot?" Asked Maria walking into the living room.

"The detectives investigating Mia's disappearance would like to talk to you," replied Mr. Cabot.

"I don't know if I can tell them anything that happened," replied Maria.

"We think that you know more than your saying," said John.

"We can either talk to you here or we can take you down to the police station and talk to you there," said Sean.

"Maria, if you can remember anything, please tell them." Pleaded Cabot.

"We know that you left the house, where did you go from here?" Asked John.

"My mother had called me and asked me to pick up something for her. James said that he would take me to do the errands and then take me over to my mothers house.When I got to the house, there was no one home, so I decided to take the baby out for a short walk. On the way back to my mothers house, I noticed that a car was following me. I started to panic and I walked faster. Then the car stopped and a man got out and came up to me. He said that he wanted the baby and that nothing could stop him from taking her. He told me that someone would contact the family. I tried to fight him and that's when he hit me with something. When I woke up my mother was standing over me," replied the nanny.

"Did you see a license plate or even the make of the car?" Asked Sean.

"No, it happened so fast. My mother insisted that go to the hospital," said the nanny.

"Did you get a good look at the man who came up behind you or the driver of the car? John asked.

"All I know is that it was a man who came up behind me and took the baby. I couldn't see who the driver of the car was. I couldn't see if it was a man or woman," said the nanny.

"Is this a picture of you?" Asked Sean showing her the photograph.

"Yes that's a picture of me, but where did you get it from? She asked.

"The picture was given to us by Paul Duvall. He gave us this picture of you ten years ago, when you worked for them as a nanny. It was during this time that their infant daughter was kidnapped," replied Sean.

"I didn't have any thing to do with the baby disappearance. You have to believe me. I need to go lay down, if your done asking me questions?" Asked Maria.

"We're done for now, but we may have more questions later," replied John who saw the look on Sean's face as he watched Mr. Cabot

"Do you have something to tell us Mr Cabot?" Asked Sean.

"I know Paul Duvall, we met a few years ago at a social function. It was the Duvall's that recommend Maria to us as a nanny. Why did you look at Maria like she was lying about what happened?" Asked Mr. Cabot.

"Her story was pretty much the same one that she told me ten years ago. I didn't believe her then and I don't believe her now," replied Sean.

"What are you saying, that Maria is some how involved with the kidnapping?" Asked Cabot.

"When the Duvall's told you about Maria. They didn't say anything to you about what happened to you?" Asked Sean.

"They just said that she was a good nanny and that they didn't need her anymore," replied Cabot.

"Ten years ago Maria worked for the Duvall's. Maria took the baby for a walk, that's when the Duvall's three week old daughter disappeared. We searched every where for her. After six months we gave up there were no leads for to go on. Maria was a suspect then and I think that she's a suspect now," replied Sean.

"Paul never told us that. you didn't find her did you?" Asked Cabot.

"No, we never did find her and for ten years I had to live with that. We aren't going to stop until we find your daughter," replied Sean looking at Cabot.

Honolulu Metro Police Dept.

"I didn't think that man at the bank was going to let us look at Duvall's account," said Danny.

"That's why you have to have a court order to show them. Do you have the files that he gave us?" Asked Chris.

"Right here. Now we just have to look for large amounts being withdrawn," said Danny.

"Did you get the files from the bank?" Asked Harada walking up to the desk.

"We have them, now we just have determine Which of the amounts our business deals or payoffs," replied Chris.

"Make sure you look at them real close. Don't overlook any amount that you might think is a payoff," said Harada going back to his office.

"There are so many large amounts that I can't tell them apart." Complained Danny.

"Maybe I can help you," replied Linh coming over to Danny and Chris.

"What can you do?" Asked Danny.

"I can go back to the bank and get the disc's that have the Duvall's account on. Then I can separate his business accounts from his personal accounts," replied Linh.

"Whose is with Kaleo on the surveillance?" Asked Chris.

"Miller is with Kaleo and their shift is almost over," said Linh leaving the squad room.

"We need to check on them and see if anything has happened," replied Danny walking out the door.

The Duvall house

Kaleo patiently sat in the car watching the house. It had been a long night and so far there had been nothing to report. He watched as Mr. Duvall left his house, to go to work. Then shortly after that he noticed as Mrs. Duvall left the house with her two daughters for school. He had been watching the house several days and it seemed to be the same routine, but then he noticed that Mrs. Duvall's car didn't return from taking the kids to school. He realized that he had seen something else, a man had taken several packages to her car, but maybe it's just a coincidence he thought.

"Kaleo, didn't you hear me knock on the window?" Asked Chris.

"No, I was thinking of some thing and didn't hear you," replied Kaleo.

"Anything happened out of the ordinary? Chris asked.

"I don't know, Mr Duvall left for work and His wife just left to take the girls to school. She left over an hour ago and she hasn't come back yet. I saw this man putting some packages in her car," replied Kaleo.

"She may of have bee going somewhere else to drop them off.," replied Danny.

"That's it, that's what I was trying to remember. We were here monday and there were no packages, she took them to school and came back, but o tuesday the same man put some packages in her car and she was gone till it was time for school to be out," replied Kaleo.

"That's means she went somewhere for at least six hours. Kaleo, I want you and Miller to follow her the next time," said Chris.

"Chris, Linh just called and she has found something, that we need to see," said Danny.

"No! Laura. There's no word about the baby." Answered her husband.

"We should of heard something by now.

Honolulu Metro Police Dept.

"Captain, you might want to see this," said Linh opening his door.

"What did you find?" Asked Harada walking over to Linh's desk.

"There was nothing unusual in his business account, but in his personal account I found several large amounts of money being paid out over the last ten years," said Linh.

"Does it says who it's being paid to?" Asked Harada.

"No it doesn't, but it's paid every month on the third. So who are they paying it to" Asked Linh.

"Are you sure?" Asked Harada.

"Yes, I have went through every entry and it doesn't say who it's paid to," replied Linh.

"Is there any way to find out who it is? Harada.

"I can call the bank and see if they can tell me, but they may not be able to," replied Linh picking up the phone.

Outside the Cabot house.

"What's wrong Sean?" Asked John.

"Something just doesn't seem right here. Mrs. Cabot seemed very upset by her daughters kidnapping, but her husband seemed to be to calm," said Sean.

"The nanny didn't seem to be to upset," replied John.

"We need to set up a surveillance on the nanny. We need to follow her everywhere she goes. She may lead us to the baby. She maybe the only hope we have. I don't understand why the kidnappers haven't called about a ransom. It's been almost twenty four hours since the baby was taken and the only thing we have is what the nanny told us," replied Sean as he got in the car.

John couldn't help, but notice the look he saw on Sean's face. He knew that he was getting frustrated with not be able to find any leads.

"Sean, are you alright?" Asked John.

"I was remembering what Max's went through when she learned that her daughter Michelle was missing. It was like her whole world had stopped," replied Sean staring out the windshield.

"I know how Max reacted when you had to tell her that Michelle was dead," said John.

"We're going to do everything we can to find this baby, because I'm not going to tell another mother her child is dead," replied Sean.

"I called Mendez and had him set up the first watch on the Cabot house. They should be here at any time. Mendez called the men who are listening on the wire tap. It's been set up for every phone in the house, so if someone calls the nanny, we'll know it too," said John.

"As soon as Mendez and his partner arrive, we need to go back to where they found the nanny. There maybe something the they missed," said Sean.

"Mendez knows to call us if anyone calls the Cabot house," replied John.

"I think the nanny knows more than she's telling us.There was something in the way that she tried to tell us what happened that afternoon. It was like listen to her ten years ago.. It felt like the same story," replied Sean starting the car and driving out of the driveway.

"She said that it happened not far from her mother's house," stated John.

"So that's where we start looking for any clues," replied John.

"I keep thinking that there is something I'm missing about the two cases and it's right there in front of me.It was something that Mrs. Cabot said when she talked to us about the baby," replied Sean.

"I remember her saying something about how her daughter was born with brown hair and brown eyes, but there was something else," replied John looking at Sean.

"She said something about her being darker than most babies. John do we have a picture of the Duvall baby?" Asked Sean pulling over to the curb.

"Yeah, we have one from the file, but why do you want to see it?" Asked John giving the picture to Sean.

Sean took the picture and stared at it. Then he took the picture of the Cabot baby and held them side by side and smiled.

"Well you must of found something or you wouldn't be smiling. You want to let me in on it?" Asked John.

"We need to go back to the station and let Joe look at the pictures and confirm what I'm thinking," replied Sean.

"Are you going to tell me or do I have to ask Joe?" Asked John.

"When you were born, did your mother ever tell you how you looked like your dad or brother," said Sean.

"She use to tell me I looked my dad, but what does that have to do with the Cabot baby?" Asked John.

"Take a look at both pictures and tell me what you see," replied Sean.

"They both have brown hair and dark eyes. They look like they could be twins. That's why you want Joe to take a look," said John.

Honolulu Metro Police Dept.

"If Mrs. Duvall was gone for six hours today, then it could be wednesday before she went again, but where is she going?" Asked Danny.

"That's if she goes three times a week. The surveillance was just set up yesterday afternoon. It's possible that she goes every day. We know that until tomorrow. We could use a break in this case," replied Chris.

"I think that we just got one," replied Sean coming into the squad room.

"Did you find something?" Asked Chris as they watched Sean opening the captain's door.

"Captain, could you please come out here?" Asked Sean.

"Well what do you have?" Asked Harada.

"We know that the Duvall's have brown hair and green eyes. It was what Mrs. Cabot said that gave me this idea. She said that the baby had brown hair and dark eyes. The Cabot's have sandy blonde hair and blue eyes and are fair skinned. Mrs. Cabot made a comment about the bay having darker skin than her. I took the picture of the Duvall baby and the Cabot baby and put them side by side each other. When you look at them, they look like they could be twins," replied Sean.

"Give the pictures to Joe and have him go over them," replied Harada.

The Cabot House

"Excuse me officers, I thought you would like some coffee. It must be boring to sit there and just wait for the phone to ring," said Cabot sitting the coffee down on the table.

"It's not to bad, we're use to it. We just have to record every call that comes in," said the officer.

"Don't let him tell you that it's not bad, some times we sit here forever just waiting for that call from the kidnappers. So we have learned how to play several card games to keep from getting bored," replied the other officer.

"Do you answer all the phones or just the ones that have taps on them?" Asked Cabot.

"If the kidnapper should call, we have you answer the phone and then we listen on the phone at the same time. This way we know what the kidnappers have to say or what they want," replied the officer.

"This waiting for the kidnapper to call is driving me crazy and it's very hard on my wife. She just sits there in the nursery and rocks all day long. This morning I found her holding the bear that's Debbie favorite. She can't take much more of this. I'm afraid that she will have a breakdown if we don't find Debbie," replied Mr. Cabot.

"When a child is kidnapped , the kidnappers usually calls with in a matter of hours to make their demands," said the officer.

"That's why we don't understand why they haven't called," said the other officer.

"Are they doing anything to find her?" Asked Cabot.

"They are doing everything that they can. The detectives are working right now to find your daughter," said the officer.

"I know they are, I'm just worried can you understand what I'm saying?" Asked Cabot.

"We do," said the officer.

Honolulu Metro Police Dept.

"Sean, Joe just called and he wants us to come to his office," said Harada.

"Did he find something between the two pictures?" Asked Sean.

"Yes, he did and he found something else too," said Harada as they walked down the stairs to Joe's office.

"Okay Joe, what did you?" Asked Harada.

"What I found was very interesting. I took the pictures of the two babies and put them on the computer and then I overlaid them. I looked at the shape of the face, the nose and the eyes. The shape of the face matched," said Joe.

"What else did you find?" Asked Harada.

"The eyes are the same shape and so is the nose and the mouth. You can see that they are a perfect match. The skin tones are very much alike in color," replied Joe.

"Are you saying that the two girls could be twins?" Asked Sean.

"Not so much twins, but more like sisters," said Joe.

"How could they be sisters? There are two different mothers involved," said John.

"That's when I ran one more test. I took the picture of the nanny and compared the structure of her face, eyes and mouth with the two babies. The girls faces match her features perfectly," replied Joe.

"Are you saying that the nanny is the mother of the little girls, but how?" Asked Sean.

"I;m not saying for sure she is, but there is a possibility," replied Joe.

"What's the matter Sean?" Asked Harada.

"The picture on the left is that of Amy Duvall, but the one on the right is that of Debbie Cabot. That's not possible it can't be their daughter is the problem. The Cabot's are fair skinned," replied Sean.

"We just assumed that the baby was white. That means they must of adopted the baby. It's the only way," said Harada.

"That means The Duvall's can't be the parents of Amy," said John.

"It's possible that they are. The Duvall's are native Hawaiian and french," said Chris.

"So what do we have here basically is two couples that couldn't have children, so they choose to adopt," said Sean.

"There's just one problem with that. The Duvall's have two daughters, Amanda and Emily. We checked and Amanda was born two years after Amy was kidnapped. Then Emily was born later. So Mrs. Duvall could have children, then why did they adopt a baby?" Asked Danny.

"It may of been a decision on their part," replied Chris.

"It could of helped us when the baby was kidnapped. We had nothing to go on back then. If we had known she was adopted it would of given us more options to look into," replied Sean.

"We have something now and we need to follow it up. Sean, you and John need to go back and talk to the Cabot's. Chris and Danny you told me that Mrs. Duvall leaves in the morning and is gone all day. I want you to follow her and see where she goes's," said Harada.

"Captain, I have been at this for four eight hours. I'm going home and check on Max and the girls. I can be reached on my phone if anything happens," said Sean getting up from his desk.

"I thought that I would go and sit outside of the Cabot's house. " Said John walking out with Sean.

As Sean drove to the penthouse, he could feel the stress of the last two days. It would be good to get home and see Max and the girls, if only for a little while. Sean turned into the driveway of the hotel, he opened the car door and walked up to the front doors of the hotel. He walked through the lobby to the elevator that would take him to the penthouse. He stood there waiting as each floor went by and then stopped at the top. He walked across the hall and opened the door. He smiled as heard the sounds of Max and the girls playing.He went to the kitchen and took a beer out of the refrigerator. He leaned against the counter and took a couple swallows of it. Then he looked down to see a small face smiling at him. He sat the bottle down and went to pick up the giggling child and went back into the living room.

"Did you lose someone?" Asked Sean as he watched Max looking around the room.

"I see that she found you. When did you get home?" Asked Max holding Aryanna.

"Just a few minutes ago. I told the captain that I need a break, if only for a little while," said Sean.

"Have you found the baby or had any leads? Max asked.

"We have a lead, but we don't yet where it will take us. If the phone rings, that means I have to leave," replied Sean.

"Help me put the girls to bed and then we can talk. There's bottle in the refrigerator. Do you want to get them?" Asked Max laying the girls in their crib.

Max turned off the light and started out of the room. She could see Sean standing at the window looking out. She knew what he was thinking, the look on his face told her everything.

"I can see how hard this is on you," replied Max holding Sean's hand.

"I had to come home to see you and the girls. This has been so hard. We have a missing baby and so far, the kidnappers haven't called about a ransom," said Sean.

"That doesn't make sense. Someone should of called by now," said Max.

"No it doesn't make sense," replied Sean as continued to look out the window.

The Cabot House

John had just settled down to get comforted in his car for the long wait. When his phone started ringing.

"Detective DeClan, the Cabot's just got a phone call from someone about the baby. They asked Mr. Cabot to meet them at a designated place. He doesn't know that we called you," said Officer Tanoah.

"Thank's," replied John dialing Sean's phone.

"This is Harrison. I'm leaving right now. I'll call you when I'm in the car," said Sean turning to Max.

"I know you have to leave," replied Max giving Sean a hug.

"That's was John, we may have a break in the case. Someone called the Cabot's," said Sean giving Max a kiss as he walked out the door.

John sat patiently waiting for Cabot to come out of his house. It had been over an hour since he had received the call. He was watching the house when he saw the head lights of a car turn into the driveway. He noticed that the man getting out was carrying a briefcase. He walked up to the front door and opened it . He walked in and closed the door behind him.Still watching the house
John's phone started to ring.

"John, this Sean. I'm two blocks from the Cabot house. I hadn't heard from you, so Cabot hasn't left yet," said Sean.

"No he hasn't left, but a few minutes ago a man carrying a briefcase arrived at the house," replied John.

"That man probably brought the money for the ransom. John I'm pulling up behind you. I'll be there in a few minutes," replied Sean getting out of his car.

"There hasn't been anything happening since the man arrived. Officer Tanoah called and told me that he saw Cabot and the man go into a room and thats where they have bee ever since," said John.

"We need to call for backup, just in case. We don't need to be caught off guard," said Sean calling the dispatcher.

"Something that Tanoah said to me doesn't make sense. Cabot acted like he didn't want anyone to know who he was on the phone with," said John.

"We'll just wait for him. He has to go out eventually to meet the kidnappers.

Honolulu Metro Police Dept.

"Chris, do you have everything you need?" Asked Harada.

"I have the court order, just in case. Was there something else captain?" Asked Chris.

"Yes there is. Let me know when you're leaving. I want to go with you, for the last ten years, I have wondered what happened to her," said Harada.

"We'll be leaving soon, captain," replied Danny.

"Captain we're ready to leave now," said Chris standing in the door.

"Lets go, we don't want to miss them. Kaleo called the station and reported that the driver was taking things out to the car," replied Harada walking out the door to the parking lot.

Harada got into his car and waited for Danny and Chris to leave the parking lot. He sat there thinking about what they had said. If they were right, then maybe it was the end of a long nightmare for him. He started his car and followed them out of the police lot and the few miles to the Duvall home.Danny and Chris sat a couple blocks from the house waiting for Mrs. Duvall to come out.
They didn't have long to wait. The front door of the house opened and Mrs. Duvall came out and went to the car that was waiting for her.Harada noticed the man getting in the car, it was her husband.

"Captain do you know who the man is that's getting in the car?" Asked Chris.

"The man is Paul Duvall her husband. Has he been going with her?" Asked Harada.

"This is the first time that we have seen him go with her," replied Chris.

"They're pulling out of the driveway, don't lose them," said Harada following Danny's car.

"Chris, the car is turning on to a street that leads to a hospital," replied Danny.

"Is this where she goes everyday? This hospital deals with long term care for their patients, but why is she coming here?" Asked Chris.

"We can only follow them and then we will find out," said Harada getting out of his car.

Harada started toward the hospital, Danny and Chris followed him up the stairs. Harada opened the door and walked into the front entrance of the hospital.

"We need to find someone who can tell us where the Duvall's went to. Maybe the person at the information desk can help us. Replied Harada as Chris went over to the desk.

"She can't help us. She doesn't have a list of patients that are here," said Chris as they watched a man come up to me.

"Can I help you?" Asked the man.

"We followed a couple in here. There name is Duvall and we believe that they have information in another case. Can you tell us which room they went to?" Asked Harada.

"I can't tell you that. We have rules on privacy here for our patients and their families," replied the man.

"We have a court order to look at your records on the patients that you have here," said Harada.

"The administrator can help you," said the man.

"Excuse me, I believe that I can help you Detective Harada," said Mr. Duvall coming up behind the captain.

"It's Captain Harada, Mr. Duvall," replied Harada.

"Come with me, I think that it's time you knew. My wife and I have lived with a lie for the last ten years," replied Mr. Duvall going down the hall to a room.

"Does this have to do with your daughters kidnapping?" Asked Harada.

"Yes it does." Duvall answered walking into the room.

"I don't understand what this has to do with the kidnapping?" Asked Danny.

"I'll show you. This is Amy, our daughter," replied Duvall.

"This can't be your daughter, we never found her, even after searching for her for six weeks," replied Harada.

"This is our daughter Amy, I know that you don't want to believe it, but she is," said Duvall.

"How is this possible? Harada.

"The morning you called us and said that there was no more leads and that unless we heard from the kidnapper again, there was not much more than you do," replied Duvall.

"I remember that day, it was the worst thing that I had ever had to do, but I was told that I had to move on to other cases. I started working on other cases, but I would listen for anything that had to do with finding Amy," said Harada.

"It happened after the police were no longer involved. A week later someone kept calling the house. They told us that they knew where Amy was and that they would tell us, as long as we didn't call police. I agreed to it, but first he needed something to make sure he could trust me. I asked him what he wanted. He told me that he wanted fifty thousand to start with and where to take the money. I asked him if he could tell me where Amy was. He said that he would tell me when I brought him the money," replied Duvall.

"Do you know that you were taking a chance with this man. He could of seen news of the kidnapping in the paper and he could of been leading you on," said Chris.

"He said that he knew what Amy was wearing when she was kidnapped. We never told the papers what she was wearing. I took the money to the meeting place. He was there waiting for me. I gave him the money and he told me that he would bring Amy tomorrow night, to the same place. He asked me to bring the rest of the money two hundred thousand .I met the him that night and gave him the money and he gave a carrier. He said the baby in it was Amy, but there was something wrong with her. He told me that he had nothing to do with what was wrong with her. At first I was afraid that it was a doll, because she was to quiet. When I got her to the car, I looked and I could see that there was wrong. I called an ambulance and they rushed to a hospital. The doctors worked on her for several hours, before they came out and told me that Amy had shaken baby syndrome. They told us that she was in coma and they didn't know long it would be. The doctors told us she needed to be in a hospital that
could take of her while she was in a coma. There was nothing available on the island, so I told the doctors I would fund a coma wing just for Amy and for any other child in coma. For ten years Amy has been here. We have watched her grow up, we celebrate her birthday and other holidays with her. My wife comes every day and sits here with her," replied Duvall.

"Why didn't you tell us. For ten years I have blamed myself for not finding her. Now there's another baby out there missing and we believe that you know something. Amy is adopted isn't she?" Asked Harada.

"Yes, Ann was told that she may not be able to have a baby. Our housekeeper at the time came to us and told us that her daughter Maria didn't want the baby and we could adopt the baby. My lawyer contacted her, she said that she would agree to let us adopt the baby. After the baby was born, she gave her to us, but Ann was having problems with the baby. Maria agreed to come take of the baby for us. We were afraid that she might change her mind, but she said that she wouldn't. Then she disappeared with Amy," replied Duvall.

"When did you introduce Maria to the Cabot's?" Asked Harada.

"Robert came to my office, he wanted to know if I knew anyone that was going to give their baby up for adoption. I remembered that are housekeeper had a niece that was going to give her baby up for adoption.That's when Maria came to the house We introduced her to the Cabot's and then they started to make arrangements for the adoption. Maria agreed to help with the baby. It wasn't till she came up missing did her mother tell us, that Maria was the mother of Amy and Debbie and was afraid that she had changed her mind about giving up the baby," replied Duvall.

"She thought that she had lost Amy and didn't want to lose Debbie. It's possible that she did this to Amy and that the baby was already unconscious and she panicked thinking that the baby was dead," said Harada.

"That's why the man got in touch with you," replied Danny.

"He knew that the baby was still alive. So he called you and made arrangements to get the money and give you the baby before something happened again," replied Chris.

"We need to find her before anything happens to Debbie," said Harada.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't tell you the truth about Amy, but I was afraid that Maria would out that Amy was still alive," said Duvall.

"I understand," replied Harada looking at the little girl lying in the bed.

Danny and Chris walked out of the room. Harada followed.

"Chris, get hold of Sean on the radio and let him know what we found out. We need to put out all points bulletin for Maria," replied Harada.

"I got hold of John. There sitting a block from the Cabot house. Someone has called the Cabot's about a ransom demand. A man came to the house, Sean thinks he's the Cabot's lawyer. John says that they are waiting for Cabot to make a move and then they will follow him," replied Chris.

"Tell them to call me if anything happens. I want you two to go to the home of Maria's mother. Mrs Armando lives at 203 Kulani Dr. I talked to the DA and he was going to the judge for a search warrant of the house. Once inside you need to look for any signs of the Cabot baby or connect her to Amy," replied Harada.

"You believe she's guilty of taking Amy and for what happen to her?" Asked Chris.

"Yes I do. In most cases involving shaken baby syndrome, something happens to set the person. The constant crying of the baby could do it. We wouldn't know till we can talk to her. The DA was just here and dropped off the search warrant. Linh will meet you at the Amando house with it" Replied Harada.

Outside The Cabot House

"What did Harada want? Sean asked.

"He was calling to see where we were. You know how Danny and Chris have been watching the Duvall's. The Duvall's went to a hospital and They followed them to a hospital and that's when Paul Duvall showed them what he has been hiding for the last ten years. He showed them what's left of there daughter Amy, she has been in a coma for the last ten years," replied John.

"Did I hear you say that they found Amy Duvall? Sean asked with a surprise look on his face.

"Yes. The captain said to tell you that when you come back to the office he will tell you everything. The captain says that the nanny is the kidnapper and that she maybe working with a boyfriend. Chris and Danny are going now to check the Amando house for signs of the baby," replied John.

"We need to move on this,except for the man arriving there hasn't been anything happening," said Sean dialing the Cabot number.

"The Cabot home may I help you?" Asked the man.

"I need to speak to Mr. Cabot," said Sean.

"This is Robert Cabot," replied Cabot.

"We need to talk to you right now," said Sean.

"I can't talk to you. They told us that they would give us back Debbie, if I gave them the money," said Cabot.

"There is no chance that they will give her back. We need to talk to you," replied Sean.

"How do I know that the kidnappers isn't watching the house?" Asked Cabot.

"There have been officers watching the house and the surrounded area all day," replied Sean.

"Alright," replied Cabot.

Sean and John walked up to the front Door of the house.The Door was opened by the man who had arrived earlier.

"Do you realize that the kidnapper could change their mind about returning the baby, because your here?" Asked the man.

"Yes we do. If he goes out there and gives the kidnapper the money, there's no chance that he will give the baby back. We also have some questions for Mr. Cabot that we need answers to," said John.

"We need to know why you didn't tell us that Debbie was adopt?" Asked Sean.

"You don't have to answer that Robert," replied the man.

"I have to, it's important for the sake of Debbie. Yes, she was adopted. A year ago, my wife was in a serious accident. She was two months pregnant, she lost the baby because of the accident. We were told by the doctor that Laura wouldn't be able to have children. She became so depressed that I was afraid that she would do something to herself. We already knew Paul from doing business with him. He told me that his nanny was going to have a baby, but that she didn't want it. We met with her and Paul, she agreed to the adoption and to the amount of money that we would pay her. A week after the baby was born, she brought her to us, but things didn't go right . The baby wouldn't stop crying, so we called Paul and she asked Maria to come over and take care of the baby. At first I didn't notice anything, then Laura told me that Maria wouldn't let her come near the baby or even hold it. Thats when Laura's started getting depressed again," replied Cabot.

"Our expert at the station took the picture of Debbie and compared it to a picture of Amy Duvall. He told us that both girls look so much alike, that he said that they were sisters. We assumed that Maria is the mother," said Sean.

"But why did she take Debbie? Cabot asked.

"She may of started to have feelings for her and decided that she wanted her back," said John.

"We have detectives searching the Amando house for any signs of Debbie. We knew that someone had called you and demanded a ransom. We want you to make the drop off as planned. There will be officers undercover to make sure everything goes alright. Did he tell you when to meet him and where?" Asked Sean.

"Yes, he told me to meet him at a park. He said that he would call me when he was ready for me to bring the ransom," replied Cabot.

"There's a park not far from the Amando house.Did he say how much he wanted?" Asked Sean.

"He said for me to bring $250,000 with me," replied Cabot.

"Did he say anything about when he would give you back Debbie?" Asked John.

"He told me that as soon as he had the money, he would tell me where Debbie was." Cabot said.

"We want you to do what he said. John and I will be following in a car from a distance. As soon as he has the money, another car will follow him," said Sean.

"If he doesn't bring the baby with him, what happens?" Asked Cabot.

"We will follow him and hope that he takes us to where the baby is."Replied John.

"All we can do now is to wait for him to call," said Sean.

The Amando House

"There doesn't appear to be anyone home," replied Danny getting out of the car and walking up to the fence.

Danny had his hand on the opened gate when Chris heard the growling sound coming as it moved closer to the front of the house. Danny started to walk toward the house, when he Chris yelled. Danny looked to see a german Sheppard coming toward him. Chris pulled his gun and aimed at the dog. Chris saw the door opened and the woman come out.

"Call off the dog or I'll have no choice but to shoot," yelled Chris staring at the woman.

"I'll call him off, but what do you want?" Asked the woman.

"We have a warrant to search your house," said Danny.

"If your looking for Maria, she's not here. I haven't seen her in over three years now. You can come in and search my house if you don't believe me," said Mrs. Amando as she walked back into the house.

Danny and Chris followed her in the door. They laid the warrant on the table and started to search the house.

"You didn't find anything did you? She asked.

"Mrs. Amando, the last time you saw Maria, did she have a baby with her?" Asked Danny.

"No, she didn't. Why did you ask me that? She asked.

"Because Maria has been getting pregnant and when the baby is born, she makes arrangements to give the baby up, but she has managed to get herself hired as the nanny, so she can stay close to the baby, then she kidnaps the baby," said Chris.

"So you thought that she would come here. I'm sorry but she didn't come here and I don't know where she is," said Mrs. Amando.

"We were hoping that she would bring the baby here. If she should come here, could you please call at this number," said Chris handing her card with his cell number on it.

"If she comes here, I'll call this number," said Mrs Amando as Danny and Chris walked out the door.

"Did you find anything that looked like she had been there?" Asked Danny getting into the car.

"I don't think that she had been alone in the last few days. There were two coffee cups on the table. When I searched the bedrooms, two of them looked like they were recently slept in. Who ever used that bed had a baby with them. I found a baby blanket under the bed. It looked like they were trying to hide it," said Chris.

"Where's the blanket now? Danny asked.

"I put it in my shirt before walking out of the bedroom. Now we just need to ask the Cabot's if it's Debbie's," replied Chris pulling it out of his shirt.

"I called the captain and he's sending two officers to watch Mrs. Amando's house. The captain wants us to go to the Cabots and show them the blanket," replied Danny.

The Cabot House

"I just got off the phone with Chris. They searched the Amando house and found a blanket in one of the bedrooms. Mr. Cabot the last time you saw Debbie, was she wrapped up in a pink blanket with bears?" Asked Sean.

"Yes, she was. Have you found Debbie?" Asked Mrs. Cabot coming into the room.

"We now know that Maria is the kidnapper. A pink blanket was found at her mothers house," replied Sean who heard the phone ringing.

Sean watched as Cabot picked up the phone. Sean looked to see the officer listening on the other phone.

"I understand, you want me to come to the park and meet you at the fountain. Yes, I have the money. I know to come alone," replied Cabot.

"We know where the fountain is, we have undercover officers setting up stakeout's on the place," said John.

"What if he sees you, he could do something to Debbie," replied Cabot.

"The kidnapper wouldn't know that we're there.You just have to act calm and do as they say," replied Sean.

"I just want my daughter back safe and sound. I know that you're just trying to do your job. I have to meet the kidnapper in half an hour at the fountain," said Cabot.

"Just remember that your not alone. We'll be there," replied John

Sean and John watched him as he picked up the bag and walk out the door. Danny and Chris were waiting for him as he pulled out of the driveway. Sean pulled out of the driveway. He stayed far enough back from Cabot's car , but yet he could still see it. Cabot turned into the park and drove to the fountain. Sean pulled over to the curb, he and John could still see Cabot from where they sat. He watched as Cabot got out of the car and walked toward the fountain. From out of the shadows Sean could see the kidnapper walking toward Cabot.

"Did you bring the money?" Asked the man..

"Yes, I did. Where is my daughter?" Asked Cabot.

"As soon as you give me the money, I'll tell you where your daughter is," replied the man.

"Sean, we have a car on the other side of the park and someone is in it. They keep looking toward the fountain," replied Chris.

"Have they seen you?" Asked Sean.

"No, they haven't seen us, but they keep looking at the back seat," said Chris.

"The baby must be in the back seat. I want you to slowly walk up to the car," replied Sean.

"We know what to do," said Chris getting out of the car.

Danny and Chris slowly pulled their guns from their holsters and started to walk up to the car. Chris noticed the woman in the front seat as he came closer to the passenger door. Danny reached to open the drivers door as the woman looked at him. Chris then opened the passenger door and pointed his gun at the woman.

"Sean, we have the woman. It's the nanny Maria. Yes, the baby is here too. She's asleep in a car seat," replied Danny as he watched Chris handcuff the woman.

"John, where's Cabot?" Asked Sean.

"He's standing beside his car," said John.

"We have Maria and Danny and Chris have the baby. We just have to take this guy down," said Sean starting to move closer to Cabots car.

Sean and John came up from behind the man. Who took off running from them.

"Why do they always have to run? Sean asked as he ran after the man, but the man stumbled and fell to the ground as Sean and John stood over him. John reached down and handcuffed him as Sean stood over him.

"I'll put him the car, you need to check on Cabot," replied John.

Sean walked over to Cabot's car. Danny and Chris had already give him a daughter, who was holding her tightly.

"Thank you," said Cabot.

"Just take her home to your wife. We'll come by in a few days and make sure everything is alright," said Sean as he walked back to the car.

Sean pulled up in the police lot. He and John walked into the squad room. Sean sat down at his desk to relax for a minute, when Harada called him into his office.

"Did you want to see me captain?" Asked Sean.

"I have something to tell you. We found Amy Duvall," said Harada looking at Sean.

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