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Author's Chapter Notes:
This story is fiction but the Patriot (Guard) Riders are real. This story is dedicated to those men who escorted those fallen solders who gave their lives for their country.
Metro Police Dept.

"Has anyone seen Linh in the last few says?" asked Chris standing in the middle of the room.

"Linh was working on a report for me," replied Chris.

"She was here yesterday. maybe she took some time off," replied Danny while going through some papers.

"Maybe the captain knows something," said Kaleo walking over to his office. Just then his door opened and Harada walked out.

"I know your all looking for Linh but she asked for some personal time off. Her grandfather died a few days ago, but now they have a problem. Sean and John have been there for the last few days. Some of Mr. Tamyko's neighbors have never had any problems with him being Japanese, but burying him in the islands only cemetery is causing problems for the Tamyko family. Some of the younger ones don't want him buried in the cemetery. Many have said that if he is, they will burn the casket," said Harada.

"Linh told me that her grandfather went to California and it was there that he became an American citizen," replied Kaleo.

"Yes, he did, then he moved with his family to Hawaii. Her grandfather joined the U.S. Navy and was assigned to a destroyer. Linh's grandfather was a hero during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Some of his shipmates were blown of the ship and into the water. Fire was burning all around them. Linh's grandfather dived into the water and saved the men. He was awarded the Navy Cross for bravery above and beyond the call of duty," replied Harada who didn't hear Sean and John walk in the room.

"Captain we just came from Linh's grandmother's home. It's getting pretty bad out there. I had to call for more officers. The director of the funeral home called me and said that he has been threatened. This group threatened to burn the place down. He said that they want him to bring the body out so that they can set fire to it. John and I went over there and warned those people what would happen if they did. I have officers watching the place."

"What started all of this?" asked Danny, looking around the room.

"The Hawaiian Sun had an article in the paper about the death of Mr. Tamyko. They were quoted as saying that he was Japanese and that he was a hero for his country in WW2. That's all the paper said. They didn't say that he was a hero from the U.S. Navy. The people who read it just assumed that he was in the Japanese navy that attacked Pearl Harbor. They have assumed that he was part of the Japanese attacking force. They tried to correct it but it didn't work. It just made tings worse," replied Sean.

"We have to protect Linh and her family. Sean, I wants you to take as many officers as it takes" Said Harada looking at Sean.

"John, take Chris, Danny and Kaleo with you and positioned yourselves outside the house," replied Sean as he watched them start out the door.

"If they start to get out of control? Do we shoot over their heads?" asked John as he looked at Sean.

"Over their heads, that should scare them," said Sean as he started for the door.

"Sean, where are you going? I hope it's to see your friend the Admiral. Maybe he can help us," said Harada as he watched Sean leave.


The Tamyko Neighbor Hood

Linh stood at the window watching her grandmother's neighbors and friends as they tried to explain to the people who were calling them all sorts of names. She wanted to go out there and tell them what her grandfather was really like, but she was afraid to do so because it might cause more trouble. Then she saw John drive up with Chris, Danny and Kaleo. As they walked up to the house, Linh opened the door and watched them walk across the yard. Then with out warning they could hear the people yelling at them.

"We want them gone, out of this neighborhood. They are Jap lovers and we remember what their people did to our country," yelled the people.

"The Tamykos have a right to live here. They are American citizens just like you are," yelled Danny.

"You doing all the yelling. You sound like you're German?" asked John looking at the man.

"I'm German, my parents came here before the war started," said the man with a heavy accent.

"You have no right to call them names. Linh's grandfather is an American citizen. How would you like it if I called you a Nazi lover and that your people killed six million people in Europe," yelled John.

"My parents came to this country in the 1930's before the war. We had nothing to do with the killing of so many people. My parents were not Nazi lovers--they were Jews, that's why we left," said the old man.

"Mr. Tamyko came here in the 1930's with his family. They settled in California. He became a citizen and then moved here. He joined the Navy and was stationed at Pearl, but you can't see that. All you see is that he was Japanese so he had to be one of those who attacked Pearl, but he is not one of them. Instead he is one of those trying to stay alive as the bombs dropped all around him. The navy called him a hero because he saved the lives of 10 men who had been thrown into a sea with fire all around them," said Chris watching the crowd who were still yelling.

Linh watched from the window as John and the other officer tried to calm the crowd down, but she could see that it was useless.


Metro Police Dept.

"Sean, you haven't left yet?" asked Harada walking over to where he was standing.

"I was just thinking that if I could find those ten men that he saved it might help," said Sean.

"Sean, you might go to the memorial. They have a list of the survivors and the ship they were assigned to," said Harada.

"It might help, but your friend the Admiral maybe the only person who can help you find them if they are still alive," replied Harada.

"All I can do is hope," replied Sean as he left the squad room. On the drive to Pearl Harbor he thought about his own career in the Marines. If it hadn't been for Judge Reynolds, who knows where he would now. He remembered when his parents were killed in an accident. He ran the streets of Honolulu getting into trouble till he was arrested by a police officer for trying to break into a store. He thought about the officer--he had been in the courtroom the day he had to go in front of the judge.

Sean remembered everything that had happened that day...

"We have a serious problem here. Are the parents of these boys here?" asked the judge.

"Yes your honor, the parents are here for all the boys, but one," said the lawyer as the young man stood beside the lawyer.

"Did you let the parents know that they had to appear in court," replied the judge looking at them.

"Your honor, I have just been told by the arresting officer that this boy's parents were killed in an car accident two weeks ago. He has been alone ever since," replied the lawyer.

"Young man, have you ever been in trouble with the police before?" asked the judge.

"No, your honor. When my parents were killed I tried to live in the house they owned, but I was told that I couldn't stay there. Someone from the bank came and said that it belonged to them. I had no place to go. I started staying on the street," said the young man as the arresting officer stood up.

"Judge Reynolds, I have been watching this boy from a distance. He's not a bad kid, he just got in the wrong crowd. With some help, he could become a good man," said the officer.

"I agree, I see here that you are going to be 17 in a few days. I need someone to take custody of him and to see that this young man is escorted to the Marine recruiter. Since you're the arresting officer will you be responsible for him if I place him in your custody?" asked the judge.

"Yes," said the officer.

"I need your name for my records showing that you have custody of Sean Harrison," said the judge.

"My name is Officer Terry Harada your honor. I will take him to the recruiter and sign the papers to enlist him in the Marines," said officer Harada looking at Sean standing there.

Sean also remembered that day when he got out of boot camp and Harada was there for him and with a smile a mile long, but Harada really was proud when he graduated from the police academy. He and Judge Reynolds were there in the front row.

Sean finally drove up to the front gate of the Naval Base.

"I'm here to see Admiral Mitchell. My name is Detective Sean Harrison."

"Go ahead, the Admiral is expecting you," replied the guard.

Sean drove to the admiral's office. He parked in the parking lot. He got out of the car and started for Mitchell's office. After going through a few doors he came to the admiral's office. He stood there looking at the door and then he opened it and walked inside.

"I'm here to see Admiral Mitchell. My name is Sean Harrison," said Sean.

"Go right in, the admiral is expecting you," replied the Lieutenant as Sean opened the door.

"Come in Sean, it's good to see you. When I talked to you on the phone you said that it was important that you talked to me. So how I can help you?" asked the admiral.

"I need help in finding ten men from WW2. They were on a destroyer that was being bombed at Pearl Harbor. They were blown off the ship landing in the water. They would have been burned by the fire that surrounded them, but they were saved by a sailor that dived into the water. I need to find them," said Sean looking at the admiral.

"You sound like this is very important?" asked Mitchell.

"It is. One of the officers in the department, her grandfather died recently. They made arrangements to bury him but the Hawaiian Sun printed an article about him being a hero for his country. They put in the paper that he was Japanese so the people who read the article assumed that they were referring to his homeland. Now they are threatening to burn the body if they try to bury the body here," said Sean.

"I read the story. You're talking about Seamen Tamyko. That's why you need to find those ten men?" asked the admiral.

"If I could find them then they could tell those people what Mr. Tamyko did for them," replied Sean.

"When I read the paper, I realized that they had printed the story wrong. He is one of our American heroes from that awful day. I had my ensign start looking for them. He found three of the men have died. The other seven are living on the island. He has a list for you and where they live.
One of the men has a son here on the base. I have sent for him. His name is Commander Martin Shigeta. We have made a list of the other men and their sons. Martin is the grandson of Yoshi Shigeta," replied Mitchell handing the list to Sean.

"Can I help you?" asked the seaman as the commander walked up to his desk.

"I'm Commander Shigeta, the admiral wanted to see me," he replied.

"Go right in, he is expecting you," said the seamen as the door opened.

"Commander Shigeta reporting as ordered sir," he replied standing at attention in front of the admiral's desk.

"At ease commander. Do you know why you are here?" asked the admiral.

"They told me that it had something to do with my grandfather," he replied.

"Yes it does. Did your grandfather ever talk about the man who saved him the day that Pearl was attacked?" asked the admiral.

"Yes he did sir. He talked about it all the time," said Shigeta.

"Did he ever talked to anyone about where he came from?" asked the admiral looking at Sean.

"Yes he did. It was about three months ago. A man called from the paper. He said that he was interviewing men from WW2. Especially those who were survivors of Pearl Harbor.I was there that day, there was something about this man that I didn't trust him. He called several times and asked questions. When he came to the house, he asked my grandfather some questions like where was he born and why did he join the Navy. He became upset when my grandfather told him that he was from Japan. He started asking him, if any of the men that had been saved by Tamyko were from Japan. He told him that all of the men had been friends with Tamyko and yes they were all from Japan. He seemed to be really upset by what my what my grandfather said. I asked him to leave," said Shigeta.

"Do you know what paper he was from? Sean asked.

"He said that he was from The Hawaiian Sun. The article in the paper, He made it sound like Mr Tamyko was a hero to Japan," replied Shigeta.

"I need to know the name of this man?" asked Sean.

"He said his name was Thomas," replied Shigeta.

"I need to get an officer on him. He may have stirred up a lot of trouble. We have been getting several call about a group of people threatening anyone that may be of Japanese descent," replied

"Maybe I can help you? I know all of the other men and their families," said Shigeta.

"Can you bring them to the metro police dept. I need to find the reason Thomas was so mad after he talked to your grandfather," replied Sean looking at thee commander.


The Tamyko House

"Are they still out there?" Linh asked Chris as she walked to the window.

"They are still out there. We need to make them leave. They are trespassing on private property."

"How is your grandmother doing?" asked John.

"She is just sitting in her room. I can't get her to eat or lie down. Her friend Mrs. Yomoto came over and visited with her, but that didn't do any good," said Linh looking out the window.

"Chris, call the captain we need some officers to make these people move," replied John looking at the crowd.

"Harada, is sending over four cars with officers," said Chris.

"We need to go outside now. They are trying to stir up things," said Danny as he turned and heard something hit the window, shattering it into pieces.

"What was that? It came thought the window?" asked John looking around at the glass that lay on the floor.

"Here it is, it's a brick. Did anyone get hurt?" asked Kaleo.

"Call Harada, we are going to need the riot squad. Linh, you stay with your grandmother," replied Danny.

John opened the door and the men walked out on the porch.

"We know that someone threw that brick at the window. Now someone can step forward and admit it or we can arrest all of you," said John looking at the people who were standing in the yard.

"We have every right. We are tired of people thinking that they can come here and do what ever they want. How do we know that Tamyko wasn't a spy for his former country," an angry man yelled at Chris.

"We feel that if you're not American you should leave. This state is a part of the United States. All they are is foreigners," yelled a woman.

"What do you think you are? We were here before you ever were and you call us foreigners. You are. You come here and try to take control of everything. You need to leave," yelled an angry Kaleo.

"I'm giving you your last warning. Either you can leave or we can arrest you and you will sit in jail for inciting a riot," yelled John as the crowd came closer. "This is Declan, I need all officers now. If you have to shoot make it over their heads," replied John talking on the radio.

"This is the Honolulu police department. All of you are under arrest," yelled Chris as he put the handcuffs on the man staring at him in the face.

"I wouldn't be in jail long enough to make a difference. I'm the Governor's son and I'll be out of jail before your captain even knows what hit him," he yelled.

"I don't think so. My captain is on the phone with your dad. He ordered Harada to arrest you all," replied Chris with a smirk on his face as they watched them being taken away.

"I hope Sean is having better luck then we just had," said John as they walked back into the house.

"Linh, we have to report back to the station. Will you be alright here?" asked John.

"Yes! my mom and dad are arriving today from Maui with my brother and his family," replied Linh.

"The captain has assigned two officers to stand outside the door to make sure that no one bothers you," replied John as they left to go back to the station.

"Mr. Tamyko was an American citizen. How many times do we have to tell you. He was here before you ever came to live here," yelled John at the crowd.

"If we had known he was Japanese we would not have allowed him. We don't want his kind living here," yelled another man.

"How many of you can say that you're not of Japanese descent? Look at the people all around you and then tell me that they aren't? Sergeant Kaleo tell them what you are," replied John.

"My grandmother was Tahitian and my grandfather was from Japan. They have every right to be here, just like you," replied Kaleo looking at the people.

"What gives you the right to tell them that they have no right to be here. They were here long before Hawaii became a state," replied Chris.

"We don't care what they want," yelled the angry man.

"This is their home, just as it is yours. They are not going anywhere. If you don't like it then I suggest you take it up with the senator from Hawaii and he is Polynesian and something else, His family was here when the island was ruled by a king," replied John as he turned and walked into the house

"Need to let the captain know what is going on, he may want to send some more officers just in case," said Chris, just as something came through the window.

"What was that? Yelled John as they looked around the room.

"It was a brick," replied Danny picking it up.

"Kaleo! did you call Harada and let him know that we need help? John asked as he looked at the window and the crows outside as they came closer to the house.

"He is sending more officers. If they get out control. He said to shoot over their heads. If that doesn't work then we are to arrest them.: Replied Kaleo.

"Linh, if it gets too rough, you need to get your grandmother out of here," replied John.

"I thought of that, we are going to my parents place on Maui," replied Linh.

"I'm leaving two officers to escort you to Maui," said John as they moved toward the door.
John could her the sirens from the squad cars as they got closer. the guys looked at him and gave a sign of relief as they started to walk toward the door.

"We know what to do," replied Danny as they walked out the door and stood there on the porch.

"The captain called and gave the orders. His orders came from the governor to take whatever action was needed," replied Kaleo as he started toward the crowd.

"We just orders to arrest all of you for rioting on private property. You will be handcuffed and taken down town to be processed," replied John.

"You can't do that we have a right to be here," yelled the man who seemed to be in charge.

"We have our orders and we intend to follow them," yelled Chris as he started to handcuff the man as he tried to resist.

"You can't do this, I will call my father my father and he will have your badges," yelled the man as Chris put the handcuff's on him.

"So who is your father ?" asked Danny as he was being led away to a bus.

"My father is the governor of Hawaii, that who. " Replied the man.

"Your father will be real happy to know that you will be sitting in jail, because he gave us the orders to arrest of all you," replied Chris as the people were put on the bus.

"I don't think we have seen the last of the protesters. It just came over the radio that officers were dispatched to the funeral home. " Said John.

"I hope Sean is having better luck then we are. " Said Chris walking to Danny's car.

"It's far from over," replied Danny as he watched John and Kaleo get into John's truck.

"Back to the station. We will be writing reports for the next week," complained Chris as they followed the others.


Home of California's Patriot (Guard) Riders

Jake sat at his desk, going over the work schedules of his crews, when he heard the phone ringing on his desk. He slowly picked up the phone and answered it.

"Yeah this is Jake, how can I help you?" he asked.

"It's Sam, you know why I'm calling," replied Dan.

"Yeah, I know. How many riders should I take?" Jake asked.

"As many as you get. You're going to a very sensitive area," said Dan.

"How sensitive?" asked Jake.

"Where you're going there is a lot of prejudice involving WW2," replied Dan.

"It can't be as bad as it was for us when we came back from Vietnam. We didn't have anyone if they came home in a casket. We just have to remember why we do this. So those fallen soldiers who have given their lives for our country don't have to come home alone," replied Jake with a somber look on his face.

"Yeah when we came home they called us murderers, baby killers. We didn't ask to go there but we went for our country, just like the ones fighting in Iraq. They are fighting an enemy they can't see and they are using their children to carry roadside bombs to kill our soldiers. They are killing their children just like the Vietcong did in Vietnam," replied Jake looking at Dan who was staring out the window.

"I remember the day my older brother's body was brought home from 'Nam. The hearse brought it to the funeral home. His family was there and so were the protesters. They said some ugly things about those that were fighting over there. I made a promise that day that if we should be involved in a another war that the fallen soldiers from it would never have to be treated like my brother was. I can still can see my mother's face as they threw things at the hearse. I took a vow that day that as long as I can ride, they wouldn't come home alone," stated Dan.

"I think we all took that vow. So where are we going?" asked Jake looking at Dan.

"This time we are going to Hawaii. I got a call from a buddy over there about a vet from WW2. It seems that the people are refusing to let his family bury him on the island because he is from Japan. My buddy says that he is a hero from the attack on Pearl Harbor. He was in the U.S. Navy assigned to the U.S.S. Colorado, a destroyer. During the attack ten of his shipmates were blown overboard into the ocean. He dived into the water and saved all ten of them. The Navy gave him the Navy Cross for bravery above and beyond," said Dan.

"So how are we getting there? I don't think they have a highway from here to the island," said Jake.

"I have made arrangements with General Hogan at Merced. He is sending two planes to LAX. They will take us to the island," replied Dan.

"Will the planes carry all of us and our bikes?" Jake asked.

"If not then Hogan said to call and he will carry as many as we need. We aren't the only ones going. I have received calls from other riders asking where do they meet at. I told them at LAX. Hogan said that he will meet us at the airport, he will being flying one of the plane. He is a vet from Nam."

"So when do we leave?" asked Jake.

"Now, I rode my bike over here and I know you ride yours to work. Hogan should be a the airport when we get there. He was going to load the other riders as soon as they arrive," replied Dan.

As they left for the airport they saw other riders headign the same way. It didn't take long for them to reach it, where they were met by Hogan who directed them to the planes.

"You got here fast," replied Dan.

"It's a short hop from Merced to here. When we landed most of the men were here. My men stated helping them to load their bikes on the planes. I saved some room on my plane," said Hogan as he led them to the plane.

"Dan, have you seen the plane? It's a C5 galaxy," replied Jake as he walked his bike up the ramp.

"Jake, we are suppose to meet with a Det. Harrison when we get there. If he's not there then we contact Captain Harada at Metro Police dept. Hogan! how many planes did you bring?" asked Dan.

"I brought five, just remember, I'm a general and I can bring as many as I want," said Hogan.

"We know why all of us are here but why are you?" Jake asked looking at Hogan.

"I'm a Vietnam vet like most of you. I was a captain in the Air Forces. My plane was shot down. I was taken prisoner and I spent five years in Hotel Hanoi as a pow. When the pows were released in 1973, I was one of them. I was told that I would never see my family again. Everyday I was tortured. I ride for those pows that didn't come home," replied Hogan.


The Island of Ohau.

Sean drove the five mile to Mr. Keiko's house. He was the of the ten men Sean had be looking for. As Sean turned into the driveway. He hoped that Mr. Kieko remembered what happened that day or at least he had told his kids. He had to remember that Mr. Kieko was almost 90 years old. He slowly walked up to the house. He rang the doorbell and stood their waiting for someone to answer the door. After a few minutes the door opened the door.

"Can I help you?" the woman asked.

"I'm Det. Harrison. I called here a few days ago about talking to Mr. Kieko. I need to see him if I could--it's very important," replied Sean.

"Please come in. I hate to tell you, but my grandfather died two weeks ago," said the woman.

"I was hoping that he could tell me what happened that day December 7," said Sean.

"We can tell you what happened to him. He talked about it all the time," replied the woman.

Sean let out a sign of relief; he need another account of what happened that day as he walked into the room.


The Home of The Keiko Family

"Come in Detective. I have been expecting you. I have been reading in the papers about Mr. Tamyko and what has happened to his family," replied Keiko's granddaughter Leila.

"Thank you. Then you know why I'm here. I'm trying to prove that he was a hero. So for the last two weeks I have been all over the islands looking for the ten men he saved. Your grandfather was the last one," replied Sean.

"My grandfather often told the story about be rescued by Mr. Tamyko. Before he died he told me the story of what happened that day. We knew then that he didn't have long to live. I decided to record what he said, that way it would be his own words. I have the recorder for you to hear my grandfather," replied Leila as she handed the recorder to Sean.

"Thank you," said Sean as he walked out the door and to the car. He turned on the recorder as he drove to the airport.

"My name is Sato Kieko. On the morning of Dec. 7. 1941, I was on the deck of the U.S.S. Colorado. I was with some other men doing the days duty, when we heard the bombs exploding all around us. Then a bomb dropped on us and the ship exploded sending us flying into the water. We were yelling and screaming. The water was covered with oil and gas, there was no place to go, we thought we were done for. Then I felt two hands pulling me into a life-raft. It was seaman Tamyko. He pulled nine more of us out of the water. We learned later that he had been injured in the explosion. If it wasn't for him, none of us would be alive today," replied the voice of Mr. Kieko.

With his statement and the other ones that should do it, Sean thought as he left the car at the rental and made his way to the private jet sitting on the runway.

"Thanks Robert," said Sean he boarded the jet and sat down in the seat.

"Kate, sent me. She called your captain and he told her where you were. So she said for me to come and get you," replied Robert as he followed Sean in the plane.

"I'm glad you called and let me know or I would of had to take a helicopter back to the big island," replied Sean as he followed him to the cockpit.


Metro Police Dept.

John knocked on the captain's door. He needed to talk to the captain after coming back from lockup.

"I heard what happen down there. I called his dad and he said not to release him. He said that his son uses his office to get whatever he wants, but this time he went too far," replied the captain.

"Have you heard from Sean?" John asking.

"He is on his way back right now. He found the ten men. Four of them are dead and he has statements from their families and statements from the other six men. They are going to be coming to the big island," said Harada.


Honolulu Airport

"We land in a few minutes. Tell the riders to prepare for the landing. Tower this is General Hogan, are we cleared to land?" asked Hogan.

"General Hogan, you are cleared to land. As soon as you land, please taxi to the first runway on the right. We have made arrangements for your planes," said the tower as Hogan prepared to land the plane on the runway. After landing he taxied to the runway set aside for the planes.

"Why are C-5's landing here and not at Hickman," said the air controller.

"I have no idea," exclaimed the tower controller

"Where did you expect them to land? I can't keep them circling the airport," remarked the other controller looking out the windows.

"After they land and the passengers get off. The planes are being flown to Hickman," replied the other controller.

"You guys had better look at this. The first plane is unloading. Look at the motorcycles coming down the ramp. It looks like an invasion," replied the controller.

"You have no idea what you're talking about. Those planes are C-5's. They belong to the Air Force," replied the controller looking at the other guy who was watching the plane as the men came down the ramp.

General Hogan walked down the ramp to where Jake and Dan stood with the other riders.

"Dan, you and Jake need to contact Det. Harrison according to Admiral Mitchell," replied Hogan as he watched them get ready to ride.

"Where will you be?" asked Dan as he turned the key in the ignition and listened to the roar as he revved it up.

"We will be in one of the hangers waiting till you get back," said Hogan.

"We will find him. Don't you want to go with us?" asked Jake starting up his motorbike.

"No! someone has to stay with these guys," laughed Hogan as he watched them ride away toward the Metro Police Department.

"Excuse me General, the last of the riders are off the plane," replied Major Lane.

"I need you to fly the planes to Hickman. They will be expecting us and then I need to return here. We will wait here for you. Your Harleys are on the plane," said Hogan as he watched the pilots return to their planes.


Metro Police Dept.

"Has there any more rioting?" asked Harada as he walked over to where the guys were sitting.

"There was a pretty good size crowd at the funeral home. There was some ugly remarks. They left as soon as we arrived. They said that they would be back, and that we couldn't stop them," replied John.

"I need to send more cars to the funeral home," said Harada as he turned to see the door opened and Sean walking in.

"I heard you guys had a rough time," Sean said as he sat down at his desk.

"Not so rough that we couldn't handle it," said Chris.

"Sean, did you find the men you were looking for?" asked Harada.

"Yes though three of them died some time back, and Mr. Kieko died two weeks ago. I talked to his family and they gave me a recording that he did. Talking about what happened that day. The six survivors and the families of the other men will be here," said Sean as Kaleo came into the squad room.

"Sean, there are two guys at the front desk looking for you," said Kaleo.

"Did you ask them what they wanted?" asked Sean.

"They were told to contact Det. Harrison. Sean, there is something strange about these guys. I would be careful, they are in the front hall," replied Kaleo as Sean followed him to the front desk.

"I'm Detective Harrison, you wanted to see me?" Sean asked.

"Yes! My name is Dan Hayes and this Jake Myers. We were asked to come here. Is there some place where we can talk?" asked Dan.

"Follow me, we have a room where we can talk," said Sean as they followed him through the squad room.

"Did you see those guys? Did you see what they were wearing?" asked Chris looking at Dan and Jake as they followed behind Sean.

"We can talk in here," said Sean as he opened the door for Dan Jake.

"We heard about what you have been going through here. We were contacted by someone higher up to see if we could help. Admiral Mitchell contacted General Hogan and he told us... and we are here," said Dan.

"The people are refusing to let us bury Mr Tamyko on the island because He Japanese. They say it's not right but he was an American citizen and he was in the navy during WW2. He was stationed at Pearl on a destroyer. During the attack, he saved ten of his fellow seaman," said Sean.

"So you're saying that he was a hero?" asked Jake.

"Yes! I found out through the Navy that if I proved that he did save those men and that he did above and beyond the call of duty, then he could be declared a hero. I found those men or the families. Four have died, but six are still alive," said Sean.

"I can help you, I'm a lawyer and I can make some calls back to the States and make things happened. It may take a couple days but I can get what you need," said Dan.

"I can imagine what kind of trouble you're having," replied Jake.

"Officers have been guarding both the funeral home and the Tamyko home," said Sean.

"Let us take care of that," said Jake as he stood up.

"I just noticed that you are dressed alike?" asked Sean.

"We are called The Patriot Riders. You will learn more about us in the next couple days," replied Dan.

"His vest says Desert Storm and yours say Vietnam Vet. I was in Desert Storm," replied Sean.

"Then you're one of us," said Jake as he smiled.

"Who are you? You're dressed like bikers, but you're obviously not," replied Sean looking at the way they were dressed.

"Come with us outside. We can show you," replied Dan walking out to the parking lot.

"This is what we ride when we aren't at work," said Dan as John came running out the door.

"Sean, the captain just received a phone call from the airport security. He says that they are being invaded with bikers. He said that a third plane landed and the bikers got off. Harada wants us to check it out," replied John as he looked at Dan and Jake.

"We need to get back to the airport. That is our guys that they are talking about. Bring what you have and I can get started on it. I can imagine that the guys are drawing a crowd," replied Dan as he and Jake got on their Harleys and started the engines.

"You going to the airport with me?" Sean asked John.

"Yes! Sean who are those guys and where did they come from?" asked John getting in the car.

"I don't think we have to worry about the bikers that got off the plane. They are with Dan and Jake," said Sean driving to the airport.

"Who are they and why are they dressed like bikers?" asked John.

"They told me who they are and why they dress the way they do," replied Sean turning into the airport.

"Did you see that plane that landed," remarked John with a surprised look on his face.

"That's a C-5. They would need one that big to bring Dan and Jake and their buddies here. Two of those planes landed earlier. You are going to be surprised by what you see in a few minutes. Call security and tell them not to worry about these guys," said Sean as he drove to the hangar where Hogan was giving orders to the pilots who had flown the planes.

"Major Andrews! You and the other pilots are to fly the planes to Hickman, where they will remain till we get ready to leave. You are to come back here. Your bikes are on your planes," said Hogan as he walked to the hangar. Dan was already working on the depositions that Sean had given him. Jake was organizing the men so they would know what to do.

"I have never seen this many riders at one time," replied Jake looking at the riders lining up in a row.

"They must have come from every part. I'm not complaining, it's nice to see that so many do care," replied Hogan looking at all the riders.

"It is normal for these many riders to show up?" John asked as he looked at Hogan.

"No, it's not normal for this many riders to show up, but this is different. Mr. Tamyko was a special vet from the attack on Pearl Harbor. He was a survivor from that day. That's why they are here," said Hogan smiling.

"You mean you're here for him?" asked John.

"Yes," said Hogan as he heard a phone ring.

"It's mine. This is Declan. Are you kidding me, Chris? I'll let Sean know and we will be right there," said John.

"What is the matter?" asked Hogan looking at John.

"John! Did you get a call from Chris?" Sean yelled as he came on the run.

"Yes," replied John as they started toward Sean's car.

"We heard too so let us do what we came here for. We will protect him now. I need riders," yelled Jake as he got on the bike and turned the ignition of the Harley and listened to the roar of the engines.

The riders rode two abreast behind Sean's car as they followed him to the funeral home. Jake could feel the eyes of the crowds as the riders rode down the street. He heard the yelling from the people as they went by. Finally Jake couldn't take it any more as other riders stopped and got off their bikes.

"You don't know what you're talking about. I'm not some sleazy, dirty motorcycle rider. I happened to be a doctor back in LA and I'm a Vietnam vet and I'm here with the others to honor a man who is a hero to his country," yelled Lucas as he stared at the people and then got back on his bike.

"We don't care what you are or why you are here. He's not a hero to us. You need to go home and let us take care of business here," yelled the man staring at Lucas.

"Do you think that you're the only ones that are prejudiced. I just came from the midwest where a woman had to stop for a hearse that was carrying the body of a soldier that had died in Iraq. We were there to escort him home to his final resting place. He died to protect your way of life. You have no respect for those who fight and died for you," yelled Mike as he rode away on his bike.

"Mac, ride back to the hangar and tell Hogan to bring the other riders down this street and I want four in a line. Tell him to unfurl the flags. Ride as fast as you can," replied Jake.

"I didn't know if I needed help so I have Chris and Danny coming with some officers. I guess you have everything under control," replied Sean smiling.

"We are going to stay here if you don't mind. Mac should be back soon with the General and the other riders," replied Jake as he watched Mac ride off with engines roaring.

"It wouldn't take him long. The other riders wanted to come too. They are probably waiting impatiently at the hangar and knowing them they are sitting on their bikes," replied Jake sitting on his Harley. Just then a man yelled at Jake.

"You need to go home and find a job. You need to work for a living and stop running around on your toys," yelled the man.

"I have a job, why do you need one? I own a major construction company," replied Jake as he looked at the angry man.

"I don't know how you can listen to what they are saying? Doesn't it make your mad? If it was me, I would be mad," replied John.

"You get use to it. You learn to ignore what they are saying. Some of them do it because the others are and they want to be like them," said Jake, as he turned his head to the sound of the roar of the engines riders as they rode down the highway. Chris and Danny just stood there watching as the riders lined up the sides of the street. They slowly got off and stood there beside their bikes.

"Someone needs to call the police," yelled some of the people as they moved toward the riders.

"We are the police. These guys haven't done anything wrong, but do you people have a permit to be here?" asked Chris looking at the crowd.

"We need to go. We have to do our duty to a fallen soldier," said Jake as he got on Harley and turned the key in the ignition and listened to the roar of the engines as they rode away.

"There goes the real heroes," replied Sean as they watched riders go by.

Chris and Danny stood there as they watched The Patriot Riders rode their Harleys past the crowds of people who were still yelling at the riders. The yelling only got worse as the people called the riders draft dodgers and cowards who were afraid to go to fight in the war. Suddenly the riders stopped and got off their Harleys and started toward the crowds, where they stood at ease.

"Who are you calling a coward?" asked Hal as he stood with the other riders in front of the people.

"You and your buddies are cowards. You refused to go when you got drafted. The real heroes are the ones who went. I know because I went to Vietnam and so did my friends. Many of them didn't come home," yelled the man.

"I feel sorry about your friends but we aren't cowards. You have no idea what we have been through. You all just want to believe what you want to, you don't know anything. We went to war in Vietnam, Desert Storm and Iraq. All of us lost friends so you need to think before you call us names. Read the backs of our vest and then you will know," said Hal as he and the other riders turned around to show their vests.

"It says Vietnam vet and in the circle it says POW," replied the man in a quiet tone of voice as he stood there looking at Hal's vest.

"You were a POW?" he asked looking at Hal.

"Yes, I was in a cell that was 4 feet by 4 feet for five years. I had to learn to sleep standing up. There was no light in the cell, but I didn't dare go to sleep, because I could hear the sounds of rats and the screams from the other cells. Could you live that way for five years?" Hal asked.

"No I couldn't do it," said the man looking at Hal's vest.

"You look at that vest and remember what it says. I was eighteen. I had just graduated from high school when the letter came. I served 3 tours of duty. The third tour I was a POW. I was released in 1973. When I went home the people I thought were my friends called me a baby killer and a murderer. I couldn't go anywhere without hearing those words. Now who is the cowards, not us. We are all vets, whether it's Nam, Desert Storm or Iraq. We all went for our country. So the next time you want to call us that, just remember what you saw on the vest," said Hal as he got on his Harley and the riders continued down the street.

"They would all give their lives if they had to do it again. Those men love their country," replied Jake standing next to Sean.

"I know how the riders feel," said Sean as he watched them ride by.

"Where are they going to now?" asked John.

"Some of them are going to the funeral home to stand guard. The rest of them will go back to the hangar. They will take a ride around the island to honor those men who died that day. A lot of them will go to Pear Harbor and the memorial before heading back," said Jake.

"I have to ask you a question? A lot of them are wearing medals on their vest. Could you tell me what they are for?" Danny asked as he looked at Jake's medal.

"This one is the Vietnam Service says that you served. This one is the Purple Heart, it means that you were wounded in combat. I also have the Bronze Star for bravery. Three of the guys have the Medal of Honor. When you see the guys just ask them what their medals mean. Trust me they will tell you with no problems, but then you can't get them to be quiet," laughed Jake.

"We need to break up this crowd. Danny, Chris, you want to follow me," said Sean as he walked toward the crowd with an angry look on his face.

"Sean, just be nice now," pleaded John looking at Sean.

"I'll be nice, like hell I will be," yelled Sean walking angrily toward the young men who were standing shouting at the riders as they went by.

"They have made Sean mad. We had better follow him. We know what happens when he gets mad," said Chris following Sean and John.

"We had better hurry, Sean is getting madder as he walks toward those men," replied Danny as he and Chris ran after Sean who was standing in front of the group of men.

"If I hear anymore from you guys, we will arrest you for trying to incite a riot and I do mean it," said Sean as the men looked at Sean.

"Who do you think you are?" asked one of the men.

"We are HPD, that's who Mr. Smartmouth. You're under arrest. I think a night in the jail will change your mind and maybe you will learn to keep your mouth shut about things you don't know," replied Sean putting the handcuffs on the man.

"I suppose you're one of those guys," replied the man with a smart attitude.

"You're right. I am one of them. Let's try Desert Storm. I was a commando Special Ops," replied Sean as he led the man to a waiting squad car.

"That guy just had to open his mouth and make Sean mad. It will take a while for him to calm down," said John.

"We know," said Chris looking Danny.


The Airport Hangar.

As the riders came back to the hangar, General Hogan rode to where Dan was sitting at a desk. Hogan saw the papers that were on the desk. He knew that they were the depositions that Sean had given him. He saw the look on Dan's face. He could tell that he was tired but he wouldn't stop till he had confirmed what he needed to know.

"Well do you have it confirmed?" asked Hogan looking at Dan.

"I'm waiting on a call from the Pentagon. Sean told me to call Admiral Mitchell. He told me that the guys can come to the naval base, he has some barracks set up for them. They can sleep, take a shower and eat and have no worry about the crowds yelling at them," said Dan looking at Hogan.

"I'll tell them, maybe that's what we they need," replied Hogan yelling for the Lieutenant.

"You wanted me sir?" the lieutenant asked.

"Tell the guys that they are suppose to ride to the naval base where arrangements have been made for them. Any problems then tell them at the gate to contact Admiral Mitchell," said Hogan as the Lt. walked away toward the hangar.

"You looked like you're tired?" asked Hogan sitting down on a chair.

"I am. I have been waiting for Mitchell to call me back with more information. Some of the men talked like there was something wrong with Mr. Tamyko, but they didn't really know because most of them were so badly hurt and didn't remember what happened till they were in the hospital. They remembered him being hurt, but they didn't know how bad. Mitchell is looking up his navy records for me."

"I don't know, there was so much going on that day. The men were rescuing those that were hurt and in the water," replied Dan holding his head in his hands.

"Dan, why don't you go get some sleep, you have to be tired. How long have you been up?" asked Hogan.

"I'm on my second day without sleep. I have had so much coffee that I don't think that I could drink anymore," said Dan as the phone rang.

"Dan, you go lay down and I will answer it," said Hogan.

"That's Matt calling. I know his ring. Yeah Matt, it's Dan," he answered the phone.

"I was calling to see if all of your riders are with you?" asked Matt.

"Why do you want to know, do you need riders?" Dan asked.

"We have the riders from this area but we don't know if that's enough," replied Rick sounding with a concern tone in his voice.

"What do you have?" asked Dan.

"We got a call from Sam that riders were needed to escort three fallen soldiers home," said Rick.

"Is there a special reason involving them?" asked Dan.

"Yeah, they were best friends. Sam told me that they enlisted in the army at the same time. Sam says that he has talked to the families of the soldiers. One of the fathers told him that this what they wanted to do for their country. From what the father told me it sounds like the whole town will be there when they are brought home," replied Matt.

"Dan, if this was one soldier, I would have enough riders, but this is a different story," replied Matt.

"I see what you mean. Call Rick, he should have the riders you need and he is the nearest to you. This has to be rough on the families," said Dan.

"It is, the dad I talked to says that the funerals for them are being held at the cemetery for all three of them," replied Matt with a sad tone in his voice.

"Good luck, I know you and the riders will show your respect for the fallen soldiers," replied Dan as the tears welled up in his eyes. Dear lord. three more when does it stop, thought Dan as he hung up the phone and glanced at Hogan.

"How many this time?" asked Hogan looking back at Dan.

"Three soldiers who grew up together and were best friends. I need a break after what Rick told me. If Mitchell calls me, you can reach me by phone," said Dan as he quietly walked out of the hangar. Hogan stood there at the edge of the hangar watching Dan as he walked across the runway. I don't know how he holds it together. One day he is going to break down, thought Hogan.


Metro Police Dept.

Captain Harada had just walked out of his office just Sean and the others walked in the squad room.

"It's really rough out there," said Harada looking at the guys as they sat there.

"You should of seen the crowds out there. Jake and some of the riders were riding down the street to the funeral home. The people were yelling some awful things at them. Some of the riders were getting mad but they held their tempers. Hal, one of the riders told the crowd a few things. We saw the looks on their faces as he told them that they were all vets," replied John.

"We had to arrest some of them. They were determined to start a fight with the riders but the riders just sat on their Harleys and smiled," replied Chris.

"I'm sorry to say that I almost lost it because of the way the crowds were talking and yelling at the riders," replied Sean.

"I was waiting to see how mad you would get if you did lose it," replied John looking at Sean.

"I wanted so badly to hit him, but I didn't," replied Sean with frustrated look on his face.

"I know how you feel, but we have to have some control," replied Harada.

"I may have to find a punching bag. That's how bad it's getting," said Sean.

"I wanted to let you know that Linh is coming back tomorrow. Her brothers are bringing their grandmother back to the island. I need two of you to pick her up and escort her to the station. Chris and Danny did I hear you volunteer?" asked Harada looking at them.

"We will do it," replied Chris.

"Sean, how is Dan doing with what you gave him?" Harada asked.

"The six surviving men have confirmed that Tamyko did rescued them from the ocean. The other four families have also stated it to him. They also told him that they believe Tamyko was also injured before saving them. Mitchell is getting his navy records and medical records. If he was injured they would be in the records," replied Sean.

"If he was injured you know what that means?" replied Harada.

"I know, I hope Mitchell finds what he is looking for," replied Sean as Harada walked back into his office.

"Sean, Linh just called the funeral is set for Wednesday, this is Monday. You need to get hold of Dan and see if he has any news," said Harada as Sean and John walked out the door.


The Airport Hangar

Hogan sat there looking at the papers on the desk when he heard a voice. He turned to see who it was. He saw a young man walking in the hangar.

"Can I help you?" asked Hogan looking at the young lieutenant.

"I'm Lieutenant Wallace, I'm from Admiral Mitchell's office. I'm suppose to be delivering some papers to a man named Dan Abbott. Are you him?" asked the lieutenant.

"No, my name is General Hogan," he replied.

"Excuse me sir, I didn't know," he replied as he stood at attention.

"At ease, lieutenant. Do you see any stars on my shoulders. I'll get Dan on the phone for you," said Hogan as he picked up the phone and dialed Dan's phone.

"Yeah what do you want?" he asked.

"There is a Lieutenant Abbott to see you. He says that he is from Admiral Mitchell's office. He has some papers for you," replied Hogan.

"I will be right there," replied Dan as he ran for the hangar, as he reached the entry he could see the lieutenant standing in his white uniform looking lost.

"Lieutenant? Dan is right behind you," said Hogan.

"Are you Dan Abbott?" he asked.

"Yes. Do you have something for me from the admiral?" Dan asked.

"Yes I do. He asked to deliver these papers to you," said the lieutenant, handing the folder to Dan who opened it and looked at the papers. As he started to smile as he continued to look at the papers.

"Well do they have what you wanted to know?" asked Hogan looking at Matt who sat down in a chair.

"It's what we were waiting for. Now we just have to wait for the Pentagon to call and confirm it," said Dan still going over the papers.

"They called while you were talking to the lieutenant. The Secretary of the Navy has confirmed it. He said to tell you that a plane is being sent with it. He said that we have to do something else. He said that you would know what it was," replied Hogan.

"Yeah, I know what it means. Now I need to talk to the family and make arrangements," replied Dan as Sean walked in the door.

"If you need to talk to the family, I can help you. Linh will be here tomorrow. She is an officer with Metro Police Dept. Just come to the station. I came to see how things are?" Sean asked.

"We just got confirmation on what we needed to know. Mitchell sent his medical records. He had a Navy doctor read the records. Tamyko was injured when he rescued those men," said Dan.

"So he really is a hero?" asked Sean.

"Yes and the Navy is sending an honor guard. We are going to do what we do. Your friend Mitchell is going to be giving the family a special honor in recognition of what he did. Since you did all of this, I can tell you what is going to happen. At the funeral home six riders will stand guard and then after the services, they will carry the casket to the hearse. All of the riders will be outside ready to escort him to his final resting place," said Dan looking at Sean.

"There is more, that your not telling me?" asked Sean.

"There is more but I need to talk to the familiy before I say anything more, but I can tell you this the people will remember this when we leave," said Dan.

"Linh, will be at the station tomorrow you can talk to her then," said Sean.

"I'll be there. " Said Dan as he watched Sean leave.


Metro Police Dept.

"I saw Linh driving into the lot," said Chris walking to his desk.

"She has to be tired, it has to be rough losing someone," stated Danny.

"It has to be hard on her to hear what the people are yelling." replied John.

"Let's hope the news that Dan has will help," said Sean as the doors opened an Linh walked in to the squad room.

"I'm back. I just wanted to tell all of you thanks for everything that you have done. It hasn't been easy for us. We didn't hear the yelling and screaming at my brothers house. Just one thing... who are the guys on the Harleys and where did they come from?" asked Linh.

"They are a group of vets and there here for your grandfather. One of their leaders will be here to explain everything to you. That's Dan now, I can hear the sound of a Harley," replied Sean as he got up to see if it was Dan, as he walked through the door.

"I'm sorry if I was too noisy. I just really feel good after I got the news from the admiral and the Pentagon. We all took a ride this morning to Pearl Harbor. It really felt good, and the military stationed there came out to welcome us to Hawaii and to thanks us for what we did. I told them that the ones who gave their lives that day are the ones to thank. Sean, your friend the admiral came out told us thanks. Some of the boys threw wreaths in the water at the Arizona for those sailors still down there. One of the riders had a problem. Ronni's grandfather was on the Arizona when it sank and he is one of those still there. After we spent some time on the base, we rode around the base and then we rode around the island. You know that it takes a while to get 150 riders around this island. Twenty-five are with me and the others went back to the hangar. They have to get ready for tomorrow," replied Dan.

"Do you think they would talk to us about what they did?" asked Chris.

"Just go out there, they will talk to you. You really have to talk to Hank. He will tell you what it was like to be a Green Beret. You can ask the riders anything you want to know, they will tell you," said Dan as he turned to where Sean was.

"Dan, this is Linh Tamyko," said Sean.

"It's nice to meet you. Sean has told me that you are guarding my grandfather's body," said Linh.

"Yes we are. I need to explain to you what will happen tomorrow. Six riders will carry your grandfather out to the hearse. Then the riders will rider beside the hearse and the others cars and then they will follow to the cemetery. Admiral Mitchell has made arrangements for a Navy honor guard. Can I call you Linh?" asked Dan.

"Yes," replied Linh.

"Riders will be at your grandmother's house to escort all of your family to the funeral home," said Dan.

"There were some guys on Harleys when we drove up to the house. Are they a part of your group?" asked Linh.

"Yes, they are. Another group of riders will take their place during the night. They are the ones who will escort you," replied Dan.

"Thank you, I need to go back to my grandmother's house," said Linh.

"Tell Hank that you need an escort. Some of the riders will go with you," replied Dan.

"Thank you," said Linh as she walked out of the squad room.

"Did anything that I gave you help?" asked Sean.

"Yes, everything that you had confirmed what we suspected. His medical records helped. He was already injured from the blast and every time he dived into the water to save those men, his injuries only became worse. He's lucky that he survived. I read his records. He was burned over twenty percent of his body. The Pentagon has confirmed it and your friend the admiral will being giving it to the family at the funeral," said Dan.

"I'm glad that I could help," replied Sean as he watched Dan leave the squad room. Just then Captain Harada walked out of his office.

"Sean, I need you to tell the others that they are to wear their dress uniforms. I"m glad to hear that what you did will make a difference tomorrow," said Harada.


The Tamyko Funeral

A cool breeze could be felt as the sun started to rise. The island was slowly waking up to the sounds of the ocean as the surf hit the rocks. Sean stood watching the sun rose as he thought about the day ahead. He turned and walked into the room where his dress uniform jacket lay on the sofa. He put it on and buttoned it up. He stopped and check the pockets for his white gloves. He picked up his hat and walked to the door. He stood there a few minutes before opening the door and walking to the car. He thought about Dan and his riders as they would be leaving the hangar, he sat there smiling as he thought about the riders as they rode to the funeral home. Just as Sean started his car he heard the sound of Harleys as they roared up the street. He turned to see Dan and Jake as they sat there in the road.

"I thought you would be there by now?" Sean asked Dan as he walked up to Sean's car.

"We thought that you would like to be escorted. If it wasn't for you then no one would know about Linh's grandfather," Dan stated.

"We need to go. John called me and said that the protester are already lining the streets. You ready for this?" asked Sean looking at Dan.

"We"re ready. We have learned not to let it bother us. We just hold our heads high. We have nothing to be ashamed of. We did what we had to do for our country and if we had to, we would do it again," replied Dan.

"He's right, we would do it again," called Jake as the others riders gave out a loud yell.

As Sean started down the road, Dan and Jake followed him side by side and the other riders rode four abreast to the funeral home. As they got closer Sean could see the protesters that John had warned him about, but he saw the signs that called the riders heroes. Sean looked at Dan and Jake and smiled as they rode up to the funeral home.

The riders parked their Harleys as they got off. They stood quietly beside them at attention. Dan and Jake walked into the building with Sean and sat down. Sean continued to walk till he came to where the captain was sitting with the others. He turned to hear Dan give the orders to the six riders who were carrying the casket of Mr. Tamyko to the front. They sat it down on the altar in unison and then saluted the casket. They slowly turned and walked to the front row and sat down. After the service they stood up and carried the casket to the waiting hearse and the riders who were escorting him to the cemetery. Dan and Jake followed them out to where the riders were already lined up beside the hearse and the others cars. Then the procession started for down the road till it came to the cemetery where there were more protesters, and the police were there to hold them back. Sean watched as the riders carried the casket to where it would be buried. He could hear the yelling of the protesters but the riders stood at attention, not listening to any of the yelling. Then the Navy honor guard gave a twenty one gun salute and they played Taps. Then Admiral Mitchell slowly walked to where Linh and her family sat.

"Linh, I would be presenting the flag to your grandmother at this time, but your grandfather is not going to be buried here," replied Mitchell as the protester yelled at the news.

"We knew that you couldn't bury a traitor here," yelled the man.

"That's not the reason. You have no idea what you're talking about. Sean, do you want to tell them," Mitchell asked looking at Sean.

"I think that it should be Dan who tells you," said Sean as he turned to look at Dan.

"Linh, your grandfather was declared an American hero because of his actions at Pearl Harbor that day in his rescue of ten of his shipmates while he was injured himself. The Navy is honoring him with the Navy Cross for bravery and I am to give your family the Medal of Honor for what he did that day," said Dan as he handed them to Linh.

"Thank you," said Linh as she cried.

"We don't care what you do with him but you still can't bury him here," yelled the protesters as Dan walked up to Linh.

"Remember what I said yesterday? Sean will taking you to the airport where you will be flying with us," said Dan who turned back to the protesters as the riders carried the casket to the hearse and the riders lined up.

"I want you to know that we are not going to force you to bury him here. We are taking him to Arlington National Cemetery where he is to be buried with the other heroes of Pearl Harbor," replied Dan as he and the other riders followed the hearse to the airport. Sean looked at the protesters as they just stood there looking at the riders go by.

"He was a real hero to his country," said Captain Harada looking at Sean.

"Yes, he was," replied Sean as he saluted Linh's grandfather as the hearse went by.

The End

Chapter End Notes:
Dedicated to those who have served and to those who have given their lives for their country.
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