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Metro Police Dept.

"If there is one more robbery, before six in the morning, I'm going to scream. this makes the seventh one in the last two weeks," replied Danny as he wrote up the report.

"They all have the same M.O. They strike early in the morning. The owner said that he was opening the door and letting some customers in, when two men stuck a gun in his face and demanded all of the money. They even robbed his customers. He said that they were gone before anyone could see their faces," replied John.

"So we don't even know what they look like. All the witness tell us that they are wearing hooded sweat shirts," replied Chris.

"What we know is that they are not afraid to hit anyone. They robbed a fast food place when the manager opened the door to let the crew in. They followed the crew in and when the manager didn't move fast enough to open the safe, he hit her in the face with his gun," said Sean looking at the board as Harada walked out of his office.

"I see you all have been talking about the latest crime spree. What we know is that they are there when these places open in the morning and know where they go when they leave. They don't even see what type of vehicle they are using to make their getaway," replied Harada.

"So far they have robbed the coffee shop on Kaluna Avenue, then there was the fast food place on Wakiki Street. Then they robbed three banks on Sunset Avenue. They robbed a restaurant called Hawaiian Inn further on down Sunset Avenue," replied John looking at Sean who was looking at a map on the bulletin board.

"I have been looking at the map and all of these places are in the same area as each other. The fast foods places are on the same street, the banks are over on the next street. Their next place is probably in this area," said Sean drawing a circle on the map.

"I want Chris and Danny to go to the fast food places and talk to the managers. They may have seen something about these two men that may help us. Sean, you and John talk to other managers at the banks," said Harada as he started back to his office. Just as he opened the door Kaleo walked in the squad room.

"What is it Kaleo? Is something wrong?" asked Harada looking at Kaleo who had a sad look on his face.

"What's wrong Kaleo. You can tell us," said Sean.

"I was listening to the police radio. A call came into the dispatcher that they needed a squad car to 903 Aloha Drive, the neighbors heard shots being fired. EMTs have been called to the address. Sean, the squad car is responding to Jake's place," replied Kaleo with a sad tone in his voice, as he saw the look on Sean"s face as he ran out the door.

"Follow him. We don't know what has happened or what he will do. Let me know as soon as you can," yelled Harada as they ran out the door. John stood there looking after Sean.

"Are you going to stand there and look or are you going with me?" yelled Sean.

"I'm coming," yelled John as he jumped in Sean's car. He could see the look on Sean's face as they raced through traffic with the sounds of sirens blaring in the air.

"You can't be sure that the shots are coming from Jake's house. They could be in the vicinity of his house," said John looking at Sean as he drove as fast as he could through the traffic.

"I know that, but the last few days I had that awful feeling that there was something wrong. Jake called me and told me that someone has been following them when they leave the house. I told him to call me and I would go with them. Jake called me and told me that he was sure that someone was watching the house. He said it was a blue car, but he couldn't see the license plate," said Sean with a strange look on his face.

"Sean, you have this strange look like you know who it is," said John.

"I'm not sure. It's not possible as I'm sure that I put him away for twenty years. He couldn't of gotten out of prison," said Sean.

"Sean, you're not talking about that guy you had a run in with three years ago are you?" asked John.

"Yes! I am but how did he get out of prison?" asked Sean.

"Is this the same guy who blamed you for leaving him behind in Desert Storm?" John asked.

"Yes! We were on a mission. We were doing a search and rescue for a group of Marines that had been trapped behind enemy lines. His name was Jack Ewing. He had been lowered to the ground by a ladder. He was supposed to hold the ladder so the Marines could climb up the ladder and into the helicopter. We had them all on the ladder. The pilot started to fly away as they climbed up the ladder. I was trying to make sure they all got on board. Suddenly we heard shooting from the ground. Jack was the last one, when there was an explosion under the ladder. I tried to grab the ladder and pull him up but he fell off the ladder. We tried to find him but we couldn't see him. The captain ordered the pilot to leave. We learned later that he had been captured. He was here on the island three years ago, and he blames me for what happen to him. He was taken as a prisoner of war. He came here to get revenge for everything. He took Nick hostage. If it is him then I want to know how he got out of prison," replied Sean as he drove up to Jake's house. He stopped the car and started running up to the house where the officers stopped him from entering the house.

"I'm sorry this is a crime scene so we can't let you in," said the officer, not realizing who Sean was.

"I'm going in there and don't try and stop me," said Sean with an angry look on his face as he opened the door and walked in. The officers went to follow him and stop him.

"I wouldn't try to stop him because this is Detective Harrison and his son lives here," said John as he followed Sean into the house.

"We didn't know. We were told not to let anyone in," said the officer.

"Right now he's not in a good mood. I wouldn't talk to him unless you want your head taken off. Why don't you take care of crowd control and let us do what we have to alright," replied John as he followed Sean into the house. Sean looked around the room that was covered in blood. He slowly moved around the room looking for Nick and Jake, when an officer came up to him.

"Sean, they were taken to the hospital a few minutes ago, just before you arrived. I know that look on your face. They are still alive but they are hurt real bad," said the officer as Sean turned and walked out the door. An elderly man walked up to him and started talking to him.

"You're Nick's dad, aren't you? I saw the man who did this. I saw Jake getting his morning paper when this car pulled up and this man got out. That's when I saw the man put a gun in Jake's back and order him to walk back into the house. That's when I heard the shots. I ran back into my house and called the police and the EMTs," replied the man.

"Did you see this man leave? What kind of car he was driving?" asked Sean.

"Yes!" answered the man.

"Tell Chris and Danny everything you know. John, I'm going to the hospital. Can you call Max and tell her to meet me there," yelled Sean as he started the car.

"Move over, I'm driving. You're not in any fit state to drive. You have a look like you want to kill someone. With the way you feel it could be anyone, especially with the way you drive when you're mad," replied John at Sean as he looked at John and moved over into the other seat.

"John, stay with him. We will start trying to find out what we can. Tell Sean not to worry. I will call Max," replied Chris.

"You might call the captain and have him send over a picture of Ewing so you can show it to the old man and see if he recognizes him as the one he saw getting out of the car," replied John before he drove toward the hospital.


Honolulu Hospital
Emergency Room

As the ambulance entered the driveway leadign up to the entrance, the doctors ran out to meet it. The EMTs opened the doors and pulled the gurneys out that carried Nick and Jake.

"My god, this one is a young boy. He has been shot several times. We need to get him to surgery stat or we're going to lose him. I want a type and cross match as we are going to need blood. Move as fast as you can on this one," yelled the doctor as he ran behind the gurney that the orderlies were pushing to the elevator.

"We need to take him to surgery too. He has a bullet in the shoulder and one in the leg. We have to move to him there. Who could of done this to them? Who ever did this I hope they catch him," replied the doctor.

"I'm sure the police will catch him. The boy is Nick Harrison. His dad is Sean Harrison of the Honolulu Police Dept. The old man is the boy's grandfather."

"I would hate to be that guy when they finally catch him," said the driver as they left the hospital.

"Yeah, I sure would hate to be that guy when they get hold of him," replied the driver of the ambulance.


"Can't you hurry any faster?" Sean asked as he looked at John.

"I'm going as fast as I can, unless you want me to use the siren and lights?" John asked.

"Yes, if it will get me to the hospital faster. We don't know how bad they are," replied Sean with a worried look on his face, as they came closer to the hospital.


Back at Jake's house

Chris and Danny are talking to the old man.

"We need to know what you saw?" asked Chris.

"I had just said morning to Jake when this car drove up in front of his house. A man got out of the car and walked over to where Jake was standing. Jake had this look on his face like he knew the man. He followed Jake into the house, and that's when I heard the shots coming from the house and saw the man running out of the house and getting in the car before driving away," replied the old man.

"If you remember seeing anything else just call us. Our number is on the card," replied Chris handing the card the card to the old man.

"We have a picture of the man that we need you to look at," replied Danny looking at the man.

"Yes. That's the man I saw following Jake into the house," the old man replied.

"He just identified Jack Ewing. We need to get the captain to put out an APB on him. He may go after Sean next," replied Chris as they walked around the house looking for evidence that Jack Ewing had been there. Then Chris turned with a surprised look on his face to see what had been written on the wall in blood. You're next. I swear on your son's life. Chris and Danny looked at the wall and then turned to look at each other and then back at the wall.

"It's written in blood. But whose?" asked Danny as he went to take a sample off the wall.

"I would have to say it's Nick's because of what it says. You have a sample? We will give it to Joe. He can verify that it's Nick," said Chris walking around the room.

"Joe and his team are here, I'll give the sample to him." He returned moments later. "Joe said that he will get the results to us as soon as he can," replied Danny.

"We need to get an All Points Bulletin on the car and a description of Ewing before he strikes again. Next time it will be Sean," said Chris as they drove back to the office.


Honolulu Hospital

Just as John drove up and stopped at the emergency room doors, Sean got out of the car and running through the doors and up to the nurses' station, where a doctor was standing.

"Where is my son, Nick Harrison?" demanded Sean as he looked in every room.

"Are you his father?" asked the doctor.

"Yes! I'm Detective Harrison. Now where is Nick?" yelled Sean as he started back towards the trauma area.

"I'm Doctor Shapiro. If you will come with me, I can talk to you about your son," replied the doctor as he led Sean to a waiting room.

"I just want to know where Nick is? His grandfather was in the house, was he brought here too?" asked Sean as he followed the doctor.

"Have a seat. Your son is in surgery. He was shot three times. The surgeon that is working on him is very good. Your son will be in there for several hours. His grandfather is in surgery too. We will let you know when they come out. You can stay here and wait for the doctor to come out," replied Shapiro as he left the room.

Sean sat there holding his head in his hands. Sean didn't see John walk in with Max who sat down next to Sean as she put her hand on his leg. Sean looked up to see Max's face with a worried look on it.

"This is my fault. I should have killed him when I had the chance but I let my sense of duty get in the way. If I had forgotten for that one time, that I was a cop and just shot him when I had the chance, Ewing would be dead and Nick would have been safe," replied Sean as he looked at Max with an angry look on his face.

"Sean! You have to stop blaming yourself. Now you have to find him and finish the job," said Max as she held on to him. The hours went by as they sat there waiting for the doctor. Sean couldn't sit still so he paced up and down the hallway. Eventually a nurse came up to them.

"Dr Shapiro will be out in a few minutes to talk to you," said the nurse.

"My he going to be alright?" Sean asked.

"I don't know. You will have to ask the doctor. He will be out in a few minutes and he can tell you," replied the nurse as she walked away. Just then Doctor Shapiro came through the door.

"How is my son?" Sean asked.

"He is in ICU. He is in a coma and you can see him as soon as the nurses are done with him. Your father-in-law is out of surgery too and wants to talk to you. Don't be too long as he is very weak and needs to rest. I will let you know when you can see your son," replied the doctor walking out of the room.

"You go and talk to Jake. I will stay here with John," said Max.

"No, I need you to come with me," said Sean as he took her hand and started to the nurses' station.

"You will find him in room 306. Do not stay too long as he needs his rest," said the nurse as Sean walked to Jake's room.

"Sean, you have to be careful. Ewing is crazy. I tried to stop him from shooting Nick but he shot me and then I heard more shots. I saw Nick fall to the floor. He left thinking that we were dead. Sean, he wants you dead no matter what he has to do," said Jake breathing heavily.

"I will take care of him. You just rest and leave it to me. Max, is going to stay with you," said Sean.

"Nick? I need to know Sean? How's Nick?" asked Jake.

"He is still alive but he is in critical condition and in a coma," said Sean as he walked towards the door.

"Sean, be careful, we don't know what he will do," pleaded Max as Sean hugged her before he left.

"Well, what are we going to do?" asked John.

"What I should have done before only this time I'm going to make sure I kill him," said Sean storming out of the hospital. Sean didn't see the car that was across the street or the man watching him.

"This time I will get him, I swear," said the man glaring at Sean.


Metro Police Dept.

Chris and Danny were sitting at their desk when the captain walked out of his office and came toward them.

"Chris and Danny, I know that you want to help Sean with what happened at Jake's, but I need you to work on this robbery case. They have robbed another place. It's marked on the map. This time someone was hurt badly," said Harada looking at them.

"We were hoping that you would have us helping Sean," replied Danny.

"I need you to work on these robberies before they get any worse than they are. If Sean needs help he will ask for it," said Harada going back in to his office just as Sean and John walked into the squad room.

"Sean, how are Nick and Jake?" asked Chris.

"Nick is in a coma. They don't know if he's going to make it. Jake is going to recover. I need to talk to the captain," said Sean as he walked toward the captain's office.

"John! how is Sean doing?" asked Chris.

"He's taking this pretty rough. He's blaming himself," replied John looking at Sean as he stood at the captain's door. They could see the look on Sean's face and they knew that he was mad as he opened the door.

"I want to know how Ewing got out of prison?" yelled Sean as he looked at the captain with an angry look on his face.

"I contacted the D.A. It seems that Ewing was to be transferred to a military prison in Kansas by order of the governor. A plane was sent for him and he was put on-board but the warden from Ft. Leavenworth called and said that the plane transporting Ewing never arrived. Airport security started checking and found the plane in the hangar and the guards dead. Ewing was nowhere to be found," replied Harada.

"Do they know how long he has been loose?" asked Sean pacing the floor as the anger built up in him.


Metro Police Dept.

"Do you hear all the yelling coming out of the captain's office," said Danny as they sat there listening to the yelling.

"Sean is really mad about Ewing being on the loose and he wasn't notified of it," replied Chris.

"Do you blame him. Ewing went after his son and Jake. If it was me I would be mad too," said John looking at Chris and Danny as they heard the yelling coming from Harada's office.

"You knew he had escaped and you didn't even tell me. If I had known I could have had a guard to protect them. I thought we were friends but I guess I was wrong," yelled Sean with his hands on the captain's desk.

"I didn't tell you because I knew what you would do. You would go after Ewing by yourself and you would kill him or he would kill you and I didn't want that," yelled Harada at the top of his voice.

"Now what are we going to do about getting him?" asked Sean staring at Harada.

"I'm putting you in charge of bringing him in. You're the only one who knows what he is capable of doing. You will have a task force to work with. They are all undercover cops. Some are so deep undercover that they have almost forgotten that they are cops. The D.A. and the governor agreed with me that this maybe the only way to do it. To contact them call this number. A man named Ben will answer. Just tell him who you are and he will tell you where to meet them. Just tell them what you want. Make sure you keep in touch with me," said Harada looking at Sean.

"He's trained as a commando so it will take another commando to catch him and that's me," replied Sean.

"I need for you to act like you're really mad at me for not telling you about Ewing escaping. It has to look like your quitting the force," said Harada as he looked at Sean.

"The yelling has stopped maybe they are talking," replied John as he looked at the captain's door.

"Don't hold your breath. They maybe just getting ready for the blowup. It always get very quiet before they really start yelling at each other," said Chris just as they heard more yelling coming from the captain's office.

"I will go after Ewing and you can't stop me," yelled Sean at the top of his lungs.

"If you can't take orders from me than I have no choice but to take your badge from you," yelled Harada.

"You can have it. I won't need it to find Ewing. You can have it. I don't care, it's just a useless piece of tin," yelled Sean as he slammed the badge down on Harada's desk and stormed out the door.

"Sean, you can't quit like this. What will you do when you find him? You wouldn't be a cop," said John.

"I don't need a badge because this time I'm going to kill him," said Sean as he stormed out the door, slamming it as he started out of the squad room Harada came out the door.

"If you go after Ewing and kill him you will be taking the law into your own hands, and I have no choice but to have you arrested for killing him," replied Harada as Sean walked out the door.

"You have to stop him," yelled Chris looking at Harada.

"Did you see that look on his face. He has made up his mind and no one can change it. He is going after Ewing the only way he knows. One of them is going to get killed. We have to hope that it's Ewing," replied John as he looked at the door.

"Don't you guys have some robberies to solve. Since yesterday another fast food place was robbed. This time they robbed it before it opened. The manager came in and found that the safe had been opened and the lock on the safe was laying on the floor. The owner thinks that it was an inside job because when they left, they locked the door. So get busy and don't worry about Sean," yelled Harada walking back into his office.

I hope we did the right thing in letting you go after Ewing, thought Harada as he looked out the window as he watched Sean drive out of the police lot.


Honolulu Hospital

Max walked into Jake's room, as the doctor was checking on him.

"How is he doing?" asked Max as she came closer to Jake's bed.

"I wish I could say he was getting better but he's not. I don't understand why he's not. We got the bullets out and all of the fragments. He should be recovering from his wounds. They were not that severe. I don't understand what's wrong," said Doctor Shapiro as he looked at Jake's chart.

"Has anyone been around him, talking about his grandson Nick?" asked Max looking at the doctor.

"Not that I know of. Do you think that his condition could be because of the boy?" asked the doctor.

"Nick was staying with him. He probably feels that he was responsible for him. What is Nick's condition?" asked Max.

"He is still in coma and nothing has changed," replied the doctor.

"What is it?" asked Max looking at the doctor.

"Something is wrong. Nick's condition is getting worse. He is slipping even deeper into the coma," replied Shapiro as he checked Nick one more time.

"Would it be alright if I just sat here with Nick? I have heard that when you talk to a person that is in a coma they might be able to hear what you're saying," said Max as she looked Nick.

"That's true, it's a known fact that coma patients have woken up just from hearing the voice of a loved one. If you want to sit here and talk to him that's fine with me," replied Shapiro as he checked Nick's vitals.

"Nick, it's Max. You need to come back to us. All you have to do is to open your eyes. Your dad is worried about. He is out there looking for the man that did this. You know he loves you. Can you feel my hands holding your hands. Aryamma and Bryanna miss you and they want you back. I am going to be here talking to you till you wake up," replied Max as she looked up to see John standing at the foot of Nick's bed.

"Has there been any change in his condition?" asked John.

"The doctor was just in here and checked him. He has slipped deeper into the coma. The doctor said that we need to keep talking to him as it might help him to come back to us," said Max.

"Then we have to do it. If he can hear us then we have to talk to him for twenty four hours a day and for as long as it takes until he wakes up," said John.

"Have you seen Sean? He was here when I got here, but he left shortly after. He said that he had to look for someone. He went looking for Ewing didn't he?" asked Max with a worried look on her face.

"We don't know where Sean is. He was in the captain's office. They were talking, then we heard them yelling at each other. Harada told him that he couldn't go after Ewing by himself. Sean yelled back that he could do anything he wanted to and no one was going to stop him. The yelling lasted for over fifteen minutes. Then we heard Sean yelling something about Harada could have his badge and then we heard him slam it down on Harada's desk. Then he walked out of the captain's office and out of the building. We don't know where he went. Harada came out of the office and told us not to follow him," replied John.

"I know where he has gone. He is looking for Ewing and no one is going to stop him this time," said Max.

"I hope he knows what he is doing," replied John.

"This time he is doing what he has to do. He has to go after Ewing like he was trained in the Marines," said Max.

"I will get the guys to come up and sit and talk to Nick," said John walking out of Nick's room.


Sean's Beach House

Sean was standing on the balcony watching the surfs hitting the rocks when he heard the phone ring. He turned and walked into the room where the phone was sitting on the desk.

"This is Harrison, what do you want?" he asked.

"We heard that you're looking for some guys to help you find this other guy?" stated the voice on the other end of the phone.

"Yeah I am, but he gave me your number and said to talk to you," replied Sean.

"We got a call from a friend who said that you use some help. We will meet you on the docks. Just one thing, lose the car and find some clothes that wouldn't make you look like a poster boy for Hawaii," said the voice.

"How will I know who you are?" asked Sean.

"Don't worry, we'll know who you are," replied the voice as he hung up the phone.

The clothes I can change. Now another car. I have the keys for Jake's jeep and he wouldn't mind if I borrowed it.

Sean walked into the bedroom and started rummaging through the clothes. What I need to look like is a beach bum and these clothes will make ne look like one, thought Sean as he put them on. I need to do something with the hair, he thought as he ran his fingers through his hair, letting it fall where he wanted it landed. Sean started for the garage where the jeep sat. He started the engine, pressed the opener for the garage door. He backed the jeep out and started off to the docks. This time I will get Ewing and nothing will stop me. I swear it on my life, thought Sean as he drove to the docks. After driving for a while he came to the docks. It didn't take long for him to see who he was looking for. They sat on Harleys at the end of the pier. He drove closer to them and then he stopped the jeep and jumped out on the pier as they walked closer to him. He looked at them and then he realized what Harada had said about them. They weren't cops anymore. They didn't even act like they were.

"So you'rew the one who is looking for this guy. What has he done to you?" asked Mac as he leaned on the jeep.

"Yeah! I'm the one. You really want to know why I want this slime ball? Three years ago he went after me. He took my son Nick as a hostage. It was part of his plan to kill me. We were on a rescue mission in Desert Storm. Members of the team had went down to rescue some Marines. We had them on the rope ladder and the hoist was pulling then up when we realized that it had snapped, and that's when we knew he wasn't there and that he had fallen to the ground. We were told later that he was a POW. He blamed me for what happen to him," said Sean.

"We read the report that he was sent to a prison on Ohua. We know what has happened in the last few days," replied Mac.

"Do you know where he is?" asked Sean walking with the guys.

"There is talk on the island of a guy who has a put out a hit on a cop. That's why I told you to change your clothes and get rid of that car. Where did you get those clothes, out of a trash can?" asked Mac.

"Why do you want to know?" Sean asked.

"I just wanted to know because they really smell bad and they will work. You do have a gun?" asked Mac,

"Yes," replied Sean as he looked at them.


Kahuna Drive

Danny and Chris stopped and sat there on Kahuna Drive. It had been four hours since they had left the station and every one that they had interviewed in the store robberies had no idea who it was that had robbed them.

"It took four hours to find nothing," yelled Chris as he threw his coffee out of the window.

"Maybe John and Linh have something. At the fast food place where they hit the manager in the face, she said the one who hit her was black and he was about her height. That gives us something. At the other places they gave us similar descriptions of these guys. There has to be something that connects them to the jobs. A necklace or even a chain around their neck that someone has seen," said Danny.

"Then we have to go back to these places and talk to them about what they might of seen," replied Danny as he drove back to the last place they had been.

"Danny, at the last place the manager said something about this one, it was an inside job. They knew the combination of the safe and they had no problems get the lock of the safe. Only managers would have the combination and the key to the safe. We are going back to those places and have the owner bring in all of the managers so we can interview them one at a time. Call John and tell him what we have found out," replied Chris.


Metro Police Dept.

"John, I brought the city bus route maps. I marked on the map the places that have been robbed in the last two weeks. I noticed that there is a bus stop not more than ten feet from where there was a place that was robbed," said Linh looking at the map.

"Chris and Danny are checking the fast food places and the same goes for them. They are the same bus route. Kaleo call Chris and Danny have them come back to the station. We will show them what we found," replied John.

"You're worried about Sean aren't you?" asked Linh.

"Yes, no one has heard from him in a few days. I went up to the hospital. Nick's condition hasn't changed. Max is still there with him."

"You don't need to worry about Sean. None of you need to anymore. He's not a member of this department and if any of you try looking for him. You will be suspended. Do you understand me," replied the captain as the door opened and Chris and Danny walked in the squad room.

"We heard you say something about looking for Sean," replied Chris looking at Harada.

"No! I wasn't saying that I want you to find him, but I'm ordering you not to go looking for him and that's an order. Do you understand me," yelled Harada.

"We get the message," said Chris looking at the rest of them.

"Do you think he means it?" Danny asked Chris.

"How long have you been here? When Harada says something he means it. We need to get to work on these robberies before he starts yelling again," replied Chris.

"The reason we called you back in is because we have found something that might help us. We hung up a bus route. On the map we marked all the places that were robbed. All of them are less than a half a block from a bus stop," said John.

"If they took the bus every day then they would know the schedule of the bus that they had to take. That would make sense," replied Danny.

"The last job, the owner thinks that its was an inside job but when we talked to the store manager, he said that it could be any one of his managers. They all know the combination of the safe," said Chris.

"But he told us that they have their own locks and if their shift is next then their lock is put on the safe door before the next shift. The store managers said that no one knows who is going to have the safe key till they get there," said Chris.

"That's means we are back to square one in the investigation," replied Danny as they looked at the maps.

"We may not have to start over. We know that they ride the bus," said John.

"We need to get the works schedules of the employees," replied Linh.

"We can compared the schedules of the workers and when the bus stops and how far they are from the places," said John.

"In order to do that we have to have more officers covering the bus stops. We need to see who the employees are that ride the bus," said John.

"How will we know who are the fast food employees?" asked Danny.

"They will be wearing their uniforms. Danny now do you understand," replied Chris.

"I wasn't thinking but you're right," replied Danny.

"We need to call it a day. We need to go home and get some sleep and start over tomorrow," replied John as he watched the others leave the squad room. He turned to see Harada standing at the window. He knew that he was thinking about Sean but there was nothing that he could do. He had contacted a unit that worked undercover. He knew that they were the only ones who could help him in finding Jack Ewing.


Sean walked to the end of the pier where he could see Mac and the others standing. He had spent most of the night looking for Ewing. He had been to have tried every place that he could think of but no one had seen him. As he came closer to Mac he knew that they had been talking.

"You didn't go home or go to see your son like I suggested, Instead you have been looking for Ewing all night haven't you?" asked Mac.

"Yes I was. I need to find him right now, not sit at home. You have no idea what this guy is like. Three years ago he took Nick as a hostage and threatened to kill him. They were transferring him to a prison in Kansas when he killed the guards and escaped. Again he went after my son. Now Nick is in the hospital in critical condition. He is in coma and the doctors don't think he will come out of it. I have been putting myself out there hoping Ewing will come to me," replied an angry Sean as he walked away from Mac and the others.

"We know how you feel. If that was my kid, I wouldn't stop looking for that s.o.b. till I found," said Mac.

"Sean, we all feel that way. If Nick was our kid, we would have shot him down like that dog he is. So let's go hunting," replied Tony as he got on his Harley.

"Sean, we have decided you can't ride with us in that jeep so we contacted a mutual friend and they bought something that would fit in with us. This is yours. She said that you could thank her later. How do you know Max?" asked Jimmy looking at Sean,

"That's my secret, now what did she buy?" asked Sean as the guys moved aside and revealed the Harley.

"Time to ride, if we are going to find this guy," said Mac.

"I thought it shouldn't be too hard as he likes women and booze," replied Sean as he listened Mac on the phone.

"Security called me. He was just seen at the hospital in Nick's room. He was dressed as a doctor. Max screamed for help just before he knocked her out. The doctor said that they don't know about Nick yet," replied Mac looking at Sean as he got on the Harley and started for the hospital.


Honolulu Docks

"Where is he going?" asked Robert as Sean drove off.

"He is going to the hospital to check on his son," said Jimmy.

"We need to be looking for this guy instead of just standing here," replied Mac.

"We need to follow him. Harada ordered us to help him find this wacko and so far we haven't found him," yelled Pete sitting on his bike and revving up the engine.

"We need to follow him to the hospital. Let's find out about his son, then we get started. Duke, I want you to stay with Sean, follow him everywhere he goes. Jimmy, we need information on this guy. Harada said that he was left behind in a search and rescue operation that Sean was involved in. Get on it, I wanted this yesterday," said Mac looking at the guys.

"You got it. Where will you be?" asked Pete looking at Mac.

"If we aren't at the hospital then call me on the cell," replied Mac as he rode off toward the hospital with the other guys.


Honolulu Hospital

Sean drove up the driveway to the main doors of the hospital. He parked the bike and got off of it and ran for the doors. He went over to the elevator. He waited for the doors to open and then walked in. He watched as the numbers went by, till the doors opened and he ran out in to the hall and started for Nick's room but as he stood in the doorway there was a look of shock on his face. The room was empty. Sean panicked and ran back to the nurses' station.

"I want to know where Nick Harrison is?" asked Sean with an angry look on his face.

"Why do you want to know where Nick is?" asked the nurse.

"Because he is my son and I want to know where he is?" yelled an angry Sean as he anxious waited for news about where Nick was.

"I'm sorry but we don't have a patient by the name of Nick Harrison," replied the nurse looking at Sean who was getting angry with her.

"I don't care what you say. My son was brought in here a few days ago after being shot. He was in a coma, he couldn't leave by himself, so where is he," yelled Sean as the nurse called security, who came up behind Sean who was getting madder.

"I'll have to ask you to come with us," replied security.

"I'm not going anywhere till they tell me where my son is, right now," yelled Sean.

"If you don't come with us, I'll have to arrest you. Do you understand me?" asked the officer.

"I don't care. I have lost my son to that mad man. I should have been here to protect him instead, he had me looking for him and I didn't find him any where," said Sean as the security lead him away to the elevator. The elevator slowly went up, it stopped and a nurse walked in. The doors closed and continued on.

"Where are you taking me? Security is in the basement. We are going the wrong way," replied Sean looking at the men as the elevator came to a stop and the doors opened.

"Where are we?" Sean asked as he walked out of the elevator and stood there. One of the men took the cuffs off of him. He just stood there looking as the nurse came up to him.

"You wanted to see Nick so I'm taking you to see him," said Max as Sean turned around to see her standing there.

"Where are we, Max?" asked Sean as he walked with her.

"I'm taking to see him," said Max.

"What happened?" asked Sean.

"He got in the hospital dressed as a doctor and he went after Jake but Jake saw him and hit the call button, which sent people into the room. He got away so they don't know where he went when he ran out of the room. They looked for him, but it didn't do any good," said Max as they came up to a door marked physio unit.

"Is this where they are?" asked Sean looking at Max.

"Yes, open the door and go inside. The door can only be unlocked from the inside. That way they know who is authorized to be in there. After the attack on Jake they moved them both up here. Nick is in this room. Jake is sitting with him and has been reading to him," said Max.

"Is Nick getting any better?" Sean asked.

"The doctor thinks that he maybe coming out of it. They moved them here for safety reasons," said Max as Sean walked over to the bed where his son lay. He looked at Nick and started to cry.

"I made a promise to protect you and I didn't. I let that mad man get to you. I swear that I will find him and kill him," said Sean as he kissed Nick on the forehead.

"He will be okay, Sean. We will make sure he is safe," replied Jake looking at Sean.


Metro Police Dept

John and Linh sat at the desk looking at the map. They didn't hear Harada come out of his office.

"Do you have any clues yet as to who is robbing the places?" asked Harada.

"No not yet but we have talked to the victims. Unfortunately they don't remember very much," replied John looking at the captain.

"The last food place that was robbed, the store manager is coming in. He called me as he remember something that happened. He should be here in a few minutes," said Harada as Kaleo walked in the room.

"Captain, there is a man here who says that he needs to talk to someone about the robbery that happened at his place," said Kaleo.

"Kaleo, tell him to come in," replied Harada as Kaleo showed the man in.

"Mr. Haun, this is Captain Harada," replied Kaleo.

"How can I help you?" asked Harada.

"I talked to some of your people about the robbery that took place. After they left I got to think about something that happened. My assistant told me that the manager that was schedule to close asked if he could switch shifts and opened instead. When I thought about what they said about it being an inside job, it made sense to me. I have been having trouble with this guy. He has been short on his deposits. He would have a key to the store and one to the lock on the safe. He could shut the alarm off also as he would know the code. He seems to have money all the time. The other managers don't make a lot of money. He is at the store right now as I had to put on him probation for something else. You can talk to him as he is there now and I took his keys too," said Mr. Haun.

"I'll send some detectives over to talk him. John find Danny and Chris and bring this guy in for questioning. He may be involved with the other guys who pulled the robberies," said Harada as John and Linh walked out of the squad room.

"Call Chris on his phone and have them meet us at Mr. Haun's place. There was something that he said that makes me feel that this manager is right about this guy," said John as they drove to the fast food place.

"That was Linh, they have a lead on the robbery at the last place. They want us to meet them there," said Chris.

"Let's hope this lead pans out. I would rather be helping Sean find that mad man," replied Danny as they drove to the fast food place.

"I agree with you. I would rather be helping Sean," replied Chris as they drove up to the place.

They got out and walked to the door of the fast food place. As they opened the door and walked in they looked around at the employees.

"Excuse me, I need to talk to the manager," said John as he stood there waiting for a manager.

"I'm Mr Hall, can I help you?" he asked John.

"We are here because of the robbery. Mr. Haun came to the station and told us that he thinks it was one of his managers," replied John.

"One of hsi managers? Mr. Long was supposed to work the mid shift but he called and said that he need to trade shifts with another manager. He said that he would close. So I said okay," replied Mr. Hall.

"What time does he come in?" asked John.

"He comes in at five and the store closes at midnight," said the manager.

"We don't know if he is our man. So we are going to have a man working undercover here," said John.

"We can do that. We will make him a manager," said Mr. Hall handing a shirt and pants to Danny who had a surprised look on his face.

"What is this? I didn't volunteer to do this," complained Danny.

"You look like a manager. It would be easy for us to pass you off as one," said Mr. Hall.

"Alright, I'll do it. Where will you be?" asked Danny.

"We will be out in the parking lot watching for some of his buddies," said John.

"Do you think he will try tonight?" asked Mr. Hall.

"What you told me, makes me think that he will try," replied John.

"Danny I want you to carry your gun inside your boot. I will send Chris in to watch what's going on," said John.

"I will make up a story as to why he is here. Randy will never realize it. You had better get dressed he will be here in ten minutes," said the manager as Danny went to change his clothes.

"I don't know what to do," saidDanny.

"Amy will be here and she will help you. She is becoming a manager next week," replied Mr. Hall.

"I hope so," said Danny as he went to the bathroom.

"Randy is coming in the store," said the manager as Danny walked up to the counter.

"Are you Danny?" asked the lady.

"Yes, I am. Are you Amy?" asked Danny.

"Yes I am. It's really easy you just move around and give orders," replied Amy.

John and Linh were walking out the doors as the manager was walking in. From the look on his face he didn't like Danny being there.

"Randy, this is Danny, he is from the store out on Highway 1. He is going to be here for a few days. Amy will show him how this store runs," said Mr. Hall.

"How come he was hired as a manager if he doesn't know how?" asked Randy.

"He was hired because he is Mr. Wells nephew. Now do you know why?" asked Mr. Hall .

"I get it," replied Randy as he walked to the store's office.

"Oh! by the way his name is Danny and Amy will work with him on the floor," said Mr. Hall as he went to running the store.

John and Linh sat in the car and watched as the customers came and went. John watched the time slowly crept up to almost time for the store to close. Danny noticed the two men in the office with Randy.

"They aren't suppose to be in there," said Amy.

"He is getting ready to close the store. He has a zipped bag under his arm," replied Danny.

"Something is wrong as he is not supposed to take the deposit to the bank. The owner does it in the morning," said Amy as they started to leave the store. Once outside Danny motioned to Chris and John and then reached down to take his gun out of his boot.

John went after the other two men and Chris helped Danny.

"You're not going any where. We are HPD and you're under arrest. Put your hands behind your head and get down on your knees," replied Danny as he cuffed the man.

"You have the wrong man," said Randy.

"We don't think so. Your friends told us something else," said Chris as they put him the squad car.

"We'll take them to the station and book them and find a nice cell for them," said John as the squad car drove off.

"I called Mr. Haun, he is coming to the station to get the money," said Linh as Danny picked up the bag and went with Chris back to the station.


The Palms Motel

Sean stood there looking at the room that Ewing had been seen going into. You can't run, this time. I will kill you this time. You will not get away, thought Sean looking at the room.

"Sean, you're just standing there staring at that room like you expect him to be in there. Logan, go to the front desk and find out if this man is in a room," replied Mac handing a picture to him. Logan walked to the front office and opened the door.

"Can I help you?" asked the man.

"I'm looking for this man. Have you seen him?" asked Logan showing the picture to the man.

"The man is in room six. He is really strange acting, but that's the man in room six," replied the man. Logan turned and walked out the door and down to room six which he pointed to Mac and the others.

"Is he still in there?" asked Sean as he moved to the side of the door and pulled his gun.

"He said that Ewing is in that room but he didn't know if he is in there right now," replied Logan.

"I don't care if he is or isn't. Ewing is a wanted criminal," replied Sean.

"I know that but we still have to be careful," said Mac as he motioned the men into position.

"I know how this guy acts. Just remember that," said Sean as Logan opened the door with the key. Sean rushed in the room followed by Mac and the others but there was no sign of Ewing. Sean looked around the room and found pictures of Nick, Jake and Max lying on the bed.

"He is definitely after your family, Sean," replied Jimmy. Sean opened the closet looking for any signs of weapons and then he looked under the bed and found a suitcase filled with various weapons.

"How did you know those guns were there?" asked Logan.

"I was trained at the same place he was. I know how he thinks. He is out there watching us," replied Sean looking around the room, just then his phone rang.

"Sean, it's John we have been looking for Ewing," said John.

"I thought you were working on the robberies?" asked Sean.

"We solved them. So Harada told us what he did and then he told us to help you," said John.

"I want you to drive around and see if he shows up," said Sean as they drove away.

"Jimmy, I want you to stay here and watch for Ewing. Call if he comes back to the room. You need to be somewhere he wouldn't see you," said Sean as they rode away but Sean didn't know that the one he was looking for was watching him from afar.

You left someone in hope that I will come back to the room, but I will get you yet, thought Ewing as he looked at Jimmy who was looking around.

"Sean! Why are we back at the motel? If he came back here he would have seen Jimmy watching the place. That's why you had Jimmy watching it. You're setting a trap for Ewing hoping that he would come back to the room," replied Mac as Sean looked at the motel from where he stood.

"Look up there. I knew that he would make himself known if I put myself out where he could see me, he would show himself. Look up. There he is watching Jimmy. I could take aim and shoot him and that would be the end of it but then I wouldn't be any better then he is. I have to remember that I am still a cop no matter what happens," replied Sean looking at Ewing.


Honolulu Hospital

"Max, how is Nick doing?" asked Jake as he stood in the doorway.

"He is doing okay. Jake, you can come into the room. The doctor thinks he may be coming out of the coma," said Max looking at Jake.

"That's good to hear. Does Sean know?" he asked.

"No, Sean doesn't know yet. He has been looking for Ewing ever since the shooting," said Max as the alarm on Nick's monitor went off.

"What is wrong?" asked Jake as the nurses and doctors came running into the room.

"You need to step out of the room so we can check him. We will let you know when you can come back in," said the doctor as they started to work on Nick. Max and Jake walked out of the room and just stood there looking through the window. After what seemed like a long time. The doctor came out of Nick's room.

"You might want to call his dad. Nick's okay and he is coming out of the coma. I need you to go in there and talk to him. He is right there on the edge. He just needs to hear your voices. If he could hear his dad's voice it would really help," said the doctor as he left the room.

"I'm calling Sean," said Max as she dialed his number.

"This is Harrison. What's wrong, Max?" he asked.

"I need you to come to the hospital. It's Nick," she replied .

"I will be right there," he replied as turned to face Mac.

"I heard, you go and we will follow Ewing," said Mac as he watched Sean for the hospital.

Max sat next to Nick's bed and talked to him. She didn't hear Sean come in the room until he touched her on the shoulder. Max turned to see him standing there.

"Sean, I had to call you. The doctor says that he is coming out of the coma. He needs to hear your voice," said Max as Sean walked over to the bed.

"Nick, it's dad. Can you hear me? You have to wake up. I need you. You can't leave me. I don't know what I would do with out you," said Sean as the monitor went off again Sean moved as the nurses and the doctors rushed in.

"Could you talk to Nick again," said the doctor as Nick's eyelids fluttered several times.

"Nick, you can do it. You have to come back to us. Your grandfather is here," said Sean.

"Nick, it's me. I need you to open your eyes and look at your dad," said Jake as he saw the tears falling down Sean's face. Then Nick slowly opened his eyes and looked up at his dad.

"Dad, why are you crying. I'm not going any where," replied Nick as he slowly opened his eyes further and looked at his dad. Just then Sean's phone rang.

"Harrison, what do you want?" he asked.

"It's John, we got a call that Ewing was seen going back to the motel. So we went back to the motel," said John as Sean had an odd look on his face, as he could hear the sirens in the background.

"John, whats going on there? I hear sirens from the squad cars. Is it coming from the motel?" Sean asked as he heard the sounds of yelling.

"You might want to come to the motel. We have a hostage situation here," said John. Just then Mac grabbed the phone from John.

"It's Mac. He has Jimmy. He's going to kill him if you don't get here. Jimmy has a wife and three kids. He is yelling for you, can you hear him?" asked Mac.

"I hear him. I'm on the way, tell him I'm coming," replied Sean as he started for the door.

"What is wrong?" asked Max as Sean gave Nick a kiss on his forehead.

"Take care of Nick and give the girls a kiss for me and remember that I love you," said Sean as he kissed Max.

"Sean, you act like you're not coming back?" asked Max with a scared tone in her voice.

"They have Ewing cornered and he has a hostage. It is one of the guys I was working with. I have to go as he is threatened to kill him if I'm not there. Max I have to go. Please understand why I have to do this," replied Sean as he hugged and turned to leave.

"Please be careful and come back to us," replied Max as she started to cry.


The Palms Motel

"I want Harrison. Somebody had better get him or this guy is dead and I mean it. If you think I'm joking just try me and see what happens. I mean it. I will kill him and it will be Harrison's fault," yelled Ewing as he pointed the gun to Jimmy's head.

"We called him and he is on his way. You don't want to anything stupid," said John.

"I don't have anything to live for. I killed those guards and I shot his son and that old man. So what do I have left... nothing," yelled Ewing as they watched him.

"Ewing! If you kill him, I can guarantee that you will get the death penalty because Jimmy is a Federal Marshal," said Mac as John walked up to him.

"Are you really Federal Marshals?" asked John.

"Yes! We were sent here to look for Ewing when we learned that the guards that were to bring him back had been killed. Fort Leavenworth is a Federal military prison so they sent us to find him," said Mac as Sean walked up behind them.

"That's why I worked with them, because I knew that Ewing would be looking for me and would come out of hiding to get me. Now I have to do what I said I would do...kill Ewing," replied Sean as he walked to where he was.

"I see you finally got here," replied Ewing as he looked at Sean.

"Let him go, it's not him you want... it's me," yelled Sean.

"Yes it is you I want," yelled Ewing as he laughed.

"If you want me then why are you hiding behind someone? I think you're afraid to face me," yelled Sean as he grew angry.

"I'm not afraid of you but you're a cop and bound by rules and you just can't kill me," yelled Ewing.

"I'm no longer a cop. I gave up my badge to go after you. So what are you waiting for? Here I am come so come and get me," yelled Sean as he slowly walked closer to Ewing.

"Don't come any closer or I will shoot him. Then his death will be on your head," yelled Ewing as Sean came closer.

"You were a coward then and you're still a coward now," yelled Sean as he looked at Ewing, who was waving his gun in the air.

"If you come any closer I'll shoot him, I swear," yelled Ewing.

"You can't do it. You haven't got the guts to pull the trigger," yelled Sean as he raised his gun and took aim.

"Sean, there has to be another way," replied Mac looking at Jimmy.

"There is but I need someone to get his attention. John, remember when you tackled that guy? I want you to do it to Jimmy as that will get him away from Ewing and then I can get him," said Sean as John moved into position. Sean moved his arm and John ran toward Jimmy knocking him down to the ground. Ewing was knocked off balance and tried to aim his gun at Sean, who took aim and fired. Ewing fell to the ground as Sean walked up to where Ewing laid on the ground bleeding as everyone rushed up to where he laid. Sean stood looking at Ewing with an angry look on his face.

"It's over Sean, he won't 't be able to hurt anyone else," said Mac as he checked him for signs of life.

"Is he dead?" Sean asked.

"Yes, he is," replied John.

"Thats the end. I said I would kill him this time. Now it's over," said Sean as he walked away.


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