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Author's Chapter Notes:
This was written for Tarlan’s "Fill in the Fiction Challenge"
The walls of the 2nd Precinct reverberated from the sheer volume of the captain's voice as he chewed out a patrol officer for contaminating a recent crime scene. Apparently he was working with rank amateurs whose sole purpose was to drive him into an early retirement.

Several detectives worked diligently in an effort not to be the object of one of the captain's next emotional and notorious tirades. Well, all except one of course, and he felt it was his sworn duty to raise the captain's blood pressure to the point his veins were pulsing and his eyes bulging.

Marling grinned at a fellow detective as he sat perched on the edge of the desk closest to the captain's office. "He's in rare form tonight. I particularly enjoyed it when he told this kid to pull his head out of his ass."

"Captain catches you lurking at his door, he's gonna bust your ass," Stewart warned as the captain's voice seemed to get nearer to the closed door.

"You think I'm scared of him? He's a pussycat." Smirking as the door was suddenly yanked open and the latest victim of the captain's ire barreled through.

The captain shoved his head out the doorway and scanned the office with his white hot gaze before sighting on Marling. "Where the fuck you been? Get in here. Now!"

Staring at the captain with a smart-ass grin on his face, he quipped cockily, "Been right here the whole time. You were just bent on scaring that kid right out of a job." Pointing to the door which was slowly closing on its pneumatic hinge. "Nice addition by the way. Should save the department on replacing the glass every time you get a hair across your ass."

Eyes narrowing dangerously, the captain huffed and stepped back into his office. "One day I'm going to get tired of putting up with your shit." When Marling didn't move fast enough to his liking he growled, "Don't got all day. Get your ass in here and shut the door behind you."

"Told you," Stewart laughed as Marling hopped off the desk and slid into the office. "Your ass is grass. Nice knowing you."

Sliding a glance back at Stewart, Marling blew him a kiss before giving him the finger. Grabbing the edge of the door he pushed it closed and leaned up against it.

Without looking up from the papers on his desk the captain hissed, "Sit."

"No, I'm good."

"If you don't sit your ass in the chair in the space of two seconds I'll bust you down to Parking Enforcement and you can write parking tickets to irate drivers all day."

Marling took a moment to contemplate it before grudgingly sitting in one of the two chairs in front of the captain's desk.

Closing the manila folder on the top of the pile, the captain leveled a glare at his best detective. "I'm putting you on the Nighthawk case."

"Wha...?" Marling choked out and squirmed in his seat. "Come on. That case is for the new guys. Give it to Stewart."

"I'm giving it to you."

"I've already got a full case load."

The captain picked up the folder and tossed it to Marling. "I want you to interview the staff up at St. John's. One of the dead women was found nearby and maybe someone heard something."

"They've closed St. John's down, Marling pointed out as he reluctantly flipped through the folder. He winced at some of the crime scene photos. "Ouch."

"I want you to dig up what you can. You're good at it." The captain pulled a bottle of antacids from his desk and took three. "Besides, you owe me for not reprimanding your ass when you mouthed off to the Commissioner."

Marling reached forward and placed the folder back on the desk. "I still don't want it." Leaning back in the chair he picked at a thread on the arm of the chair.

His superior's frown darkened and he balled his hands into fists. "I'm not asking you, I'm ordering you."

"That's how it's going to be?"


"You know I was taking vacation next week?"

"Well then you better get off your ass and get up to St. John's. The quicker you get moving the quicker we can put this to bed."

"Son of a bitch. You really know how to ruin someone's evening, you know that?" Marling chewed on his lip for a moment as he thought on the request. Leaning forward slightly he pointed at the captain. "Fine, I'll take the case, but I want two weeks vacation. The only reason I'm agreeing to this is because mom has a soft spot for you."

Chuckling, the captain grinned. "Don't tell anyone. My reputation will be in shreds. Now get out of here and close the door. I've got phone calls to make."

"Yeah, yeah. You owe me. I hate going over to that side of town." Marling slid from the chair, waved and left the office, closing the door behind him.

Stewart looked up as Marling dropped down into the chair at his desk. "Sooo...?"

"He put me on the fucking Nighthawk case. I got to go interview the staff up at St. John's." He smiled at Stewart. "You want to tag along. Play good cop, bad cop?"

"Shit no. I got enough to do here. Anyway, that place is way too spooky for me." Stewart smirked at Marling. "Careful, the Nighthawk may attack you just on principle."

"You kidding me. The Nighthawk's a joke. Probably someone who didn't get hugged enough as a child." The phone rang suddenly on Marling's desk. "Detective Marling." Shaking his head in amazement he answered, "Fine. I said I was leaving."

Sighing deeply, he grabbed up his cellphone and car keys before stalking to the office door.

"Better you than me!" Stewart called as Marling slammed the door behind him.

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