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Summary: This is the last in my Across the Divide series of really unusual M7 afterlife fics that answer the question: what happens to the guys after they've gone to the last roundup?
Rated: TEEN
Categories: The Magnificent Seven Characters: Chris Larabee, Vin Tanner, Ezra Standish, Nathan Jackson, J. D. Dunne, Buck Wilmington, Josiah Sanchez, Casey Wells, Sarah Larabee
Genres: Angst and Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Supernatural, Western
Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 14714 Read: 12250
Published: 16 Sep 2004 Updated: 16 Sep 2004

1. 1 by Sue Bartholomew [ - ] (14714 words)
Warning: This is a deathfic! Although there is nothing disturbing or awful in it (and since it's an afterdeath fic you know everything's going to be all right) you need to know that Chris does indeed die here. So if you don't enjoy reading deathfics (which is definitely OK!!) you're better off skipping this story.

This fic is NOT intended to endorse or promote any particular religious viewpoint. It's strictly for fun and to relieve the stress of working on my graduate degree! :) I should also point out that many of the basic plot ideas for the last ride of the Seven came from my sister Sarah's story 'Legacies' (linked with the other 'Divide' fics at the Blackraptor page), although my ideas as to what eventually happened to Vin may differ from what she has in mind. :)

Many thanks to my beta readers NotTasha, Kim, Carla, Sam, and my sister Sarah-I really apreciate all of your support and suggestions!!