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Author's Chapter Notes:
I started this late last summer and got stuck about three-quarters of the way through. I'm glad I finally finished it and yes, it's an honest-to-God PWP! Thanks to Tarlan, Annie and Diana---you ladies know why. Thanks to SueN and Kap---my good and trusty betas who I don't think got to see any of this? And lastly, for Kimberley because she begged earlier this week for some relief and for List Mom Judy because she ordered me last month when we met in California!
Chapter 1

Saturday morning, the start of a three-day weekend, Labor Day Weekend, and Vin Tanner was a happy man. He was looking forward to the time off and spending it relaxing. Actually, he was looking forward to having a long weekend alone with Chris. They hadn't had much time for each other lately and Vin found that he missed their physical closeness more than he'd ever thought possible. It just wasn't the same to see Chris at work everyday or share a quick bite of lunch between phone calls, meetings and briefings. Even sharing the same bed at night wasn't enough; they'd both been too damned tired lately to do anything more than sleep.

Vin wanted more and this weekend, he was going to get it!

He reckoned he had it bad all right. After all, it wasn't his fault that Chris was the most incredible lover he'd ever known. It wasn't his fault that all it took was just a certain look or a special smile from the man and Vin would get so turned on he couldn't walk straight. It wasn't his fault Chris had leaned over JD's desk yesterday, that smooth tight ass staring Vin right in the face. He'd gotten so hard at that tantalizing view that when Buck whispered something in his ear about dumping a glass of ice water down his pants, he'd barely managed to nod his head and swallow past the tight knot of desire stuck in his throat.

Damn! It wasn't fair. Why did sometimes just looking at Chris get him so turned on that all he could think about was following the man into his office, locking the door behind them, ripping their clothes off and throwing Chris down on the floor? They could spend hours just fucking each other's brains out and giving one another rug burns. Vin sighed wistfully. He loved that particular erotic was one of his most favorites and heaven knew, he had quite a few where Chris was concerned!

Well, shit! Yeah, he had it bad. He wished Chris would hurry and wake up. It was a gorgeous morning and Vin was in a hurry to get his lover all to himself for three whole glorious days.

Smiling in anticipation, Vin reached for the coffee grounds to brew a pot of the fragrant liquid to go along with their breakfast. Hopefully, the smell would rouse Chris from the exhaustion-induced stupor that had brought him stumbling wearily to their bed sometime well after midnight. Chris had tried to be quiet so that he didn't wake Vin, but the jangling of keys landing on the bedside table and the rustling of clothes had roused the younger man from a restless sleep. He shook his head as he remembered the mumbled apology the older man had gotten out before Chris collapsed on the bed and fell instantly asleep. Vin had then snuggled close and covered him with a blanket before drifting back to sleep himself, his arms and legs wrapped around the familiar lean hard body.

He sighed contentedly in remembrance.

Work had been a real bitch for the last couple of months. They'd finally finished up the Taliari case on Thursday, and after a short debriefing Friday, Chris had sent the rest of the team home early with strict instructions not to return until the following Tuesday. After the holiday. Typical Larabee, he'd stayed behind to finish up paperwork and meet with his superiors to review the team's performance. Not that they ever got anything less than outstanding marks, but it was considered S.O.P.-standard operating procedure-and as team leader, Chris was expected to attend.

Vin wasn't happy about leaving Chris behind but there wasn't much he could do about it. He'd grabbed his jacket and car keys, gone down to the parking garage with the rest of the team, hopped in his Jeep and started making plans for the weekend on his way home. Summer had been long and hot but temperatures were finally giving them a break and a touch of autumn could be felt in the air. The further out of Denver that Vin drove, the cooler the air got and he enjoyed the feel of the wind caressing his face and whipping through his hair. He passed a camping trailer that looked like its owners were headed for the high country and it had given him a wonderful idea.

This weekend, he was taking Chris camping. Just the two of them. Three whole days with no phones, no pagers, no cars, no computers, no television, no faxes, no electricity and most of all, no interruptions. Just him and Chris alone, together. No one else around for miles. Three long glorious days of lying around naked and rabbit-fucking each other's brains out. Vin couldn't wait!

Dammit, Chris! Hurry up 'n get yer ass outta bed!

Vin had spent most of Friday afternoon and evening getting their gear together, the food packed and checking out the horses. He'd groomed both their geldings, fed them an extra ration of grain, and cleaned and checked the tack. The packs and sleeping bags were sitting in the spare room just waiting to be loaded onto the extra trail horse. All he needed now was for Chris to wake up and they could be on their way.

Whistling softly, Vin reached over and turned on the radio. His nimble fingers dialed in the Spanish station he had been listening to for the last month. Normally, he enjoyed all different kinds of music but something lately had him in the mood for the pounding rhythms and lyrical melodies of the Latino songs the kids back in his old neighborhood preferred. He didn't know if it was a touch of homesickness or nostalgia or the music itself, but something about the driving beat just seemed to get into his blood and start him moving in time to the music.

Swaying with the rhythm, Vin lightly danced his way across the kitchen floor. He hummed low under his breath, singing off-key with the occasional snatches of lyrics that he knew. His hips gyrated and circled in time with the music while his feet shuffled back and forth to the beating drums. Grinning, he opened the refrigerator door with a flourish, his hands grabbing up a carton of eggs and a package of bacon. Twirling once again, he made his way back over to the stovetop to start their breakfast.

Chris Larabee emerged slowly from the deep slumber of exhaustion that had enfolded him sometime very early that morning. He had no idea what time it was when he'd gotten home and barely remembered his muttered apology to Vin for disturbing the younger man with his arrival. He'd obviously made it to the bed though before collapsing and falling asleep.

A lingering scent of shampoo and soap and something else he instinctively recognized drifted up from the linen of his pillow. Burying his nose in the softness, he inhaled deeply, smiling at the knowledge that he'd apparently been forgiven for his untimely intrusion. Vin had obviously cuddled up next to him after Chris fell asleep, his head resting on Chris's pillow and leaving behind the traces of his unique male fragrance.

Sighing with pleasure, Chris nuzzled his face into the spot where Vin's head had been, drinking in the familiar scent and imprinting it onto his skin. Then rolling slowly onto his back, he let out a huge yawn as he stretched sinuously, like a magnificent great cat sprawled beneath a bright desert sun, muscles and tendons waking with the flow of fresh blood. Reaching a hand across the bed, he was disappointed but not surprised to find the spot beside him empty. The light seeping behind his eyelids had already warned him it was morning and Vin was an early riser. The younger man had probably had a cup of coffee and headed on out to the barn to see about their horses.

Still somewhat groggy, Chris dragged his eyes open just about the time the smell of fresh brewed coffee reached his nostrils. He sniffed appreciatively and then grimaced at the thought of having to drink some of the strong bitter brew Vin was fond of making. He rubbed one hand across his naked chest, deciding to throw whatever was left of that first pot out and make a fresh one for himself, and then a rhythmic pulsing captured his attention. Listening closely, he could just make out the faint strains of the radio playing in the kitchen. He smiled, realizing that Vin must be listening to more of that salsa music he'd grown so fond of recently.

Shaking his head in amusement, Chris pulled back the covers and sat up with a small groan. His body protested stiffly as he slipped long bare legs over the side of the bed. He sat there for a moment, blond hair ruffled and head bowed, elbows resting on his knees as he waited for the rest of his body to catch up with his brain. Taking in a deep breath, he finally stood and stumbled toward the bathroom door. His feet dragged heavily across the carpet so that he nearly tripped himself in the process.

Yawning again, Chris reached down with one hand and absently scratched his right buttock through the fabric of his boxers. He'd been too tired to remove them the night before. Turning, he shut the bathroom door behind him with a careless hand and attended to the call of nature. His eyes were still half-closed with sleep. Emerging a few moments later wearing a short bathrobe, he ran one hand through the mess of his rumpled blond hair, then turned and trudged down the hallway towards the kitchen.

Vin was enjoying himself. The pounding beat of the music and thoughts of the upcoming weekend alone with Chris had him in a great mood. Life was perfect and wonderful and the only thing he needed now was his lover here to share it with him. Thoughts of Chris brought a warm smile to Vin's handsome face and he closed his eyes briefly, imagining Chris's reaction when he told him of his plans. Those green eyes of his would hold a mixture of pleasure, excitement, anticipation and lust. Oh yes, definitely the lust, Vin thought silently as he rotated his hips in beat against the counter. He deliberately stroked his groin against the hard surface, wishing for Chris's hands instead.

Damn. He had half a mind to just go jump Chris's bones right now. Wake him up from the sleep of the dead with a toe-tingling, mind-bending blowjob. It would be a great way to start the weekend by getting Chris off, seeing that out-of-this-world expression on his lover's face while making him scream, making him lose control. But thoughts of the haggard and exhausted look lining Chris's face last night kept Vin from following through on his desires. He knew Chris needed sleep because Vin for damned sure wasn't planning on letting him get any for the rest of the weekend!

Vin danced back over to the refrigerator and took out butter and jam for the wheat toast. He grabbed the loaf of bread from the cabinet, sidestepped back over to the stovetop and set the items on the counter. Taking down a large ceramic bowl, Vin began cracking open the eggs and pouring them into it. He added some seasoning and stirred the mixture well, his wrist and hips twitching back and forth in time to the pulsing music.

Turning the front burner on medium, Vin placed a large iron skillet on top of it. He let it heat up a bit, then opened the package of smoked bacon. Carefully, he laid several strips in the pan. Within moments, the fragrant smell of pork meat frying filled the kitchen and drifted down the hallway to invade the rest of the house. Vin inhaled deeply and then worked his way back over to the refrigerator again, hips circling and grinding to the beat, knees bending and flexing as he danced across the floor.

Opening the freezer door, he took out a can of orange juice concentrate, then decided he was in the mood for a little spice along with his breakfast. Reaching into the refrigerator again, he took out a jar of salsa, the hot kind, and his favorite thing to use to top off his scrambled eggs. Chris always complained that it gave him indigestion to eat that stuff but Vin liked it on the zesty side. Besides, he reckoned a little bit of hot sauce went well with the music on the radio.

Moving gracefully around the kitchen, he took down a pitcher and dumped the frozen orange juice in it. Adding water, he stirred it in. He then turned the strips of bacon over to continue cooking. Opening the jar of salsa, Vin took out another bowl and spooned some of the mixture into it. Unable to resist, he stuck the spoon in his mouth and licked it clean, enjoying the sharp spicy taste of tomatoes, onions and red peppers.

Glancing around to make sure all was in order, Vin stepped back as the tempo of the music changed. The next song was a touch slower, the beat more throbbing and sensual, calling to an inner rhythm burning deep inside him. It was a love song. A male voice began to sing, the tenor soft and low, its tones caressing as it sang in Spanish about two hearts becoming one and finding a love that lasted beyond the end of time. Vin didn't know the name of the song or who was singing it, but at that point, he didn't care.

Letting the rich, sultry melody draw him into the music, he slowed his movements as the rhythm flowed through him. His hips rocked gently in time with the beat, his knees bending and straightening as his bare feet moved lightly back and forth. His eyes closed as the evocative pulse washed over him and he moved his arms and hands gracefully; his lithe torso swayed in fluid counterpoint to his circling pelvis. Vin's head fell back and he breathed deeply. Curling strands of silky auburn hair trailed down his back, exposed the slender column of his throat and the full pulse beating with life at its base.

He could feel the drumbeat working its way deep inside him, setting up a measured rhythm that spread heat radiating outward in response, filling and stretching every part of his receptive body. Without conscious thought, he let his hands run across the flannel material of his shirt, caressing himself, stroking his nipples through the fabric, as the voice on the radio began to sing of his lover's exquisite beauty.

But Vin wasn't seeing some dark-eyed voluptuous Mexican girl in his mind's eye. He saw instead a pair of passion-filled smoky green eyes blazing at him from a lean and handsome face that spoke eloquently of hunger and lust too long unfulfilled. Instead of long curling dark hair and generous red lips, there were short blond strands of corn silk that shimmered with gold in the late afternoon sun and a small cleft at the center of a full lower lip nestled intimately against the thin line of a cupid's bow above it. No generous feminine curves, just lean hard muscle and bone that fitted perfectly into his hands and arms as it pressed intimately against him, the feel of it ensnaring him body and soul and making him want more.

Vin groaned hungrily, his hands wandering down to the waistband of his faded jeans that were suddenly much too confining. Breakfast was forgotten in the rush of sensation flooding through him at the image of his fantasy lover playing his hands and fingers across Vin's chest and abdomen, circling lower, then brushing against the rounded bulge trapped beneath the denim material. The pulsing beat of the music encouraged him, drew him in to its sensuous web of heat and desire and sex. Raw passion highlighted his face as he imagined how it would feel to plunge his hard, aching cock into that receptive body, to move together in synchronized harmony, dancing as one... thrusting deep in time to the driving rhythms.

"Oh God, Chrisssss..." Vin moaned low in his throat as he brushed one hand over his throbbing erection, squeezed himself lightly, his hips rotating in counterpoint to the passionate beat of the music. His mind saw Chris's naked body lying wantonly beneath him, open and waiting, so ready and willing, long legs drawn up and back. His senses conjured up images of their hard sweating bodies pressed intimately together as heated breath ghosted roughly across bare skin. Frantic groping, hard furious thrusts, growls of needy pleasure, legs and arms woven tightly together. No separation, no other self. Just one. Only one.


He was startled out of his fantasy when a pair of warm hands slipped around his body and grabbed him from behind. The hard wall of a firmly muscled chest pressed tight against his back.
"Thinkin' of goin' dancin' without me?"

Chris stumbled dazedly down the hallway to the kitchen, the heel of one hand pressed firmly against his right eye as he tried to rub the remnants of last night's sleep from it. The smell of fresh coffee filled his nose and he sniffed gratefully even though he knew he wouldn't be able to stomach the toxic mix that Vin brewed. The Spanish music grew louder as he approached the door and Chris shook his blond head in tolerant amusement. Vin had started listening to that stuff about a month ago and at times, it almost drove Chris crazy having to listen to it as well. Hell, he couldn't figure out the lyrics half the time. And how were you supposed to appreciate the music when you couldn't even understand the words?

He was brought up short in the doorway by the sight of Vin dancing barefoot back and forth across the kitchen floor. The younger man had his back turned and obviously hadn't heard his approach. Because if he had, Chris sincerely doubted Vin would have been caught dead dancing to the music like that. Not that Vin didn't know how to dance because he obviously did; he just didn't like having an audience. Chris found that shyness about him particularly appealing. Dressed in a snug pair of worn faded denims that hugged his body like a second skin and a soft flannel red shirt, the sight of his lover moving around the room like a male flamenco dancer was arousing and beautiful to watch. It reminded Chris of the saying about pure poetry in motion and he found a new appreciation for just what that catch phrase meant.

Leaning against the doorjamb, a soft slow smile of pure delight spread across the lower half of Chris's face. He folded his arms over his broad chest, one bare long leg crossed over the other at the ankle as he settled in to watch Vin as he danced, apparently unaware that his movements were being closely followed by a pair of ravenous, deep green eyes. The younger man moved sensuously around the kitchen, oblivious to his captive audience of one, continuing to prepare their breakfast in between his fluid steps, twists and turns. Chris's sharp eyes followed every movement of Vin's body and those skilled nimble fingers as they expertly cracked eggs and tenderly laid strips of bacon into the skillet. Thoughts of those same fingers and hands cupping and sliding smoothly over his body started Chris doing a slow sizzling burn of his own.

On the radio, one song ended and the next began, the beat changing to something slower and infinitely more seductive. Chris's hungry gaze was irresistibly drawn to the sight of Vin's slender hips circling and thrusting in time with the pounding bass line and beat of the dancing drums. Those taut firm buttocks twitched invitingly back and forth, strong muscled legs flexing as Vin moved away from the countertop and raised his arms elegantly into the air.

The younger man's head fell back, the curling length of his silky auburn hair trailing over his shoulders and down his spine as Chris saw that Vin was totally absorbed in the seductive embrace of the music. His fathomless blue eyes were closed, an expression of ecstasy covering the planes and angles of his face as the rhythm pulsed heatedly through him. The arched line of Vin's slender neck just begged for Chris's mouth to feast on it. He was captivated by the smooth white flesh and the steady pulse of life's blood beating there.

Watching Vin as he danced to the driving beat of the music was highly erotic and so very physically stimulating. Despite his fatigue just bare moments ago, Chris's body was now fully awake. He could feel himself responding with a growing heat to the younger man's graceful, serpentine movements. His hands and fingers itched to reach out and grab hold of those narrow hips and slender waist, pull the lean hard body forcefully back against his own as he dove deep into its welcoming tight heat. When Vin lowered his arms, his hands gliding across his own chest and emitted a low groan, Chris had to swallow hard to contain his strangled growl of desire. He longed to replace those seeking slender hands with his own desperately needy fingers.

Mesmerized by the lithe form, he watched as Vin slid his hands down to the waistband of his jeans, then drifted lower, the urge to touch himself mirroring the growing need displayed on the other man's flushed features. Sucking in a harsh breath, Chris swore at that point that Vin knew he was watching. He could have sworn his lover was teasing him deliberately as a lightning streak of white-hot desire shot through his body and a fierce ache centered low and deep in his gut. His hungry cock sprang to full hardness beneath his boxers at the provocative play of hands roaming over the sinuous body, the thrust and sway of that tightly rounded ass, the tilt of Vin's head and the unconscious parting of his lush full lips.

When Vin moaned his name, a sound filled with longing and desire, Chris couldn't hold back any longer. He couldn't resist the allure of that soft husky voice calling for him with such desperation and such need. Stepping forward, his body burning with lust and hunger ignited by the sensual dance, Chris soundlessly made his way across the floor until he was so close behind Vin that he could feel the heat emanating from his body. Quickly sliding his arms around that narrow waist, pulling back and pressing forward, his chest rubbing against the long line of Vin's back, Chris murmured against one shell pink ear, "Thinkin' of goin' dancin' without me?"

Chapter 2

Startled for just a moment, Vin shivered and moaned again as Chris's hot breath and firm lips tickled his right ear. Muscular bands of steel pulled him more firmly against the wall of a familiar flat hard chest. "Wouldn't dream of it, Cowboy. Ya know I don't dance with nobody but you," Vin breathed huskily, his voice rough with an undercurrent of smoldering desire.

A satisfied smile lit Vin's face when Chris shifted his arms, pulling him back even tighter against the lean firm length of his body. Chris's erection strained against the material of his boxers and Vin deliberately pushed his hips against it, circling in time with the music as he silently invited his lover to dance. Chris had been watching and was obviously aroused by his movements. Vin was sure of it and he gave in to the desire to tease and torment his lover further.

Chris felt his groin twitch through the thin cotton material as Vin rubbed his tight buttocks against him. His breath caught in his throat on the quick surge of lust rushing almost violently through his veins. His heart pounding fiercely, Chris sucked in a lungful of suddenly much needed air. It would be too easy to lose control, to give in to his need and take Vin right there in the middle of the kitchen floor. He struggled to remind himself of the long three-day weekend ahead. They had all the time in the world. It wouldn't do for things to get out of hand this early in the game and spoil their future enjoyment.

He tightened his arms around Vin's waist and buried his nose in the silken strands of curling auburn hair, his lower body moving forward of its own volition, seeking a closer intimacy. Determined to give Vin a taste of his own medicine, Chris bent his knees slightly, pressed forward and wiggled his hips playfully against his lover's backside. A knowing grin crossed his face when he felt Vin shudder in his arms.

Chuckling softly, Chris turned his head to whisper roughly in the younger man's ear, "I'm beginning to see why you like this kind of music so much." Moving his hips again so that his groin pressed close, he continued, "It's got quite a... rhythm... to it." This last was said with an emphatic thrust of his hips, the bulge of his erection fitting against the crease of Vin's buttocks and wringing a low groan of pleasure from the younger man's throat.

"Music's still playin', Cowboy," Vin murmured huskily, the feel of Chris's hard body wrapped around him keeping his heightened senses on the edge of arousal. The solid length pressed against his ass had his own cock straining to be freed while the hollow ache inside his gut deepened and cried out with longing to be filled. "Wanna learn... how ta dance to it?" Vin teased as he swayed slightly from side to side.

Chris followed Vin's movements with his body, finding his own hips moving fairly easily in time to the deep rhythm filling the space around them, a mirrored companion to Vin's graceful sensuous steps. Chris had danced before, a long time ago... with Sarah... but this was different. He'd never danced with a man and he'd certainly never danced to music like this... this close... this intimate.

But Vin was a free spirit with a wildness to him that had intrigued and attracted Chris right from the start, a deep-seated passion for life belying a calm quiet exterior. And Chris knew with certainty that he would try anything, dare anything, give anything to please his lover. "Not sure I know how. Ain't danced in a while. Might not remember." Chris lifted his head from nuzzling against Vin's hair as he spoke, hesitation clouding the depths of his smoldering green eyes.

Vin turned sideways and looked at Chris over his shoulder, their eyes greeting each other for the first time that morning. He smiled almost shyly as passion-filled blue eyes met uncertain green ones. Raising one hand to the back of Chris's head, Vin pulled his lover's mouth downward, whispering seductively against the firm tempting line of his lips, "Spose I'll jes have ta teach ya then, but I'm purty certain ya ain't gonna have no trouble findin' yer... rhythm." He pressed a gentle kiss to Chris's mouth, pulling back all too soon as fire once more filled the depth of those vivid green pools.

The brief contact of Vin's mouth against his own wasn't nearly enough. Chris licked his lips with a moist seeking tongue, capturing Vin's subtle unique taste and feeling the deep-seated hunger clawing greedily at his insides again, asking... no, demanding... to be sated. Vin's hand dropped away from his spiked hair and Chris captured it with his own. Pulling it up to his eager mouth, Chris turned his lover's hand and pressed a hot open-mouthed kiss to the center of Vin's palm. He felt Vin shudder as he then licked the length of his fingers, the taste of smoked bacon grease adding to the distinctive flavor that was Vin.

Reluctantly releasing him, Chris stepped back as he waited for the younger man to turn within the circle of his arms. He was surprised when Vin shook his head and murmured a soft "no." Reaching for Chris's hand again, Vin brought his lover's arm around his waist. Tugging gently, he used his own hands and arms to tighten the other man's hold upon him. Vin sighed with undisguised pleasure as he pressed his back and buttocks against the taller man's chest and groin. Moving his hips and legs in time to the music, Vin softly whispered, "Wanna dance... like this."

Chris couldn't help but smile in appreciation of the younger man's sensuous nature. Closing his eyes, he rested his cheek against the side of Vin's hair, sighing deeply with contentment and wrapping his arms even tighter about his lover's slender waist. The music on the radio changed again, the beat even slower, the bass rhythm stronger and deeper, the full rich melody serenading the two men as they began to move slowly and intimately together.

Chris's steps were at first hesitant and unsteady, not really certain of what he was doing but willing to let Vin lead him. The younger man's arms dropped, his hands circling around behind, reaching back to grab hold of Chris's butt. Encouraging Chris with his body and his hands, Vin moved more deliberately to the music. Chest to back and back to chest, Vin took Chris with him, circling and swaying gracefully across the floor, hips and feet moving first in unison then in stimulating counterpoint, their steps and turns fluid and seamless, dancing together with the seductive tempo of the Latin music pulsing heatedly through their veins.

The feel of Vin rubbing back and forth against him was almost more than Chris could bear, the friction of clothing a nuisance now against the longed for feel of skin on naked skin. Too much time had passed since they'd been together and the growing tide of hunger was reflected in the heat rising from their bodies. Chris followed Vin's lead, surrendering completely to the younger man's rhythm, letting those skilled hands push and pull his hips back and forth, side to side, sliding up and down against the lean hard physique. The shuddering moans and low growls issuing from the back of Vin's throat played like a soft melody in his ears, the seductive beat of the music a distant echo as he moved in time to the tempo of his lover's need.

His head lolled back onto Chris's shoulder and Vin closed his eyes, drinking in the sensations that began, continued and ended with the very male body pressed against him, the body and the man he had claimed for his very own. He'd never imagined dancing with Chris this way could feel so absolutely wonderful, so stimulating, so hot, so damned... sexy. Clenching his hands around the hard muscle of Chris's ass, Vin pulled him even closer and gave a strangled moan of frustration at the fabric that kept his fingers from exploring smooth skin, at the layers of cloth that kept him from touching the throbbing steel shaft nestled against his butt.

Turning his head, Vin placed hot, wet kisses along the length of Chris's firm jaw, his tongue running roughly over the growth of dark blond stubble spread across the lower half of the other man's face and neck. Losing himself in the throbbing rhythms... the scent, taste and feel of his lover pressed against him... the rub of hard body grinding against hard body, Vin was on the verge of total surrender to the white-hot desire flowing between them when Chris's throaty voice sounded in his ear.

"Vin, something's burning."

Lost in a swirl of sensation, Vin brought his right hand up and began to unbutton his shirt, desperately wanting to feel Chris's hand inside the soft material, caressing and stroking across his heated bare skin. From a tremendous distance, he heard Chris say that something was burning and could only manage a distracted reply in response.

"Mmmm..." Yeah, something was burning all right and that something was him! Vin was going to turn into a pile of smoldering ashes if Chris didn't touch him soon.

Chris was overly distracted himself, the scent and feel of Vin in his arms rapidly driving his entire system toward the brink of overload. Deeply inhaling the fragrance of Vin's hair and skin, the musky masculine scent of his arousal, a warning bell went off inside Chris's head as the acrid smell of smoke stung his nostrils. Lifting his face from where he was studiously licking Vin's neck, he gazed absently around the kitchen, glazed green eyes dark with desire only to focus on the source of the gray smoke rapidly filling the air.

"Vin, smoke," Chris rasped, their bodies still moving erotically to the music's beat, Vin's lean hard frame dancing in his arms, that same body slithering seductively against him as Chris loosened his hold around the slender waist. He groaned out loud at Vin's actions and then watched in an almost detached sort of way as bright orange flames burst from the pan atop the stove. Taking a deep breath in, he somehow managed to step away, his body crying out painfully in denial and need. His breath constricted tightly in his throat, Chris managed to gasp, "Fire!"

The loss of contact brought Vin crashing back to reality with an unexpected jolt. Confused blue eyes opened and glanced around helplessly until one word penetrated the hazy sensual fog surrounding him. Fire! Startled by the sight of flames leaping from the skillet, Vin cursed and made a lunge for the dark iron handle. Grabbing up a nearby dish towel, he jabbed frantically at the fire, attempting to smother it before dumping the entire mess into the kitchen sink. Hot grease splattered everywhere and he yelped, jumping back sharply at the sudden sting of pain hitting his hand. Plumes of harsh gray smoke wafted into the air as Vin thrust his singed fingers inside his mouth. Then turning, he faced the grinning countenance of his lover.

Despite the thick gray haze filling his kitchen, Chris couldn't help but laugh. Vin looked like a kid who'd gotten his hand caught in the cookie jar. Grease spots now covered the front of his red shirt and billows of smoke rose from the sink behind him. Deep blue eyes still dilated with desire were now glaring at him with an added flash of undisguised irritation. A frown marred the lines of Vin's handsome face as the burnt remains of hickory-smoked bacon filled the air with a pungent odor.

"Get a little singed there, Vin?" Grinning, Chris couldn't resist teasing the younger man. Vin had been so caught up in dancing to the 'salsa' music and enjoying himself while rubbing up against Chris that he'd forgotten all about the bacon frying on the stove. Now, instead of igniting one fire, Vin had started two.

"Ain't funny, Chris. Think I burnt my fingers," Vin complained as he pulled his hand from his mouth and held it up before his face. His gaze dropped to closely inspect the splotches of reddened flesh.

Moving closer, Chris murmured gently, "Here, let me see." He reached out and took Vin's hand into his own, bringing it toward his face for closer inspection. Amused green eyes still dark with a fire of their own skimmed over the ruby-colored flesh of the slender fingers. They glistened slightly in the morning light, warm and moist with the sheen of saliva from Vin's mouth. A hunger to taste them stabbed through Chris's gut and he raised those talented fingers to his own mouth, inserting the first one between his lips.

Using long slow strokes of his tongue, Chris suckled and soothed Vin's injured digits, enjoying the flavor of the younger man's skin and the trace of slick moisture from his mouth. His eyes drifted closed with the ecstasy of making love to the nimble hand and fingers that were always so quick to bring pleasure to his own flesh, every tender touch and firm stroke a blessing or a curse. He worked slowly, methodically, being thorough and covering every tiny crease and crevice, tracing every line.

Vin shuddered helplessly, his eyes dark with passion while Chris tenderly ministered to his stinging flesh. He watched spellbound as the older man licked and stroked the angry reddened areas with a soothing yet stimulating dance of his tongue. The slick warm caress began to move in time to the beat of the music and Vin lost himself in the erotic sensations all over again. His mouth parted on a near silent gasp as the tip of Chris's tongue flicked over a particularly sensitive spot between his thumb and index finger. The sight of those mobile lips traveling over his flesh brought visions of that compelling mouth moving over and engulfing other parts of his body as well.

Sweat dotted Vin's upper lip as he stood transfixed by the sensations Chris was creating with this new dance of desire, the burning intensity of his touch traveling up Vin's arm and radiating outward in waves. The kitchen was definitely getting hotter and this time, it wasn't due to burning bacon. Vin moved closer to the source of that heat, watching the myriad of expressions crossing his lover's handsome features with rapt fascination.

Love... lust... hunger... desire... passion... fierce need... all of it there for him to see as the usually cool green eyes opened, sparks of brilliant flames reaching out to surround and engulf him, drawing him in, heating his blood. Lost in those swirling depths, Vin's own hunger grew until he could no longer suppress the groan of need that escaped between his panting gasps for air. He moistened his dry lips with a flick of his tongue, tasted the salt of sweat, the feel of his own skin doing nothing to soothe the need to taste the gifted mouth dancing over his hand.

Growling on a swift blaze of lust, Vin jerked his hand free, took hold of Chris by his shoulders and shoved him hard. Surprised, Chris offered no resistance, moving backwards across the width of the kitchen floor. He stumbled when his knees hit the solid edge of a chair. Following quickly, Vin pushed him down into it, forced him to sit, and Chris grunted with discomfort at the pull of his boxers across the nearly painful swell of his erection.

Widening his stance, Vin pressed closer and abruptly sat in Chris's lap. His long legs straddled the other man's thighs while he shoved his fingers through the short strands of tousled blond hair. Taking Chris's head in a firm grip, Vin swooped down and forcefully claimed that teasing mouth in a bruising kiss. His tongue roughly shoved its way between the even white teeth that parted on a swiftly indrawn breath. Hard hands reached out blindly, grabbed hold of his hips, locked him in place against the firmly muscled form beneath him. Vin's cock strained against its bonds, aching to be released, to thrust against the matching hardness captured between their close-pressed bodies.

His tongue explored further and Vin tasted mint and the unique intoxicating essence that was Chris. He slanted his mouth across the lush lips beneath his over and over again, taking and giving in a delicious exchange of passion and burning need. He accepted his lover's surrender, pausing only to bite sharply at the full lower lip before diving once more into the warm velvety depths. Sucking hard, Vin fused their mouths together, encouraged Chris's tongue to snake around his own, dancing and rubbing together much as their bodies had done just moments before.

Pinned to the chair, Chris was drowning beneath the onslaught of Vin's kisses. His head spun from lack of oxygen and the hot flame burning deep within his body. The greedy lips moving over his were hungry, demanding, insistent, and he gave back willingly, his tongue thrusting back and forth against the invader possessing him, claiming him. Strong hands fisted tightly in his hair as Vin ravished his mouth with a bruising intensity.

Chris tightened his hold on Vin's hips and grinned as a throaty groan of pleasure rumbled from inside his lover's chest. The younger man writhed impatiently against him, his actions both fervent demand and wordless supplication. Chris's hands then lifted to the waistband of Vin's jeans, tugged at the soft red shirt and pulled the tail free. Sliding upward, he trailed his fingers over the warm skin at Vin's waist, chuckling breathlessly when Vin shivered at the feather soft touch.

All of a sudden, Vin gave a low savage growl, then broke off the kiss and released his hold on Chris's hair. Sitting back, he reached down with both hands and grasped the edges of his shirt. In one swift motion, he pulled it up and over his head, baring his chest, not even bothering to unbutton it before he ripped it off and flung it carelessly aside. Desperate to feel Chris's skin against his own, Vin slid his hands inside the opening of the short bathrobe, his fingers stilling their motion at the pleasure of finally touching what he'd been wanting for far too long.

Chris's mouth went dry and his tongue darted out to lick suddenly parched lips at the sight of the smooth bare skin of Vin's muscled chest with its sparse covering of hair. Needing to touch and be touched, he began to slide his hands up the younger man's flanks, the callused pads of his fingers scraping against the sensitive flesh before his arms were unexpectedly and almost brutally yanked downward.

In a swift, forceful move, Vin grabbed hold of Chris's bathrobe, twisted his wrists and tore open the front. Exposing Chris's chest, he shoved the white terry cloth over the strong shoulders and partially down the length of his arms. Chris's hands and forearms were trapped at his sides by the constricting material. Midnight blue eyes locked onto startled green ones, a mischievous sparkle lighting their passion-flooded depths and bringing the curve of a crooked half smile to Vin's slightly parted lips.

Vin had his captive right where he wanted him... completely under his control... exposed and almost naked... and soon... begging to be taken. With a fierce snarl of triumph, he sank his fingers into the short blond hair while his mouth moved to begin its assault on the slender length of his lover's throat. Fisting his hands, he tugged forcefully, arching Chris's neck backward, grinning around a mouthful of flesh at the strangled gasp that hissed beside his ear. His right hand then lowered to fondle and caress the patch of soft, rosy skin surrounding a beaded nipple.

Leaning closer, Vin worked his mouth and teeth along the firm line of Chris's jaw, raking his tongue over the abrasive shadow of morning stubble. He kissed, nibbled and licked, moving downward to the sharp jut of collarbone, across corded sinew, sculpted muscle and hard bone, then sought out the pulse beating fiercely beneath sweat-slicked skin. He ran his tongue over the silken flesh covering the rapid rhythm of Chris's heart, scraped it teasingly with his teeth before opening his lips and sucking forcefully on it.

He felt the convulsive movement of Chris's throat muscles and worked his way over to the prominence of his Adam's apple. Pressing hard, he covered the sharp angles and planes of his lover's neck with fierce kisses and frantic bites. He could feel the air rasping in and out of the strong column beneath his questing mouth. His hand continued to fondle the erect button beneath his fingertips, the rise and fall of Chris's chest matching his own labored efforts as slick skin rubbed eagerly against slick skin.

Held captive, Chris was on fire. The tempting mouth and devilish tongue, the teasing fingers, the firm wall of chest, the hard press of groin to groin, the weight of his lover over him... all of it had his temperature rising and desperate hunger pooling low and deep within his belly. His cock throbbed mercilessly, the sensations rioting through his body nearly painful with the intensity of his arousal. His hands and fingers twitched helplessly, frustrated and trapped, unable to touch the soft warm skin or tangle in the silken strands of golden-brown hair. Vin's hungry mouth pressing against his throat nearly choked him and Chris got out a half-strangled laugh at the younger man's frantic lovemaking.

He'd have to remember not to let Vin go so long without next time...because at the rate they were going, God help him if there was a next time! Vin was about to reduce him to a smoldering pile of ashes with his frenzied kisses and searing touch of flesh against naked flesh. Chris knew the ride would be hard, hot, fast and furious. Vin was already half-wild with excitement and on the edge of losing control. But Chris had a feeling it was going to be well worth it... for both of them.

Chapter 3

Vin pressed his mouth against Chris's throat again, the force behind his kiss crushing painfully against the other man's larynx. "Vin!" Chris got out in another choked gasp, half-laughing and half-protesting against the loving abuse. "Slow down!" His trapped hands jerked helplessly at his sides as he struggled to draw air against the bruising pressure over his windpipe.

"Don't wanna... slow down," Vin mumbled against Chris's throat before turning his head and sinking his teeth into the tender flesh at the base of the older man's neck. He heard Chris yelp at the sudden pain and moved to soothe the spot, laving it with his tongue, then fastening his lips around the bite and sucking hard. The wounded flesh quickly turned several shades of deep purple and red. His hand in Chris's hair loosened its grip, then drifted lower, caressing, moving down the length of his spine.

Lifting his head, Vin gave a feral grin as he admired his handiwork, the deep bruise on Chris's neck a sign of his possession, once again marking this man as his own. He'd never had that before, never had someone he could call his own... not until Chris. And Vin didn't care if the whole world knew about it. A thrill of excitement and pleasure ran through his body, much as it had the very first time he'd staked his claim there for everyone to see.

Chris knew Vin had marked him again. It was something of a habit of his whenever the younger man's passions were highly aroused. Not that Chris minded because, in that almost silent way of communicating that they had, he understood Vin's subconscious need for it, the desire to claim something or someone as his very own. And there was a certain thrill, something almost primitive, about that longing to leave proof of his ownership, his mark of possession on Chris's body, claiming him in private even if they couldn't do so in public. Passion-glazed green eyes stared hungrily up into sparkling pools of blue as he rasped, "Do I get to return the favor?"

Vin shook his head, auburn strands sliding across his bare shoulders as he gave Chris a wolfish grin. "Not yet!" And then he swooped down again and claimed Chris's lips in a scorching kiss. His tongue thrust arrogantly into the receptive mouth, stroked along the edge of teeth and licked the ticklish ridge of hard palate, then delved even deeper as if he was trying to touch Chris's soul. Chris wriggled beneath him, wanting closer, wanting to rub, seeking out Vin's body, desperate to find that source of delicious friction.

Lifting himself off of Chris's lap, Vin angled his head to deepen the kiss even further while his hands roamed freely over his lover's body. Beneath his lips, he felt Chris groan from somewhere deep inside his chest, the echoing rumble traveling the length of the blond's throat and into the hot mouth fused against his own. The sound passed between them, an answering groan building up inside of Vin as he gave in to his need, his body trembling as his aching cock strained against the confinement of his pants.

Drowning under the onslaught of the desperate kisses, frustration welled up inside of Chris as his hands and arms remained trapped at his side. His lover's skilled fingers played a tortuous melody across his chest, stroking and caressing, kneading and pinching... each touch like a living flame igniting his flesh to an even greater hunger. It wasn't fair. He couldn't move, couldn't touch, couldn't breathe, couldn't think.

Chris gasped, eyes widening in surprise when a firm grip bodily lifted him from the chair. He staggered, unsteady on his feet. Before he could even guess Vin's intentions, he found himself spun around and bent sharply over the table, his butt exposed and angled into the air as the robe was rucked up to his waist. Wood pressed against the side of his face, against his chest, the edge of the table cutting into his belly. Chris flinched, tensing as he tried to arch upward. But Vin's weight pressed him down even harder, the length of his torso plastered against Chris's back, his mouth attacking the side of Chris's neck as a low growl issued from between Vin's lips. His lover's hands were quickly everywhere and Chris squirmed within his grasp.

"Vin!" he protested weakly, his voice breathless as a gust of air escaped him at the overwhelming rush of sensations bombarding his body. His heart pounding in his throat, Chris rotated his shoulders, tried to free his arms, an irritated growl slipping out as they remained caught by the sleeves of his robe. "Vin!"

"Shut up!" came the low voice next to his ear just before teeth and lips attacked Chris's shoulder. Firm, denim-clad hips then began to thrust rhythmically against his backside, the friction hot and sweet but not nearly what he wanted. Chris couldn't hold back a groan of his own though at the powerful force that sent a stroke of heated lightning arcing through his body, firing every nerve.

He knew what was coming and was shocked by how badly he wanted it, how much he hungered for it.

Cursing at the hindrance of his boxers, Chris then whimpered with frustration, desperate to feel Vin's naked skin grinding against his ass. His body tensed and released of its own accord; his hole pulsed and twitched, aching to be spread and filled with the thick length of cock that rubbed against his backside. Vin's hand lay hard against his neck, holding him down, pressing his face tight against the glossy wooden surface. The weight lifted from his back but Chris didn't move. A hand snaked around to his groin, touched him through the cotton fabric, and he shivered. Slipping inside, long fingers wrapped around his cock, squeezed him, stroked him, tore a thick grunt from his throat. His knees nearly buckled at the flood of heat and want, and when a hand stroked his back, Chris couldn't have moved if his life depended on it.

He shuddered, helpless in the throes of ecstasy, hissing and gasping as his aching cock was freed from its cotton prison. More pre-cum oozed from his slit and dripped from his body to land soundlessly on the tile. His dampened boxers were shoved down the length of his legs and the material pooled around his ankles. Somehow, he stepped out of them, spread his feet wider, opened himself more. He wanted it now, knew it would be hard, fast and furious, knew there would be no holding back.

Arms caught tight, his hands fisted helplessly at his sides as Vin once more humped against his backside, the rough scratch of denim scraping harshly against his naked ass.

"Oh, God, hurry!" Chris choked between gasps for air. He didn't care if it was rough and dry, just so long as Vin took him and took him now.

Lost in the scent and feel of Chris's body, Vin knew he was close to losing it, was nearly out of control. But he couldn't seem to stop, didn't want to stop, not when he had Chris spread beneath him, the pale skin flushed with arousal and slick with sweat, the fragrance of his male musk filling the air around them. It was too good, too hot, too greedy, and his cock was hard and aching. Lust-filled blue eyes raked over his captive, admiring the lean form that was bent over, pinned against the table, trapped, helpless in his grasp, controlled, dominated, ready and waiting for his possession. The visceral thrill that shot through his gut was almost enough to make Vin come.

Growling, he lunged and made a grab for the tub of butter sitting on the countertop. One hand was already at the fly of his jeans, making short work of the opening, pausing briefly in his rhythmic thrusting to give himself room. His breath hissed between his teeth at the feel of his own hand but Vin ignored the pain that startled through him as he roughly pulled his cock free. He wrestled with his jeans and briefs, bunching the material low on his hips, his other hand working to remove the lid to the plastic container. A second later, he scooped out a large dollop, worked it over his fingers, not waiting for it to warm before slicking it down the crease of Chris's ass.

Chris gasped, then cursed, as the cold butter greased over his hole. Vin's finger followed and he grunted, bearing down by reflex before willing his body to relax. The single digit probed him, pushed deep inside, Vin's knuckle buried deep while his other fingers curled against Chris's sensitive skin. A second finger followed, stretching him more, then a third. Chris shuddered helplessly, nearly mindless with his need.

"Now!...Do it now!..." he demanded, cursing once again when Vin didn't move fast enough. He pushed backward, begging for it, burning himself against the tabletop and uncaring of the pain.

There was a pause after the fingers were gone and then a thick blunt object pressed against his ass. His hole twitched and pulsed as it was stretched and filled, a hot, hard, greasy length sliding into him that had him groaning from the unbelievable pleasure of it. There was more movement and Chris held his breath, welcoming the burning pain of intrusion, the cramping of his gut, knowing what would follow and wanting it even more. Only when Vin was buried deeply inside of him, only when he felt the rough scratch of pubic hair against his ass, did Chris finally remember to breathe.

Oh, God! It felt so damned good!

Looking down to where his shaft disappeared inside of his lover, another thrill shot deeply through Vin's gut as he gloried in his possession of this man. Even more blood surged painfully into his cock, surprising him that he could get even harder than he already was. He knew Chris felt it too by the deep grunt that forced its way out of his chest, by the almost frantic look of pleasure and pain etched upon the handsome face. His hands moved to the slender hips even as the long line of Chris's back undulated beneath him, internal muscles rippling around Vin and drawing him deeper, surrounding him with an incredible wet, gripping heat.

"Aw, Gawd!..." he groaned, nearly undone by feel of it. "So damned good...!"

And then Chris moved beneath him, little tiny twitches of muscles here and there, not really thrusting or clenching, just enough of a shimmering touch to let Vin know he felt him and wanted more. And it suddenly struck Vin that it was all just too damned good to move, too good to give up and let go, too good to let it end. He wanted to stay right where he was, forever and eternity, just him and Chris, connected as one in body, mind and soul.

But then Chris did move, did that little thing with his ass muscles that drove Vin crazy, tightened around him and stripped him of his air. Gasping, Vin's mind went blank, his body taking firm control, instincts as old as time guiding him into a frenzied dance of thrust and retreat. The wooden table legs rattled against the floor even as he drove furiously into Chris, his cock advancing then withdrawing, stroking deep inside that moist clinging refuge.

"So... tight..." he gritted through clenched teeth, trickles of sweat running freely down his face.

His arms locked at his sides, long, powerful strokes rocked Chris's body, touched him somewhere deep inside and tore thick groans and grunts from his chest. It felt so damned good, so hot, so desperate. Vin's hand reached around and grabbed hold of his cock and Chris cursed at the fireball of sensation that erupted low inside his belly. Long steady fingers stroked him, squeezed, gripped and released and gripped again until he thought that he would surely go blind. It was as if he was being torn apart inside and out, as if the very next fiery stroke of Vin's cock or the touch of his hand would shatter him into a million pieces and nothing in Chris's life had ever felt so fucking good!

His breath tearing from him in harsh gulps, Vin paused, readjusting his grip even as he continued to work Chris's shuddering body. Flexing his knees a bit, he circled his hips, changed his angle just that much and went back to thrusting deep. He knew from the shocked cry of pleasure that escaped his lover that he'd found the exact spot. Grinning, he bent his legs a little further, used the strength of his thigh muscles to drive upward and deep, taking Chris up onto his toes with every powerful thrust. Flexing, driving, curling his hips at the end of every plunge, Vin pounded into his lover with everything he had to give. All too soon, he could feel the tightening in his gut, the drawing up of his balls that heralded his coming release.

"No!..." he whimpered desperately, his grin fading as he bit down on his swollen lower lip.

It was too soon, too late, too much, not enough...never enough. He wanted it to go on and on forever.

Chris's breath hitched as fiery sparks seemed to shoot from the end of Vin's cock and spread to every part of his body. His gut tightened and his belly muscles spasmed even as a quiver of electricity arced straight into his balls. They were heavy and full, tight, aching to release their load. His cock twitched, the feel of Vin's fingers hot and sure, the pressure steady and so very sweet. His body was ready to fly apart beneath Vin's assault. He couldn't stop the restless twitching of his anus, felt it contract and spasm around the thick shaft that ploughed his body, heard Vin's soft, breathless grunt. He did it again, deliberately, felt the tempo suddenly change and surrendered to the short, rapid jabs that shoved him harder against the table.

Chris held on, waiting, feeling, breathless, sightless, locked into the sensations radiating outward from his ass, the spikes of pleasure shooting up his spine, the rapid pounding of his heart. White sparks shot up behind his closed eyelids, his entire body spasmed, tightening then releasing and tightening yet again. His cock twitched, swelled, ached, a powerful flood of cum rushing forth and he screamed. It spilled hotly over Vin's hand, dribbled between his fingers and then ran down to pool upon the floor.

He shuddered hard at the spine-tingling force of his release, distantly aware of Vin shouting somewhere above him. A flood of warm liquid poured into his ass, coated his gut, stretching him, filling him, so full he thought he'd burst. He felt Vin jab into him time and time again, short, hard, fast, and Chris rocked and grunted with every thrust. Finally, gasping for breath, Vin fell across his back and lay still, his cheek and torso pressed against Chris's hot, sweat-slicked skin.

Long moments passed as both struggled for air and waited while sanity returned. Needing to stay close, unwilling to lose the heady sensations just yet, Vin rubbed his face against the silken flesh, felt the scratch of his morning stubble. His cock slipped from Chris's body and he groaned at the feeling of loss. Chris took a deep breath beneath him and Vin snuggled closer, letting his hands move upward to stroke and caress the broad shoulders and back. Traces of semen smeared the flawless skin from where his fingers tracked.

Finally, Chris loosed a soft chuckle. "H-helluva way...t'git the day started..." he rasped. "Got any more dance moves...t'show me?"

Vin laughed quietly in return, lifting his head so that his chin rested against his lover's spine. "I got more moves 'n you ever dreamed of, cowboy!" If he'd had the strength, he would have wiggled his hips to prove his point. As it was, Vin settled for burrowing close yet again.

They stood quietly for a time, savoring the closeness, the intimacy, the cooling heat of their bodies, until finally, the demands of aching muscles made themselves known.

"You gonna let me up?" Chris asked, lips quirked in a half smile, his head turned to regard Vin sideways.

"Don't know," Vin grumbled somewhat lazily. "Kinda comfy where I am..."

Chris chuckled again, then gave a soft groan as his body protested once more. Taking pity on him, Vin grunted, lifted himself up and stepped back. One hand went to Chris's shoulder while the other wrapped itself in the bundled cloth of his robe. Tugging gently, he pulled Chris upright, holding him steady until he found his balance, turning him and helping to replace the knotted robe.

"Kinda like it better th'other way," Vin drawled, eyeing Chris's chest and belly and his damp groin where the robe was still hanging open. He grinned, mischief twinkling in his blue eyes. With his blond hair all mussed and that sleepy, satisfied, cat-look in his eyes, Chris looked like he'd been rode hard and put up wet...just the way Vin loved him. His smile grew even wider. "Yep, definitely better the other way," he added as Chris flexed his arms and shoulders to restore the flow of blood.

Green eyes suddenly leered back at him. "Can't say as I'm complainin' about the way you dress either."

Vin glanced down, noting his own bare chest but more importantly, the way his dick was still hanging out of the opening of his pants. He flushed, felt the rise of heat on his face and knew that Chris was silently laughing at him. Vin couldn't help but laugh too. Reaching down, he gingerly stuffed himself back inside his jeans, greasy butter and semen still coating his length, quickly righting his clothes before lifting his gaze again.

"You hungry...fer some breakfast?" he asked, smirking, knowing full well where Chris's thoughts had gone before he completed the question. "Could make ya a right nice helpin' of...juevos 'em off with a little bit 'o...salsa?" he teased, the double meaning obvious.

Chris barely contained a grimace at the offer. "No, thanks," he deadpanned. "Think I got all the salsa I can handle for right now." He winked then stretched, his butt sore, his back aching with the movement. "Think I'm gonna go take a shower. Be back in a bit. Don't burn any more bacon while I'm gone, okay?" Leaning across, he gave Vin a quick and decidedly unsatisfying kiss and then headed towards the master bedroom.

Vin started to make a smartass comment in return, then had to hold back a grin as Chris turned and tottered away from him. That was the only word for it - tottered - because he sure as hell wasn't walking straight. In fact, it looked more like Larabee had a pole stuck up his ass. Vin's grin turned to an outright satisfied smirk, especially when his lover weaved sideways and one hand went out to catch his balance against the wall. Grumbling softly to himself, Chris then disappeared from view and a moment later, Vin heard the pipes groan as the water began to flow.

He stood debating, thought briefly about cleaning up the mess, making them breakfast. Turning, his gaze traveled around the small but homey kitchen, taking in the food sitting out on the cabinet, the open tub of butter on the table. Bending over, he picked up Chris's boxers from the floor, held them in his hand as he rubbed the fabric between his fingertips. The ripe scent of fresh sex made his nose twitch. Vin's lips then quirked sideways in a sudden mischievous grin.

Well, hell! After all, it was a three-day weekend and who said they couldn't start enjoying it early? Besides, between all that greasy butter and being buried inside of Chris's ass, he needed a shower too. And, Vin reasoned, maybe if he was lucky, he could get Chris to clean him up. After all, it was the least the man could do seeing as how Chris was the one who always got him dirty. He snickered at his own play on words, blue eyes twinkling brightly.

Breakfast long forgotten, Vin hummed and whistled in tune with the Spanish music playing on the radio. He did a quick little dance spin and then headed down the hallway after his lover, Chris's boxers dangling from one slender twirling finger.