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Author's Chapter Notes:
Warning: Mild kink, NOT for everyone. Inspired in part by Fiercy (no disrespect intended to her). The other parts, I don't really know! Many thanks to Judy for beta and support.
"Got the blues?" Vin asked quietly.

Chris shrugged, never taking his eyes off the blackened sky beyond his office window.

"Wanna let 'em run for a while, or you want me to make you feel better?"

Chris shrugged again, only now a small smile curled his lips. He could feel his lover's touch across the desk as keenly as if Vin had physically closed the distance.

Vin stood. "Then I'm deciding for ya. Finish up here. I'll be waiting at your place."

Vin approached Chris as he shrugged out of his trench coat. "Do you have to go to the bathroom?" the sharpshooter asked, taking the coat and laying it over the chair.

Chris made a funny face. "No. Why?"

"Good." Vin took his hand and led him to the guestroom.

The first thing Chris noticed was a plastic drop cloth covering the middle of the bed. "Painting my spare room is going to make me feel better?" he asked, one eyebrow arched.

Vin chuckled softly. "Might. Not what I had in mind, though." He moved to the bed and unfolded a large dark green towel. He spread it over the plastic then turned to sit. Vin looked his lover square in the eye. "Strip," he said flatly.

Chris snorted. "What? Just like that? No music?"

"Da-dah da-dah da..."

The blond held up his hands. "Never mind." Crossing his arms, he studied Vin for a minute. The sharpshooter was leaning back on his palms, gray T-shirt stretched across his chest. Chris could make out his nipples through the cloth. He thought briefly of tasting them and felt the first tingle of arousal in his groin. His eyes traveled to faded blue jeans clinging tightly to muscular thighs, frayed where they met bare feet. Chris's gaze drifted lazily back up Vin's body to his handsome face. Vin was watching him, too. Very seriously, undisguised heat burning in his big blue eyes.

Chris shed his jacket, then his tie. The more he undressed the more he got into it. Vin was into it as well, judging by the swell of fabric between his legs as Chris draped his white shirt playfully over Vin's shoulders. It amazed Chris that Vin still found him attractive. Had ever found him attractive at all. He hesitated before shimmying out of his form-fitting cotton boxers.

Vin was on his feet, strong arms wrapped around Chris, hungry lips kissing fiercely. Greedy hands roamed restlessly over naked skin. He pushed Chris down on the bed, on the towel. He kissed Chris's lips, his chin, his neck. Chris ran his fingers through Vin's hair, moaning his encouragement. The feel of Vin's denim-clad erection pressing against his exposed flesh was driving him wild with anticipation. Then Vin's lips were gone, the sharpshooter leaning so far over the side of the bed that Chris latched onto his hips to keep him from tumbling off.

Righting himself, Vin produced a small shoebox. From it he extracted something that looked suspiciously like the belt from Chris's bathrobe. Taking Chris's wrists in his hands, Vin kissed each one before raising them over the older man's head.

Chris's wide eyes followed Vin's hands as they secured his wrists to the slats of the headboard. Not very tightly but definitely not something Chris was used to. He said nothing, his mouth occupied by other pursuits. He bit at Vin's shirt, trying to snag one of his tempting nipples. Chris settled happily for Vin's mouth when the younger man caught his lips in a tender kiss. Vin sucked gently on his tongue, running his hands along Chris's sides and up under his shoulders. The kiss grew more intense, Vin holding Chris's shoulders tightly.

Vin pulled away, flushed cheeks making his blue eyes that much bluer and brighter. Chris suddenly felt drunk, totally intoxicated by the sight of his eager lover. The sharpshooter discarded his shirt then wriggled out of his jeans and shorts without getting off the bed. Chris watched him, breathing heavily, waiting anxiously.

The mood was almost broken by the next item Vin drew from the shoebox. Chris shook his head, protest mounting.

"Vin, that looks like an enema thing," he said nervously.

"It is an enema thing, Chris," Vin responded matter-of-factly.

"No way, untie me."

Vin leaned over the older man, long hair falling around his face. "Have I ever done you wrong, Larabee? Ever?"

Chris turned his face away. "No," he said finally, reluctantly.

"Then shut up and let me make you feel better." Vin waited, brushing his lips over Chris's cheek and temple. He moved to his lover's ear, tracing it with his tongue. "Love you, cowboy," he whispered.

Chris met Vin's eyes and he nodded ever so slightly. He was rewarded with a deep, passionate kiss that only left him wanting more.

Vin put the small apparatus down momentarily so he could run his hands along Chris's inner thighs. "In the beginning ya gotta just relax. Then try and hold the water in as long as you can. If ya can't, ya can't. But if you can it'll feel really good. I promise."

Again Chris nodded. Vin could see the wariness in his eyes and smiled. It meant the world to him that Chris trusted him so much. And that he had finally found someone he could trust as much in return.

Vin bent low to suckle Chris's nipple, soft lips skimming across to its partner. His hair brushed against Chris's skin, tickling, and Vin felt him shudder. He grabbed an extra pillow and patted Chris's hips. Chris pushed off the bed giving Vin room to slide the pillow underneath. Hoping to distract Chris a bit, Vin nuzzled his inner thigh before guiding the enema to his lover's tiny hole.

Chris held his breath, curling his toes in tense expectation. Vin emptied the chamber slowly, rubbing his free hand along Chris's leg.

"Relax, Chris. Breath," he coached.

Chris exhaled and groaned softly. "Feels okay," he said when Vin's eyes darted to his face.

Vin tossed the enema. "Just wait," he said with a huge grin. He licked Chris's cock, taking the base of it in his hand. The sharpshooter swirled his tongue around the head, teasing and bathing the slit. He opened his mouth, capturing the hardened sex between his tongue and the roof of his mouth. Vin pressed and sucked, working his jaw muscles to heighten Chris's pleasure. His free hand was curled around the older man's leg, resting lightly on his hip. He wanted to give Chris the freedom to move since he knew it would be nearly impossible to keep still.

Chris was moving, arching his back and straining against the cotton that held his wrists in place. He dug his heels into the mattress so he could thrust into Vin's hot, firm mouth. He was trying to hold the water in but he needed to concentrate to do that. Vin was making it damn near impossible to think at all, much less focus on a task.

Chris groaned dramatically as Vin removed the hand on his cock and took him deep. Chris's entire body was inflamed with passion, flushed with excitement. Between Vin's mouth and the effort Chris was exerting to clench his ass, he was sweating like a racehorse after a record-breaking run. Vin hummed, the vibrations against Chris's cock nearly too much to stand. Even as he reveled in it Chris didn't think he could stand another minute of the sweet torture. The cry that ultimately sprung from his lips was inarticulate, reflexive.

"Vin," he managed to gasp, "Christ, Vin, I can't..."

Vin's moist mouth abandoned Chris's cock, the sharpshooter moving next to Chris faster than a miner hearing cave-in! shouted. He breathed into Chris's ear, fingers stroking his lover's hard-on, wet with saliva and pre-cum.

"It's alright, Chris. Let go. Let it all go."

Vibrant colors streaked across the backs of Chris's eyelids, eyes squeezed shut as he rode out one of the most intense orgasms of his life. He sobbed Vin's name again and again, vaguely aware of the spray of warm water shooting from his over stimulated body. Vin angled his touch, rolling Chris's balls in his hand to empty them. He bent low to lick the sweat and cum from the older man's heaving chest. His tongue slowly traveled along Chris's collarbone then drifted up the column of his taut throat.

They kissed tenderly, without urgency, as Chris calmed. Vin rubbed his lover's belly soothingly. Chris sighed, opening bleary eyes.

Vin smiled. "Ya done good, cowboy."

"Untie me," Chris rasped. "Wanna hold you while you fuck me. Right after I use the bathroom."

"Oh," Vin mouthed silently, quickly freeing Chris's wrists. He would have helped get the blood circulating but Chris was off the bed faster than Vin would have thought possible, given that he was quivering and shaking not a minute before. Vin just smiled to himself and rolled the pillow and towel up in the plastic. He carried them to the laundry room. Padding back down the hallway he heard the shower running in the master bathroom. Vin chuckled, stopping in the guest bathroom to relieve himself and wash his hands. In the quiet bedroom, Vin dimmed the lights. He took a small honeysuckle scented candle from his box and struck a match to it.

Chris appeared in the doorway about two seconds after the shower stopped. Vin kneeled up on the bed as Chris came to him. He ran his fingers through wet hair, over wet skin, opening his mouth to Chris's insistent tongue. His hard-on had died down earlier but now he could feel the rush of blood and sensation to his nether regions as Chris's hard body pressed against his own.

"Fuck me, Vin."

"Nothin' I want more, Chris," Vin said, hands resting on the blond's hips. "But maybe we should wait, let your insides settle."

Chris brought one hand up to Vin's face, fingers dipping into Vin's mouth. "Feel incredible, Vin," he said hoarsely. "Can't wait, want you now."

Vin held Chris's hand, kissing callused fingertips as he eased them from his mouth. "You sure?"

"Yeah," Chris said. Vin had emptied him out and now he was ready to be filled. He lay on the bed, spreading his legs around either side of the younger man.

Vin had one more treasure in his little box of tricks. He reached for it, drizzling generous amounts of body oil over his cock. Snapping the cap shut, he placed the bottle on the nightstand. The sharpshooter worked the oil into his engorged cock then leaned forward. He massaged the oil into Chris's pecs. The blond's erect nipples glistened in the flickering light. Vin kissed his lover's belly then slid down, shouldering Chris's legs and raising them off the bed. He held Chris by the ankles. Chris held Vin's wrists.

"Ready?" Vin whispered.

Chris nodded, closing his eyes and arching his back as Vin entered him with one quick thrust. "God, Vin," he cried. "Feels so good."

Vin drove into Chris with hard, almost punishing thrusts. Every muscle in his body tensed as he fucked Chris with reckless abandon. Chris was more than up for it, moaning his pleas for Vin to go even faster. The sharpshooter pumped his hips, twisted them, felt the smoothness of Chris's skin against his own as he pushed into the older man's depths. Vin glanced at his lover's face, saw the veins bulging in his forehead and neck. Green eyes flew open when Vin bumped Chris's prostate and Vin did it again. He reached down, Chris still gripping his wrist, to stroke Chris's hardening cock. He smiled at the vacant expression Chris wore, full lips parted as he panted heavily, all the while staring intently into Vin's eyes.

Vin increased the tempo, managing to bring them both off at the same time. He threw his head back, calling Chris's name and following it up with a string of obscenities. He rocked his hips steadily, letting the last waves of his release wash over him, over Chris. Vin inhaled deeply, Chris's sated whimpers gradually penetrating the fog he was in. He withdrew from his lover carefully, rubbing Chris's legs before collapsing on top of him.

Chris held him, raking long fingers through tangled sweaty curls. His other hand skated down Vin's back to his ass then up and across his shoulders. Chris still felt afire, the afterglow of Vin's lovemaking sending sparks in all directions deep within him.

Chris kissed Vin's forehead. "How long have we been together?" he asked in a tired, scratchy voice.

Vin curled his arms against his chest and nestled into Chris. "'Bout a year."

"Think this is the first time we've made love in this bed." Chris had no idea why that thought occurred to him. It just did.

Vin scooted down to grab the blanket then moved next to Chris, resting his head on Chris's shoulder. "Hmm, let's see," he said sleepily. "We've made love in the shower, on the couch in the den, on the floor in front of the fireplace, on the kitchen table, on the back deck, once on the front stoop, in the Jacuzzi, in the barn, out in the meadow, against the washing machine during the spin cycle, on the flat part of the roof last Fourth of July..." Vin chuckled, "I think you're right. Somehow we managed to miss this room."

"I'm always right," Chris said on a yawn. He and Vin were sticky and sweaty but damned if Chris was getting up again.

Vin hugged him. "Don't know about that," he said jokingly. Vin lifted his head to look at his lover. He needed to turn out the light, maybe wipe them both off, but not until he saw an answer in Chris's eyes. "As long as you're not still depressed. Are ya?"

Chris pushed Vin back, reaching over to hit the light and blow out the candle. He brushed his nose against Vin's, eyes adjusting to meet Vin's gaze in the darkness. "No, I'm not. I'm in awe."

Vin cocked his head curiously.

"Of you," Chris murmured. "Of how much you love me."

"Oh that," Vin said, waving the hand that wasn't pinned under Chris. "That's nothing."

Chris caught his lover's hand, entwining their fingers. "That's everything, Vin. The only thing that matters," he said, bending to give Vin an appreciative goodnight kiss. "That, and how much I love you."

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