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Author's Chapter Notes:
THANKS to Diana who lets me know what works and, more importantly, what doesn't, and makes writing this stuff too fun...and to Trish who was kind enough to let me send it and gave me a title. Calla, who posted fic that made me want to actually finish this. A May Masturbation month fic -- surprise Judy!

A bottle of rye -- about all on his mind as his horse finally plodded into town.

Too many days away from this place known as home found Chris and Buck finally returning, weary, worn and looking forward to a long stay in a familiar saloon. After a successful prisoner exchange followed by a brief stop in Eagle Bend, they'd headed back to town, the ride taking twice as long as usual due to worsening weather.

The approach of night hadn't eased the gusting winds and sand whirls, and both men clutched their hats against the fierce pull as they led the horses to the livery. The streets were empty, not a surprise given the amount of debris and dirt flying through the air.

For a brief second Chris's eyes scanned the area in search of a telltale shadow maybe slouching just out of immediate notice, but no... In fact, there was no sign of any of the other peacekeepers. Chris figured this to be a good thing, though; no one waiting to tell him bad news meant maybe things had been quiet.

He could use some quiet -- and that bottle of rye.

Late as it was, they were left to tend to their own mounts and tack, both doing so silently and efficiently, thoughts of beer and refuge from the thick clouds of choking dust hurrying them along. As they headed out, a sudden and sizeable wind kicked up like a force against them, and they quickly ducked into the thin alley between livery and hay barn.

And there they heard the noise.

Like someone fighting.

Like someone being hurt.

What the hell was that?

Concerned, they approached the hay-barn doors. From here the sounds strengthened, still faint, yet definitely heard even over the howling wind. And then the sound abruptly stopped.

A quick glance to one another, decision made, and they warily entered.

Pitch dark met their eyes, the hollow of the barn black as night, and peering into the void gave them absolutely no explanation for the soft keening.

No, not keening. More like...

Chris glanced at Buck, eyes narrowing at the same time Buck's mustache began a slow, wide spread. The next second and the man was grinning outright, fingers pressed to his lips indicating a desire for silence. He pointed toward the back of the place.

Chris listened, and sure enough, from there the now barely perceptible sounds drifted upward in soft moans and grunts.

"JD," Buck mouthed.

Chris grinned then, too, shaking his head. How long had it been since he'd fooled around in a hay barn? An eternity...

He moved to leave, not wanting to intrude on the enthusiasm of youth, when Buck clutched at his arm, pulling him further into the dark.

Chris pulled back, not wanting to follow and not wanting to get caught spying on JD and whatever young woman he had for Christ's sake -- and please let her not be Casey. As much as he thought that young woman and JD were well suited, the idea of them here for a roll in the hay sent a spasm to his gut and thoughts of lectures concerning certain improprieties to his brain. JD was young...but Casey was a child. Not to mention what would happen should Mrs. Wells find out.

He shook his head at Buck, firmly attempting to quietly dislodge the hand on his arm all the while silently protesting no, but Buck yanked him along anyway, and now, he found himself standing just outside that last stall.

If he thought it wouldn't create enough noise to alert the kid and his friend of their presence, he'd wrench his way clear from Buck with an elbow to his gut and storm out the damn door.

What the hell was he doing here?

A cloud of hay debris wafted, sent aloft by whatever activity was happening in the other stall -- activity Chris was damn sure he didn't want to witness -- and then he was glowering at Buck and trying hard not to strangle him for dragging him along.

He did not want to be here.

He did not want to see JD doing whatever it was JD might be doing with, hopefully, not Casey.

No, he most assuredly did not want to be here. What he wanted was a drink. Now.

But Buck just clutched him even more tightly and gestured toward the back stall, and the next thing Chris knew he was standing in the dark, listening to the unmistakable sound of two young people swapping spit.


They leaned against the wood partition, Buck quickly finding and making use of the small separations between the boards that made up the wall of the stall. Chris watched the man's eyebrows raise as he squatted down and peered through a small open knothole, and then Buck turned to him all grins and smiles and glittering eyes.

Chris just shook his head. This was so wrong.

Buck pulled him down and Chris shot him a glare, but then relented and peered through the slats if just to appease.

And yes, there was JD. For shit's sake, Buck.

A lamp was placed on the floor in a corner of the stall, its wick low, the dim light barely illuminating the area, just enough to see the outline of a body -- a naked body.

Chris saw JD. And yes, it was JD in all his glory. His skin was soft gold in the faint light, his hair deep and black against the warm skin, features cast in deep shadow. Funny thing, JD wasn't as small as he'd always thought. The boy was filled out nicely, muscles playing out across a chest broader than what appeared to be hidden inside his clothing, about all Chris could really see of him as he was standing at the far wall.

The other body was mostly hidden behind JD; half curled around the kid and immersed in shadow, though Chris got the impression it was someone much larger than Casey. He wasn't sure whether he thought that was such a good thing or not.

Not Casey meant someone else and shit if he wanted to think about any of it.

That, that bottle of rye would sit right well about now, and how the hell did he let Buck lead him into this? Of course, he supposed, Buck did know of his penchant for watching...but Jesus, this was *JD*! JD naked...and panting...

A hand to his chest and he was then pushed aside, Buck again taking a place at the small viewing hole.

Chris leaned against the wood partition thinking now would be a good time to leave.

A long, low moan breached the quiet and he amended himself: Now would be a great time.

Lord, if JD was to catch them...and really, what the hell was he -- was Buck, for that matter -- doing peeping at the kid, anyway?

He shook his head and moved to leave and was then pulled down once more toward the knothole, the hand clutching at him almost frantic in its haste.

Jesus, Buck, he wanted to yell. Wanted to hit the man, too, but was afraid of too much noise attracting the attention of the couple in the next stall. Most definitely the sound of a body being slammed to the ground would be noticed, though wouldn't he just love to punch Buck as hard as he could about now.

He sent a glare to him instead, one that easily conveyed his annoyance and sheer reluctance to partake in this childish act of spying, and couldn't miss the unmistakable glint of merriment shining back at him in the man's blue eyes. Buck was grinning even wider now, if that even was possible, and happily -- excitedly -- pointing to the hole.

Now what?

He sighed inwardly and braced himself for God knew what sort of thing he was about to see their junior member doing with whomever it was he was nestling with in the hay...

And holy God...

He blinked.

Oh, Christ, oh...shit. It wasn't Casey with JD. It was Vin.

It was Vin!

He pulled away, head reeling, barely muffling the shocked gasp erupting from his mouth and stared with wide eyes to Buck.

Buck, who was still maintaining a shit-eating grin and nodding emphatically, pointing to the hole with no small amount of glee, and then Chris couldn't help himself...he looked again.

Jesus. Vin...

And JD...

Vin and JD!

He couldn't help it, couldn't help himself, he had to look -- was staring, in fact, squinting through that little hole between the boards, focusing...


He was naked. God, he was completely...

And he was...

The low light shined upward along nude flesh, illuminating hard planes of muscle shifting under smooth skin as Vin circled from around JD's back. One of the kid's hands was reaching up and around, twining into Vin's hair -- he could see clearly now that it was Vin -- and Vin was...was...was slipping his hand down to take hold of JD, shifting in front of the kid.

Chris's eyes roved over the duo -- Vin's skin glowed like warm honey, he thought. Sweet honey. Sweet, warm, honeyed flesh moving with the breathtaking ease he knew to be Vin...hands and lips drifting over bare skin, muscles flexing, and Christ, he wanted to rip the slats from the stall to see better...

JD was slipping a hand into the shadows around Vin's crotch and then Vin threw his head back, the low light outlining his features in bronze. Chris watched as Vin's tongue trailed a slow circle around his lips -- lips that now glistened with moisture -- and it was all he could do to hold back the moan wanting to escape...and then Vin did moan...

Chris pulled away.

God! He had to get out of here.

Right fuckin' now.

He moved to leave, determined, and then was pulled abruptly down by Buck's hands yet again, the two of them falling silently in a heap onto the soft hay of the barn's floor. Anger reared and Chris coiled to strike, and then Buck had one finger pressed to his lips and another over his own, jerking his head toward JD and Vin.

Shit. Had they been found out? Chris swiped the hand away and closed his eyes, listening intently, hoping like all hell they'd not be discovered.

Voices, he could just make out the soft voices of the two men in the next stall.

"Hold on...there's something..." the voice said.

Figured it'd be Vin to hear them. Sense them. Hell, knowing Vin, probably even smelled them.

He and Buck remained absolutely still, the fear of being caught as mortifying to Chris as he could imagine. More than he could imagine.

The murmurs continued, though Chris couldn't make out the words, and oh, fuck if he wasn't going to let Buck have it for this. He heard movement, a shuffling over the hay-strewn floor and sweet Jesus, don't let them head this way. Then, for a few long minutes there was nothing. Complete silence and Chris thought for sure the intense pounding of his heart would surely be detected.

He was going to fucking kill Buck.

And then, soft moans filled the void. He and Buck exchanged looks of utter relief before they turned back toward the wall. Being caught out spying on JD and some young girl was one thing, and could be turned easily into fun teasing...spying on JD and Vin was quite another.

They rested in the hay for a few long seconds, neither wanting to risk movement lest they be heard. From their lower recumbent positions, they found several areas where the boards were gapped wide enough to actually see quite well into the next stall.

Golden muscles flexed, a fine sheen of sweat covered both Vin and JD lying supine now, side by side, in the hay...

Chris couldn't leave.


He never would've thought Vin might want to...

A swift glance to Buck and wondering if Buck somehow did know.

Vin was rolling JD over, and Chris watched the play of soft light across the muscles in his back as he stretched out over JD's smaller, though stockier frame. Hands were everywhere, mouths too, limbs wrapped and twined...and Chris didn't want to watch, didn't want to see Vin with JD, Vin with anyone...and yet somehow couldn't take his eyes away. It was making him hard.

So hard.

And apparently, Buck wasn't far behind because the next thing Chris knew was the feel of a pair of eyes on his face, and a hand at his pants and for damn sure it wasn't his own.

What the hell?

Buck was taking liberties...not that he and Buck hadn't done this sort of thing before, but it had been years ago, and as much fun as it was then, he wasn't all that sure he was wanting it now.

He sent a quick glance toward the adjacent stall...

Not with Buck, anyway.

Still, he wasn't exactly protesting the fingers deftly unbuttoning his pants, wasn't exactly complaining about the warm hand that eased him free, sure wasn't trying to dislodge the firm grip that closed around his erect cock.

He swallowed a groan...Christ...

The image of Vin's mouth trailing across JD's skin flitted through his mind...he wanted Vin's mouth trailing along his skin...along his thighs...along his shaft...

He came abruptly in Buck's hand. Seconds, it had taken mere seconds...


He opened his eyes to Buck's, those blue irises bright and full of spark, and then he watched as Buck took and guided his hand toward the thick bulge between Buck's long legs.

He could do this, had done it several times over the years, long days and longer nights on the trail leaving a man with no choice for satisfaction but his riding partner or his own hand. And sometimes just the feel of somebody else's touch on heated flesh was all it took to reach a certain level of fulfillment not always satisfied by the grasp of one's own palm.

And this was Buck, after all. So he'd do this now for him -- because they were horny, because seeing a thing like those two young men was damned unexpected -- damned thrilling. And because he and Buck *had* done this before, had filled that need with a closeness brought from years of friendship.

But quick release with Buck was one thing...

What he wanted with Vin, he was afraid, was something else.

And he was. Afraid.

His hand skillfully worked Buck's flesh, the softness of that skin over the hard shaft bringing back memories from years' past, and not unpleasant ones either. What Buck and he had shared was mutual fun, a wildness of youth that had played itself along until one night they'd found themselves in each others' arms -- grinding together and bringing themselves off.

He saw the same expression from then draw down Buck's face now, remembered that look of rapture, knew it well himself and knew, too, just how the man liked it as he let his fingers and palm work the man's genitals, taking over as though they'd just done this thing yesterday. The satin of Buck's flesh was familiar and easy under his touch. He watched Buck's features, a smile forming when the man's long, dark lashes fluttered against the pale of his face and in that subtle movement, knew Buck was getting close.

And then, Buck was grinning, his eyes opening and Chris was drawn to him as he watched him come...amazing in his vibrant quiet.

Their eyes locked and they smiled.

The noises from the next stall continued, soft shifting and faint moans punctuated by grunts Chris recognized as pain mixed with pleasure sounds, and part of him wanted to look and see, and part of him wanted to run the hell away.

He didn't want to see Vin with JD. Didn't want to hear what pleasure was being had on the other side of the wall.

Buck rose and held out a hand, Chris grabbed it and hoisted himself upright.

And then he heard Vin -- had to be Vin -- release a low guttural groan that shot charged tremors speeding throughout his body. His own spent cock seemed to half swell again at the sound, his balls answering with their own softly tightening desire and suddenly he couldn't swallow for the dryness in his mouth.

He had to leave, get the hell out. *Now*

And so they did.

Neither he nor Buck mentioned any of what had just happened. The two entered the saloon as usual, Chris getting his much-needed half bottle of rye whiskey and drifting toward the table in the back, Buck finding a spot at the bar and wedging himself happily in between two of his regular ladies.

And not too much later, came Vin and JD.

Chris watched them, watched Vin as he ordered a beer and casually headed toward him. JD joined Buck at the bar, the two launching into whatever good natured banter that was their usual.

"Seat taken?" Vin asked, pausing for all of no time as he sat.

"What if I'd said yes?" Not that he would, not that there was anyone else he'd rather have joining him.

"I'da pulled up another, I expect."

And that was it. They sat for a few minutes, the silence comfortable.

"Things went well?"

In Eagle Bend, Chris knew. He nodded.

"Good ride back?" Vin asked him.

It was all Chris could do not to ask the same back to Vin. "Windy," he answered, though, and that half muffled as he took a deep swallow of whiskey.

"Yeah, weather's blowin' in. Be a good night to bunk inside."

"Got a room?" Common knowledge Vin took to the boardinghouse on the odd occasion when the weather took a nasty turn...common knowledge, too, he no longer had a room readily waiting. Too infrequent use led it to be rented out from under him most of the time...usually one of the other six would offer up space on the floor, though.

"That an offer?"

Hell, yes, Chris wanted to say but had a feeling he was about to expose way more than he might intend. He merely nodded once instead.

"Then I reckon I got a room." Vin sat back and hid somewhat in the shadow under the brim of his hat.

They drank in silence for a few moments, and then Vin was nodding softly. "Been quiet 'round here. Nathan took off t' visit Rain, Josiah's been workin' hard nailin' stuff together, 'n' Ezra pretty much sleeps the day away from playin' cards all night."

Chris nodded. He almost couldn't ask. "And you 'n' JD?"


"Couldn't find anything exciting t' do, then?" Chris downed his shot and poured another.

"Not much. Since you left it's been downright...un-excitin'. Me 'n' JD been horsin' 'round some, I reckon, nothin' too--"

"Horsing around," Chris repeated softly wondering if it was JD Vin found unexciting or...

"Speakin' a horses..." Without another word offered, Vin leaned forward and placed an object on the center of the table.

It was all Chris could do not to pat the pocket where the thing usually rested -- where it should be now but wasn't, and he suddenly had a feeling where he might have lost it...


"Right nice carvin' there, Chris."

And it was, too, one of Chris's best. He'd started carving the tiny horse from a perfectly formed piece of hardwood he'd found and saved for some time trying to decide what to shape it into. Kept it in his pocket so he'd always have it at hand should he find himself with time to spare.

"Thanks," he said.

Vin picked the thing up, blowing on it as he turned it in his hands. "Kinda got a bit dirty." He blew again, rubbed his thumb over the intricate work, picked off and discarded what looked like a thin piece of hay stuck to the tiny horse's mane, and then placed it back on the table.

"Didn't know I'd lost it." Chris wanted to ask where Vin had found it, but somehow the words dammed in his mouth. He was getting a feeling about this...

"Reckon y' got a hole in yer pocket there."

Vin's voice held too much amusement. Christ, this was ridiculous. "Vin, I--"

"Yeah," Vin interrupted and Chris was not so unhappy about it as to stop him. Vin was leaning back on the hind legs of his chair, regarding him. "Figured you'd be wantin' that thing back, so I brung it." He nodded toward the small carving yet his eyes were glued to Chris's. It sent a not too unpleasant shiver down Chris's spine. "You got some skilled hands there," Vin continued as he let the chair fall onto its legs. "Talented."

Chris idly held up a hand and gave it a cursory glance, then wrapped it back around his glass. He shrugged. "Oh, I don't know."

A soft chuckle from Vin at that. "I do. I've seen 'em in action." He rocked the chair back again.

Chris could feel the burn of the eyes still on him and those words just lingered heavily in the air. Saw what, where, he wondered, though he really had a pretty good idea. He turned the carving over in his hands. "It's not that good."

"Could be."


"Could be great." Vin was flat-out staring at him now. "I c'n show you."

Chris set the carving down on the table. "You? Never knew you did that sort of thing, Vin."

"Oh hell, yeah. Not a lot, but...yeah." He paused and let the legs of the chair fall silently back to the floor. "I got talented hands, too."

Chris paused for a moment, too, his eyes watching his own fingers idly sliding over the smooth glass in front of him and feeling that tightening in his groin again. He spoke without looking up. "Yeah, I know."

And then his eyes shifted to see Vin pour himself a drink from the bottle of rye, heard Vin release a long, slow exhale, then rasp, "I know, too."

And that was that. Their eyes met and Chris knew in that instant, just like he'd known the first time he'd caught sight of those deep blue irises from across the street, that he and Vin were on the same page...

He grinned and poured himself the last of the rye.