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The lone rider huddled down, burying his face further down into the collar of his jacket. A violent shiver ran through his body. He urged his horse onward.

"He better have that fire goin' by the time I get there," he muttered.

During the ride through the hills, he kept thinking of that fire, hoping that the thoughts of the flames' warmth would take some of the chill out of the ride. Unfortunately, it was having the opposite effect. The shack seemed to be even further away, instead.

Peeking ahead when his horse picked up the pace, he let out a sigh. Finally, the shack came into view and it looked like there was indeed a roaring fire in the fireplace. Vin unsaddled his horse next to the small porch and tied it to the post. After putting an extra blanket on the beast, he headed inside.

Chris looked up as Vin entered his small shack.

"Shit! It's colder'n a witch's tit out there!" Vin exclaimed closing the door against the wind howling and blowing snow behind him.

"And how the hell would you know about that?" Chris asked, amused.

Vin stopped mid-stride and gave Chris a raised eyebrow smirk.

"Oh, yeah. Charlotte. Forgot about her," the blond answered.

"Wish I could," Vin muttered.

"Why don't you get out of them wet clothes and come over here," Chris said, patting his hand onto the bed that he'd placed in front of the fireplace. "I'll help you forget."

Vin smiled at the invitation and began to remove his wet clothing. Chris was sitting on the bed, his back against the headboard, a heavy quilt wrapped around him. Vin placed his coat and hat on the bedposts to dry and laid his pants, shirt and long underwear on a chair nearby.

Chris eyed the naked man before him and watched as shivers ran through the muscled flesh.

"Well, what are ya waitin' for? Get in here before ya freeze!" he said, pulling open the quilt he'd had wrapped around himself, revealing his own nakedness.

Vin didn't wait to be asked again and quickly settled into Chris's arms. He was soon enveloped by the arms and quilt and felt the warmth of the fire reach him.

"Better?" Chris asked, bending his head to whisper in Vin's ear.

"Gettin' there," the tracker replied with a smile and a shiver.

"How 'bout if I do this?" and Vin felt Chris's hands rubbing his chest and abdomen, using slow circular motions.

"Oh, that's nice," Vin whispered, leaning his head back onto Chris's shoulder.

"Nice, huh? How about if I do this?" and Vin felt one of the warm hands cup his balls and then lightly caress his shaft.

"I'm startin' to feel real warm, now, Cowboy," he smiled and pushed himself against that hand.

"Warm ain't the only thing you are," Chris laughed. "Didn't take much to get you hard."

"Ain't just any man I'd ride through a storm like that fer, Chris. And from the feel of things behind me, it didn't take much fer you, neither," Vin replied, rubbing against the hardness digging into his back. "Ain't just any man I'd invite to share my fire with," the blonde answered as he began to lick at the skin on Vin's neck.

"You're both nice and warm, too," Vin remarked, before gasping aloud as the hand on his cock tightened. "Or should I say, hot?"

"I'm always hot for you, Vin," Chris breathed and moved both of his hands to Vin's groin.

He spread Vin's legs apart, putting them on the outside of his own and while one hand kept up a steady rhythm, caressing the hard flesh, squeezing it, teasing it, the other moved further down and around and felt for the tracker's tender opening.

Vin moaned aloud as each of the older man's touches aroused him. Between one hand on his dick, the other playing with his ass and the hot tongue and lips practically eating his neck and shoulders, it wasn't long before the heat built up around them and Vin flung the quilt away, panting, sweating.

Chris felt himself harden even more as he saw the firelight reflected in the half-opened eyes of his lover.

"That's it," he whispered. "Come for me."

The hot breath against his ear and the words Chris spoke for him alone, were Vin's undoing and he cried out as he came, his body shivering more in the heat than it had in the cold. He was barely aware of Chris rubbing his cum into his ass, but lifted himself up enough to let the older man push himself into it.

Chris's hands were on Vin's hips now as he moved the younger man up and down, and thrusted himself into the tight heat of Vin's ass. He pushed his head back against the headboard and cried out loud at the sensations. He felt as if the fire had engulfed the entire bed, consuming him and Vin with it.

"Come on, Cowboy! Fuck me hard!" Vin yelled.

Chris opened his eyes and watched as the shadows of the flames danced across the tracker's back and he had no choice but to obey. Wrapping his legs around Vin's as tight as he could and digging his fingers into Vin's hips, he shoved himself as far inside of Vin as he could. The two men writhed and thrust and shouted as their combined releases overtook them in front of the warm hearth.

As the two men calmed down and settled down into the bed, with Chris rewrapping the quilt around them, Chris asked, "So, did I help you forget her?"

"Forget who?" Vin replied with a smile, and reached down to throw another log onto the fire.