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Chris heard the sound of the hoof beats approaching the small shack. He grabbed his pistol, ready for any trouble. Or so he thought. When he opened the door he was greeted by Vin's horse. And only Vin's horse.

He left the shack and went outside. Gently patting the animal's nose as he approached, he checked the tack and asked, "Hey boy, where's Vin?" hoping his voice would soothe the beast. He saw that the horse's legs and side were scraped up, as if it had taken a fall. Realizing that Vin must have taken the fall with him, spurred the gunslinger into action.

He brought the horse to the small corral he'd built next to the shack and gave it some food and water before removing the saddle. He then saddled his own horse before heading off towards Four Corners.

Vin Tanner was a tired and hurting man. His horse had been spooked by a couple of coyotes out chasing rabbits and lost its footing on the loose gravel on the side of the hill they'd been traversing. The horse went down on its side, taking its rider with him, landing on top of him.

The coyotes had let out yelps of surprise at the commotion, so when the horse regained its footing, it ran off, leaving his cursing owner behind.

Vin limped heavily on is bruised and twisted right knee. He'd been more than halfway to Chris's shack when the incident happened and figured he'd be able to walk the rest of the way there, getting to the small home by midnight. He hoped.

Chris wasn't expecting him, so being late wouldn't alarm the gunslinger, cause him to go out in search of the tracker. Vin only hoped that his horse found his way to the shack and alerted Chris to his predicament by sheer virtue of being riderless. They'd been there enough times that the horse should know the way by now. Shit.

He stopped by an old tree stump and leaned heavily on it, resting his weary body. Damn horse!

Slumped down next to that tree stump is where Chris found him half an hour later.

"Vin? You alright?" he called worriedly, sliding off his horse before the animal had a chance to come to a full stop.

"Hey, Cowboy," Vin responded. "'Bout time you got here," he drawled, looking up lazily to meet Chris's gaze.

"You alright?" Chris repeated, kneeling down next to Vin. "You look about as scraped up as that horse of yours," he chuckled, getting a good look at the bruises and scrapes that covered his friend.

"I'm fine, just tired from walkin' is all," he replied. "Could use a ride, though," he added.

Chris stood up and then offered his hand to the tracker. Vin grasped forearms with the gunslinger and let himself be hauled to his feet.

"Thanks, Cowboy," Vin said just before taking his first step.

Chris reached out and grabbed hold of Vin as his knee collapsed, nearly sending the tracker to the ground.

"Whoa there, Vin," he said, putting his arm around Vin's waist and Vin's arm around his shoulder to support him.

"Just twisted my knee," the tracker dismissed.

"Let's just get you home," Chris said, bringing Vin over to the horse.

Chris had managed to get Vin up onto his horse with a minimal of problems. He sat behind him, on the horse's rump. Vin had the reins and turned the animal around, heading it towards the shack.

Chris winced as he heard Vin's painful gasps, each coinciding with the horse's steps. He felt the tension in the tracker's body as he tried to hold his knee still, keep the pain at bay.

"Vin, give me the reins," he whispered. "Why don't you just lean back and relax," he added, gently pulling the younger man back to lean against his chest and shoulder.

He gently lifted Vin’s right leg up, and holding it in place, slid his own foot into the stirrup. Then he lowered Vin's leg back down, so that it rested on top of his boot and leg, taking some of the tension off the tracker's injured knee.

"Thanks, Chris," Vin sighed, gratefully letting his body relax into Chris's.

"Wasn't expectin' ya," Chris spoke, adjusting his grip on the younger man, enjoying how his body felt against his.

"Figured I'd surprise ya," he responded, cursing as his knee was jostled again.

"Wish I could take the pain away, make you feel better," Chris said, responding to the painful gasps.

"Gee, that's kinda what I'd had in mind comin' out here," Vin laughed.

Chris just smiled as a thought came to mind, a way to soothe the younger man's pain.

He moved his hand from Vin's waist and began rubbing at Vin's belly, making slow, lazy circles.

"Mmmmm, feels good, Cowboy," Vin murmured, turning his head toward Chris's neck as he leaned more of his weight into Chris's shoulder.

Taking this as encouragement, Chris moved his hand lower and began to rub at the small mass below Vin's gun belt. To his satisfaction, that mass grew, hardening to a large erection.

"Oh, yeah, Chris," Vin moaned, shifting in the saddle, pushing against Chris's hand, all pain forgotten.

Chris grinned as he continued to rub at the bulge, unbuttoning the tracker's trousers as he tilted his head to capture Vin's mouth with his.

Vin responded by unbuckling his gun belt, letting the ends drop to either side of the saddle between them. He helped Chris finish unbuttoning his trousers and let out a low growl of a moan as he felt the older man's fingers touch his flesh.

"Oh, God!" he breathed, reaching up to grasp Chris's head, bring him back for a bruising kiss.

Further encouraged, Chris took a firmer grip on the hardened flesh and began stroking it, eliciting passion-filled gasps from the tracker. He looked up quickly to see their surroundings, gauge the distance to his shack, and estimate how long it would be before they got home.

He dropped the horse's reins, knowing that the animal would get them the rest of the way to the shack. In fact, it had already picked up its pace, knowing that food and water were close by.

Chris reached down into Vin's pants and gently began to fondle the younger man's balls, continuing to stroke and squeeze the tracker's erection with his other hand. When Vin groaned again, Chris smiled and began to kiss the tracker’s face and neck. Vin was feeling no pain as he moved his hands to rub Chris’s arms and legs and occasionally help Chris in his ministrations.

The horse came to a stop in front of the corral just as Vin orgasmed, his hoarse cry causing the animal below to side step and shake its head.

Holding gently onto Vin’s waist, Chris slid off the horse first, then helped Vin off. Still euphoric from his release, Vin barely realized what was happening and found himself being helped onto Chris’s bed.

"That was fun," he finally said, smiling as Chris helped remove his cum covered clothing. He winced as they eased his pants over his injured knee, adding, "Didn’t last long, though," wistfully.

"I’ll get you some whiskey," Chris said.

Standing to fetch the bottle from a cupboard, he felt a hand on his arm.

"I’d rather have some more of that other stuff to keep the pain away, Cowboy," Vin smiled.

"I think that can be arranged," the older man laughed back.