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Summary: Family holiday traditions, Mag 7 style. Future ATF AU short story.
Rated: GEN
Categories: The Magnificent Seven Characters: Chris Larabee, Vin Tanner, Ezra Standish, Nathan Jackson, J. D. Dunne, Buck Wilmington, Josiah Sanchez
Genres: Angst and Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Modern, Romance, Magnificent Seven AU: ATF
Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 1695 Read: 4332
Published: 06 Mar 2005 Updated: 06 Mar 2005

1. 2003 Edition by Krystyna Lee [ - ] (1695 words)
Revised 1/2008.  It’s mainly Chris and Vin (not slash!) with OC’s. A Magnificent Holiday was originally a present for only the people who exchanged cards on a couple of the mailing lists in 2003. Since it's been over a year I thought I might post it for everyone. Perhaps it will jiggle my muse back into action around RL.

FYI: The people in this story are a glimpse into the far future of an AU rattling in my brain wanting to be written. This AU would start in the present day, and over the course of many stories, lead up to the story Chris and Vin tell an abbreviated version of here. (Hey, there were kids in the room – it had to be abbreviated!) If you hate OC’s & OFC's or the idea of the seven ever having a life with anyone but each other you may not appreciate the following. Hopefully it will give you some enjoyment.