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Author's Chapter Notes:
Ok this is my first time writing smut. I must thank or blame Susie Burton and Dreamer for encouraging me to write this. I also want to thanks the other writers of all the nice smut on this site. love it.

Oh and the bondage rating is mild. nothing too out of the ordinary.
Vin was aware of a few things the second he awoke without needing to open his eyes. One he wasn’t in Chris’s office napping on his lumpy leather couch. Two, the chill in the room told him that most if not all of his clothes was missing. Three, his arms and legs were bound to the soft velvet sofa he was laying on.

Vin opened his eyes and a brief glance around the room told him he was completely naked and bound to a sofa in the ladies rest room. He gave a moments pause wondering why women need a sofa in a restroom. Do they need to rest after going pee? Least he now knew why they went in packs.

With a shake of his head he returned his thoughts to his current situation. He struggled against his restraints only to find he was expertly bound. Vin was trying to free himself when the door opened. Unfortunately from the angle he was lying he could not see who walked in. All he could tell was it wasn’t just one person.

Vin heard a softly whispered, “Oh my.”

“Who’s there. Please, could you untie me so I can go strangle Buck Wilmington.”

The two ladies looked at each other and smiled. The blond one removed her scarf from around her neck and folded it into a blindfold. When she placed it over Vin’s eyes Vin started to thrash about.

“Damn it! Will you just untie me!” He ordered.

“Its OK, honey. Were going to make you feel real good,” The dark haired beauty whispered in his ear.

“Were not going to do anything your not going to enjoy,” Said the blond.

Vin heard the lock being engaged a brief second before soft hands began massaging the tension from his body. He tried to remain unaffected by their touch but soon a moan escaped from his lips before he could stop it.

He knew he was completely lost when they started kissing his chest. He felt himself grow hard as the covered his chest with tender sensual kisses. The lower they got the more breathless Vin became. Vin thought he was going to have a heart attack when they reached his erection.

“There is enough for both of us here,” One said before two sweet warm moist pairs of lips kissed him and there hands stroked him until his erection had reached full mast and was threatening to explode.

Then the women stopped their sweet torture and he could hear them removing their clothes.

“Let me touch you,” He pleaded.

“Promise to keep this on?”

“Yes! Anything.”

They set to work untying him and as soon as he was free he grabbed one and sunk her down on his throbbing hard cock. She moaned in pleasure as he took her hard as she rode him.

“Come here,” Vin said holding his hand out to the other one as the lady on him had a nice pace going.

He helped her straddle his head and he parted her thighs to get a taste of the sweet nectar between them. They continued like that for a while until Vin couldn’t control it any longer. He thrust deep into the woman riding him and found his pleasure as she did.

Vin didn’t stop devouring the other woman until she too found her bliss and collapsed on top of him.

He felt them get up and resume their sweet torture to his semi-erect cock making him hard again. Once he was ready to go the two girls switched places and the threesome was once again pursuing their pleasure.

Vin could taste himself as he loved the woman with his mouth. The woman riding him was tight and hot. Every quiver of her muscles nearly sent him over the edge. As she rode him hard he could feel her climax and the way she tightened around him as she came was too much. Thankfully the other woman had also found her pleasure since Vin was completely spent and could hardly move.

“Oh my look at him,” One of the ladies said and Vin recognized the voice but couldn’t place it. He barely noticed as the women got dressed and gave him a kiss before leaving him alone trying to recover from the intense lovemaking he received.

A little while later Vin caused a commotion by walking back to team seven’s office wearing only a scarf around his waist. Buck was seriously jealous when he noticed the lipstick covering Vin’s neck and the sated smile he had.

“So who was it?” Buck asked.

“It would appear that Vin is sporting more then just one shade of lipstick on his torso,” Ezra stated.

“More then one! OK, junior tell us everything,”

Vin would say nothing but grabbed his clothes that was piled neatly on his desk and disappeared into Chris’s office.

“What happened to you?” Chris asked and then his eyes widened when Vin told him.

As Vin got dressed Chris couldn’t help but think that he had seen the scarf some place before.


“Thanks,” Chris said as the Coffee guy handed him his last espresso and wheeled the cart from the office. He was almost sorry to see it go. It was nice just to say the word expresso and have one appear. Almost like a coffee genie.

Chris cleared his thoughts with a shake of his head and took a sip of his coffee. You would think since he had consumed more coffee in the past week then in the last month that he would be able to stay awake and concentrate on his reports.

He looked longingly at his couch and decided to rest his eyes for a moment. Soon Chris was sound asleep and unaware of the presence of two very aroused ladies walking into the room.

Seeing the handsome man on the couch they approached quietly. One grabbed a pair of handcuffs that were on the desk and the scarf that Vin had left in the office the other day. They had just removed his clothes and tied him up when the man woke.

At first Chris struggled but when he felt two female bodies exploring his own he gave in to it. He had to admit he had been a little jealous of Vin’s tale. He lay back and let the two lovelies have their way with him.

Chris was impressed with the skill the two showed his erection as they used their mouths to give him pleasure. They timed it so well. One would take him full almost down her throat while the other would lick his shaft and balls. Chris knew he was a above average in length and thickness so he was amazed they could get him that far back.

Chris could feel his release building but he retained control. He wanted to see and feel everything these ladies had in store for him. He also wanted to know who they are. That could wait until after he had his fill.

He knew they used the handcuffs he had on his desk. Only Vin and Ezra knew that they were trick cuffs that could be undone with a simple flick of the wrist. Chris had no plans to stop or take control from the ladies pleasuring him.

He was surprised he liked feeling a little helpless that he had to endure what ever sweet torture the two had in mind. Normally Chris was the one in control. He was no stranger to bondage games but this was the first time he himself had been bound.

Chris was getting closer. the ladies knew how to pleasure a man. Their bold caresses had his body on fire. It took everything not to undo his cuffs and thrust himself inside the first woman he grabbed.

He was about do just that when one of them sat down on his throbbing cock. She was tight. She rocked her hips slowly stretching herself to take more of him in. He felt himself go deeper until he was completely sheathed by her warmth.

Now Chris knew he had to know who this was. Very few woman could fit all of him inside them. He would always have to keep ridged control in order not to hurt any of his lovers. Chris let out his breath with a hiss as she rose up almost off him and fell back down with some force. She kept doing this faster and faster until Chris lost control and shook off the cuffs and grabbed her by the hips thrusting deeply inside her. The woman squealed with delight as he pounded her in to the floor.

He heard the other woman gasp with shock at his sudden freedom but the woman under him simply wrapped her legs around him and urged him to continue.

“Yes!” She screamed as she came.

He could feel the wetness pour out of her as he took them both to new heights. Realizing the blindfold was still on he through it off. He looked into the chocolate brown eyes of his lover and couldn’t believe who he saw.

Casey Wells was staring back at him.

“Don’t stop, Please, don’t stop,” She begged breathlessly.

Chris half laughed half growled as he captured her lips and continued to make hot sweaty love to her. She wrapped her legs around him begging him to go deeper and deeper. Finally they both saw stars as their bliss was almost to powerful for mortals.

When Chris could finally breath again he lifted himself up.

“Where did your friend go?”

“She got scared and left when you took the blindfold off.”

“Are you scared?”

“Yeah, that you wont do that to me again,” Casey said honestly.

“That’s not likely. Are you going to tell me who she is?”

“Make me,”

“Oh, I will. I will make you do a lot of things. Lets just go back to my place for it.” Chris helped her up and they got dressed.

As they go in his Dodge ram he called Vin. After telling him what happened he asked, “Want to help me make her tell us who the other girl was? Meet us at the ranch and bring some toys.”

Casey stared at Chris. Vin? Both Chris and Vin at the same time?

“Hope you didn’t have plans for the weekend,” Chris said.

‘What have I gotten myself into?’ Casey asked herself as Chris pulled her across the seat to snuggle against him.

“That was amazing,” Chris smiled at her as she snuggled into his chest.

“Yes, it was.”


Casey met her friend for lunch on Monday.

“You missed an amazing weekend,” Casey said to her as she sat down. She grimaced a little since she was a little sore from the weekends activities.

“What happened when he found out it was you?”

“Took me back to his ranch, called Vin and the two of them did me all weekend.”

“You must be sore. Vin was big but Chris was enormous.” Mary said.

“I feel well used that is for sure.” Casey winked.

“That’s why I let you go first this time. Chris is way to big for my taste,” Mary admitted.

“Not for me. I enjoyed every inch. Especially when they both had me at the same time.”

“You mean? Wow I am impressed at your stamina and pain threshold.”

“Oh, it didn’t hurt. too busy cumming to notice anyway.”

“So who’s next? Ezra? Buck?”

“I’m done. I belong to Chris and Vin now. Chris wants me to move into his ranch.

“What?” Mary couldn’t believe her ears. “Thought he was just punishing you.”

“He did. Turns out I really enjoy being spanked. Especially when I have a cock in me.”

“OK that’s enough. Did you tell them I was with you?”

“Yep,” Casey said with a smile.
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