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Author's Chapter Notes:
Third part of series. Hope you enjoy. Thank you to all who reviewed the last two. This stories for you.
Mary sank back on to the bed feeling weightless and content. Chris lay beside her and pulled her close.

“Mrs. Larabee, that was amazing,” He said while gently playing with her long blond hair.

“Mr. Larabee, You fulfilled your husbandly duties breathtakingly. Mary laughed and turned into his embrace their bodies fitting together perfectly.

“Speaking of breathtaking you should take a look at yourself. You’re beautiful,” Chris leered at her nude body pressed close to his own.

Mary over came a moment of shyness to say, “You are nice to look at yourself.”

“Mary, I love you.” Chris was filled with emotion as he held her tight. He never thought he could love again but here he was. “You make me so happy.”

“I’m glad because I love you to and want you to be happy.” Mary looked in his eyes then smiled. “Feels like something else wants my loving attention.”

Chris looked down at his hardening erection. Turning his killer smile to Mary he asked, “You want to try something fun?”

“Anything you want.” Mary loved it when Chris got that playful smile. She seriously would do anything to see it.

“On your back,” Chris playfully ordered giving her bare bottom a gentle smack.

“Yes, Sir,” Mary said getting into the game.

Chris got off the bed and went to her dresser for three scarves. He returned and made her lie spread eagle on the bed. Slowly he tied on delicate ankle to the foot rail and then the other leaving Mary wide open for his pleasure.

Then he climbed on the bed and put her hands together. He divided her hair in two then wrapping half of her hair around each wrist. He got the scarf and wrapped that around her hair covered wrists leaving the ends untied. He placed the ends in the palms of her hand instead of tying them together.

“This is how it works. You keep your hands together but if you free yourself I stop what I am doing and head over to the saloon for a drink. No matter how tempted you are keep your hands together above your head. Understood.” Chris smiled devilishly as Mary agreed.

Mary thought for sure he was going to tie her up but she soon found it difficult to keep her hands bound. The man was torturing her. With every gentle caress, tender kiss on her enflamed flesh was nearly more then she could take. Her hands craved to touch him. Her fingertips tingled at the pleasure of touching him.

Mary’s body was not her own. Every twitch of her legs was caused my the tip of his tongue between her thighs teasing her into a frenzy. Chris worked her body with finesse and expertly sent her over the edge again and again.

She could barely keep the scarf from unraveling. She nearly pulled her hair out trying to keep a hold on it. Mary moaned and whimpered as she begged for the torture to stop and continue.

“Which is it?” Chris asked teasingly. “Do you want me to stop?”

“No!” Mary yelled. “Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.” It was a good thing they were now married because there was little doubt that anyone in town could not hear Mary scream.

“Yes!” Mary screamed as she climaxed over and over again.

Chris smiled as Mary completely lost control. Her hands were free from her bonds as she held Chris’s head to her as he tenderly loved her with his mouth.

Chris waited until her body was coming down from her bliss to remind her of the rules.

Mary immediately held her hands above her head as tears sprung from her eyes. “Please don’t go.”

“Wild horses couldn’t take me away,” Chris vowed before freeing her ankles from the restraints.

“Oh thank god. I couldn’t bare you leaving,” Mary said breathlessly.

“On your knees, beautiful,” Chris told her. “No, not that way. I want to see your beautiful ass in the air.”

Mary turned around and rested her head on her arms. She arched her back so her bottom was as high as it could be. A sigh of pleasure escaped as she felt him enter her with one effortless thrust.

“I love how wet you get,” Chris whispered.

“For you, babe. just for you,” Mary answered.

Chris reached around so he could tease her even further as he thrust in and out of her warmth.

“Mary, you feel so good,” Chris said as he started losing control.

“Love me, Chris,” urged Mary.

Chris placed both hands on her hips and drove in and out with a frantic pace. Mary tried to meet his thrusts but his hold on her was to great. He didn’t need any help getting deeper inside her. Each thrust spurred on the next until they were both could only feel the pleasure of their lovemaking.

“MARY!” Chris screamed as he spilled his seed inside Mary. He felt her body reach her bliss as she clamped down tight around him. They both collapsed on to the bed drained of all energy.

Chris shifted his weight so he wouldn’t crush Mary with his weight. He pulled a blanket over them as he joined Mary who was already sound asleep.

When Chris awoke a few hours later he discovered Mary was hungrily trying to devour him.

“This is a pleasurable way to wake up,” As he watched Mary pleasure him with her mouth.

“Woke up and you looked good enough to eat so...” Mary paused before going back to her task.

“Mmm I am all yours.”

Mary smiled at him without pausing in her enjoyment of him.
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