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Challenges by Tarlan

The challenge is to write a story to illustrate one of the following beats...

1. Buried alive
2. Fording/crossing a river.
3. Mortally ill gunman deliberately loses gunfight.
4. Shotgun wedding - forced to marry with a gun to the head.
5. Use of mirrors for cheating at cards

Any length story over 100 words (Chris centric), any AU, any rating, any type (gen/het/slash).

Artwork Responses:

Ride Across the River by Tarlan

Underground by Tonny

Categories: None Characters: None
Summary: The challenge is to write a story, or create artwork to illustrate one of the following beats...

1. A gun that won't shoot straight.
2. Falling off horse and getting dragged.
3. Horse in bar/saloon.
4. Sheriff/One of the Seven has to imprison woman (or man!) he loves.
5. Woman braves enemy fire to retrieve extra gunpowder when team's run out.

Any length story over 100 words. Can be any AU, any rating, any type (gen/het/slash).

Any takers?

Categories: None Characters: None
Summary: Normal rules apply that the MICHAEL BIEHN character must play a center or pivotal role in the story/artwork! After all, it's what this comm is ALL ABOUT! Any genre, any rating.

1. Man pretends to be a ghost, terrorizing families into giving him money.
2. Continue playing cards during a gunfight
3. No problem killing in the heat of battle or in self-defense, but can't bring himself to kill a helpless victim.
4. Traveling salesman
5. Rattlesnake strike

Artwork Responses:

Ghost of a Chance by Tarlan

Rattler by dolarabee

Categories: Magnificent Seven > Old West, Magnificent Seven > ATF, Magnificent Seven > Dark Gift, Magnificent Seven > Other AU, Magnificent Seven > Supernatural, Magnificent Seven > The Firm, Magnificent Seven > Kids, Magnificent Seven > Science Fiction, Magnificent Seven > The Agency Characters: None
Summary: We haven't had a new BEATS Challenge for a while. So, here are five prompts. The object is to write a story or create artwork that fits/uses the prompt. You can use one or more prompts in the story/artwork. The story/artwork can be any rating of Gen, Het or Slash, any genre and *MOST IMPORTANT* the MICHAEL BIEHN character must be central or pivotal to the story/artwork - because that is what we are all here to read!! the prompts for the BEATS Challenge #4:

1. Barbed wire.
2. Dance-halls called hurdy gurdies - men often danced together, because women were scarce.
3. Fake death.
4. Someone has the mark of a knife on him, flogging marks, or the hot branded iron.
5. Vultures.

Categories: None Characters: None
Summary: While adding new items to the PHOENIX website, I noticed that there are a number of movie/TV shows where we have NO STORIES on this Fiction archive. So, I figured, how about a new fiction challenge to:


A Michael Biehn CHARACTER must be a central or pivotal presence in the story (no Real Person or underage fiction, please). Anything else is allowed--gen, het, slash--and at any rating.

I will create a piece of art for any story written for this challenge!

What to write? - Here are a few ideas:

1. A TAG -- what happened right after the end of the episode/movie?
2. A Missing Scene -- expand upon an existing scene or create a new scene in the middle of the movie/episode
3. AU (alternate universe) -- if you changed one moment in that movie/episode, what could have happened instead?
4. Further adventures -- what happened to that character at a later date? e.g. a new case, a new love interest, more nefarious deeds :)

Anyone up for this challenge?

Categories: Michael Biehn > Insatiable, The, Michael Biehn > Legend of Butch and Sundance, The, Michael Biehn > Psych 9, Michael Biehn > Stiletto, Michael Biehn > Timebomb Characters: None