Asteroid artwork created by Tarlan



FEMA Director Jack Wallach     
Dr. Lily McKee
Elliot McKee
Ben Dodd
Adam Marquez
Dr. Matthew Rogers
Dr. Valerie Brennan
Karen Dodd
Dr. Charles Napier 
Michael Biehn
Annabella Sciorra
Zachary Charles
Don Franklin
Carlos Gómez
Michael Weatherly
Jensen Daggett
Anne-Marie Johnson
Anthony Zerbe


Jack Wallach is the head of FEMA. When Dr. Lily McKee, an astrophysicist, discovers an asteroid on a collision course for Earth, she, Jack and his team begin the hard task of preparing for the worst. An attempt to deflect the asteroid by destroying it fails leaving several smaller asteroids heading for Earth. The largest hits Dallas, Texas, while the smaller fragments cause devastation to Kansas City and Denver.

Lily's son, Elliot, is with his grandfather in Dallas when the asteroid hits. Jack takes it upon himself to help search through the destruction for one small boy, finds him and saves him.