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This archive is for stories where a MICHAEL BIEHN character plays a central/pivotal role--with the exception of Hawaii and Adventure Inc

NOTE: many stories have been moved to:

- AO3 Michael Biehn Fiction and Art Collection

- AO3 Eric Close Fiction and Art Collection

NOTE: This archive is no longer accepting submissions or new members. Please consider using AO3 and adding your stories to the Michael Biehn or Eric Close collections.

There are 139 authors from among our 181 members. A special welcome to our newest member, SnidgetWolf2014.

Story of the Moment
A Lost Child by Linda TEEN
When a child goes missing, Harada and Sean recall a similar case from 10 years...
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AO3 Move
PHOENIX: Michael Biehn Fiction Archive is hosted on an eFiction site, but it has become insecure and, as the moderator, I had to restrict access several years ago.

I am moving the archive onto AO3 as it has far better features for uploading, sharing, reading, downloading and searching for works. More importantly, it is being maintained by a bank of volunteers who LOVE fandom in all its many forms and will ensure the stories remain safe, secure and accessible for the foreseeable future.

This process will take some time and if any of the authors see this and want to help or have issues with this move then please contact me on the post at the top of

--Tarlan on 03 Jan 2024 11:37 am 0 Comments