Quiz 01 - Two's Company (1)


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In which TWO of the following films did Michael Biehn....

1. Portray characters with the same surname?

   Asteroid & Art of War

   Terminator & Aliens

   Megiddo & Lords of Discipline

   The Ride and Susan's Plan

2. Star with Anne Archer?

   Chain of Command & The Ride

   Mojave Moon & Art of War

   The Seventh Sign & The Abyss

   China Rose & Aliens

3. Portray a real person?

   Tombstone and Susan's Plan

   Tombstone & The Rock

   Tombstone & Deadly Intentions

   Tombstone & Timebomb

4. Portray a character that did NOT die?

   The Rock & The Ride

   K2 & The Abyss

   A Taste for Killing & Cherry Falls

   In A Shallow Grave & Aliens

5. Portray a Navy SEAL?

   The Abyss & The Rock

   The Abyss & Dead Men Can't Dance

   Navy SEALS & Strapped

   The Rock & Cherry Falls

6. Portray a lawyer?

   Lords of Disclipline & Susan's Plan

   In A Shallow Grave & Jade

   Rampage & Silver Wolf

   K2 & The Seventh Sign