Quiz 02 - Two's Company (2)


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In which TWO of the following films did Michael Biehn....

1. Portray characters with the same surname?

   K2 & Coach

   Blood of the Hunter & Chain of Command

   Terminator & Rampage

   The Rock and Silver Wolf

2. Star with Billy Zane?

   Susan's Plan & Tombstone

   Aliens & Art of War

   The Ride & China Rose

   Navy SEALS & Timebomb

3. Portray a modern day cowboy?

   Zuma Beach and Cherry Falls

   Conundrum & Coach

   The Magnificent Seven & Dead Men Can't Dance

   The Ride & Fire in the Sky

4. Portray a character that did NOT kill (or order anyone killed)?

   K2 & In The Kingdom of the Blind...

   The Seventh Sign & A Taste For Killing

   Timebomb & Crash

   Silver Wolf & Hog Wild

5. Portray a Police Detective?

   Deep Red & Deadfall

   The Abyss & Asteroid

   Jade & Strapped

   American Dragons & Cherry Falls

6. Star with Matt Craven?

   Crash & K2

   Deadfall & The Fan

   Navy SEALS & Aliens

   K2 & The Rock