Treachery artwork created by Tarlan



Adult Nathan
Carla Greene Esq.      
Michael Biehn
Matthew Ziff
Caitlin Keats
Jennifer Blanc
Christian J. Meoli
Richard Gunn
Chris Meyer
Tanya Newbould
Sarah Butler
Lorraine Ziff
Matthew Krause
Jenise Blanc
Bruce Figarsky


A group of friends and family gather at a cabin in the woods ahead of a wedding. When Henry's son Nathan turns up unexpectedly with his girlfriend, Henry seems a little put out. The story of what happens next is narrated by Nathan. He has never got along with his father, always feeling like he is not good enough. During the course of the evening they argue first of all concerning Nathan's decision to drop out of graduate school, where Henry had been paying his fees so he could become a lawyer.

The audience discovers that Henry has a dark secret, that he had seduced Nathan's girlfriend. She corners Henry and says she doesn't want Nathan, she wants Henry. But Henry is in a relationship with Vanessa so although he likes the attention and wants more, he tells her straight out that they would have to remain a secret. A little later, Vanessa figures out the reason why Chloe doesn't want to drink - she is pregnant. At first they all think the baby is Nathan's but it soon transpires that the baby is Henry's. Chloe refuses to have an abortion, and because Henry continues drinking throughout, he makes some mistakes, which leads to the others discovering the dirty secret. Nathan is angry and attacks his father but is pulled off. Henry, though still drunk, writes some notes proposing how he will atone for the treachery towards Vanessa and his son, saying he will go to an addiction center for help with his alcohol problem.

With the rain finally slowing, Chloe leaves, and Nathan never sees her again.

The story ends with Nathan revealing he is narrating this twenty years later. He had not spoke to his father since that night and all these years later, his father committed suicide, and Nathan has been called to the lawyer's office to hear a reading of his father's will. When he arrives there is a young man there and Nathan realizes this is the half-brother he had never met.... and this is where the story ends.

Summary written by Tarlan