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Hunger by A. Begenova, "Rovesnic" #5 1994 - Russian Magazine Article

Article and Translation - With thanks to Tanya

He made ​​a living in many ways: fight in open space, travel from the future to the past to protect the people of past from that future, even go crazy in the abyss marine. However that was only on the screen, but the real fact is that Michael Biehn had left university and plunged into "the scary world" for a very simple reason - the extreme poverty. That poverty had pushed him to audition, one after the other, and he had became the part of that world. Well, the Hollywood actor lives a heavy and clumsy life. Commercials, occasional roles in TV shows, after that the first serious role in a thriller "The Fan" in 1981 (btw, that role was very negative, he played a maniacal fan there), then "The Lords of Discipline", "The Terminator", "The Abyss" and, of course, "Alien" and "Aliens". Looked like he had become a successful actor but… According Biehn, "In our business everything is very relative." In "The Terminator 2" his part was limited to the short commercials, and for an actor with his ego it was a serious blow.
However he grieved not for long – he had got a role in "Deadfall" by Christopher Coppola. His character was "an ambiguous bad guy", a funny and cute conman. Biehn admitted that one of his friend in the real life was a conman too, and "nobody is crystal clear in this life." The justified point of view for the guy who had experienced the hunger in his youth and never would forget it.

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